Love-Once Again (Episode 49)

The scene starts as everybody reach home. Sanaya, Rahul, Swara and Sanskaar had already left for their house as they didn’t want to trouble Ragini and Parth anymore. The car stops outside the house. Sahil gets down and opens the door for Ragini before Parth could. He fumes. Ragini steps outside the car. She stumbles as she was wearing the bridal dress, Laksh made her wear. Both Parth and Sahil rush to help her at the same time, but unfortunately Sahil holds her first. Parth had bent down, but it was of no use. He gives Sahil a death glare and stands up straight. Sahil offers his hand to Ragini. Ragini looks at Parth, who was already looking away. She could see him getting jealous of her and Sahil’s closeness. She giggles a bit and tries hard to hide her laugh.
Atlast, she gives her hand in Sahil’s and steps down. Parth looks on with his eyes wide open.
Ragini (while looking at Sahil): “Thank you!” You can see Parth trying to speak, but words just couldn’t come out of his mouth, while Ragini’s hand is still in Sahil’s.
Sahil (smiles at her): “My pleasure!” Ragini looks at Parth for a reaction but he immediately looks away. Ragini makes a puppy face and removes her hand from Sahil’s. Parth heads towards the door of the house. Ragini starts walking behind him but suddenly stops. She turns back to look at Sahil. He smiles and waves at her, brushing his hair towards the back. Ragini waves back with a smiling face and turns towards the house to head inside.

Sahil watches her disappear behind the house door. As she leaves, Sahil takes a deep breathe.
Sahil (to himself): “Phew.. I almost lost it. My heart was racing so fast but I still couldn’t breathe…” The wind blows. He feels the cold breeze touching his face, with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and continues..
Sahil: “I never felt like this before.. It’s like something is dragging me to her. Every time I see her, it feels like I know her from ages, why is it so..? Why?” He takes a step forward to leave, but stops as he feels something below his shoes. He takes a step back and bends down to see what’s there. He finds a red colored jhumka on the ground and picks it up.
Sahil (asks himself): “Jhumka? Whose jhumka could this be?” He remembers seeing Ragini wearing them when Laksh introduced her to him. He looks at the it curiously and smiles at himself.
Sahil: “Chalo.. Isi bahane tum se milne ka ek aur bahana mil gaya mujhai.” He keeps it in his pocket and heads towards his car.

Inside the house (Parth’s room)
Ragini comes out of the bathroom after taking a bath. She finds Parth standing by the window, looking outside towards the sky. She walks closer to him with a blanket and puts it on him.
Ragini: “Here.. This would keep you warm.” He stares at her, while she continues smiling. Atlast, he smiles and puts the blanket around her too. She keeps her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes.
Parth: “It seems like we are having a normal talk after ages.”
Ragini: “Hmmm..”
Parth: “Ager.. Tum bura na mano to mein ek baat poochon?”
Ragini (with her eyes still closed): “Han.. Poocho!”
Parth (with a little hesitation): “Wo.. Tum.. Tum Sahil ko kaise janti ho?” Ragini opens her eyes and gives him a stern look.
Parth: “Naheen naheen.. Wo to mein bas aise hi pooch..” Before he could complete his sentence, Ragini starts laughing. He looks at her surprisingly.
Ragini: “Looks like.. Someone is getting jealous, han?”
Parth: “Jealous? Mein..?”
Ragini: “Han.. Aur kon?”
Parth: “Mein kiyun jealous hon ga.. Wo to bas aise he..”
Ragini (laughs): “Acha? Aise hi..” Parth looks away acting like he is angry. Ragini cups his face and makes him look at her.
Ragini: “Ragini humesha tumhari thi aur tumhari hi rahe gi..” He smiles and they share a tight hug.

