Love-Once Again (Episode 40) “Dhamakedar Face off”


EPISODE 40: (Dhamakedar Face off)
Scene 1: The Hall
Ragini and Parth join the party once again. Sanaya notices them coming downstairs, so she walks up to them.
Sanaya: “Where you guys have been? Everyone had been asking about you.” Ragini and Parth look at eachother and wonder what to say. Ragini acts as if someone is calling her. “Coming!”, she shouts and leaves Parth alone with Sanaya.
Parth (to himself): “Ragini ki bachi! She left me alone with Bhabhi. Now what should I tell her where we were.”
Sanaya snaps her finger in front of his eyes. He gets attentive. “Where were you guys?”, she questions again. “Aaa… We were.. We were… Yeah! We were just enjoying the wind upstairs.”, he answers while stammering and leaves at once while Sanaya stands there confused.
Scene 2: The Hall (entrance)
Laksh enters the hall. He examines it as he moves forward. Parth sees him standing at the door and walks up to him.
Parth: “Hey, Laksh!” They both hug eachother.
Laksh: “Happy Wedding Anniversary bro!” (Handing him a bouquet)
Parth: “Thanks! Come in.”
Laksh steps inside the hall, on the other hand Ragini gets a strange feeling. She feels the cold breeze, touching her. She rubs herself with her hands and says, “Why am I getting that negative feeling?”
Laksh and Parth continue talking while Ragini looks here and there.
Laksh: “So… Where is the girl who stole your heart?”
Parth (laughs): “Yeah! She was right here.” He turns but doesn’t find Ragini.
Parth: “Just give me a minute.” He excuses him self and starts searching for Ragini. (Suspense wala music plays in the background) Laksh stands there, waiting for Parth whereas Ragini is looking here and there thinking that maybe should would find the reason behind her strange feeling. While searching for Ragini, Parth collides with Rahul.
Rahul: “Are! Itni jaldi mein kahan ja rahe ho?”
Parth: “Bhaiya, have you seen Ragini somehwere?”
Rahul: “She must be here somewhere.. Where else can she go?”
He continues searching for her while Ragini starts walking. On the other hand, Laksh gets busy on his phone. Laksh and Ragini are quite close to eachother but they don’t see eachother, as Laksh has his back facing towards Ragini. Ragini continues walking lost in her thoughts while Laksh is talking on his phone. (Suspense wala music continues playing…) As Ragini was about to go past Laksh, he ends the call and turns because of which they both collide. Ragini was about to fall, when Laksh holds her. Parth, who was searching for Ragini notices this. Laksh stares at her. It took him less than a sec to identify her. Ragini had closed her eyes due to fear of falling but when she felt those strong arms supporting her, she opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes met his. Ragini murmurs, “Laksh?!” A super fast flashback starts showing all what happened before, she met Parth. Laksh does not utter a word. He made her stand slowly and continued staring at her, while she was staring at him too. Parth walks up to them, concerned for Ragini. “Ragini, are you fine?”, he asks while Ragini nods a little bit still staring at Laksh. She cries inside. Parth stands beside Ragini, puts his hand on her shoulder and says, “Ragini, this is Laksh.. My new business partner.” These words give Ragini another big shock. For a sec, she felt like that if Parth would not have been supporting her by putting his hand on her shoulder, she would have fell unconscious. “And Laksh, this is Ragini, my dearest wife”, Parth adds in. Those words echo in Laksh’s head. He finally speaks up, “Yeah! I know… (moving a little closer to Ragini)” Ragini holds Parth’s hand in fear. Laksh notices this. “You know?”, Parth questions. He answers him, finally taking his eyes off Ragini, “Yeah! After all you told me you have a beautiful wife and I cannot find any other girl beautiful than her in the party.” He smiles evilly looking at Ragini while Parth laughs. Ragini has her head down now, as she couldn’t tolerate those deep eyes staring at her. Suddenly, Rahul calls Parth. “I shall be back in a min. Till then you both have a talk”, he says and was about to leave when he stops. Ragini was still holding his hand. Laksh was witnessing all what was happening before his eyes. “Ragini..I said I shall be back”, he said again but Ragini didn’t even dare to raise her head. Rahul calls him again so Parth had to make Ragini leave his hand. He left, leaving Ragini with Laksh.
