Love-Once Again (Episode 43)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
Ragini was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, while downstairs Kaka was dusting the stuff all around the house. He was dusting a painting right above the dustbin. The camera focuses on a box inside the bin, it’s the same box that Ragini had thrown away. It had Laksh and her pictures in it. As he was cleaning it, his eyes fall on the box. He stops dusting the painting for a second and looks at the box.
Kaka: “Who might have thrown it…? I should keep it in the store room. Maybe some day the box might turn out to be useful.”
He picks up the box and starts moving towards the storeroom with it. Suddenly, Ragini calls him. “Kaka.. Can you please help me?” Kaka stops, looks towards the kitchen and then, back at the box. “Please..”, she shouts once again. He places the box on the side table and then leaves towards the kitchen. The camera covers the box. (Suspense wala music plays..)

Scene 2: Hotel Blue Moon
A white car stops in front of the hotel. Laksh gets down the car, buttons up his coat and looks at the hotel from top to bottom. “Blue Moon”, he murmurs as his eyes fall on the board. He moves inside the hotel.
He reaches the reception. “Room no. 45?”, he asks while the receptionist tells him the directions.
Receptionist: “2nd floor Sir..”
Laksh: “Okay! Thank you..”
He leaves towards the lift, so that he can get to the 2nd floor.
2nd floor:
As the lift stops on the second floor, Laksh gets out of it. He starts searching for the room. “45..45..45..There!”, he says as he approaches the room he was searching for. He knocks on the door and the door opens a bit itself. “Strange..”, he says with a weird expression. He enters the room. It’s totally dark in there, so he switches on the lights. He turns back, after switching the lights on and finds a girl standing, with her back facing towards him.
Laksh (smirks): “So finally you understood.”
The girl doesn’t reply.
Laksh: “Kahan gai tumhari wo akar aur tumhare wo so called pyaar ke bare mein lectures?”
The girls stands still. Laksh moves forward and continues talking to the girl. “I thought you won’t agree that easily, but.. I didn’t had to do much to make you agree on my conditions.” He takes her hand in his and was about to kiss it, when he stops and looks at the girl (her back) surprisingly. He turns her around (furiously) to make her face him.
Laksh: “Tum? (You?)”

Scene 3: Parth’s house
Ragini was cooking something for lunch. While she was cooking, Laksh’s words were constantly echoing in her ears. She was stirring the spoon continuously while her attention was on Laksh’s words. Suddenly Parth comes from the back.
Parth (taps on her shoulder and shouts): “BOO!”
Ragini gets scared even more than she should have been. Ragini (she says in a lower tone, as she thought it to be Laksh): “Laksh!” She burns her hand accidentally, as she had got hell scared. Parth had heard Laksh’s name, but ignores it as he was more concerned about Ragini. He holds her hand, while Ragini moans in pain. Both of them blow on to it at the same time. They have an eye-lock. (Hua hai aaj pehli baar plays…) The eyelock breaks as Ragini moves back and lets him do it. He continues blowing on to her hand, in between he looks at her. She smiles and he smiles back. They were quite close to eachother. After a few mins.. He backs off. They were about to get busy in their respective jobs but suddenly, both of them stop. They look at eachother. One of Ragini’s hair strand had got stuck in his shirt’s button. Ragini moves closer to him and tries to remove it. He stares at her while she tries. The song continues playing..
Ragini tries hard, but in vain. He signs her to let him do it, so Ragini moves a little bit backwards and he removes her hair strand. The have another eye lock this time, a long one. The scene ends, as the song ends and they continue staring at eachother.

Scene 4: Hotel Blue Moon (Room no. 45)
Laksh: “What the hell are you doing here?”
Girl (her lips are shown): “So you were expecting some one else to be here, weren’t you?”
The camera covers the girl from top to bottom. It’s Kavya.
Laksh (pointing his finger at her): “Get out of here right now..” Kavya lowers his finger.
Kavya: “Awaz neeche..” A hand is shown recording them.
Laksh: “Anyways.. I don’t have time to talk to you. Just tell me where is she?”
Kavya (starts moving around him): “Wo? Wo kon? Ragini..”
She stops circling him. Laksh in a lower tone, “Dekho… Seedhe seedhe bata do wo kahan hai, warna!” Kavya laughs and says, “Warna? Warna kiya han? You will even plot against me, like you did for Ragini?”
Laksh gets shell shocked hearing her. “How do you even know about..”, before he could complete his sentence she interrupts. “How could I not know? You are the one who plotted against her. When you met her in the party, you had already decided to make her suffer. You tried your best, you visited her nearly every day so that you can threaten her. And most of all, you threatened to KILL her husband so that she doesn’t reveal anything to anyone”, she yells on the top of her voice, reminding him of what he did. Laksh gets frustrated and shouts, “Han han han… I was the one who did all that. I threatened to kill her husband.. Yes! Yes, I did.. I did whatever I could do to make her suffer. What else could I have done, han? She was the one because of whom I had to struggle in the jail for 2 years.. I wanted revenge. MY REVENGE!”
He laughs evilly. Suddenly, clapping sound is heard from the back. Kavya smiles. Swara appears from the back, clapping. Laksh gets another shock seeing her.
Laksh: “Swara!”
Swara: “Wah! Wah, Mr. Laksh.. Well done, it must have took days to plan all that, didn’t it?” She slaps him hard. He falls on the floor.
Swara: “This is for betraying my sister.” Kavya picks him up, with his collar and slaps him once again.
Kavya: “This is for betraying me.” He falls on the floor once again. Swara takes out her phone and shows him the recording. It’s a recording of a few mins before, when Laksh confessed that how he threatened Ragini and planned to take his revenge. This gave Laksh the 3rd shock. Swara and Kavya look at eachother and pass a smile. Laksh tries to take the phone from her hand but no use. He couldn’t get it. Swara bends down, as he was still on floor. “This was our sweet revenge Mr… Ragini is my sister and till the day I am alive, you can’t do anything to her.” Laksh looks on shockingly while both of them leave.
Laksh (hits the floor): “Damn it! I can’t let my plan go unsuccessful after all what I did. I have to do something.. Think Laksh think..”