After a week…
Early morning (Maheshwari Mansion):
The decorators were decorating the house with flowers and stuff. Swara who was coming downstairs was instructing the workers about the decorations.
Swara (to one of the decorators): “Han Bhaiya.. Bas unhain udher hi laga dijeye. (To another one) Are.. Mein ne aap se kaha tha na ke laal naheen pele phool chahyein.. Bhaiya please.. Jaldi kijiye humare paas bilkul time naheen hai..” She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going. Suddenly, she stumbles and was about to fall when Sanskaar holds her on time.
Sanskaar: “Are Bhagewaan.. Sambhal ke! Abhi gir jati to?
Swara: “Girti kaise.. Tum ho na sambhalne ke liye.” Sanskaar raises his eyebrow and makes her stand.
Sanskaar: “Waise.. Itni tiyariyan? Lagta hai ke koi khas a raha hai aaj..” Before Swara could say anything further Sujata and Annapurna arrive.
Sujata: “Ehi baat to mahre ko bhi samajh na ave hai.. Kal se pooch rahi hon chori se ke kon a raha hai. Mager mahri to is ghar mein koi haisiyat hi naheen hai na.” Annapurna smiles at Sujata’s behavior.
Uttara: “Han Bhabhi.. Ab suspense khatam bhi ker dijiye na. Bata dijiye.. Akhir kon a raha hai jis ke ane per itni tiyariyan ki ja rahi hain?”
Swara: “Oho.. Jab a jae gi to us se mil lena. Utni dair ke liye chalo meri thodi madad hi kerwa do.” She laughs..
Uttara (makes a puppy face): “BHABHI..”
Swara (giggles): “Acha baba.. Jao ja ker tiyar ho jao. Mujhai use lene bhi jana hai. Age hi bohot waqat guzar chuka hai.” Uttara nods and leaves towards her room.
Swara turns to Sujata and Annapurna.
Sujata: “Na tu mahre to ab bhi na batae gi?”
Annapurna: “Are Sujata.. Jab Swara keh rahi hai ke jab wo a jae gi to mil lena to intazar kerne mein kiya burai hai?”
Sujata: “Theek hai.. Na bata! Mahre ko janana bhi na he.” Sujata leaves the place, angrily. Swara tries to go after her but Annapurna ensures that she would handle.
Annapurna: “Mein dekhti hon..” She leaves, after Sujata.
Swara (to herself): “Are.. Mein bhi na, bhool hi gai ke abhi to mujhai bhi tiyar hona hai aur us ke baad use lene bhi jana hai… Jaldi se tiyari ho ker use lene nikalti hon.”

Parth’s house:
Ragini was in the kitchen preparing lunch. She was kneading the flour, so she had some on her face too. It had got there accidentally and she didn’t know about it. The door bell rings.
Ragini: “Kaka.. Please zara dikhiye ga darwaze per kon hai.” The bell rings again..
Ragini: “Kaka..” The bell rings once again..
Ragini: “Ka.. Oho! Mein bhi kitna bhoolne lagi hon aaj kal. Kaka to gaon gae howe hain.” The bell starts ringing repeatedly. Ragini rushes to open the door. As she opens the door, she yells at the person without looking at him or her.
Ragini: “Kon hai jis ko zara bhi saber naheen hai…(she stops as she finds someone familiar standing in front of her).” She looks up and there was Sahil, standing right before her eyes, staring at her. Ragini was out of words.
Sahil: “Wo mein.. Han..” He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out the red colored jhumka.
Sahil: “Mein ye wapis kerne aya tha.. Likin ager tum busy ho to mein baad mein bhi a sakta hon.” He was about to leave when Ragini holds his hand to stop him. (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil tune plays…) He looks at her and then at her hand holding his. Ragini could feel the current flowing through her body when she touched him. He could feel the same too.

She removes her hand immediately from his and says, “Mein ne aisa kab kaha ke mein busy thi? Aiye..” She leads her inside the house, to the living room.
Ragini (while pointing towards tha sofa): “Bethiye na.. Mein aap ke liye peene ke liye kuch lati hon.” She was about to leave towards the kitchen when she stops hearing Sahil’s voice.
Sahil: “Ragini..” She turns and looks at him, with those eyes questioning him what’s wrong?
Ragini: “Hmm..?”
Sahil: “Wo… Tumhare chahre per.. Ata..”
Ragini: “Chahre per? Kahan..” Ragini puts her hand on her cheeks.
Sahil: “Thoda left..” She moves her fingers a little towards the left.
Sahil: “Thoda sa oper..” She does as he says..
Sahil: “Are naheen…Thoda neeche..” She moves her hand as he says..
Sahil: “Oho.. Rehne do!” He moves closer to her and gently removes it from her cheeks. Wind blows.. They share an eye lock. (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil tune plays in the background..)

