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Love-Once Again (Episode 46)


Scene 1: A bar
Parth is seen drinking in a bar. He has half opened eyes. The bar is nearly empty. He empties the glass in only one sip and signs the bartender for another.
Bartender: “Sir, I am sorry. You have drunk too much already. I can’t..”
Parth (yells at him): “Just shut up! I.. I know very well what I am doing.” He signs him again. The bartender tries to argue.
Bartender: “But Sir..”
Parth: “Sshh… Tumhain samajh naheen ata kiya? DAALO!” The bartender does as he says. He takes a sip from the glass and thinks about Ragini. A flash back is shown from the start when he saw Laksh and Ragini together. The time when he saw the photos. Laksh’s weird dialogues and finally, Ragini saying I love you to Laksh. The flashback ends as he empties the glass in anger. At his back, 3 girls were talking.
Girl 1: Are.. Wo dekh! Humare city ka top ka business man.”
Girl 2: “Are han.. Ye to wohi hai na, jis ki abhi recently anniversary thi?”
Girl (showing a little bit of attitude): “Married hai to kiya howa? Kon kehta hai ke married logon ke sath flirt naheen kiya jata?”
Girl 2: “Simran, are you out of your mind? He is a one woman man..”
Simran: “One woman man?! (Laughs) What rubbish! Ager one woman man hota, to yahan na ata aur waise bhi Simran hai hi aisi ke ek dafa jo phas jata hai, wo to bas phas hi jata hai.”
Both the girls look at eachother while Simran says, “Now just wait and watch. Simran ka Jadu..”

She approaches him and tries hard to flirt.
Simran: “Hey Handsome!” He doesn’t pay attention as he is busy in drinking. She looks towards her friends, standing at her back. They try hard to control their laugh at the fact how he ignored her. She fumes, but clams herself down and tries to start a conversation.
Simran: “Hi, I am Simran.. Lagta hai aap yahan akele hain, to mein ne socha..” Before she could complete her sentence, she finds him staring at her. She looks at her friends and winks. Her friends act as if they are impressed.
Parth: “Miss Simran.. Am I right?”
Simran: “You can call me Simran.”
Parth: “So Simran, aap ke pehle sawal ka jawab hai ke han, mein yahan per akela hon (She tries to speak but he continued talking) and before you ask any other of your stupid and nonsense questions I did like to mention ke larke sirf ye choti skirt wali larkiyon mein interested naheen hote. Is duniya mein abhi bhi aise log hain, jin ke andar sharam aur hai. Wo jante hain ke ek larki sirf ek larki naheen hoti, wo kisi ke behen aur kisi ki beti bhi hoti hai. Aur aise larke ek larki ki taraf nazar utha ker bhi naheen dekhte.. Larkiyan ko kam make up aur shalwar kameez mein bhi achi lagti hain (He imagines Ragini), unless and until wo dhoke baat niklein. Ye make up naheen hota jo unhain khoob-surat banata hai, ye un ke sanskaar hote hain. I hope you understand..” She tries to speak once again but he picks up his coat and leaves the bar, stumbling. Her friends and bartender (who was witnessing this too) laugh out loud while she fumes in anger.
Scene 2: Akshara Ji’s house
Akshara reaches her house, along with Ragini. Ragini was following her without saying anything cuz she trusted her. She opens the door and they enter the house. Ragini keeps on standing outside the house. Akshara notices this and asks her to come in. She enters the house and looks around. This reminds her of how she and Parth took shelter there when they first met.
Akshara: “Ye hai mera chota sa ghar.. To kaisa laga?” Ragini nods with a smile. Akshara smiles back and asks her to sit and have dinner. Ragini sits on a chair near by, while Akshara ji leaves for the kitchen.
Ragini looks around once again and finds a photo on the side table. She walks upto it and picks it up. It was a photo of Akshara ji and her husband. Ragini was just examining the photo when Akshara’s voice fell upon her ears, “Kiya howa Beta?” Ragini turns around with the photo still in her hand. Akshara notices that photo and smiles at her. Ragini looks on tensely and says, “Wo, sorry Maa ji.. Mein..”
Akshara: “Ao..yahan betho..” She takes the photo from her and places it back on the table and they sit beside the dinning table. Ragini looks on curiously.

