Love-Once Again (Episode 44)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
The episode starts as Parth moves his hand slowly towards the door knob and turns it. He enters the room and gets a surprised expression appears on his face. The camera shifts towards Ragini. Ragini is shown standing in the middle of the room, with messed up hairs. All of her clothes that she was assembling, were now scattered in the room. He looks at her in shock while she is already looking at her with him half closed eyes. She feels a little dizzy.

Parth: “RAGINI..” Before she could fall and hit the ground, he holds her. He tries to wake her up but in vain. He makes her sit on the bed. He sprinkles some water on her face, to wake her up and continues patting her face. Fortunately, she opens her eyes a bit and looks at him. She mumbles, “Wo..” But he shuts her up, “Sshh.. Nothing has gone wrong. Just go to sleep. You need to take rest.” He caresses her face, smiles faintly whereas she closes her eyes once again and goes to sleep. He kisses her forehead, gets up and looks at the messed up room.
Outside the window:
Laksh hits the wall hard. “I failed.. How could I? Laksh.. How could you fail. You lost the war against that Swara and that Kavya? How could you be so weak to loose from a girl? Aaaaagh!” He closes his eyes but the next sec, he opens them and an evil smile appears on his face, “The war isn’t over yet Ragini. Until Kavya and Swara show that video to her husband, I have time.. Yeah! Exactly..” He looks at his watch and continues, “You have plenty of time left Laksh, let’s do this!” He leaves the place determined.

Scene 2: Rahul’s house
Sanaya: “So when are we showing that video to him?”
Kavya: “Soon! As soon as possible. But we need to be careful, as he would try his best to do something.”

Sanaya: “Hmmm…” They were having a conversation over the phone.
Sanaya (continues): “You know what, I think I should call Ragini and check whether she is fine, cuz I am constantly getting that negative feeling.”
Kavya: “Okay.. As you wish! Bye..”
Sanaya: “Bye!” She disconnects the call, takes a deep breathe and dials Ragini’s number. The phone starts ringing while she waits for someone to pick it up.
Parth’s house:
Ragini was sound asleep while Parth was sitting beside her, when suddenly Ragini’s phone rings. Ragini gets a little disturbed in her sleep due to the ringtone but eventually he picks it up.
Parth: “Han Bhabhi..”
Sanaya: “Kiya baat hai, na hello na hi… Did anything go wrong?”
Parth: “Naheen… Bas wo thoda sa stress hai kaam ka..”
Sanaya: “Don’t you dare try to lie infront of me. It’s not gonna work. I know something is wrong… Bolo!”
Parth: “Acha baba.. I got caught!”

Sanaya: “Hmm.. Now tell me, what’s wrong han?” He tells her everything what happened a few mins before, while she looks on shocked.
Parth: “Bhabhi… Did you know that Ragini knew Laksh before us?”
Sanaya (thinks for a while about what to say): “No.. No.. Not at all! How.. How would I know?”
Parth: “I thought she would have told you, but anyways.. I wonder what was the reason that she didn’t even bother to tell us about it.” He looks at Ragini, who was sleeping peacefully.
Sanaya: “Yeah.. Yeah! I know.. You better not think about it that much…”
Parth: “Hmm.. You are right! Jab bhi wo kuch kerti hai, ya faisala leti hai to us mein meri hi behteri hoti hai.” He smiles looking at her.
Sanaya: “Han.. Aur is bar bhi us ne soch samajh ker hi faisala liya ho ga. Okay! You should go to sleep too, it’s quite late by now.”
Parth: “Okay! Bye and good night..”

Sanaya: “Bye..”
Parth disconnects the call and looks at Ragini lovingly. He smiles at himself.

Scene 3: Outside (somewhere)
The scene starts as a hand is shown, switching on a radio. Tumhain Apna Banane Ki Kasam plays… The person who switched the radio on, is none other than Laksh. He starts dancing to tune, imagining Ragini dancing with him. While dancing he also mouths the song. The whole is place is decorated with red roses and red balloons. There are flower petals everywhere and a table and two chairs placed in the middle.
Laksh starts talking to Ragini, which is actually just his imagination (she is not there, he was just moving back and forth, imagining her).
Laksh: “Ragini… Mein bohot jald ek ho jain ge. You would be able to get rid of your so called husband and..” (The music stops on its own.) Laksh looks on angrily. He picks up the radio and smashes it on the floor. It breaks into pieces.