At the same time, Parth comes downstairs calling for Ragini.
Parth: “Ragini… RAGINI! Ragini, kahan..” He stops seeing Ragini and Sahil standing in the living room. “Sahil, yahan?”, he murmurs to himself. He slowly steps downstairs, without making any noise and disturbing their eye lock. At last he speaks..
Parth: “Woa! What a pleasant surprise (under his breath, “Not really..”) Nice to see you again SAhil.” He kinda puts emphasis on his name.
Sahil: “Oh hi.. Wo bas mein.. Ye (he raises his hand to show him the jhumka) Ye jhumka wapis kerne..”
Parth (interrupting him): “Bas.. Ek jhumka wapis kerne?” Ragini tries to speak but Parth doesn’t let her.
Parth (continues, kinda trying to sound not too hard): “Naheen.. Mera matlab hai ke tum koi mamooli business man to ho naheen, jo bas ek jhumka wapis kerne itni door, humare ghar ao ge, kiyun?”
Sahil: “Han… Bilkul theek kaha tum ne. Mein ne socha ke isi bahane meri tum se aur Ragini se mulaqat ho jae gi aur..” Before he could say anything further the door bell rings again..
Ragini: “I would go and check..” Ragini goes and opens the door to find Swara standing in front of her.
Ragini: “Swara?” Swara smiles at her and hugs her. She hugs her back. Ragini welcomes her inside.
Parth: “Namaste Swara Bhabhi a.k.a Sali Sahiba..” Swara hits him a little.
Parth: “Ouch!” Ragini giggles. Swara’s eyes fall on Sahil, standing beside him.
Swara: “Oh Sahil,tum bhi yaha ho?” Sahil nods and folds his hands.
Ragini: “Swara, khadi kiyun ho? Betho na.” Swara denies immediately.
Swara: “Naheen naheen.. Mein to bas tumhain lene ai thi.” Ragini looks at her, totally confused.
Ragini: “Mu.. Mujhai lene?”
Swara: “Han.. Naheen chalo gi mere sath?”
Parth: “Aap ke sath, mager kahan?” Swara takes Ragini hands in hers and says, “Maheshwari Mansion!” Ragini looks at her with her eyes wide open.

Ragini: “Ma.. Maheshwari… Mansion?”
Swara: “Kiyun.. Naheen chalo gi?” Ragini looks at Parth, who was already looking at her.
Swara: “Jane dijiye na.. Jeeja Ji!” She puts emphasis on the word “Jeeja Ji”.
Parth (shouts): “JEEJA JI?”
Swara: “Han..”
Parth: “Mager..”
Swara: “Please please please Jeeja ji.. Sirf kuch dinon ke liye.” Parth thinks a little but then agrees when Swara insists.
Parth: “Acha baba.. Theek hai! Mager ek shart per.”
Swara: “Humain koi bhi shart manzoor hai.”
Parth: “Aap ko mujhai promise kerna ho ga ke aap meri biwi aur mere bache ka, ache se dehaan rakhein gi.”
Swara: “Haw? Ye bhi koi poochne wali baat hai kiya? Aap ko kiya lagta hai, mein apni behen ka dehaan naheen rakhon gi?” Ragini and Sahil laugh..
Parth: “Kiya pata.. Precautions to her cheez ke liye leni chahiyain na?”
Ragini: “Hey.. Stop annoying my sister, okay?” She acts as if she is angry. He holds his ears and says, “Acha baba, sorry! Ainda naheen keron ga, paka promise.”
Swara: “Ye howi na baat..” Ragini and Swara both give a hi-fi to eachother. Sahil looks on.
Parth (to himself): “Ae Bhagwan.. Mujhai in donon behenon se bacha lijiyo. Pata naheen ye donon ane wale dinon mein mera kiya haal kerain.”
Ragini: “Kuch kaha tum ne?”
Parth: “Na.. Naheen! Naheen to..” Swara cups Ragini’s face and says, “Aaj itne saalon baad jab sare ghar wale tumhain dekhain ge to sach mein ghar mein khushi ki leher daudh jae gi.” Ragini gets tears in her eyes and nods. Parth smiles.
Sahil: “Well.. If you guys don’t mind. Can I drop you there?” Parth gives him a death glare. He does notice it but ignores it, looking forward for Swara’s answer.