Akshara starts narrating that how she fell in love with her husband for the second time. She keeps on looking at the picture, lovingly. Ragini notices this and understands how much she loved her husband. She was thinking about Parth and herself while Akshara was telling her about her love story.
Akshara: “Pyaar sirf ek ehsaas naheen hai..” Ragini was so lost in the story that she didn’t realize she did complete Akshara’s sentence, “Pyaar to ek alag duniya hai. Ek alag duniya.. Jahan sirf aap aur aap ko chahne wala hota hai. Is duniya se door ek duniya..” Akshara smiles at the fact that how she understood and could feel what she was feeling. Ragini continues, “Zarori naheen ke pyaar sirf ek baar ho. Ho sakta hai ke aap ne jis se pehle pyaar kiya ho wo app ke pyaar ke kabil hi no ho, ya phir.. Ap jise pehla pyaar samajh rahe hon wo.. Wo pehla pyaar ho na ho.”
Akshara: “Han.. Zindagi to har kisi ko ek mauqa deti hai. Lagta hai tumh kafi experienced ho?” Ragini gets attentive and says, “JI?” Akshara starts laughing while Ragini tries to smile.
Scene 3: Parth’s house
Parth enters the house, in a drunk state and calls out for tea. “Kaka, thodi chai mil sakti hai. Sar mein bohot dard ho raha hai.” Before he could lie down on the sofa, someone holds his arm tightly. He turns and finds Sanaya standing there and at her back, Swara and Kavya were standing. Sanaya seemed to be quite angry. Parth looks at her with a look that what does she want. Sanaya without talking about anything else, comes straight to the point and asks, “Ragini kahan hai?” Parth throws his coat on the couch and shouts, “YAAR!! MEIN KISI RAGINI KO NAHEEN JANTA..BAKHSH DO MUJAHI! (He folds his hand).” He turns to leave but Sanaya blocks his way, “Dekho Parth, mein dosri aur akhiri dafa pooch rahi hon. Ragini kahan hai..?” Swara had tears in her eyes by now.
Parth: “KON RAGINI HAN? Wo Ragini jo aaj tak mujh se jhoota pyaar jitati rahi?”
He had more to say but before he could, Sanaya slaps him across his face with teary eyes. He holds his cheeks and stares at her in shock. Swara and Kavya also look on shocked.
Sanaya: “HOSH MEIN AO PARTH PLEASE!! Ankhein khol ker sach ko dekhne ki koshish kero. Aisa naheen hai jaisa tum soch rahe ho. Kabhi kabhi ankhon dekha sach naheen hota.” (She cries)
Parth (yells): “AUR KIYA DEKHON MEIN BHABHI? Kiya reh gaya hai ab dekhne ke liye? Mujh mein himat naheen hai ab.. (He falls on his knees) naheen hai.. (He starts crying.)” Sanaya cries even more seeing him in pain. Swara was in tears by now, walks upto him. He looks up at her and stands. He wipes his tears.
Parth: “Swara Bhabhi, aap? (He looks at Kavya) Sanskaar Bhaiya naheen ae?”
Swara (diverting his attention back to the topic): “Mein ne tum per bharosa kiya tha. I trusted you! Apni behen ki khatir tum per bharosa kiya.. Aur tum ne..”
He gets confused and looks towards Sanaya for an explanation. She just shakes her head in disappointment.
Scene 4: Akshara’s house
Akshara: “So you mean to tell me that your first husband made your second husband misunderstand you?” Ragini nods with her head down. Tears escape from her eyes. Akshara ji makes her look at her and wipes her tears.
Akshara: “Ro mat Beta, sab kuch theek ho jae ga. Bas tum bhagwaan per bharosa rakho.” Ragini tries to smile and finally does.
Akshara: “Chalo, ab waise bhi raat bohot ho gai hai. We should better go to sleep. Haina?” Ragini smilingly nods while Akshara ji leaves towards her room to sleep.
Back in Parth’s house:

The scene starts as the camera covers Parth sitting on the couch, with a serious look on his face and wondering about something. Swara and Kavya are sitting on another one and Sanaya on another. There is a dead silence between them. After a few mins of silence, Sanaya speaks up, “Ab tumhain sab kuch pata lag hi chuka hai to…” She looks towards Kavya and Swara. Swara hands over her phone to Sanaya and after a few mins of scrolling through her phone, she hands it over to him. He looks up at her and then at the phone.
Parth: “What’s this now?”
Sanaya: “Ragini ki begunahi ka saboot!”
Parth: “Bhabhi please..”
Sanaya and Swara (collectively): “TUM DEKHTE HO YA??” They give him an angry look while he gets a little scared seeing their new avatar.
Parth: “Acha na.. Dekha raha hon.” He takes the phone from her hand and plays the video. (By now most of you might have guessed that this was the same video in which Kavya made Laksh admit that he had forced Ragini to do everything.)
Of course, he gets shocked seeing the video and looks at Swara and Sanaya. The video ends and he sits there in shock.
Parth: “Ra..Ra..Ragini! Mujh se itne badi ghalti kaise ho gai? Ye kiya kiya mein ne? Ragini mujh se sacha pyaar kerti thi aur is liye us ne ye sab kuch kiya, likin mein ne..”
Sanaya: “Ab yahan bethe rehne ka koi faida naheen, jao aur ja ker use dhoondo aur han, ek baat yaad rakhna ager use kuch bhi howa na, to mein ye bhool jaon gi ke tumhari kabhi Bhabhi thi.” Listening to this, he leaves the house immediately with his car keys. While the trio look on with teary eyes.
After he leaves, they wipe their tears.
Kavya: “Ab?”
Sanaya: “Ab jo kerna hai, wo humare Pati Dev kerain ge.” She looks at Swara and she smilingly nods.
Scene 5: Laksh’s house
Laksh is shown sitting on his couch, in peace. He has a cigarette in his hand. You can see the smoke rising from it. He had his eyes closed when suddenly he hears a huge bang on the door. He gets up immediately and look towards the door. Someone was constantly banging the door and ringing the bell. He gets curious to know, who is that. As he gets closer to the door and tries peeking through the key hole but in vain. He finally, opens the door. As soon as he opens the door, his expressions turn into shocked ones.
The camera shows 2 pair of shoes entering his house. Laksh moves backwards as the pair of shoes approach him. The camera then covers the 2 people from top to bottom. They are none other than Sanskaar and Rahul. Rahul holds Laksh from his collar and yells, “Saale! Tu itni dair se humare samne tha aur humain pata bhi naheen chala ke wo larki jise mein apni Behen manta tha, us ko takleef dene wala aur koi naheen tu tha?!” Laksh looks on. Sanskaar makes Rahul leave Laksh. Laksh adjusts his collar and says, “Look I have no idea what you guys are talking about.. You guys better leave me alone.” This makes Rahul even more angrier.
Sanskaar: “Dekh Lucky, is tarhan anjaan mat ban. Mein tuujhai bohot achi tarhan janta hon. Ye sab teri hi kerni hai.”
Laksh: “Acha Bhai? Itna hi giyani ho aap to jao.. Dhoondo apni us Ragini ko. Waise bhi mujhai naheen lagta ke wo ab aap logon ko milne wali hai.” He smiles at them. This time not Rahul but Sanskaar hit him. He gave him a punch straight in his face. The punch was so hard that he fell on the floor. Laksh gave him a death glare.
Sanskaar: “Dhoode ga to tu bhi use..”
Rahul: “Aur wo bhi humare sath..” Both of them turn to leave, but stop hearing Laksh voice.
Laksh: “Aur ager wo na mili to?” Sanskaar turns to him and says, “To tu bohot achi tarhan janta hai ke tera ye Bhai tere sath kiya kiya ker sakta hai.”
Laksh looks at him in shock, as Sanskaar didn’t warn him, it was like Laksh was being blackmailed. Blackmailing aur Laksh? Of course Laksh didn’t want to go back to that jail. Sanskaar knew what Laksh was thinking about so he smirks at himself.
Sanskaar: “Chal Rahul!” They leave the house leaving Laksh still sitting on the floor, wondering what to do next.

