Love-Once Again (Episode 41)

Scene 1: Parth’s house
It’s Sunday today. Parth is at home. The camera covers Ragini, sitting on the dining table. She had made a puppy face. She looks down at her empty plate and then towards the kitchen. “How long?”, she shouts. “5 more mins..”, a voice comes from the kitchen. “You had been saying that from the past 30 mins. Why don’t you let me do it.”, Ragini asks. “I am trying! Just 5 more mins…”, the voice replies. Ragini rolls her eyes and looks at the clock. “Only 5 mins, after that I am coming in, if you don’t come out.”, she yells. “Okay!”, the voice replies. Ragini closes her eyes for few mins. Suddenly, she hears a voice, “TADA!” She turns to see Parth standing there, with a tray in his hand. She smiles and exclaims, “Finally!” He places the tray on the table and serves her the breakfast. Ragini smiles. “Here you go! I hope that you will like it.”, he says while placing the toast piece in her plate. Ragini takes her first bite and looks at Parth while chewing it slowly. He looks on. “So, how many marks do I get chef?”, he asks with a smile, as she finishes chewing. “Hmmm… It’s only omelette and toast. Not a big deal though!”, she says while he gets a little sad. “But it’s marvelous!”,she adds in. A wide smile appears on his face. Both of them smile at eachother and have an eye lock. Their eye lock breaks when someone rings the doorbell.
Ragini: “I shall go and check..” She was about to go, when Parth stops her.
Parth: “I shall go! You sit here and enjoy the delicious breakfast made by me.” She smiles while he leaves to open the door. The door bell rings once again. He opens the door and smiles at the person. Ragini, from the other side tries to see who is it.
Parth (to the person): “You, here? Early in the morning?”
Person: “Told you, I shall visit again and here I am.” The covers the person from top to bottom. It’s Laksh.
Laksh (adds in): “I hope I didn’t disturb you guys.”
Parth: “No! Not at all.. Come in.” He enters his house and looks here and there, like he is searching for something. He spots Ragini, sitting on the dinning table. Ragini sees him and gets super shocked. He smiles at her while she tries to avoid eye contact.

He walks up to her. Ragini looks down, as she doesn’t want to face him.
Laksh (with a fake smile): “Hi Ragini!”
Ragini (hesitantly): “Hh..Hi!”
Parth (handing over a glass of juice to Laksh): “Here! It’s Parth’s special home made juice. Chef said (he looks at Ragini, while Ragini fake smiles) that I am marvelous at cooking so..”
Laksh takes the glass from his hands, looking at Ragini. He smiles at Parth and was about to take a sip from the glass, when he intentionally spills it on him self (in a standing position). The glass breaks. Ragini stands up and glares at Laksh, while he smiles at her evilly.
Laksh: “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to..”
Ragini (interrupts him): “I shall clean it.” She was about to bend down when Parth holds her hand and says, “I knew you are bad at taking care of your self. It’s not good for you to bend down and clean this, in this condition. I shall clean it until then, you can take Laksh to washroom. He needs to get his shirt cleaned.” Laksh looks on, smirking while Ragini looks at Laksh for a sec and then starts walking. He follows her.