Swara (after a pause): “Yeah sure.. Even I was just about to ask Jeeja ji to drop us there as the driver had to leave immediately, but it would be much better if you do, cuz he might have to go on work too.” Parth was about to say no when Sahil kinda jumps in between and says, “Han.. Aur waise bhi isi bahaane mujhai aap logon ko aur janan ka ek mauqa mil jae ga.” Swara smiles and nods. Sahil and Swara head towards the door, while Ragini stands there looking at Parth. She could feel what he was feeling. The jealousy! He turns away to hide it while Ragini moves a little closer to him to say something but then, back offs. Swara yells from outside, “Ragini.. Ab a bhi jao. Hum late ho rahe hain. Apna saman baad mein le lena.” Ragini looks at him, with his back facing towards her.
Ragini: “Fikar mat kero, mein roz tumhain message keron gi.”
Parth (without turning towards her): “Hmm..”
Ragini: “Bas? Itna hi?”
Parth: “Han, ab tum jao waise bhi tum log late ho rahe ho.”
Ragini: “Sahi kaha.. Is ka matlab tumhain aur kuch naheen kehna?”
Parth: “Naheen..” Ragini starts stepping backwards and says, “Acha.. To phir.. Mein jaon?”
Parth: “Han, jao!” Ragini makes a puppy face and heads towards the door. Mid way towards the door, she turns back and looks at him. She immediately runs and back hugs him tightly. Kisses him on the cheek form the back and whispers in his ears, “I shall miss you!” Before he could say anything she rushes outside.
Parth (yells): “Are Ragini.. Jawab to sunti jao!” But she had already left. He puts his hand on his cheek, blushes a bit and murmurs to himself while brushing his hair towards the back with his hand, “I shall miss you too.”
Back in Maheshwari Mansion, everyone is standing near the main door of the house. By now the house has been fully decorated with flowers and stuff.
Uttara (to Sanskaar): “Bhaiya.. Kab ain gi Swara Bhabhi apne khas mehmaan ko le ker? Mujh se ab aur intazaar naheen hota. Mein thak chuki hon..”
Sanskaar (smiles): “Bas abhi ati ho gi.. Ab khas mehmaan hai to us ke liye intazaar to kerna pare ga na.”
Sujata (murmurs): “Pata naheen kon sa khas mehmaan sath le ker a rahi hai ye chori.”

The sound of brakes screeching is heard. Sahil steps out of the car and opens the door for Swaragini. Swara steps out of the car first. She looks around and then looks at Ragini who was sitting still inside the car. She was in a serious dilemma.
Swara (to Ragini): “Kiya howa? Ander naheen chalo gi?” Ragini looks up at her. She had no idea what to say back to her. Sahil looks on. Swara could sense what was wrong, after all they were sisters and being sisters they could understand nearly everything related to eachother, even if the other one doesn’t utter a single word. Swara was about to say something when Sahil speaks in between.
Sahil: “Bhabhi.. Aap chaliye hum aate hain.” Swara gives him a confused look.
Swara: “Mager..” She stops looking at Sahil, who gives her an assuring look that let him handle the situation. “Theek hai!”, she says, looks at Ragini before heading towards the house door.