Laksh looks at Ragini and smirks. “So, Miss Ragini Mesh..” Ragini looks at him. “No no no no…Wait a sec! You are no more Miss Ragini Meshwari, cuz you are Mrs. Parth now”, he continues. “By the way, Happy Wedding Anniversary!”, he adds in. Ragini doesn’t say a word whereas Laksh continues talking, “You know what! I even brought you a gift.” He looks here and there and finally spots the same bouquet which he had given to Parth placed on a table. “There it is!”, he exclaims. He walks up to that table and brings that bouquet to Ragini. “Here (forwarding the bouquet), Happy Anniversary!”, he says with a smile. Ragini doesn’t take it. “Are! Le lo na.. Apne ek purane dost ka tuhfah, ya phir mein kahon dost se kuch ziyada”, he says while Ragini glares at him. After gathering courage she finally forwards her hand for taking the bouquet. “That’s like a good girl”, Laksh exclaims. Before Ragini could hold the bouquet, Laksh intentionally leaves it and it drops. Laksh gives her a shocked look while Ragini looks at those flowers on the floor. Laksh intentionally steps on those flowers, moving closer to her, while Ragini continues staring at those flowers. Laksh says in a lower tone, “Jis tarhan in khoobsurat phoolon ki khoobsurati mere in per kadam rakhne se khatam ho gai hai, bilkul usi tarhan tumhari zindagi ki khushiyan bhi ,mere kadam rakhne ne khatam ho jain gi. Tumhara bura waqat shuru ho chuka hai, Ragini.Tick tock! Tick tock!” Ragini stares at him while he smirks and leaves, waving his hand at her.

Scene 3: The Hall
Ragini did not move from her place. She was continuously staring at those flowers. Tears start to flow from her eyes. Suddenly, Parth comes from the back and asks, “So what’s going…(he stops seeing the flowers on floor and Ragini staring at them.)” He picks them up and says, “I wonder who threw these on floor, never mind..” He looks at Ragini and sees her staring at the floor still. “Ragini!”, he addresses her. She doesn’t react. “Ragini!”, he said once again but still she didn’t utter a single word. “Ragini! (shaking her a little)”, he exclaimed. Ragini comes back to world. “Han”, she says while turning towards him and wiping her tears (he doesn’t notice this). “Are you planning to stand here till the party ends?”, he asks jokingly while Ragini gives him a fake smile and nods in no. He takes her with her hand while Ragini turns back to look at that flower bouquet, placed on the side table and reminisces Laksh’s words.
The party was going on quite well. Rahul and Sanaya were managing the guests. Laksh was seen no where. Suddenly the lights go off. Everyone wonder what happened. A dim blue light focuses on a man playing piano (Wajah Tum Ho plays…) Everyone look on. As the lyrical part starts, the whole hall lights up and the man gets up from seat. The spotlight focuses on him.
Kaise kahon Ishq mein tere kitna hon betaab mein…(He sings with his head down.)
Ankhon se ankhein mila ke chura lon tere khawab mein…(He raises his head. He is none other than Laksh. He stares at Ragini, while she stares at him. Everyone else smile)
Kaise kahon ishq mein tera kitna hon beetab mein…
Ankhon ke ankhein mila ke chura lon tere khawab mein…(He walks across the floor)
Mere saiye…hain sath mere….(He dances)
Aya jis jagah.. Tum…
Mein jo ji raha hon……. Wajah tum ho….ooo.. (pointing towards Ragini)
Wajah tum ho….(x2)
While the part without the lyrics plays. Laksh walks upto Parth and Ragini. He, with a fake smile on his face says, “Miss Ragini, you won’t mind if I take your husband away.”