Scene 2: Parth’s house (Upstairs)
Ragini is walking tensely whereas Laksh is following her. They, then enter a room.
Ragini (without looking him): “Now, you can get your clothes cleaned. The washroom is right there. If you need something then just call Kaka or Parth once. They would be ready to help you out.” She turns to leave but stops. The camera shifts a little towards the back and it is shown that Laksh is holding Ragini’s hand. Ragini tries hard to get her hand out of his, but he tightens his grip. Ragini: “Laksh! Please, leave me.” Laksh glares at her and pins her to the wall of the room. Ragini gets dumbstruck. She widens her eyes and tries to get rid of his clutch. Ragini: “LAKSH!” He puts his hand on her mouth.
Laksh: “What do you think of yourself, huh? What were you going to do that night? Don’t tell me you were going to tell him, about us. I am warning you, don’t you dare tell him anything otherwise, I can go to any extent. I am no longer the old Laksh Meshwari, but you are still, the same old Ragini. Bold and brave inside and shy in front of others. This game of betrayal and hatred was started by you and I would end it. So, even if you try telling him, I severe I am not gonna spare him.”
Ragini finally removed his hand, from her mouth as she couldn’t take it anymore.
Ragini (pushing him away): “Don’t you dare drag him in this. This is a war between me and you.. You want me to suffer na, then why are dragging him in this?”
Laksh (moving close to her): “Oho! Pati ke liye itna pyaar? Ragini..Ragini..Ragini, when would you understand that now I am no longer the old Laksh. The person you loved once, is no more…He is dead.”
Ragini (yells): “I never loved you, Mr Laksh Meshwari and that was our past anyways.. I have moved on in my life.”
Laksh: “Oh really? BUT I AM STILL STUCK IN MY CRUCIAL PAST FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS!” Ragini looks on, shocked.
Laksh: “And now, I have found the best way to make you suffer. My business partner “Mr Parth and your so called beloved husband.” He laughs evilly while she stands there, shocked.
Ragini: “No no no.. NO! You won’t do that..”
Laksh (moving even more close to her): “I definitely would!” Ragini closes her eyes in fear, when suddenly her hands hits a vase near by and it falls down.
Downstairs, Parth hears that and shouts, “Ragini, is everything alright?” Ragini hears him and looks at Laksh. He gives her an angry look. “Yeah!”, she yells back. Laksh smiles and says, “Good girl! I am glad you understood.” As he moves back, Ragini rushes out of the room while he runs his fingers through his hairs and says, “My work is done. Now she won’t reveal anything to him.” He walks out of the room, whistling.

Scene 3: Ragini’s and Parth’s room
Ragini enters the room and looks the door at once. She is breathing heavily. She goes and stands in front of the mirror. She looks at her self, into her own eyes in the reflection. She thinks of Laksh words, “Don’t reveal anything to him..” “No no no…”, she says holding her head and pulling her hair. “I can’t risk his life. I love him and he is my life. Why is it getting complicated day by day? Why..”, she cries.

Scene 4: A cafe
A cafe is shown. The camera shows Swara sitting on a chair, in the cafe. She is leaning to the chair, seems like she is thinking deeply about something. She gets out of her thoughts when someone places a hand on hers. She looks at the person. “Swara… I understand you did that because you were worried about Ragini’s future and she really needed to stay away from us that time.”, a lady says. The lady is none other than Kavya. Swara smiles a little and nods. “She needed someone to love her to the infinity and she even got one. She not only got her life partner but a whole family but..”, she continues. Swara looks on.
Kavya: “I don’t think so this happiness is gonna last for long cuz…” The little smile that appeared on Swara’s face disappears. Tears appear in her eyes. Kavya notices this.
Kavya (tightening her grip on her hand): “Swara, it’s not the time to cry. We need to do something and we need to do it fast, otherwise it will be too late.” Swara wipes her tears and nods, “I have an idea!” Kavya looks at her with wide open eyes. “What?”, she exclaims. “We cannot help her directly otherwise Laksh would get to know about us, but we can help her indirectly”, she says. Kavya gives her a confused look and asks, “Wha..What? Now what does that mean?” A wide smile appears on Swara’s face as she takes out her phone while Kavya looks on curiously. She then shows something to Kavya on her phone (not revealed). The serious look on Kavya face turns into a wide smile as she sees Swara’s phone. “That’s a great idea! So when are we going to start?” Kavya questions. “Tomorrow!”, Swara replies with a determined look.

After noon:
Scene 5: Parth’s house (Living room)
Ragini was sitting on the couch. The T.V was on but she wasn’t paying any attention to it. Suddenly the door bell rings. She looks towards the door and gets up to open it, but Kaka stops her and asks her to take rest. He would open the door. Ragini nods and turns back towards the sofa. On the other hand, Kaka opens the door. He sees a man standing in front of him, with a parcel in his hand.
Kaka: “Ji?”
Delivery Man: “Actually, I have a parcel for Miss Ragini, does she live here?”
Kaka: “Oh, so it’s for Ragini. Just wait a min.” Kaka calls Ragini, “Ragini beta! There is a parcel for you.” He leaves while Ragini murmurs, “A parcel? For me?” She gets up, once again and heads towards the door.
Ragini (seeing the man): “Yes?”
Delivery Man: “Mam, your parcel (handing over a parcel to her.)” She takes the parcel, that has been wrapped fully. She looks at it for a sec when the man asks for her sign.
Delivery Man: “Mam, your sign please..”
Ragini: “Oh!” She takes the pen from him and signs on the paper. The Delivery guy stares at her.
Delivery Man: “Thank you Mam!” Ragini smiles and closes the door. The guy smirks and looks at the closed door evilly. He then calls someone, says, “I did, as you said.” , ends the call and walks away.