After she leaves, Sahil bends down and looks at Ragini. He smiles at himself and starts talking to her.
Sahil: “Pata hai Ragini… Mein ne apne Maa Baap bohot hi choti umer mein kho diya tha. Yahan tak ke mein itna chota tha ke mujhai ye idea hi naheen tha ke family kiya hoti hai. Pyaar kiya hota hai.. Pyaar kerne ka ehsaas kiya hota hai.. Pyaar pana kiya hota hai? Naheen maloom tha mujhai ke pyaar ke sath duniya kitni aur khoobsurat ban jati hai. Itna akela tha ke apne dukh dard share kerne ke liye mere paas koi na tha.. Pata naheen kis tarhan bada howa aur Itna bada business empire khada kiya. Likin aaj tak mein ye naheen jaan paya ke family aur pyaar kiya hota hai..” He looks at Ragini for her expressions and as he expected she was looking at him curiously.
Sahil (continues): “Kehne ka matlab ye hai Ragini.. Ke tumhare paas to donon hain, pyaar bhi aur family bhi, likin phir bhi tum un se milne se inkaar ker rahi ho…
Ragini.. Mein naheen chahta ke jo din mein ne dekhain hain, wo din tum dekho. Tum age hi bohot dukh she chuki ho, ab waqat a gaya hai ke tumhari zindagi khoobsurat se bhi khoobsurat ho jae, aur ye tabhi mumkin hai ager tum abhi mere sath ander chalo. Bolo.. Chalo gi mere sath?” He forwards his hand for her to grab on. She looks at him for a min and then, gives her hand to him.
Ragini: “Mein zaroor chalon gi.” She smiles and he smiles back. She finally steps out of the car, with her hand in his. She looks around and it goes in flashback:
The moments Ragini spent in Maheshwari Mansion are shown.. The time she spent with Swara, when she married Laksh, her moments with Sanskaar and the Maheshwari family… The last but not the least, those bad memories.. When she tried to kill Swara, blamed Sanskaar for trying to harass her and Laksh insulting her in front of everyone, refusing to marry her.
She comes out of the flashback when Sahil puts his hand on her shoulder.
Sahil: “Kabhi kabhi, purani yaadon ko bhool jaana acha hota hai. Abhi to puri zindagi pari hai nai yaadein banane ke liye.” Ragini wipes her tears before he could look at her, but he had already seen them. He just smiles at her courage.
Ragini: “Chalo..”
The both walk together to the main door.

On the other side, Parth is alone at home. He is just sitting in the middle of the living room on the couch, eating popcorn.
Parth (to himself, aloud): “Abhi use gae howe 1 ghanta bhi naheen aur (nom nom nom..) I am already missing her yaar..” Suddenly, his phone rings. He puts another handful of popcorn in his mouth and puts the phone on speaker. It was Rahul’s call.
Rahul: “Han, kahan hai tu? Aaj office bhi naheen aya?”
Parth (immediately replies): “Mera dil naheen tha.. Bas is liye.”
Rahul: “Dil naheen tha ya koi aur baat hai, han?”
Parth (rolls his eyes): “Theek hai.. To suno, Ragini Swara Bhabhi ke sath un ke ghar gai hai aur mein yahan ghar per akela.. (Puts another popcorn into his mouth and makes a puppy face) pop corn kha raha hon.” Rahul bursts out laughing after listening to what he said.
Parth: “Bhai.. Kam se kam aap ko mera mazak na urao.”
Rahul: “Acha baba acha.. (Trying to control his laugh) Waise sach bataon to Sanaya bhi ghar per naheen hai, use kisi important meeting ke liye out of city jana para.”
Parth: “Ohh..” There is a silence between them for a few mins. Rahul could hear Parth chewing the popcorn from the other side, when suddenly their facial expressions change. Parth stops eating the popcorn and a wide smile appears on his face.
Rahul: “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”
Parth: “Ahan.. (Raises his eyebrow) Totally!” They both yell together, “PARTY TIME!”

