Love-Once Again (Episode 42)

Scene 1: Cafe
Swara and Kavya are shown sitting in the cafe. Kavya has her head down while Swara is constantly looking at her phone and then around. Seems like she is waiting for so one. There a silence between them. Finally, Kavya speaks up, breaking the silence.
Kavya: “Looks like we are gonna fail miserably in our plan.” Swara looks at her for a sec and then at her phone again, kind of ignoring what she said.
Kavya (continues): “She isn’t gonna come.” Swara takes a deep breathe and looks around once again. Suddenly a female voice is heard, from their back. Voice: “Hi Swara!” Swara turns around and smiles at the person, while Kavya looks on. The camera coves the girl from top to bottom and its none other than Sanaya.
Swara: “Oh.. Hi! Come, have a seat.” Sanaya sits beside Kavya while looking at her, uncomfortably. Swara notices this, so she speaks up, “Kavya, she is Sanaya and Sanaya she is Kavya.” Sanaya greets her, while Kavya nods her head.
Sanaya: “So.. I read your message about Ragini. You wrote that you have something important to tell me about Ragini. What is that?”
Swara looks at Kavya, while she blinks her eyes at her, indicating that she should continue. Sanaya looks on.
Swara: “Aaa.. I don’t know where to start (she laughs a bit, trying to comfort herself).”
She looks at Kavya once again, while she glares at her, asking her to continue. Sanaya looks at both of their expressions and asks, “What is it? Why are you guys giving weird expressions to each other?”
Swara (takes a deep breathe): “Okay! So.. I (looks at Kavya), no actually we had called you here to talk about Ragini. I hope you don’t freak out (Sanaya nods).” She continues, “Ragini.. Your Ragini is.. She is my.. She is my sister.”
Sanaya: “What? She is your sister? How.. How is that possible. You even met her once in the hospital, you never mentioned it. Even Sanskaar didn’t.”
Swara: “That’s aaa.. a long story!” Before she could continue, Kavya speaks up as she knew that Swara won’t be able to narrate Sanaya what happened with Ragini and how she is related to Laksh.
Kavya: “I shall tell you.” Kavya tells each and everything to Kavya, that how Ragini escaped and about her past, then how Swara decided to let her stay with you guys.. Nearly everything they knew. Swara didn’t look up during this whole conversation while Sanaya was constantly looking at Swara in shock, as Kavya continued narrating.
Kavya: “And that’s how we ended up here..”
Sanaya: “I knew something was wrong with her and that Laksh. But Rahul, he didn’t see what I saw. She should have told me… I could have helped her in getting out of this situation.”
Swara (finally speaks up): “It’s not that easy.” Both of them look at Swara. She raises her head, looks at both of their faces for a sec and continues, “Laksh is no more the old Laksh. He has become cruel and revengeful. He isn’t our Lucky anymore. We need to be careful.”
Sanaya: “So.. What are you guys planning to do?”
Kavya: “We couldn’t do anything all alone, so we decided to call you in here.”
After a few mins of silence, Sanaya exclaims, “I have an idea!” Swara and Kavya look on, curiously. Sanaya tells them the plan, while a wide smile appears on Swara’s and Kavya’s face as she tells them. (Their plan is muted.)
Kavya: “Marvelous! I am in.” She puts her hand on Sanaya’s. The both look towards Swara for her reaction. Swara gives them a serious look, but then smiles and says, “Me too!” Trio smile at eachother and the scene ends as the camera focuses on their hands (on the top of eachother).
Scene 2: Laksh’s office
Laksh is busy looking at some files while someone knocks on the door. “Come in”, he says while looking at his file. The person knocks again. “The door is open, you can come in”, he exclaims but the person knocks once more. “The door is open you..”, he yells while turning towards the door and sees Sanskaar standing there. “Bhai..”, he murmurs but then, his surprised expressions change into serious ones. He turns his back towards him. “Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari, what are you doing here?”, he says while acting like he is busy in his files. Sanskaar smiles a bit and moves forward. He picks up a paper weight from the table, under which some papers were placed. “Kaisa hai tu? (How are you?)”, he asks. “Theek hon..(I am fine..)”, he says hesitantly. As Sanskaar had picked up the paper weight, the papers scatter in the whole room. Laksh turns and gets shocked seeing the scene. “Bhai.. Those were some really important papers of mine.” He starts gathering and collecting them, while Sanskaar stands there, playing with the paper weight. As Laksh picks up the last paper, Sanskaar says, “Bilkul isi tarhan tu ne us ki hasnti khelti zindagi bekhair di thi.” Laksh gives him an angry glare, as he gets up. Now they were facing eachother. “She deserved it!”, he exclaims while taking the paper weight from his hands and placing the papers back on the table. “I don’t know whether she deserved it or not, but you certainly didn’t deserve her love.” Laksh fumes in anger.
Sanskaar (continues): “Do you even know what love is Lucky? Oh no wait.. You aren’t my Lucky anymore. You are Laksh, sirf Laksh.. One of the biggest business man in our city, han? (after a pause) My brother.. My Lucky had died the same day, when he betrayed my sister, Ragini, if you do remember.”