Laksh (he completes his sentence): “Aur koi humare beech mein naheen a sake ga.”
He laughs aloud evilly and turns back. He looks around at the decorations and says, “Kal jab tum yahan per ao gi, to tumhain ek naheen 2 surprises milein ge.” He turns back, once again and says, “The first one would be this.. This decoration and the second one.. (He smiles evilly) That would be the best surprise you would ever get.”
He takes out a photo of Ragini and Parth from his pocket and tears it into 2 pieces. He crumbles Parth’s pic and throws it away. He then smiles looking at Ragini’s pic and says, “Oh God! I love surprises..” He puts Ragini’s pic back in his pocket and walks away smilingly.

Next morning:
Scene 4: Parth’s house (Parth’s and Ragini’s room)
Ragini opens her eyes slowly. She holds her head and tries to gets up. She looks here and there, trying to recapitulate what happened last night, but before she could someone knocks on the door. She looks towards the door and sees Parth standing there, with a tray in his hand.
Parth (smilingly): “Good Morning!” Ragini nods, with a fake smile. Parth enters the room and places the tray on the table. He looks at Ragini and remembers what happened last night. The moments when he saw the pictures and heard that manly voice from their room, Ragini fainting and eventually when Sanaya assured that Ragini would be doing this for his welfare. He comes out of his imagination when Ragini holds his hand and makes him sit beside her. She puts her head in his lap and his hand over it. Parth looks on. She closes her eyes.
Ragini: “Morning…” He starts caressing her hair.

Parth: “Kiya baat hai, aaj subah subah romance?” Ragini gets up abruptly and says, “To, naheen kerna chahiye kiya? Chalo.. Naheen kerti.” She turns her face away acting like she is angry with him. He smiles at her cute gestures and says, “Okay.. I shall be taking the breakfast away I made then.” He picks up the tray and was about to leave when Ragini blocks his way. She takes the tray from his hand and starts eating, while he stands there with his hands crossed, smiling constantly. Ragini looks up at him while eating and says, “Ab aise khade kiya ho? Jao na.. Naheen kerti mein romance.” She gets back to eating. He giggles a bit and then stares at her. Suddenly, Ragini feels a soft kiss on her cheeks. She looks back and sees Parth waving at her, as he leaves the room. “I hate you!”, she yells smilingly. “But I love you..”, he yells back . She feels shy and blushes. At once, her phone beeps. She picks up her phone and her smile vanishes. Her expressions change into tensed ones. She gets up and starts walking towards the bathroom to get fresh.

Scene 5: Outside (a cafe)
The scene starts as Ragini gets down from her car. She is wearing a pink and yellow anarkali suit. She walks forward into the cafe and finds no one there. But to her surprise, the whole cafe was decorated with balloons and stuff. She calls out for Laksh. “Laksh..”, her voice breaks the dead silence. Suddenly, she feels a warm touch on her shoulder. She turns back slowly.
On the other hand, another car comes and stops a little away from Ragini’s car. The driver is revealed to be Parth. He gets down from the car and starts walking.
In the cafe, as Ragini turns she finds Laksh standing behind her.
Ragini: “Kiya chahte ho tum? Kiyun mujhai akela naheen chod dete?” (She cries)
Laksh (cups her face): Are… Kiya howa? Didn’t you like the surprise?”
She continues crying.

On the other hand, Parth was witnessing their closeness with his own eyes while hiding behind the trees and bushes there. He looks on angrily.
Laksh makes Ragini hug him and whispers in her ears, “Now do as I say or else you know what I can do!” She realizes their state and breaks the hug. She gives him a glare with her teary eyes while he smiles at her. The music starts… Tumhain Apna Banane Ki Kasam plays.. Ragini and Laksh dance. Ragini tries to fake smile but in vain. While dancing Laksh tries to get her closer to himself. Ragini could nothing but do as he said.

This enrages Parth even more. He starts moving towards them.
The song ends and Laksh hugs Ragini once again. He sees Parth approaching them and whispers to Ragini once again, “Now say, I love you Laksh..” Ragini gets a little shocked on his sudden move. She couldn’t see her husband there cuz her back was facing him. Tears ran down her face and she finally said, “I love you Laksh… I!” These words shattered Parth, as he was now close enough to hear their conversation. His eyes got watery too. Laksh smirked and answered back, “I love you too..” It seemed like someone had literally stabbed Parth. The pain was even more than that. He couldn’t stand straight. He stumbled but took the support of a table near by, that caused the vase placed over it to fall down and break. This made Ragini aware of someone else’s presence there. She broke the hug immediately and found Parth there, on the floor, with his head down. She gets super shocked seeing him, especially in the state he was. As he had placed his hand over the broken pieces of the vase, it was bleeding. Laksh smirks seeing him. Ragini runs towards him, concerned. She holds his arm, trying to make him get up but to her surprise he jerks her hand. Laksh was enjoying the whole situation. Laksh goes into a flashback..