Ragini shivers inside. She stares at him and then looks at Parth. “I mean, for the dance”, he adds in. Ragini relaxes while Parth says, “Sure!” Laksh widens his fake smile and they both leave.
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zeher (Laksh enters)
Is pyaar ko hum kiya naam dein (Parth enters)
(Is pyaar ko hum kiya naam dein…)
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zeher
Is pyaar ko hum kiya naam dein (both of them dance.)
Kab se adhuri hai ek dastan
Aja use aaj anjaam dein
Tumhain bholon kaise mein (Laksh stares at Ragini.)
Meri pehli khata tum…oooo
Mein jo jee raha hon
Wajah tum (Parth and Laksh, both point towards Ragini.)
During this part, which is without lyrics, Laksh continues to stare at Ragini while Ragini goes into a flashback, reminding her of his betrayal. She is in tears. She runs, as fast as possible. As she was about to leave the hall. Laksh sings..
Kya jane tu mere irade
Le jaon ga sansein chura ke
(Sansein chura ke…chura ke..) (Ragini turns and looks at Laksh, who smirks at her.)
Kya jane tu mere irade
Le jaon ga sansein chura ke (Laksh dances)
Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai in gunahon se age (Ragini turns to leave)
Mein gum shuda si raat hon…ooo… (The camera covers Ragini running outside the hall)
Meri khushnuma subah tum (Laksh dances, pointing at the camera.)
Mein jo jee raha hon…ooo..
Wajah tum ho…oo.. (Camera covers Ragini, as she sits in the car and cries vigorously.)
Wajah tum
Wajah tum (x4)
During the last part, the light gets dim and Laksh vanishes while snapping his fingers in the dark.

Scene 4: Meshwari Mansion (Kavya’s room)
Kavya was making her bed as she was about to go to sleep. The T.V was switched to news channel. Kavya wasn’t paying any attention to it. The news anchor says, “That was detail about the weather now we would shift towards another news… Today, the anniversary of the biggest business man in the city was held. Yes our viewers, we are talking about none other than the heartthrob of our nation, Mr. Parth and his wife Miss Ragini.” Kavya stops for a sec and then looks towards the T.V. She murmurs Ragini’s name. She sits in front of the T.V and turns the volume on high. The reporter continues, “Not only this, they organized a grand party to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Plus many of the famous business men from our city were the part of this party. These include Mr. Sanjay Aluwahliya, Mr. Jagteesh Kumar, Mr. Laksh and many others.” Kavya drops the T.V remote in shock. “Laksh!”, she exclaims. She turns off the T.V and sits on her bed, thinking. “This means, Laksh was in the same party? No no no… This can’t happen. This is insane… How can this be? She must someone else. Kavya, you are thinking too much, you better go to sleep”, she says as she turns off the lights and tries to go to sleep but unfortunately keeps on thinking about what she just heard.
Scene 5: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini enters her room, shuts the door behind her and shatters on the floor, beside the door. She cries vigorously. “Why me? Why do I have to suffer again God? Why did you bring him back in my life? I should have understood your signs.. Those nightmares and that glass breaking, those weren’t co incidences. That was you, alerting me that something wrong is gonna happen. Why didn’t I…why..?”, she cries, hitting the door with her hand. She then remembers Pari’s words. She goes in a flashback:
The day of Parth’s and Ragini’s marriage:
Pari: “Ragini, if in your future you have to face your past, remember you both would face it together. You won’t be alone.”
Ragini nods and smiles. The flashback ends.
