Love-Once Again (Episode 48)

Scene 1: Laksh’s car
Laksh is driving the car furiously. He has one hand on the steering wheel and with the other he has grabbed Ragini’s hand, quite tightly. Ragini is struggling to get rid of his hold. She is trying to lower the windows, shouting and yelling for help.
Ragini (banging on the car windows): “HELP! Somebody please help me.”
Laksh: “Chup! Ek dam chup.. Ghar per to Sahil ke samne badi sati savitri ban rahi thi aur ab?” But Ragini keeps on yelling for help. Laksh purposefully drifts the car to stop Ragini from doing that. The camera focuses on the side mirror. It shows a black car, not that big, kinda following Laksh’s car.

It’s Sahil. He is driving the car with a determined look on his face.
Sahil (to himself): “Ye Laksh mujh se kuch zaroor chupa raha hai. I need to find out what he is hiding and who is that girl with him, why was she in a bridal dress?”

Scene 2: Parth’s house

All are gathered at Parth’s house as its time for him to go and meet Laksh and get his Ragini back. They have no idea what would happen when he gets there so they are kinda tensed, not only for Ragini but for him too. Suddenly, Parth comes downstairs and surprises everyone because, he is wearing a dress that kinda looks like a wedding dress for the groom. Before anyone could ask him any questions, he himself clears all doubts by saying, “Laksh asked me to wear this..” He had more to say but these words were enough to make everyone else understand.
The clock strikes 3:30 p.m.

Parth (takes a deep breathe): “It’s time to leave.” He sighs and starts walking, when Swara blocks his way.
Swara: “You will bring her back, won’t you?” He could see her eyes that were kinda moist and had a hope. A hope that said that her sister would return. He gulped the saliva down his throat and replied her with such words that made her feel that the man her sister chose for herself, deserved her.
Parth: “I will bring her back even if I die in an attempt, cuz I love her. Don’t you worry.”

He turns to leave once again, when Swara says, “You truly deserve her.” He smiles at himself without turning back and leaves.
After a few mins, he reaches an abandoned place more like a cliff. The other side of the cliff was quite deep. He gets out of his car. The camera that was first focusing on him, now focuses on what he was looking at. It shows Ragini, struggling as Laksh has held her hands at the back and has a gun on her forehead. He wasn’t shocked seeing that, because by now he had known Laksh quite well. He knew to which extent he could fall.

He removed his sunglasses and looked straight into his eyes.
Laksh: “To a hi gaye tum, han? Chalo.. Ab a hi gaye ho to, zara kaam ki baat ker lete hain.” Parth starts moving forward while Ragini tries her best to remove the gun from her forehead. Laksh had something else planned in his mind so he intentionally pushes Ragini towards Parth. Fortunately, he held her on time.
Laksh: “Mein ne kaha tha na, Laksh apna wada humesha pura kerta hai.” Parth holds Ragini’s hand tightly while Laksh continues.
Laksh: “Mein ne apna wada to pura ker diya, ab tum bhi pura ker do.” Parth gives him a suspicious look and says, “Kiya matlab hai tumhara? Kiya..kiya kerwana chahte ho tum mujh se?”

Laksh: “Kuch ziyada naheen bas..” He bends down and lights fire on the ground. Parth and Ragini look on. He finally gets up and says, “Tum logon ko is agni ke gird ulte phere lene hain. Itna sa kaam hai bas..”
Ragini and Parth get shocked.
Parth (yells): “Ye kiya bakwas hai? Tum hosh mein to ho?” Ragini holds his hand even more tightly implying that she doesn’t wanna let him go.
Laksh: “Bilkul! Mein pure hosh mein hon aur bohot achi tarhan janta hon ke jo mein tum logon se kerne ko keh raha hon, wo tum log kabhi kerne ke liye razi naheen ho ge.” Ragini and Parth look at eachother, Ragini nods in no.
Laksh: “Fikar mat kero, mein puri tiyari ke sath aya hon.” He points the gun at them. Parth hides Ragini behind him.