Before Laksh could say anything in an answer, Sanskaar leaves. Laksh hits the wall with his fist angrily and says, “How could I not remember her Bhai. She made me struggle in that jail for about 2 solid years. Bhai.. You said that I didn’t deserve her love na, but she surely deserves what I am doing to her. I shall not stop following and troubling her until I feel like I am done with my revenge.”
Scene 3: Parth’s house
Ragini was reading a book, when suddenly the bell rings. She gets up and opens the door. She finds Sanaya standing there. She hugs her and greets her in. They sit together in the living room and start chatting.
Ragini: “How are you Di? I am meeting you after a long time na..”
Sanaya: “Yeah! Indeed we are meeting after a really long time. I am fine, what about you?” Ragini thinks about Laksh and his words.
Ragini: “Fff.. Fine! What would have happened to me?” She looks down while Sanaya thinks, “Ragini, I know what are you thinking about, but don’t worry we shall make everything fine.” Ragini looks up at Sanaya. Both of them give a fake smile to eachother.
Ragini: “I shall go and bring something to eat.” Ragini leaves towards the kitchen while Sanaya looks on.
Scene 4: Maheswari Mansion
Swara’s and Sanskaar’s room:
“What? You told Kavya and even Sanaya everything about Ragini and.. You didn’t even ask me once?”, Sanskaar exclaims.
Swara: “Sanskaar, I said na I am sorry.. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even get time to tell you about it.”
Sanskaar turns away, acting like he is angry on her. Swara holds her ears, comes and stands in front of him. “Sorry!”, she says making a puppy face. He smiles, takes her hands in his and says, “It’s okay!”
Swara: “So when I have told you everything about our plan, will you help?”
Sanskaar: “Of course I will Swara..” She hugs him and he hugs her back.
Swara: “Thank you for always supporting me. You are best hubby in the whole world.”
Sanskaar (laughs): “I know..” Swara breaks the hug and hits him a little. “Ouch! That hurts.” They both smile at eachother.
Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini was about to go to sleep. She was in the living room and was switching off the unnecessary lights. As she turns off the last light, she stretches. Suddenly someone puts a hand on her mouth and drag her to the storeroom. She tries to shout but in vain.
The person bring her to the storeroom. He locks the door. Ragini finally gets successful in jerking the hand off her mouth. She turns around and finds Laksh standing there. She gets shocked seeing him.
Ragini: “You? At this time in night?” Laksh starts moving towards her. “Yup! Can’t I visit my past lover?” He tried touching her but Ragini doesn’t let him. She raised her hand to hit him but he holds her hand, in the middle. “Na na na…There is no way you are gonna escape today”, he says moving even more closer to her. He pins her to the wall. Ragini tries to get rid of his grip but instead he tightens it and smiles evilly. Ragini continued to struggle, while he looks on curiously. “Stay away!”, she shouts hitting him hard on his foot, with hers. Laksh shouts in pain and gives her a death glare.
Ragini (pointing a finger at him): “Don’t you dare come close to me. I am married now and that clearly means that I belong to someone. I am committed to him… He has a right on me. (She lowers her finger and shows her mangalsuter to him), this is not a necklace of beads Mr Laksh Maheswari, as you thought it to be. It’s a sign of a pious relation for me and that relation is of love. I love him! I love him, from the bottom of my heart, from my soul. Love might be a game for you, but it isn’t the same for me. And most of all, I am not responsible for you being locked up in the jail for 2 YEARS..!”
Ragini turns to leave, but she stops hearing Laksh clapping.
Laksh: “Wow! What a wonderful speech you gave na? You should have been in politics. Don’t you think so?”
Ragini turns and glares at him, while he points a finger at her and says in a lower tone, “These lectures and your so called speeches about love are not gonna effect me, I came back to take my revenge and I would not leave without it.”
Ragini eyes get moist. She opens the door of the store room and leaves the place immediately, while Laksh smirks.
Scene 6: Maheswari Mansion
Swasan’s room:
Swara is standing near the open window of her room. She looks at Sanskaar, who is sleeping peacefully. She turns back towards the window and looks at the moon.
Parth’s house (Balcony):
Ragini cries and rushed to one of the balcony of the house. She looks towards the moon with her moist eyes.
Swasan’s room:
Swara takes a deep breathe and says, “Wish I could be with you right now Ragini. I wish you could be here.”
Ragini: “Swara I wish you were here. If you were here, I would have been able to share everything with you. But now..(she cries)
Swasan’s room:
Swara: “You don’t have anyone.. You don’t have anyone to share your emotions with Ragini.”
Ragini: “It’s cuz, I am worried, what he harms my family? I can’t risk their lives for mine.”
Swasan’s room:
Swara: “You always worry about others na? (She smiles) What about you?”
Ragini: “Yes I do! Because I love them. If they would stay happy, I would stay happy. (She smiles too)
Swasan’s room:
Swara: “I miss you Ragini..”
Balcony: “I miss you Swara..” (Swaragini plays..)
The screen freezes on their happy faces.

Promo: Laksh enters a room and sees a girl standing, with her back facing towards him. He smirks and says, “So finally you understood..” Someone records them.

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