Love-Once Again (Episode 4)


Scene 1: Corridor
Sanskaar: “Excuse me!”
Ragini stands still. Sanskaar says, “Miss, can you please tell me where can I get these medicines from? I need them for my friend. It’s urgent.”
Ragini says nothing. Sanskaar asks her again, “Are you fine Miss? Can you please..”
Nurse: “Mr. Sanskaar? I told you these medicines can be needed anytime. Get them fast.”
Ragini gets relieved. Sanskaar says, “Sister, where can I get these medicines from?”
Nurse tells him the direction. Sanskaar thanks her and is about to go when he turns back sees that girl (Ragini) again. He says to himself, “Strange girl!”
After Sanskaar goes Ragini turns and starts walking again.
Scene: 2 Swara’s house
Dadi, Sumi and Swara are sitting together on the table having tea.
Dadi: “When Ragini will come back I shall make her marry.”
Sumi: “Maa! You know very…”

Dadi (interrupting her): “Laksh is no longer the part of her life Sharmishta. You need to understand the fact.”
Dadi continues, “I shall make her marry a young…
A boy is shown getting out of a car.
Dadi: “Handsome”
The boy is seen tying the buttons of his coat.
Dadi: “Rich”
The boy’s watch is shown and he is seen wearing branded shoes and clothes. His car is shown. It’s a really an expensive one.
Dadi: “And charming boy.”
The camera covers the boy from top to bottom. His face is revealed its Parth.
Scene 3: Hospital’s corridor
Sanskaar is seen taking the medicines. Ragini is seen in same corridor. She sees Sanskaar. She gets tensed again. She hides in a room nearby. She sees some clothes of Doctor their and gets an idea.
After sometime Sanskaar is seen taking the medicines and he goes back to the room. He doesn’t enter the room, he just gives the medicines to the nurse and sits outside.
Scene 4: Hospital’s reception

Parth is seen entering the hospital. He goes to the reception says, “I want to meet Sanaya (Sanaya is Parth’s childhood friend. Her character will be played by Sanaya Irani. She is in hospital because she is suffering from food poisoning.) The receptionist tell him the room number.
Parth: “Thanks!”
As he is moving towards Sanaya’s room he collides with a person in doctors clothes (it’s none other than Ragini). Ragini is about to fall down when Parth holds her. They have an eye lock. They are lost in each other’s eyes. Parth is constantly looking into Ragini’s eyes. Parth makes her stand and says, “Are you okay Miss?” Ragini replies, “Yes I am okay!” Parth looks at Ragini’s forehead and sees a bandage there. Ragini sees him looking at her bandage. She says, “I must leave!” After Ragini leaves Parth says to himself, “Strange! Now-a-days even doctors are not able to take care of themselves.”
Scene 4: Sanaya’s room
Parth: “Hi Sanaya! How are you now?”
Sanaya : “I am fine” (she coughs)
Parth: “Look! What I brought for you.”

He shows her the rose bouquet. Sanaya smiles.
Sanaya: “Thank you Parth!”
Then there is a silence between them. After sometime Sanaya speaks up. She says, “Parth? How is Rahul? Is he fine?”
(Rahul’s role with be played by Karan Tacker or Pearl V Puri. You can imagine any of them. Choice is yours)

Parth: “Rahul Bhai is fine as usual.”
(Rahul is just like brother to Parth. They were in the same orphanage together. Sanaya has feelings for Rahul but never revealed them. Sanaya wasn’t an orphan but at the age of 18 her mother and father died in a car accident but Sanaya knew both Rahul and Parth from childhood. They used to play together.)
Sanaya: “Didn’t he said anything when you told him about my food poisoning?”
Parth: “Why are you asking? You know he is very arrogant and doesn’t talk much after he left the orphanage. I don’t him to shout on me so I didn’t tell him about your illness.”
Sanaya: “Oh! Okay!”
(Parth knows that Sanaya likes Rahul but he never speaks up as the person whom he considers his brother is very arrogant and rude. He wasn’t like that before. He has a dreadful story of betrayal. He used to love a girl from the bottom of his heart but that girl was only with Rahul because he was rich. When Rahul got bankrupt, she was the only support but she betrayed him. After that day Rahul stop believing in love and became rude and arrogant. Now he is very successful and he is the owner of a company that is run by him and Parth.)
Parth: “I shall leave now. I have an important meeting too.”
Sanaya: “Okay take care! Bye!”
Parth: “Bye!”

Scene 5: Meshwari Mansion
All the ladies are in the kitchen preparing the lunch. Kavya comes there. Sujata makes faces seeing her. Annapurna asks her, “What are you doing here?”
Sujata: “Jiji, I think she is planning to kill us.”
Annapurna: “Sujata please!”
Kavya: “Anti ji, I came here to complete that rasam.”
Annapurna: “Which rasam?”
Kavya: “I don’t know about Indian culture much but I do know that there is a rasam in which the new bride makes something sweet for everyone.”
Annapurna thinks that she is that bad as I thought.
Sujata: “Do you know how to cook?”
Kavya: “I don’t know how to cook but I do know how to bake. I love baking.”
Annapurna: “Okay, so you can make whatever you like.”
Sujata: “Jiji but..”
Annapurna: “No Sujata! At last she is our house’s Bahu.”

Kavya smiles.
Annapurna and all others leave.
After sometime Kavya bring them the dish she made. It’s a chocolate cake.
Sujata: “Can you guarantee us that you haven’t mixed anything in it?”
Ram Prasad: “Sujata..?”
Kavya: “Yes, I guarantee you!”
Everyone eats the cake and appreciate Kavya’s baking skills.
Sujata: “I don’t want to praise you but, I must say this cake is delicious.”
Kavya smiles.

Promo: Ragini is walking on an isolated road. It starts raining. Swara and Sanskaar come to know that Ragini is not in her room. They wonder what to do?

Well, I couldn’t stop my self from writing another episode and posting it. I hope you liked it. Keep commenting! ??

Credit to: Alisha

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