Laksh (continues, now in an angrier tone): Chalo chalo.. Ziyada wakt naheen hai mere paas. Yaheen khare rehne ka irada hai kiya? CHALO!”
Parth looks at Ragini, while Ragini constantly nods in no. He holds her hand and says, “Ragini, maybe we weren’t meant to stay together. Maybe not in this life. I.. I am sorry!” He drags her with him towards the agni. Laksh looks on, smiling evilly. He could see his plan succeed. As they get close to the agni, tears appear in Ragini’s eyes but she could do nothing other then following her husband, who wouldn’t be hers anymore in just a few mins. Parth continues dragging her with his head down. They start taking rounds but in the opposite direction. Laksh still has the gun pointing at them. They complete the first round, the second round, the third round, then the fourth round. Now they were taking their fifth round around the agni.
Laksh: “Bas 2 phere aur..” They were just midway through it when suddenly, some one yells, “RUKO!” Parth and Ragini stop. Laksh turns, murmuring to himself, “Phir se naheen..” He turns and the camera focuses on the person who yelled. It’s none other then Swara. Ragini looks up and a faint smile appears on her face when she sees her sister there.
Ragini (yells with tears in her eyes): “SWARA!”

Swara (yells back smilingly): “RAGINI..” (Swaragini’s title track plays in the background..) They convey there emotions through eyes and the tears of joy. Swara is followed by Sanskaar and then comes Rahul and Sanaya.
Laksh (breaking the heart to heart conversation of Swaragini): “Yaar tum logon ka masla kiya hai? Kisi naik admi ne kaha hai ke ache kaam mein rukawat naheen dalte aur tum log to.. Tum log to mere raste ka kanta ban ke khare ho.”
Sanskaar: “Lucky dekh, tu bohot achi tarhan janta hai ke jo tu ker raha hai wo ghalat hai. Ye koi naik kaam naheen hai..”
Rahul: “Do pyaar kerne walon ko juda kerna koi naik kaam naheen hai. Ye to ziyadati hai.”

Laksh: “Oh please.. Yahan koi movie naheen chal rahi jo aap donon mujhai pyaar ke uper lecture de rahe ho. Mujhai in ke pyaar aur in ke juda hone se koi matlab naheen hai, matlab hai to sirf of sirf apne badle se. Wo badla.. Jis ki aag mein jal ker ye donon marein ge.” Nobody was looking at Parth at this point. Not even Laksh, who had a gun pointed towards them. He was busy in the conversation with Swara, Rahul and Sanskaar. Seeing Laksh busy, Parth moves a little to his side and stands behind his back. Swara, Sanskaar, Sanaya and Rahul see him standing behind Laksh and understand what he is trying to do. Sanaya gives him a little thumbs up, which Laksh couldn’t see.
Lakhs (yells): “Aaj chahe kuch bhi ho jae, mein apne maqsad mein kamiyab howe baghair yahan se naheen jaane wala.”

As he completed yelling at them, Parth jumped on him and tried his best to get the gun out of Laksh’s hand but Laksh wasn’t going to give up that easily. Not only Ragini but everyone was concerned about Parth’s safety.

After the struggle of about 5 mins, Laksh threw Parth to the other side. Now they were really close to the edge of the cliff. Laksh got up and dusted his clothes. Ragni rushed up to Parth, concerned. Both Laksh and Parth had bruises on the faces and necks. Laksh aimed the gun again at Parth and Ragini and said, “Itni bhi kiya jaldi hai? (After a pause) Aaj tum donon mein se ek, is duniya se jae ga aur dosra tarap tarap ker baqi ki zindagi guzare ga. Wo kehte hain na, jab ghee seedhi ungali se na nikle to ungali tehtri kerni parti hai.” Parth gets up with great difficulty and holds Ragini’s hand. Ragini looks at him with teary eyes. Everyone else look on.
Parth: “Tum chahe jo bhi ker lo. Pyaar kerne wale kabhi juda naheen hote aur na hi (looks at Ragini) hum hon ge.” Ragini smiles and they side hug.