Ragini flips the parcel searching for the name of the person, but finds nothing. She decides to open it up. She tears off the gift paper, it was wrapped in.
Ragini (to herself): “Some one did spend a lot of time in wrapping this parcel.”
She finds a cardboard box inside the layers of the wrapping paper after taking it off fully. She flips it again, in a hope for the name of the person who sent it but it’s of no use. “Weird! Maybe he would have mentioned his name inside somewhere this box.”, she says as she opens the box and finds a note. “From your past!”, it says. She crumbles the paper and throws it in a dustbin nearby. She was about to throw the box away too when her eye catches the sight of another note on the top. “I knew you would have thrown the first note and now, you might be planning to throw the whole box away but do remember any wrong decision you make, against my wish would make him suffer. So you better open the box fully”, it says. Ragini hesitantly puts the box back on the table and removes the note from the top. Under the note a bunch of pictures had been placed. She pics up the first one and stares at it, with teary eyes. It’s the picture from the party, when Ragini fell in his arms. She notices another picture under the first one, then comes another and another… There are a number of them. All of them are of Laksh and Ragini, together 5 years ago. She gets frustrated seeing them and throws them into the dustbin in anger. She walks to her room and slams the door hard. As she hears the door behind her shut, tears roll down her eyes. She walks close to her and sits there, crying vigorously.
Suddenly, her phone starts to ring. She wipes her tears and looks at the phone. “Your past”, her mobile phone displays. She was about to throw her phone on the floor, when the words she read on the note echo in her head. “Any decision you make against my wish, will make him suffer!” “No!”, she murmurs, as she picks up the call.
Caller (Laksh, as many of you might have guessed by now): “Hello! This is your past speaking..” He says in a evil tone.
Ragini: “How did you get my phone number?”
Laksh: “Calm down sweetheart! (Ragini makes a disgusted face.)”
He continues, “It was really easy to get your number and, don’t be surprised at the fact that how I saved it in your mobile. It wasn’t that difficult too.”
A flash back shows the time when Ragini took Laksh to the washroom, so that he could wash his shirt. When Ragini left the room, Laksh was about to go to the washroom to get his shirt washed, when he finds Ragini’s phone nearby. He smirks seeing it.
Ragini: “How dare you…”
Laksh (interrupting her): “Touch your phone? Well, that’s not a big deal after all we are friends and past lovers too.”
Ragini: “Stop it! How many times do I have to tell you that I never loved you, plus I am not your friend, got it?”
Laksh: “Hold on Miss.. Why are you always in a hurry? You aren’t missing any train. By the way, how was the gift?”
Ragini ends the call in anger. She have had enough. She throws the phone away on the bed and leaves the room. The camera focuses on the phone as it beeps.
Laksh’s message, “That was just a trailer, the whole film is yet to begin.”
Scene 6: Rahul’s house
Sanaya is sitting on the bed, with a pillow in her lap. She is biting her nails, while thinking about something. The moments from the party, when Ragini fell in Laksh’s arms, when Laksh’s danced while pointing towards Ragini and Ragini leaving the hall, those moments flash upon her mind. Suddenly Rahul enters the room with a tray, with a cup of tea in his hand. He sees her in a deep thought and smiles.
Sanaya: “Is it really, what I am thinking?”
Rahul (places the cup of tea on the side table): “Yeah maybe!”
Sanaya (still lost in her own world): “That means he is related to Ragini?”
Rahul: “Mmmm.. Maybe yes!”
He picks up the cup of tea and towards it to her.
Rahul: “Tea!” She picks up the cup, while she is still lost in her world and takes a sip. Rahul looks on smilingly.
Sanaya spits the tea out and coughs. She finally comes out of her thinking.
Sanaya: “Rahul.. This..”
Rahul (interrupting her): “I know this tea had no sugar. I intentionally gave it to you.”
Sanaya: “But why..? What was the need?”
Rahul: “The need.. Hmmmm.. The need was to bring you out of your “deep” thinking.”
Sanaya (showing her fake anger): “Deep thinking han? I was thinking about a really important thing and you.. You can never be serious in such cases.”
Rahul (laughs): “Okay Baba.. Tell me, what’s wrong?”
Sanaya: “Laksh! Laksh is the center of the problem.”
Rahul: “Laksh? Our business partner? How can be a problem for us.”
Sanaya: “Oho… Not for us, but for Ragini.”
Rahul: “For Ragini? But.. Ragini met him for the first time in the party and even he did, then how can he create a problem for her? That makes no sense..”
Sanaya: “Don’t you remember that how the met for the first time and when Ragini saw him, suddenly her face expressions changed. And even while dancing.. He was pointing towards her, plus Ragini left the party after..”
Rahul: “Enough! First of all, Ragini falling in Laksh’s arms, that was an accident, okay? Secondly.. about her facial expressions, she could be tired or exhausted, after all we never knew she was pregnant. We just came to know yesterday, when Parth called me and told about her condition and how she fell unconscious. The third thing.. Laksh dancing, while pointing towards Ragini, that’s not a big deal! You are thinking about him too much. Just leave it.. Let it be.”
Before Sanaya could say anything further, Rahul leaves the room, with the cup of tea.
Sanaya (to herself): “Tum kuch bhi keh lo Rahul, but I would definitely find out, how they both are related. Ragini is my sister and I have to fulfill my duties towards her. Don’t worry Ragini, your sister shall get you out of this problem.”
The screen freezes on Sanaya’s determined face.