Scene 5: Swara’s car
Swara and Kavya laugh hard. Swara was driving the car and Kavya was sitting in the front seat, close to Swara.
Kavya: “Did you see his face when he saw me?”
Swara: “Ahahaha…. Yeah! Seemed like he had seen a ghost.”
Kavya: “So true, ahahahaha…”
Suddenly, Swara’s phone rings. Kavya picks it up.
Kavya: “Hello! Kavya here..”
Sanaya: “Hi Kavya! Sanaya..”
Kavya: “Oh! Sanaya, how are you?” (Swara and Kavya look at eachother smilingly.)
Sanaya: “Mujhai choro, what about our plan? Did it work?”
Kavya: “Yeah.. Maybe (She winks at Swara, while Swara hits her a bit.)
Sanaya: “What maybe? Don’t tell me it didn’t work? OMG! What are we supposed to do now? What about Ragini? What if..”
Kavya (interrupts her): “Relax, relax Sanaya.. Our plan got wonderfully successful. So take a chill pill..”
Sanaya: “Phew.. You scared the shit out of me. Thank goodness nothing happened..”
Kavya: “Yeah.. No one would ever know what we had planned..”
A flash back shows that when Sanaya had gone to meet Ragini and Ragini had left towards the kitchen, Sanaya had sent a message to Laksh through Ragini’s mobile. “Meet me at Hotel Blue Moon, Room no. 45.”
An other flashback shows that how Kavya and Swara went to the hotel before Laksh. Swara hid herself and when Kavya forced Laksh to confess everything, she recorded it.
Sanaya: “Now we just have to show this to Parth, before anything else goes wrong.”
Kavya: “Yes.. You are right. As much as I know Laksh, he would definitely try his best to create a misunderstanding between them and even if he doesn’t my sixth sense says that something is gonna go wrong.” (She looks at Swara for her expressions but she just nods.)
Sanaya: “Yeah.. Even I feel the same.”
Kavya: “Okay then.. See you soon.”
Sanaya: “Bye! Take care..”
Kavya: “Bye and same to you.”

Scene 6: Parth’s house
Parth was talking on phone, while he was roaming here and there in the house.
Parth: “Yes.. Sure Sir! The presentation will be ready until tomorrow. Infact I am working on it myself this time.”
He continues walking. “Sure.. No problem Sir! Okay Sir, see you! Bye.”
As he ends the call, he accidentally hits the side table. The same table, where Kaka had placed the box in the morning. The box with the photos of Ragini and Laksh falls down. It opens, as it hits the ground which causes all the photos to scatter around.
Parth: “Oh no.. (He bends down to pick up the photos but stops for sec.)”
He then picks one of them and looks at it closely. “Is that Ragini?”, he asks himself.
Parth: “If that is Ragini, then.. Then who is this guy? His face seems kinda familiar.”
He goes into a deep thought when suddenly Laksh’s face flashes upon his mind. He looks at the photo once again and murmurs, “Laksh..”
He picks up another photo, then another. One after another he keeps on looking at those photos with those surprised and weird expressions on his face. This reminds him of the moments when Ragini fell in Laksh’s arms in the party, Ragini’s uneasiness around Laksh, Laksh weird talks, Laksh visiting them quite often and all that stuff that happened in the past few days.
Parth: “If she knew him, why didn’t she tell me in the first place?” He looks towards his room and continues thinking.

Scene 7: Parth’s and Ragini’s room
Ragini was assembling her clothes in the cupboard, when suddenly Laksh enters her room by the window. She turns and gets shocked finding him there. She tried to shout but before she could Laksh shuts her up. He holds her tightly from the back. She struggles to get rid of his hold, but this time Laksh wasn’t ready to let go of her that easily.
Parth gathers those pictures and puts them back in the box.
Parth (gets up): “I should ask her myself.”
He heads towards his room, with the box with him.
The room:
Laksh: “I warned you not to tell anything to anyone but you still did. You told Kavya and Swara everything and you thought that they would be able to help you out, but no.. They can’t.”
Ragini tries hard to atleast speak. She eventually bites his hand.
Laksh (shouts): “Aaaaagh…” He lets go of her.
In the middle of the stairs:
Parth hears the shout.
Parth (to himself): “That’s a male voice.. But from our room?”
He starts running.
The room:
Ragini was about to leave the room, when Laksh pulls her back. She hits his chest.
Laksh: “Are maharani ji, kahan chalein?”
Ragini (cries): “Laksh please let me go. I severe I didn’t tell anyone..”
Laksh: “Sshh.. Are.. Why are you crying? Am I a stranger? After all I am your past love na. Don’t worry, I am not gonna harm you at all.” He tightens his grip on her waist.
Outside the room:
Parth reaches the door of his room. He moves his hand slowly towards the door knob.
The screen freezes on a split screen showing Parth as he reaches the door knob and Ragini and Laksh, together quite close to eachother.

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