Laksh: “Ohohoho…. Mera dil to pighal gaya, tum log ek dosre se kitna pyaar kerte ho na. Mujhai aisa naheen kerna chahiye.. Mager kiya keron, badla lena bhi to zarori hai na? Is liye.. Ab marne ke liye tiyar ho jao.”
Sanskaar tries to stop him but instead Laksh yells back at him, asking him to shut up. He starts counting backwards..
Laksh: “5…4…3…”

Sanskaar: “LUCKY.. Meri baat..”
Laksh (not paying attention to him): “2…. (He smirks whereas Parth and Ragini tighten the grip on eachother’s hand and close their eyes)…1”
The sound of bullet being shot is heard. Swara, Sanskaar, Sanaya and Rahul get shocked. There faces are shown turn by turn in a black and white screen. Parth and Ragini are shown standing. They open their eyes and what they see shocks them too. It wasn’t them who was shot, it was neither Swara, Sanskaar, Sanaya nor Rahul.. Shockingly, it was Laksh. The camera covers Laksh who has his hand over his chest and as he falls down.. Kavya is shown standing behind his back, with a gun in her hand. The person who shot the bullet is Kavya.

Sanskaar (yells): “LUCKY!”
Swara (shouts): “LAKSH!” They both rush towards Laksh. Sanskaar holds him before he could fall and hit the ground. They both lay him down on the ground and sit beside him on either side. On the other hand, Sanaya and Rahul rush towards Ragini and Parth. They both hug them immediately while Ragini looks at Laksh in shock.
Sanskaar (to Laksh, who is still alive but is breathing heavily): “Lucky.. (pats his face).. Lucky.. Dekh! Meri taraf dekh Lucky!” Laksh looks at Sanskaar with his half closed eyes. A faint smile appears on his face.
Laksh (mumbles): “Bhai..”
Sanskaar (with tears in his eyes): “Han Laksh.. Mein tera Bhai! San..Sanskaar.. Bol!” Everyone look on.
Laksh (tries hard to cross his hands infront of his face): “Tu.. Tu sahi tha. Mein ne jo kiya.. Gha.. Ghalat kiya. Mujhai teri baat.. samajhni chahiye thi.. Mujhai maaf ker de! Maaf ker de mujhai..”

Sanskaar (wiping his tears): “Maafi mujh se naheen in se mang…(He looks at Ragini and Parth standing behind him).” Laksh looks at them too and folds his hands once again.
Laksh: “Maaf ker do mujhai Ragini.. Mujhai na jaane kiya ho gaya tha. Badle ki aag ne.. Mujhai pagal ker diya tha. Maaf ker do… Mujhai maaf ker do.” Ragini gets tears in her eyes. She bents down holds his folded hands and says in her shivering voice, “MAAF KIYA!” Laksh gives her a faint smile and takes his last breathe. His hands escape from Ragini’s while she looks on shocked. Laksh Maheswari had died! He was lying before Ragini and Sanskaar unconscious. The person who always aimed to ruin the life of Ragini and Parth was no more. Sanskaar gets hysterical. He pats Laksh’s face continuously asking him to get up.

Sanskaar: “Lucky.. Lucky! Uth Lucky! LUCKY TO APNE BHAI KO CHOD KER NAHEEN JA SAKTA! UTH..” He shakes him in a hope that he would regain consciousness but it’s of no use. Sanskaar cries vigorously over Laksh’s dead body while Swara sits beside him and consoles him.
Sanskaar (shouts): “LAKSH!!” He continues crying.
On the other hand, Kavya who was still having the gun in her hand drops it. A tear escapes her eye but she wipes it at once. She was just standing there like a statue staring at Laksh lying unconsciously and Sanskaar mourning over his dead body.
Swara, who was sitting beside Sanskaar looks up at her. She gets up and walks over to her angrily. She grabs her arm tightly and shakes her, shouting on her over what she did.
Swara: “Kavya.. Tum janti bhi ho tum ne kiya kiya? Han mana ke Laksh ghalat rah per chal raha tha likin is ka matlab ye naheen tha ke tum is tarhan.. (She looks at Laksh)”
Kavya continues staring at Laksh and doesn’t utter a word. Suddenly, they hear the sound of police van. Everyone looks on as 2 police vans emerge and stop beside the scene. An officer along with his team approaches them and looks at Laksh. Without asking any other questions he comes straight to the point and asks them, “Kis ne mara ise?”