Scene 6: Parth’s car
Parth is tensed (of course) and is driving the car quite fast. He his constantly pressing the horn, asking the people to get out of his way. He is super worried about Ragini. He remembers the good moments they spent together, their nok jhok and stuff he said to Ragini that day.
Parth (to himself): “Why.. Why did I do this to her? Why didn’t I try to understand? Why did I refuse to listen to her? Mein ne, khud.. Apne bache ko hi paraya ker diya? KIYUN?” He changes the gear and continues, “I have to find her at any cost and apologise… Likin, kis mun se mein maafi mangon ga us se? Mein ne baghair socha samjhai use itna kuch keh diya aur.. Aur wo sunti rahi.”
He yells, “RAGINI TUM ACHI KIYUN HO? Chah ker bhi mein tumhain apne aap se door naheen ker sakta aur keron bhi to kaise, pyaar kerta hon tum se. Aur pyaar kerne wale kabhi alag naheen hote.”
He continues to drive as fast as he could.
Laksh’s car:
Laksh: “Kiya musibat hai! Pata naheen kab peecha chute ga is larki se mera. After about a month of hardwork, I was able to separate them both but, it just took them a day to bring everything back to normal.” He stops the car at once and gets out of it.
Laksh: “Kiya faida howa? Laksh.. Tu ek number ka pagal hai. You shouldn’t have left Ragini alone that day. Pata naheen ab wo maharani kahan hon gi.”
(So, unfortunately or you may say fortunately.. This was the same road where Akshara’s house was. Laksh’s car was parked right in front of that house and he was standing with his back facing towards it. Unfortunately, Ragini was leaving the house at the same time, as she didn’t want to trouble her Maa ji/Akshara ji she didn’t inform her.)
Ragini steps out of the house and looks here and there, in hope of finding someone to help her. The camera focuses on Ragini and then, on Laksh. Suddenly, Laksh turns. For a sec, he did not recognize Ragini but the next sec he realized that the girl right in front of him, on the other side of the road was none other than Ragini.
Laksh (murmurs to himself): “Ragini?” Ragini didn’t see him, unfortunately.
Laksh: “I should call Bhai and inform him that I have found Ragini. Once he gets here and takes her with him, I would no longer be in trouble. Well, I can’t regret the fact that there is nothing else I can do to break her and Parth’s relation.” He takes out his phone and was about to dial the number, but stops. He looks up at Ragini once again.
Laksh: “Wait a sec.. How can Laksh Maheswari, accept that he has been defeated that easily? (He smiles and puts his phone back in his pocket) No one is calling Bhai or anyone else. Ragini is going with me.. NOW!” He looks at Ragini and smirks.

Promo: Rahul, Sanskaar and Parth come back home and inform Sanaya, Swara and Kavya that they couldn’t find anywhere. Swara and Sanaya tell them that even they tried contacting her friends but in vain. Suddenly, Sanskaar’s phone rings. He answers it and shouts, “KIYA?” Everyone look on, the camera focuses or Kavya’s face.
Hey guys, sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your comments once again. Actually, my exams are gonna start soon, so I am kinda trying to write as much as episodes as I can write and post them.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL! Your lovely and encouraging comments really help me. They always make me smile and this time I was literally in tears cuz many new readers are there, so “HI!” to all the new readers. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. As I am not able to reply to your comments, so here is a big teddy bear hug from my side…❤️🐻😭
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Love Alisha!! 😊❤️😘

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