Love-Once Again (Episode 47)



Scene 1: Parth’s house
The camera covers Parth sitting on the sofa with his face covered with his hands. On another sofa, Swara and Sanaya are sitting while Rahul and Sanskaar are standing beside them. Kavya is standing at a corner, lost in her thoughts. All seem tensed. There was an awkward silence between them. Finally, Rahul speaks up and breaks the silence.
Rahul: “We searched nearly everywhere we could expect Ragini to be, but just couldn’t find her.”
Swara: “Even I tried contacting her friends I knew, but they said they had no idea where she is.”
Sanskaar hits the wall with his fists and says, “Sharam ati hai mujhai ye soch ker ke Lucky mera Bhai hai.” Swara walks upto him and puts her hand on his shoulder consoling him a bit.
Parth (finally removes his hand from his face): “Pata naheen kahan ho gi wo? Kis haal mein ho gi? (After a pause), Ye sab meri hi ghalti hai.. Meri hi ghalti hai.” While everyone was looking at Parth’s condition tensely, their attention gets diverted as Sanskaar’s phone rings. He picks it up.
Sanskaar: “Hello! Sanskaar Maheshwari speaking…” Everyone look on. After a few secs of on phone, Sanskaar shouts, “KIYA?” Swara, who was standing beside him, signs him asking what happened. Sanskaar signs her and others not to worry and wait for him to end the call.
Sanskaar (back on the phone): “Dekho.. Tum use kuch naheen kero go.”
Person (on the phone): “Bhai.. Kerna to mein bhi kuch naheen chahta hon, likin afsoos..”
Sanskaar (shouts): “LUCKY!!” (So they guys on the phone, was none other than Lucky.) As only Swara and Kavya knew that Sanskaar calls “Laksh” as “Lucky”, so they murmur, “Laksh?” Rahul, Sanaya and Parth get shocked hearing Laksh’s name.
Laksh: “Phone speaker per lagao, mujhai sab se baat kerni hai.” Sanskaar puts the all on speaker, so that everyone can hear.

Laksh (smilingly): “HELLO EVERYONE!” Parth fumes hearing Laksh’s voice. He was about to speak when Rahul signs him to stop.
Laksh: “Kiya howa? Sab ki bolti kiyun band ho gai? Kahan gaya mera wo dosra so called Bhai?” Parth understands that he is talking about him.
Parth: “Yaheen hon mein.. Bolo!”
Laksh: “Are wah! As I expected. Here, talk to your sweet wali wife.” He gets curious, as he hears him talking about his wife aka Ragini. Ragini is shown tied to a chair, struggling. Her mouth is covered with a piece of cloth. Laksh smirks and removes the cloth from her mouth.
Laksh (to Ragini): “Lo ker lo baat apne Pati se..”
Parth: “RAGINI!!”
Ragini (cries): “PARTH!!”
Parth: “Ragini.. Ragini tum theek ho na? Us ne tumhain kuch kiya to naheen?”
Ragini: “Mein bilkul theek hon. Mein yahan..” Before she could speak further, Laksh yells at her, “BAS BAS! Address bhi batao gi kiya? Bewakoof samajh rakha hai?” He covers her mouth back with the cloth piece and continues talking on phone.
Parth: “Kiya chahte ho tum?”
Laksh: “Are? Kiya baat hai? Ab aye na line per.. Ziyada kuch naheen.. Bas mein chahta ke tum mujh se ek martaba mil lo. Bolo? Manzoor hai?”
Parth (thinks): “Han.. Manzoor hai! Likin milna kahan hai aur kab milna hai? Aur is baat ki kiya guarantee hai ke ager him mil gai to tum Ragini ko chod do ge?”
Laksh: “Kahan milna hai aur kab milna hai, ye tumhain jald hi pata lag jae ga. Jahan tak Ragini ka sawal hai… Mein use sath le ker aon ga. (He smirks looking at Ragini)”
Parth: “Theek hai.. Likin tab tak tum Ragini ko kuch naheen kero ge?”
Laksh (he walks upto to Ragini): “Han baba han.. Kuch naheen keron ga mein tumhari Ragini ko. Aur han, ek aur baat.. Tumhain milne akele ana ho ga?”
Parth looks at Rahul and others, when he asks her to come alone. They blink their eyes implying that he should go for it.
Laksh: “Kiya howa? Ragini naheen chahiye kiya?”
Parth: “Mujhai… Mujhai manzoor hai.”
Laksh: “Kiya baat hai? Not bad! Laksh khush howa..” He laughs evilly and disconnects the call. Everyone look at Parth tensely while he wonders what to do.