Flash back:
The moment when Ragini had picked up her phone to see why it beeped, she saw Laksh message, stating that she should reach a cafe in the evening and she should be there no matter what goes wrong.
The scene then shifts to Laksh, as he messages another person. He types, “I want you to the reach a cafe in the evening. I have to show you something. It’s something related to Ragini. Please do come. Would message you the address later.” He sends this message to Parth and looks on evilly. Flash back ends..

Parth gets up on his on, holding his hand. Ragini looks at him with teary eyes and she could now understand why Laksh made her to all that. She tries to speak but he makes her quiet. Tears roll down her cheeks. Parth looks at Ragini and then at Laksh.
Parth: “Kamal hai na.. Itne saal mein is larki ke sath raha (Ragini stares at him, when he calls her “is larki” instead of taking her name), aur mujhai pata hi naheen chala ke wo saara concern.. Jo.. Jo ye mere liye dekhati thi.. Jhoota tha?!”
Ragini: “Aisa naheen hai.. Tum ghalat..” (Parth interrupts her)
Parth: “AISA HI HAI! Aisa hi hai.. Tumhara Pyaar jhoota tha, tumhara concern jhoota tha, sab kuch jhoot tha. TUM JHOOTI HO RAGINI!! (He yells on the top his voice)”
You can hear the clouds thunder. Ragini looks on, crying.
Parth (continues): “Tumhain ye khoon to nazar a raha ho ga.. Likin mere dil ko.. Mere dil ko jo tum ne teehes diya hai na, wo tum kabhi naheen samajh pao gi. KABHI NAHEEN! (He yells again)” The temple bells start ringing.

Laksh who was still there and was witnessing all this, says to himself, “Chal Laksh! Ab bas ye akhiri move aur us ke baad.. (He smirks)” He finally speaks up, “Yahi dekhane ke liye to mein ne tumhain yahan bulaya tha… (Ragini gives him a death glare) Tumhari patni..”
Parth (interrupts him): “PATNI NAHEEN HAI WO MERI!…” Ragini looks at him shockingly.
Parth (continues): “Naheen hai wo meri patni! Jo larki apne Pati se pyaar hi na kerti ho aur us se jhoot bole, jhoota concern dekhai wo us ki patni kabhi ho hi naheen sakti.” It starts to rain. He stares at Ragini and continues, “Kiya bigara tha mein ne tumhara? Kiyun mujhai itni badi taqleef di han? Pyaar naheen kerti thi to bol deti…” The trio were now fully drenched in the rain. Chaderiya plays in the background… Ragini looks on crying. He turns to leave. Ragini falls on her knees and cries, “PAARTH! Ruko.. Ek bar meri baat sun lo please… Please.. Apne bache ki khatir hi ruk jao.” When Ragini’s voice falls upon his ears he was about to turn but then stops, “Aaj tu naheen mude ga.. Ye us ki zindagi ka sawal hai. Tu use forcefully apne sath jane per majboor naheen ker sakta. Chal..”, his inner voice says to him. He didn’t turn but did stop. Ragini sees this and walks up to him.

Ragini: “Mujahi pata tha ke tum zaroor ruko ge.” Laksh looks on.
Ragini (continues): “Ager tumhain ek martaba bhi laga ho ke tum ne mujh se pyaar kiya hai, to ek dafa mudh ke mujhai dekh lo.” He finally turns and with his head down says, “Pyaar to kiya tha mein ne Ragini, bas.. Tum ne naheen kiya.. Aur to ab mujhai ye bhi naheen pata ke ye bacha mera hai ya…(He looks at Laksh)” Ragini stood there staring at him. The words echo in her ears as Parth leaves the place immediately. She stood there like a statue, until Laksh put his hand over her shoulder, showing his fake concern. Ragini gets up and makes a sudden move that shocks Laksh. She slaps him hard across his face.
Ragini (yells): “Don’t you dare lay your finger on me. Samajh kiya rakha hai tum ne mujhai han? Apna puppet? Katputli? Pagal nazar ati hon mein tumhain? Samajh naheen sakti kiya mein ke ye sab tum ne kiya hai?” Laksh who was holding his cheek by now, starts laughing. Ragini looks on with red eyes.
Laksh: “Samajh gai ho to ye bhi samajh lo ke mein apne plan mein kamiyab ho gaya hon. Laksh Maheshwari ko koi naheen rok sakta madam.. Koi naheen! Aap bhi naheen..” He continued laughing while Ragini starts walking away.