Promo: Kavya and Swara are sitting in the same cafe. Seems like they are waiting for someone. Suddenly a female voice is heard, “Hi Swara!” Swara turns back and smiles seeing the person (not revealed).

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  1. Sindhura

    Girl os sanaya

    1. Alisha

      Congo Sindhura! You are quite good at guessing. Not bad!
      But you guys still have to wait to know what they shall plan to help out Ragini.
      Anyways, I was planning to read your fanfiction, the army officer one, but unfortunately couldn’t get time but don’t worry, would read it soon and comment too.
      Till then, keep commenting and supporting me. Stay happy and keep smiling! ??

      1. Sindhura

        Thank u alisha
        Sure i will wait

  2. amazing ep yar
    love rags per buhut cum hai or wo bi after so long
    plz upload asap and with longer part plzjjjjjjj

    1. Alisha

      Hey Lisa! I am sorry for a short one, but it took me a long time to think how would I continue to the story further, plus I still have no idea. I usually read my old episodes to get some ideas and to feel a little better. It’s also kinda fun and impressive to see how far you have reached. I am not that far from 50 episodes. So let’s just hope that I reach my goal! ?
      Once again sorry for disappointing you, the main reason is that I am not getting that much time to write and let my imagination soar now a days. ??
      Keep supporting and encouraging me, cuz you guys made me reach this point today.
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    1. Alisha

      Hey Lovely! Glad you liked it, I was also kinda worried about the new Laksh, as you mentioned before. Hope you are satisfied.. ?
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  3. Akshata

    you made me wait so long. but worth it. now coming to the update, you rocked it once again. Parth is really an ideal husband, 1st scene is awesome. then laks’s enetry with his evil smirk and ragini’s uneasiness around him, he really became a devil, he literally threaten her. but what was he actually trying to do by sending her photos? and messaging her? sanaya is so smart, loved her care towards ragini.

    1. Alisha

      Hey Akshata! First of all thank you for such a long comment. I actually love it when people post long comments. All of the comments encourage and motivate me but I am a chatter box so, it makes me feel a little comfortable that I don’t blabber much. Hehehe..
      Anyways, thank you so much for appreciting. Glad you liked it, yeah! The first scene was my fav one, cuz it kinda shows how much he cares for Ragini and their bond.
      Here I did like to menti one, that before I started writing this fanfiction I had already planned to transform Laksh, into an evil character, more like a villian to Parth’s and Ragini’s love story. I never knew that. Ehehehe.. Especially, that Wajah Tum Ho dance performance was kinda pre planned.
      I really love Namish’s acting, infact I was just watching an old serial and found Nami acting in a small character and I shouted in the top of my voice, “Nami?” ? Yeah! I am a big fan of both Raglak and Swasan. Anyways.. As you can see I am blabbering too much, once again! Glad you also liked Sanaya’s care towards Ragini. She really is a great sister, like Swara.
      Anyways,keep commenting and supporting me. Stay blessed! ??

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Marvelous dear. Sorry for not commenting in your ff bcz I was on holiday.Parr ab se regular comment karungi pakka.Keep it up dear.????