Ragini wipes her tears and says, “No Ragini! You can’t loose that easily. Some one said that everything is fair in love and war, and this is war, between me and him for my love. I am certain that my love would definitely win.” She gets up and searches for phone. “I have to tell Parth about him..”, she says while searching for her phone. “What do you have to tell me?”, a voice comes from back. Ragini turns to see the source of voice. She sees Parth standing there. She gets dumbstruck. “What do you want to to tell me?”, he questions again. “Parth..wo…la”, before she could complete her sentence, Parth interrupts her and says, “Before that, I want to know, why did you leave the party in between?” Ragini stares at him. “Ragini! I am asking you about something, why did you leave the party in between? At least you could have told me..” ,he says in an angry tone. “Parth wo.. Laksh!”, she says while stammering a bit. “What about me?”, another voice comes. Ragini looks on. Suddenly, Laksh emerges from the back of Parth. He smirks at her. Ragini gets shocked seeing him. He moves forward and stands behind Parth. “What about me, Miss Ragini”, he asks once again.
He raised one of his eyebrows. Parth looks on. Ragini gets tensed seeing him.
Ragini (in her mind): “I can’t say anything infront of him to Parth. I should wait..”
Parth: “What is it, Ragini? Why aren’t you answering him?”
Ragini (gets out of her thinking): “Han? Han han…wo..(she looks at Laksh), I was saying that you and Laksh danced so well, tonight.”
Parth looks on doubtfully, while Laksh smirks at her and Ragini replies with a fake smile.
Laksh: “Ragini, I hope you don’t mind if I call you by your name?” Ragini fake smiles once again and nods in no. “So, why did you leave so early. There were so many things still left..”, he adds in. “Actually I wasn’t feeling well so…”, Ragini replies while Parth complains, “Atleast you could have informed me..” Ragini looks down and says, “Sorry!” Parth looks away. Laksh puts his hand on Parth’s shoulder and says, “Leave it bro!” Ragini looks on. “I think I would leave now, I was just here to have a look at your house. Would visit again, soon”, he adds in. Parth nods. Laksh smiles evilly, at Ragini and waves at her while leaving. “I would leave you till door”, Parth says looking at Ragini and goes after him. Ragini thinks of Laksh words, “Would visit soon!” She peeks a little out of her room’s door and sees Parth closing the door. She opens the door completely and rushes downstairs. As he turns, she hugs him tightly. He complies and pats on her head. After a few mins, when Ragini doesn’t move, he calls her name. She still doesn’t say anything. “Ragini..”, he shakes her a little and sees her unconscious. He shouts, “Ragini.. Ragini..” trying wake her up.

After a few mins:
Parth’s and Ragini’s room:
The camera covers Ragini lying on bed (still unconscious), while Parth is standing at a side, concerned. A doctor is checking Ragini. The doctor turns towards Parth. Before he could ask anything, the doctor says, with smile “Congratulations! You are going to become a father.” A wide smile appears on Parth’s face. He looks at Ragini, lovingly. “Here are some medicines. Do get her regular checkup and don’t forget to take good care of her. I shall leave now.”, the doctor says and leaves the place. Parth puts the prescription on the side table. He sits beside unconscious Ragini and takes her hand in his. Ragini opens her eyes slowly. As soon as she sees him sitting beside her, she gets up and sits. “Parth wo.. I have to tell you..”, before she could complete her sentence, he puts his finger on her lips and says, “Shhhh…” Ragini stares at him. He removes his finger and holds her hand, once again. “The day we met, the moments we spent together and the day we got married, those were the most happiest moments of our life. I thought that our lives were complete but today.. Today, I realized that there was still something left”. Ragini looks on. He continues, “Ragini, you are going to become a mother”, he exclaims. A wide smile appears on Ragini’s face. “Aaa.. Mother? Me?”, she asks in disbelief, while Parth nods smilingly. She hugs him at once, while he hugs her back. After a few mins, when they separate, he kisses her forehead. Ragini smiles at him.
Ragini (in her mind): “It won’t be good for him, if I tell him about Laksh.”
She stares at Parth, who is caressing her hand. “No! Ragini.. You can’t do this. You can’t ruin his happiness. Look how happy he is. I shall tell him some other day.”
Parth looks up and sees Ragini staring at him. “What?”, he asks smilingly. She nods in no, coming out of her thoughts.