The scene then shifts back to Maheshwari Mansion. Everyone is waiting for the special guest to arrive.
Sujata: “Na mahre se aur intazar na howe hai..” She turns to leave when Sanskaar blocks her way.
Sanskaar: “Mom mom mom.. Dekhiye aap aise kaise ja sakti hain? Ager humara special mehmaan naraaz ho gaya to?”
Sujata: “Na mahre ko nah pata.. Hum se intazar na howe se te na howe se. JA! Tu ker intazar..” Suddenly, Ragini appears along with Sahil.
Sanskaar: “Dekhiye.. Wo a gai.”
Sujata (while turning): “Kon hai ae han.. (She stops when she sees Ragini standing at the doorstep of the house). RAGINI?”
Uttara: “Ragini Bhabhi?” A wide smile appears on everyone’s face. Everyone hug her turn by turn and she takes blessings from Annapurna while Sahil stands there smiling at her, seeing how happy they are to see her.
Annapurna: “Ao.. Ander ao!” Ragini looks at Sahil and he nods in yes.. Assuring her that everything would be fine. She finally steps inside the house, Sahil follows her. She steps inside and keeps on observing the house keenly. She is truck by Annapurna’s voice when she says, “Kitna kuch badal gaya na in 5 saalon mein?” She turns towards her and smiles. Annapurna walks closer and cups her face.
Annapurna: “Mager tum abhi bhi waise ki waisi hi ho. Abhi tak apne sanskaar naheen bhooli.” A wide smile appears on Ragini’s face.
Swara: “Are Badi Maa, baatein to baad mein bhi hoti rahi gi.. Abhi to khaane ka waqat hai.” She points towards the dinning table and says, “Pata hai Ragini aaj mein ne special tumhare liye tumhari favourite dishes banai hain, ao..” Everyone head towards the dinning table while Sahil stops there. Annapurna turns and finds him standing there. He smiles at her. She smiles back and says, “Ao na beta, tum bhi humare sath khaana khao. Humain bohot Khushi ho gi..”
Sanskaar: “Han Sahil, Badi Maa theek keh rahi hain.” Ragini turns back and looks at him with those pleading eyes begging him to stay.
Sahil: “Naheen Aunty.. Mein chalta hon. Aap log apna family time enjoy kijiye.. (After a pause) NAMASTE!” He takes 2 steps back and then turns around. He didn’t look at Ragini even once during this whole conversation cuz he knew if he did.. Even when he didn’t want to stay, he would be forced to do so.
Ragini stares at him leaving the Mansion.
Ragini (murmurs): “Chala gaya..? Aise kaise?” Suddenly Swara calls Ragini for the lunch and her attention gets diverted towards the other family members.