Laksh (shouts): “Are sunti ho… Kahan jao gi ji?! Wo tumhain ghar mein ane naheen dene wala.” He smiles as Ragini walks away.

Scene 6: Parth’s house (outside the door)
Swara, Kavya and Sanaya arrive at the door step and ring the bell. They wait for someone to open the door.
Swara: “I hope he believes us..”

Kavya: “Don’t worry Swara, we have this solid proof against him. No one can stop us now.”
Sanaya: “Yeah, he would soon know who Laksh actually is and you would finally meet your sister.”
Swara smilingly nods. They wait for a few secs, then Kaka opens the door.
Sanaya: “Namaste Kaka!” Kaka nods and looks on. Sanaya introduces Swara and Kavya to him and asks about Parth.
Sanaya: “Kaka, is Parth at home?”
Kaka: “Beta he left about an hour before.” Kavya and Swara look at eachother tensely.
Sanaya: “Where did he go?”
Kaka: “As much as I know… (He goes into a flashback).”
Parth was quite angry was about to leave the house when Kaka stops him.
Kaka: “Beta, kahan ja rahe ho?”
Parth (angrily): “Sachai janane..” He leaves the house while Kaka looks on. Flash back ends…
Sanaya thanks Kaka for the help and looks at Kavya and Swara tensely.
Sanaya: “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Swara and Kavya nod.
Swara, Kavya and Sanaya trio say together, “LAKSH!”

Scene 7: A road
Ragini is seen walking on the road, while its raining cats and dogs. She is a deep shock. She reminisces her moments with Parth, the day they met.. How she realized she was in love with him.. Their marriage and nok jhok until now.. At last his harsh words. Tere Sang Yara plays.. plays in the background…
On the other hand, Parth who is driving the car angrily also remembers his moments with Ragini. Ragini voice of “I love you Laksh!” echo is his ears. He stops the car at once and gets out it. He looks towards the sky and shouts, “WHHHHYYYY???!?” He cries vigorously. The clouds thunder. He starts raining even more heavier than before.

On the other hand, while walking on the road Ragini finds a temple. It’s night by now and still raining quite heavily. She climbs the steps. The bells ring hard. She enters the temple and folds her hands. She prays, “Matarani.. Roz hazaron log aap se apni khuwahishat puri kerne ko kehte hain aur aap un ki sunti bhi ho. Aaj itne salon baad.. Mein.. Ragini aap se kuch mang rahi hon. Matarani.. Mujhai shakti dejiye ke mein us insan ka samna ker ke, us se lar ke.. Apna pati wapis pa sakon. Aap janti hain ke mein us se kitna pyaar kerti hon aur aaj us ne jo kuch bhi kaha, wo sirf ghusse mein a ker kaha. Warna to ye aap bhi janti hain ke wo mujh se bohot pyaar kerta hai. Bas.. Mujhai shakti dejiye!” She closes her eyes for a few mins and feels the rain. She had lost her tears or maybe she had cried enough and it was time for her to fight… The starts drizzling and the heavy rain stops. She opens her eyes at last, when someone places taps on her shoulder. She turns around to find a lady standing there.

Ragini: “Maa ji, aap?” (This was the same lady who had helped Ragini and Parth, when they first met. For further info, just read chapter 1 and 2. I shall be naming her as Akshara.)
She smiles and caresses her face. Ragini looks on. “Beta, tum aur yahan… Tumhara Pati kahan hai?”, she asks. This reminds Ragini of Parth’s words, “YE MERI PATNI NAHEEN HAI!” Akshara ji shakes her a little and asks her again.
Akshara ji: “Kiya howa Beta? Sab theek hai na..” Ragini fake smiles at her while the lady stares at her. She continues staring, until Ragini realizes this and looks away. Akshara ji holds her hand and says, “Chalo mere sath..” She starts waking while Ragini starts following her confusingly.

Promo: Parth comes back to his house and finds Sanaya, Kavya and Swara there. Sanaya angrily asks him about Ragini while he looks down. She slaps him across his face while Swara and Kavya get shocked.

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