Scene 2: Maheshwari Mansion
Annapurna and Sujata are arranging the table.
Sujata: “Jiji, Pata naheen ye choriyan sara din kiya kerti rehti hain. Ghar per hi naheen hotein.”
Annapurna: “Han.. Kafi dinon se to mein bhi dekh rahi hon. Swara aur Kavya ghar per rehti hi naheen.”
Sujata: “Ehi na Jiji! Sara kaam mahre ko kerna parta hai.” After saying this, she goes back to the kitchen. Annapurna gets a little suspicious.
Annapurna: “What are these girls upto?” A voice comes, “Kon si larkiyan, Maa?” She turns back and finds Parineeta and Uttra there.
Parineeta: “Aap kin larkiyon ki baat ker rahe then?” Uttra looks on.
Annapurna: “Wo beta, Swara aur Kavya kafi dinon se ghar per naheen rehtein to mein soch rahi thi ke shayad…”
Uttra: “Badi Maa, is mein pareshan hone wali kiya baat hai? Aap Swara Bhabhi aur Kavya Bhabhi ko phone ker ke hi poch lo ke wo kahan hain?” Parineeta nods at her.
Annapurna: “Han, ye theek hai! Mein Swara ko phone lagati hon.” She dials Swara’s number. The bell rings but no one picks up the call. She dials her number once again and still no one answers.
Annapurna: “Swara phone kiyun naheen utha rahi?” She tries for the third time but in vain.
Uttra: “Mein Kavya Bhabhi ko phone laga ker dekhti hon.” She was about to dial her number when Sujata interrupts, “Koi zarorat naheen hai… Mahre ko pata hai, ye choriyan na kaam na kerne ke bahane dhoondti rehti hain.” She takes the phone from Utrra’s hand. She tried to make her understand but Sujata had made up her mind.
Annapurna: “Pata naheen kahan hon gi ye larkiyan?”
Sujata: “Jiji.. Jahan bhi hon gi, maze ker rahi hon gi. Kaam to yahan mahre ko kerna parh raha hai na.” Everyone look on.

Scene 3: A dark room
Ragini is seen sitting, crying with her face hidden in her lap. Suddenly, someone throws something beside her feet. She looks up at the person. It’s Laksh and that thing that she felt was a bridal dress. She stares at the bridal dress.
Laksh (snaps his fingers infront of her eyes): “O hello? Ager aap apni duniya se bahir a jain na, to ye joda pehen lijiye ga maharani sahiba.” Ragini gives him a death glare. He turns to leave but stops hearing Ragini’s voice, “Ab kiya chahte ho tum? Saaf saaf kiyun naheen bata dete?” He turns back to face her and smiles evilly.
Laksh: “So finally someone understood that I don’t do anything without a reason? What do you think a bridal dress is for?” Ragini doesn’t answer his question but instead continues to stare at him.
Laksh: “Ohohoho… Maaf kerna! I almost forgot that you are no longer in a relationship with him. Wo to sare rishte naate tor chuka hai na tum se? So how would you even know what a bridal dress is for? Ab meri baat dehan se suno.. (In a serious tone) Ye bridal dress aur wahan rakhi wo jewelry pehen ker tiyar ho jana, humain kaheen jana hai.” Ragini tries to speak but before she could, he had left the place. She runs up to to the door as he slams it shut.
Ragini (yells): “GET ME OUTTA HERE! LAKSH!! Dekhna wo ae ga aur phir tumhain pata chale ga ke mera pyaar sacha hai. MERA PYAAR SACHA HAI LAKSH! SACHA HAI!” She sits down leaning to the door. Her eyes fall on the bridal dress he just left there for her to wear. She walks up to it and picks it up. She caresses the lehenga and then hugs it. (Tere Sang Yara (sad version) plays…)

She remembers her wedding with Parth. How he applied sindoor to her mang, he making her wear the magalsutar, they taking the pheras together… The seven vows…Tears roll down her eyes.
Ragini: “Har larki apni zindagi mein jab bhi shadi ka joda pehnti hai to wo din us ke liye khushi ka din hota hai. Ye joda us ke liye apnaiyat ka ek ehsaas hota hai. Us ke liye, us ke pati ka pyaar.. Likin meri kismat, meri kismat hi aisi hai ke mujhai jab bhi ye khushi dekhne ko mili to wo mujh se cheen li gai. Kabhi na kabhi, kisi na kisi ne meri zindagi, mera pyaar mujh se cheen liya. Aa..aaj mein ye joda teesri martaba pehenane ja rahi hon, Bhagwan please mujhai is martaba wo sukh aur khushi dena jo har larki chahti hai. Mein aap se binati kerti hon.. Please! Please…”

Parth’s house:
He talks to Ragini’s photo looking in his wallet and like he has gone mad.
Parth: “Ragini.. Please mere paas wapis a jao. Please.. Tum mujh se naraz ho na ke mein ne tumhain bura bhala kahan? Mein janta hon ke mein bohot bura hon, mein ek acha Pati naheen hon.. Likin ager tum wapis a jao gi na to sab theek ho jae ga. I severe, tum jo kaho gi mein wohi keron ga. Kuch bhi.. Anything! Bas tum wapis a jao. Ragini please.. Please! (He cries)” Both of them are shown in split screen crying and remembering the moments they spent together. The song continues playing in the background..