Rahul: “Officer wo..”
Swara: “Mein batati hon..” Everyone looks on.
Swara (continues): “Officer ye ek..” She was about to say that it was an accident defending Kavya as she knew that Kavya didn’t have any bad motive behind all this but Kavya speaks up in between, interrupting her.
Kavya: “MEIN NE MARA HAI ISE!” The officer gives them a mischievous look. Kavya finally moves her eyes off Laksh’s dead body and looks at the officer.
Kavya: “Ji han officer, mein ne hi mara hai ise.”

Swara: “Naheen officer, ye sach naheen..”

Kavya: “Sach naheen hai to aur kiya hai Swara? Jab mein ne Laksh ko mara hai to is mein chupane wali kiya baat hai? Tum hi to kehti hai ke tumhain jhoot se nafrat hai?” Swara looks at her with her eyes wide open. Kavya turns back to the officer and says, “Officer! Mein apna gunah kabool kerti hon.”
Officer: “Theek hai to aise mein ap ko humare sath chalna ho ga.” Kavya nods. He signs his team to arrest her. The female officers walk up to her and put the hand cuffs on. Kavya looks at Ragini. While they were taking her to the van, Kavya requests the officer to let her talk to Ragini once.
Kavya: “Officer, kiya mein ek baar Ragini se baat ker sakti hon?” The officer thinks and then nods.

Kavya walks up to Ragini with her hands still cuffed. Everyone else look on. She raises her hands before her eyes to show her the cuffs.
Kavya (with a faint smile): “Dekho.. Mil gai mujhai meri saza!” Ragini looks at her in shock, trying to understand her words.

Kavya (continues): “Mein janti hon Ragini ke mein ne tumhare sath jo kiya wo.. Wo bohot ghalat tha. Bohot ghalat… Mein ne tumhain us din itna kuch keh diya aur tum thi ke..sunti chali gai.” She continues, “Ragini.. Mein naheen janti ke kiya sahi hai aur kiya ghalat mager.. Apne gunahon ka paraischit kerne ke liye mujhai jo sahi laga mein ne kiya. Bas mujhai maaf ker dena..” Ragini gets tears in her eyes and hugs her at once.

Ragini: “Mein ne kabhi tumhain bura naheen samjh Kavya! Kabhi naheen..” They break the hug and Kavya leaves in the police van. An ambulance takes Laksh’s dead body.
As the police leaves the place,Rahul speaks up.
Rahul: “Jo kuch howa so howa.. Mager police ko bulaya kiya ne?” Everyone looks at him in shock.
Sanaya (to Rahul): “I thought it was you, cuz I didn’t call them.”
Parth: “Me neither..” They knew it couldn’t be Swara, Sanskaar or Ragini. Everyone gets thinking that who called the police.
Suddenly, they hear a voice that says, “IT WAS ME!” Everyone turn back and find a man, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. The face seems kinda familiar to Ragini. Finally she recognizes him.

Ragini (murmurs): “Sahil”. Parth looks at her trying to understand how does she know him. Everyone else get confused. The camera covers the person from top to bottom. It’s Sahil, Laksh’s friend. He smiles at them while they continue staring at him.
Ragini: “Tum? Tum ne..” As Ragini’s sweet voice falls on his ears he turns towards her. Their eyes meet and they both feel an internal connection. Even Ragini stands still staring at him, straight into his eyes. Parth looks at both of them turn by turn. He eyed Sahil angrily, kinda implying his jealousy.
Suddenly, Rahul speaks up which breaks their eye lock. Parth takes a sigh of relief.
Rahul: “Tum ne.. Tum ne kiya ye sab? Aur Ragini, tum use janti ho kiya?” Parth looks at Ragini for the answer. Out of all he was most curious to know the answer. Sahil turns to Rahul and gives him a faint smile, “Ji.. Mein ne hi police ko bulaya tha. Wo asal mein..(a flashback starts)”