Ragini (while trying to get up): “I shall go and get the dinner.” She tries getting up when he stops her.
Parth: “No! Not at all! You won’t step out of the bed, until and unless I am with you.”
Ragini (complains): “But, I can take care of my self very well.”
Parth: “Yeah yeah.. I know that. How good you are in taking care of others, instead of yourself. No means no..”
Ragini: “But!”
Parth: “I said na, no! When your husband is here to cook and take care of the house, then what’s the need to worry?”
Ragini (murmurs): “That’s the reason, why I am worried.”
Parth: “Huh? Did you say anything?”
Ragini nods in no.
Late night (2:00 a.m)

Scene 6: Meshwari Mansion
Swasan’s room:
Both Swara and Sanskaar were sleeping peacefully, when Swara wakes up. She feels a little thirsty. She finds the water jug, placed on the side table empty too. She looks at Sanskaar (sleeping) and decides to go downstairs to the kitchen and get the water on her own. She gets out of her room and starts walking.
While passing by Kavya’s room, she sees the lights on. She peeks inside and finds Kavya, sitting on her bed, in a deep thought. She decides to go in, so she knocks on the door. Kavya gets attentive and gets up seeing her.
Kavya: “Swara? What are you doing here, late night?”
Swara: “I just woke up to get some water for myself but what were you doing at this time of night? You should be asleep by now.”
Kavya thinks for a while. She closes the door of her room while Swara wintnesses her doing all this. She then takes a deep breathe.
Kavya: “Swara! I need to tell you something. First I thought that it’s just me and my random thought but… I just can’t take this anymore.” Swara looks on.
Kavya puts her hand on her shoulder and says, “Listen to me carefully! Please don’t freak out.” Swara nods.
Kavya (continues): “Swara.. Ra..Ra.. RAGINI IS ALIVE!” Swara gets a sudden shock. She gets into a flash back:
The moments when Swara met Ragini during Parth’s accident and Swasan receiving Ragini’s wedding card. Swara making Sanskaar understand the fact that they should leave Ragini with Sanaya and Rahul.. All these moments are shown.
Kavya shakes her a little. She gets out of the flashback. She stares at her while she continues speaking, “Not only this! She got married and…and..” Tears flow out of her eyes. Swara puts both of her hands on her shoulder and says, “What else, Kavya?”
Kavya: “Wo.. Laksh!” Swara gets shocked hearing Laksh’s name. She gets curious to know what is Kavya even talking about. The only reason she left Ragini with Parth was that she wanted her to lead a happy life, with anyone troubling her and Laksh.. Laksh meant trouble!
Swara (shouts): “Laksh? How is Laksh related to this, Kavya?” Kavya cries vigorously.
Swara (in a louder tone): “Kavya! I am asking you something, you need to answer me.”
Kavya (jerking her hands off her shoulder): “CUZ HE IS BACK IN HER LIFE!”
This gives Swara, another shock. She stumbles a bit but Kavya holds her and makes her sit on the bed. She sits beside her and puts her hand on her shoulder. “I know, you won’t be able to believe me. Even I wasn’t able to believe it when I heard it first, but then I searched and found this articles”, she says forwarding her phone to her. Swara takes the phone with shivering hands. She looks at the phone while Kavya tells her, “According to this article, Laksh’s company and Ragini’s husband, Parth’s company had a deal, a few days before. Today, they had their 5th marriage anniversary and Laksh was invited in that party too.” Swara scrolls down and sees some pics. The pics are of Ragini’s and Parth’s wedding anniversary.
First pic is of Ragini, Parth, Sanaya and Rahul together, smiling. Second pic is of Parth and Laksh. The third pic shows Ragini and Parth dancing while the final pic is of Laksh and Parth dancing.
She cries seeing Ragini’s pic. While Kavya looks on with a sad face. The screen freezes on their faces.

Promo: Laksh visits Ragini and Parth. He intentionally drops the juice glass on himself. Ragini leads him to the washroom. He smirks at her back.

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