Scene 5: Hotel (Kavya’s room)
Neither Kavya nor Swara had went home that day. They were all worried and thinking about what is Laksh gonna do tomorrow. Even Sanskaar was staying with Swara in the hotel near to Parth’s house, as they didn’t want to trouble them more..
Kavya was lying on the bed. She was thinking about what happened in the past. The moments kinda haunt her. She wasn’t able to sleep (of course the others weren’t too). She was thinking about the moments when Laksh declared that he had married Kavya instead of Ragini and that he loves her. How she took a stand for Laksh and blamed Ragini for ruining everyone’s life. The exact same words echo which she had said at that time. She remembers how Laksh told her that he doesn’t consider her as his wife.
Kavya (to herself): “I took the stand for the wrong person. If only could I have known that Laksh would turn out to be evil, I wouldn’t have married him nor I would have said those words to Ragini.
Now I understand how must she have felt. Why didn’t I think about this before? Why didn’t I realize this before that all that was happening, the reason behind it was me? One and only me..” She pauses for a few secs and then continues, “Now that I have realized my mistake, it’s my time to repent.” She gets out of her bed and opens her side drawer. The camera focuses on the drawer that has a gun and some bullets inside it. She takes the gun and the bullets and fills them in the gun. When she is done with it, she looks at the gun with a determined look and says, “THE GAME BEGINS!” She moves the gun around her face and gives a deadly glare to the camera.
Swara’s and Sanskaar’s room:
Swara was unpacking her stuff and taking out her night dress when suddenly she spots a dress. She picks it up and smiles looking at it.

A flashback shows, long before Swara’s and Ragini’s marriage. It’s Swara is sleeping. Suddenly Ragini opens the curtain and the sun rays coming through the window disturb Swara’s sleep. She gets up rubbing her eyes and looks at Ragini.
Swara finds the whole room decorated with balloons, glitter and birthday stuff. There are banners with “Happy Birthday” written on them.
Swara (after looking at the room): “You did this?” Ragini smilingly nods. Swara gets up and looks around once again and says, “It’s.. It’s beautiful!”
Ragini: “You liked it?”
Swara: “Of course, I did!” She turns around towards her.
Swara (putting hands on her shoulder): “This is the best gift ever Ragini. I simply loved it. Thank you…” She hugs her tightly. Ragini hugs her back. Tears emerge in Swara’s eyes. They separate..
Ragini (moves forward and wipes her tears): “Oho.. What’s the need to cry now?”
Swara (looks up at her): “I don’t know how I am gonna live without you. You know na that some day we both would get married and would have to leave..(pause and looks at the room), this house.” She looks at Ragini for her reaction. Ragini gives her a serious look but then bursts out laughing. Swara looks on surprisingly. Ragini stops when she sees Swara looking at her in that way. She controls her laugh somehow and puts her hand on her shoulder.
Ragini: “Tum to abhi se shuru ho gai? Dosre ghar.. Ek dosre ko chod ker jana.. Jab Ragini hai idher to tumhain kiyun hai fikar?” Swara tries to speak but Ragini stops her.
Ragini (continues): “Dekho.. Mera to ek dam solid plan hai. Hum na ek hi ghar ke 2 larkon ko phasain ge. Socha na, 2 sisters vs 2 brothers! Phir hum un se kisi tarhan shadi ker lain ge aur kabhi door naheen jain ge. Kaisa?”
Swara: “Ragini wo..”
Ragini: “Han han.. Mein janti hon ke tumhain larkon ke bare mein ziyada kuch naheen pata, mager tension lene ka naheen boss.. Apun sabh sambhal le ga.” Ragini looks at Swara who is still a little sad.
Ragini: “Ab to hans le meri behen.. Acha baba theek hai..” (She looks around and finally spots what she was searching for.)
Ragini (hands over a gift to Swara): “Ye lo tumhara birthday gift. Khol ker naheen dekho gi?” Swara opens the gift and finds an anarkali dress inside. She was about to say something when Ragini says, “Jab bhi tumhain meri yaad ae na, to is ko ek martaba dekh lena. Ek tarhan se, ye meri taraf se tumhare liye ek gift bhi hai aur meri nishani bhi.. Ager hum kabhi ek dosre se door ho jain to ye.. Ye tumhain meri yaad delae ga.” Swara looks at Ragini with teary eyes and says, “Thank you!”
Ragini: “Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you. Aur waise bhi, hum to dost bhi hain aur behenein bhi..”
They both hug eachother.
The flashback ends.. Swara hugs the dress tightly and murmurs, “I miss you Ragini.. Please jaldi wapis a jao. Please..”