The scene then shifts to a bar where Parth and Rahul cling their glasses, they weren’t drinking wine, it was just some soft drink. The music was playing quite loud. Everyone else were dancing while they were sitting in a corner talking.
Rahul: “Well, I have to admit.. A person sometimes really needs a break from work.”
Parth: “Tabhi to Bhai mein aap ko humesha kehta hon ke kaam ko kabhi kabhi bhool jana chahiye. Fazool mein tension lena chod dejiye ab..” Rahul nods slowly while Parth takes a sip from his glass. He spits it out cuz of what he saw next. A man dressed quite casually entered the bar, he seemed quite familiar to him or it would be better if we say.. Parth knew him very well. Yes, it was Sahil.
Rahul (asks casually): “Kiya ho gaya? Bhoot dekh liya kiya?”
Parth: “Bhoot naheen… Sa..SAHIL!”
Rahul: “Sahil?” Parth gulps his salvia down his throat and nods.
Rahul: “Kahan?” Parth points towards Sahil, who spots them too and waves at them immediately. Rahul waves back and they walk upto him.
Rahul: “Hi bro!”
Sahil: “Hi..”
Parth: “Are you following us or something?” Rahul gives him a “what the heck?” look while Sahil giggles and replies, “No.. May be I am.”
Parth: “Oh.. Acha acha..” The continue their conversation after getting back to their table. While Rahul and Sahil were chatting about their business and stuff, Parth murmurs to himself that he has to do something to get Sahil out of his life and to annoy him, cuz it’s kinda rare if he gets angry.
Parth: “Ab dekh bachu mein kiya kerta hon. Just wait and watch..” In the mid of the conversation Parth immediately asks Sahil about his family.
Parth: “Sahil, tum ne aaj se pehle apni family ke bare mein kuch bataya naheen. Wo kahan se the, kon log the.. Kuch bhi naheen..” This question is followed by an awkward silence of about 2 mins. The smile on Sahil face fades away while Parth awaits for Sahil’s reaction but to his surprise he replies back to him kindly.
Sahil: “I don’t know who my parents were, where they lived or who were they cuz they left me alone when I was young but what I do remember is.. On my 15th birthday, in the orphanage.. My Nana, handed me a locket and told me that the night she found me, that locket was tied to one corner of the blanket. She told me that now I was a grown up child and I have the right to know who left me here and why..”
This goes into a flash-back:
A woman is shown running in the middle of the road, with a baby boy in her hand. It’s raining and she is totally drenched in rain. She looks super worried and concerned. Suddenly she collides with another lady with an umbrella , who is older than her. Fortunately the lady hold her on time and prevents her and the baby from falling down.
Lady: “Are Beta, kiya howa? Aise itni raat mein aur itni teez barish mein tum kahan bhagi ja rahi ho?”
Woman (is breathing heavily): “Mera paas ziyada waqat naheen hai.. Wo.. Wo a rahe hain. Wo kisi bhi ate hon ge.. Is bache ki jaan bacha lijiye.. Please, is bache ki jaan khatre mein hai.”
Lady: “Are beta, mager batao to sahi ke akhir howa kiya hai? Aur is masoom bache ki jaan ko kis se khatra hai aur kiyun?”
Woman: “Wo sab batane ka abhi waqat naheen gai. Aap please is bache ko apne paas rakh lijiye aur please kisi ko mat bataiye ga ke ye bacha mein ne aap ko diya tha.”
The woman kisses her child for the last time and hands him over to the Lady.
Lady: “Mager Beta..” Suddenly the voice of people running and shouting is heard. The woman gets even more worried hearing the noises and asks the lady to leave this place as soon as possible.
Woman: “Bhag jaiye.. Jaiye yahan se warna wo log aap ko is bache ko bhi mar daalein ge. PLEASE.. Bhagwaan ke liye!” The woman folds her hands in front of the lady and begs her to leave.
Lady: “Mager Beta tum?”
Woman: “Meri fikar mat kijiye bas mere bache ko kuch naheen hona chahiye… Jaiye..”
The lady looks at her for the last time and then disappears in the dark. The woman takes a sigh of relief when suddenly she hears someone shouting, “WO RAHI!” She turns back to look at them. They were a group of four men chasing her. The woman had no other choice but to start running again and she does the same. The men start running after her too, shouting at her to stop otherwise it won’t be good for her.
Flashback ends..

They were now in the parking lot of the bar, standing near their cars. Parth’s eyes were wide open after what he had heard.
Parth (murmurs to himself): “Is insaan ka itna dreadful past raha hai aur ye har kisi se aise baat kerta hai jaise kuch howa hi naheen… Aur mein ne.. Mein ne bhi najane kaisa sawaal pooch liya. Kitna.. Kitna bada pagal hon mein.” Before Rahul could go and console Sahil a bit, Parth moves toward to his surprise and puts his hand on Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil turns towards him and Parth immediately hugs him. Rahul smiles at them.
Parth: “I am sorry Bro! Mujhai tum se aisa sawal naheen poochna chahiye tha. I am sorry..” Sahil hugs him back.
Sahil: “Koi baat naheen.. Har kisi ko apne dost ke bare mein janane ka haq hona chahiye aur wo tumhain bhi hai.” They both separate and Sahil forwards his hand towards Parth.
Sahil: “Friends?” Parth looks at him with a confused look but atlast smiles and grabs his hand.
Parth: “Pake friends..” They both smile at eachother while Rahul clicks a picture of them together smiling. He sends this picture to Ragini and Sanaya, with another message saying, “In donon ki dosti akhir ho hi gai.”
Ragini, in her room in the Maheswari Mansion reads the message and replies back with a smiling face.
Ragini: “?” She further says, “Bhagwan kere ye humesha isi tarhan ache dost bane rahein.” Rahul smiles reading her message and replies with, “I hope the same too.”
The screen freezes on Sahil and Parth’s handshake.

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