When Sahil reached the place and found out what Laksh was upto. He immediately called the police.
Sahil: “Mujhai police ko bulana ho ga, is se pehle ke bohot dair ho jae.” He dials the number and speaks over the phone, “Hello.. police station?”
Flashback ends.

Swara: “Wo to theek hai mager tum donon ek dosre ko kaise jante ho?” Everyone look at Ragini to explain but instead Sahil answers.
Sahil: “Well..that’s a long story. I would love answer all of your questions but this isn’t just the right time. You all have gone through a tough time so, let’s go home.” Ragini nods in yes while Sanaya, kinda of confirming his words says, “Yes.. We all should head towards home now. It’s getting late anyways..”
Rahul: “I would get the car then..”
Sanaya: “Wait! I shall come too.” They both leave to get the car. On the other hand, Swara goes to Sanskaar who still wasn’t able to get over what just happened. She helped him walk. The were walking in the front while Ragini, Sahil and Parth were following them.
Ragini: “I could never have guessed that you would be the one, who would help us.”
Sahil (murmurs): “Even I didn’t think of doing so..” Ragini didn’t hear him well, but Parth did.

Ragini: “Did you say something?”
Sahil: “Nope.. Not really! I just said that I.. I just cannot see anything going wrong.” Ragini smiles a little while Parth narrows his eyes.
Parth (to himself): “Oh! So I was right.. He is trying to impress Ragini? But don’t worry Beta ji, this time I am not gonna let anyone spoil our relationship.” His thoughts are disturbed by Ragini’s laughter. She comes back to world and finds Ragini giggling right infront of him, while Sahil has a wide smile on his face.
Parth (to himself, again): “Argh.. I think he is not going to understand that easily. I have to show him a demo. Mr. Whatever.. Stay away from my Ragini..” He runs towards Ragini, yelling her name, as he was left behind by them.

Parth: “RAGINI..” Ragini turns when suddenly, Parth trips over a stone before he could reach Ragini. He hits Ragini which causes her to stumble a little, but Sahil holds her on time. They have an eye-lock. Parth had fallen straight into the dry leaves. He looks up to see what’s going on and to his surprise he finds Ragini in Sahil’s arm. They both were staring straight into eachother’s eyes. Parth gets up immediately and looks at both of them surprisingly. He circles them, examining how long could they stare into eachother’s eyes and guess what.. They were still into eachother. Parth couldn’t take it anymore so he kinda cleans his throat to get their attention.
Parth: “Ehmmm..” Nah.. They still are in the same position. He tries once more.
Parth: “Ehmm.. Ehmm..” Nope.. It’s of no use. This time he coughs so loud that even the birds sitting on the trees get scared and fly away.

Parth: “EHMMMEHMMEHEMMM..” They separate immediately and compose themselves. Ragini could face Parth, so in embarrassment she rushes forward and joins Swara. On the other hand, Sahil stands there with Parth. Parth is staring at him with a suspicious look. At last Sahil couldn’t take it anymore so he speaks up.

Sahil: “Kiya? Ab gala kharab hai to mein koi doctor to naheen hon na? Waise meri gadi mein shayad kuch pada ho tumhara gala theek kerne ke liye. Don’t worry.. Mein ja ker zaroor dekhon ga, han?” He smiles after saying this but Parth keeps on staring at him. Sahil looks away and starts walking, once again.
Parth (as he leaves): “SERIOUSLY? That’s it? ARRGH..”
He runs following Swasan and Ragini.

Promo: Swara decides to take Ragini to Maheswari mansion, so that she can meet everyone. Sahil says that he would drop Ragini there. Parth looks on, feeling super jealous of him.

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