Scene 6: Laksh’s house
Laksh was busy watching the T.V. He wasn’t really watching it but was just switching through the channels and chewing on some chips.
Laksh: “Argh.. There is nothing to watch.” Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and the bell rings. He looks at the door and rolls his eyes.
Laksh: “What the hell? Can’t people let me live my life peacefully.” The bell rings once again.
Laksh (yells): “A RAHA HON YAAR..” He gets up, wears his slippers and starts walking towards the door.

Outside the door:
A man is shown, wearing blue jeans with a white shirt. He runs his fingers through his hair and removes his sunglasses revealing his eyes.
Laksh opens the door and mumbles without looking at the person, “Kiya hai yaar.. Saber naheen hai aaj kal ke logon mein.” He was mumbling but he was quite close to the person that he could hear him. The person raises his eyebrows. Laksh finally looks at the person and shouts on the top of his voice, “TU?” The camera covers the person from top to bottom, it’s a hot, handsome and young man with a wide smile on his face.
Laksh: “Sahil.. Ttt…Tu?” (Of course, Sahil will be played by Anuj Sachdeva. I was thinking of adding someone else but finally decided to add him. Don’t worry he won’t be playing a negative character in my fanfiction.)
Sahil: “Kiyun? Hawaiyan urh gain?”
Laksh (nodding in no): “Naheen.. Naheen! Kahan, mein.. Mein to bilkul theek hon.”
Sahil puts his sunglasses in his pocket and says, “Itne salon baad apne dost se mil ker, use dekh ker.. Tu khush naheen lag raha..” Laksh fake smiles at him and replies, “Mein.. Mein khush hon. Bohot khush hon.” Sahil enters the house while Laksh looks on.

Sahil looks around at the house and says, “By the way, nice house. You progressed quite well, I must say..” He turns back and looks at Laksh, who gives him a fake smile, once again. He smiles back. He walks upto the kitchen and picks an apple from the counter. Laksh tries to say something but doesn’t.
Laksh (to himself): “Ab is musibat ka kiya keron?” Sahil bites the apple and continues to examine the house. Suddenly, they hear the voice of payal. A pair of feet are shown stepping slowly. Then, they hear the voice of churis and kangans. 2 pair of hands moving causing the kangans and churis to produce that voice. Sahil turns and the first words that escape his mouth are, “WOW!” The camera shows Ragini dressed in a bridal dress, with all that jewelry. She is looking extremely beautiful. Laksh looks at Sahil who is staring at Ragini continuously. Ragini feels uncomfortable, so she looks down. Sahil moves forward towards Ragini and asks her various questions that Laksh wouldn’t like her to answer.
Sahil: “Kon ho tum? Aur yahan kiya ker rahi ho?” Laksh becomes even more tensed after hearing him asking those questions from Ragini. He knew Ragini wouldn’t answer him. He goes and stands by Ragini. He side hugs her and says, “Ye.. Ye teri Bhabhi hai..” Sahil surprisingly asks, “Meri Bhabhi?” He looks at Laksh and then at Ragini. By now Ragini was looking at Sahil. She had tears in her eyes and Sahil could clearly see them. He could read her eyes. He could feel the pain.. Before he could ask anything else, Laksh interferes in between and says, “Acha.. Ab humain kaheen jana hai. Mein tujh se baad mein milta hon.” Sahil and Ragini were a kind of lost within eachother’s eyes. It was like they were speaking through eyes but their conversation was disturbed by Laksh who grabbed Ragini’s hand and dragged her out of his house. As Laksh left the house with Ragini and slammed the door shut at Sahil’s face, Sahil felt a little uneasy.
Sahil (to himself): “Who was she? Why were there tears in her eyes? How could I just talk to her through her eyes only? What’s wrong with me..?”
The screen freezes on his confused face.

Promo: Laksh is driving the car quite fast and is holding Ragini’s hand, who is sitting beside him. Ragini is struggling to get rid of Laksh’s grip. Sahil is in his car, following them.

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