    1. Alisha

      Hey Uma! Even I was wondering that why didn’t you comment. Hmmm…. No problem! I understand, after all even I am not that good at giving regular updates to you guys. So sorry! Extremely sorry to all of you! ??
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  5. Nusz Khan

    Okay Okay, I am still catching up on this Fan-Fiction so far I read 6 episodes!!! and I swear to

    god you’re amazing like I can’t even explain in words Ha-Ha. First of all I want to say this story

    is very different and way better I am so not going to lie, I just loved the first 6 episodes. Now I

    can’t wait to read the upcoming ones aha.

    You should do a one shot on Shakti or any Fan-Fiction you love, because you’re totally rocking

    it aha.

    If you use Skype please do let me know.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Alisha

      OMG! ?
      Am I dreaming? First Megha, then Fatarajo and now.. Now, you too? You guys are literally planning to kill me with a heart attack! Surprises per surprises!
      I am a huge fan of many of the writers out there, like you, Fatarajo, Halima… I never ever would have dreamt of that. Someone needs to pinch me. Thank you so much! It really means a lot of me. Glad you liked my writing skills, wait a sec? Writing skills? Another mini heart attack! ?
      On the other hand, I was actually planning to write something on Shakti serial but I came to a decision that I shall not be able to do it. Lack of time.. ? Plus I am not that regular in updating, as you can see. Only great writers like you all can manage 2-5 fanfictions together yaar.. I am not that good at it! Late night is the only time I get time to think, maybe that’s cuz Laksh is so evil in my fanfiction. Hehehe.. I usually imagine things or get ideas at night. My best time for thinking and then, I pen them down in the morning.
      On more thing is left, I shall start reading your and Sindhura’s fanfictions as soon as I get time.
      Keep commenting and reading, keep smiling always! ??

      1. Nusz Khan

        Aw you’re such a cutie pie!! I would love to call you my best friend because you exactly

        act like her. But I swear you’re such a beautiful writer and I can’t even explain.

        I am not that good at writing I was also inspired by people!! Your Fan-Fiction is just

        beautiful Alisha. Also if you use Skype please do let me know. I would love to stay in

        contact with you.

        Anyways keep smiling like always Alisha.

        ~Nusz xx.

    2. Alisha

      Awww… So sweet of you Nusz. Thank you so much! I shall be a kind of honored to be your best friend. ?? I don’t have words to thank you… Literally, out of words! Even I was inspired by some other writers, including you. Cuz you guys are amazing too.
      On the other hand, sorry! But I don’t have skype. Unfortunately! Atleast we can interact right here. ?

  6. Mindblowing superb update hoping Sanaya will find truth and help ragini to fight with lakshayloved the update your story is amazing keep going dear update soon dear

    1. Alisha

      Hey Piya! Thank you so so so.. much! Glad you loved it and the storyline. Phew! People are liking Nami being negative. Lol! ? On the other hand, yes! Sanaya needs to prove that she actually considers Ragini as her sister and she can only do that once Swara and Sanaya, along with Kavya, plan something..
      Keep commenting and reading. Stay blessed and have a nice day! ??

  7. Awsm epi….love it…. i think laksh is gonaa to do smthng to hurt ragini….. Poor ragini she cant even tell her past to Parth due to laksh???

    1. Alisha

      Hey Kriya! Yeah.. Even I feel bad for her. But don’t worry as long as his caring husband is with her, he can never harm her. Plus her 2 sisters, Sanaya and Swara too. Lets see, what they have planned for her. Note: Even I haven’t planned what they are gonna plan yet. Lol! ??
      Keep commenting and supporting! Stay blessed.. ???

  8. I tjink d girl is sanaya…letsc…update doon

    1. Alisha

      Hey Tani! Thanks a lot for commenting, maybe yes or maybe no. You guys need to wait! ??
      On the other hand, I am extremely sorry! Bada wala sorry for irregular updates. I know I always apologies and then do not update on time, actually I am not getting that much of the time to update and write, plus I am not even getting any idea. The next month is gonna be even more tough! Wish me luck!
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  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Parth care towards Ragini
    Please don’t make Ragini suffer a lot
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Alisha

      Hey Spp! Thank you for commenting first of all. Yes, he really is a caring husband and every women deserves a husband like him. Hehehe.. Ummm.. About the suffering thing, I don’t have to say much cuz I haven’t decided yet about what would I be doing next.
      Anyways, keep commenting and reading. Plus, have a nice day. ??

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        U r welcome dear
        And yeah sorry I have commented late

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