My Love With Me (Episode 4)

Radhika and Arjun was in car.Arjun control his feelings towards Radhika.
Arjun receives message from Mala about Radhika.After reading that message Arjun face is glowing that he know about Radhika..Nadhini observe this and ask him..
Nandhini:What happened Arjun? Why your face is glowing?
Arjun:Maa msg me abt Radhika..
Nandhini:Gud..go and bring her to our house..She is our ghar ka bahu..

Arjun nod his head but little bit he hide his feelings..
Nandhini:But one thing Arjun..Dont express your love and care towards her.I also like Radhika..But still i am angry on her to spoil my plan.We want to give pain to Sam..But Radhika spoil it by putting herself in problem..We want shares or partnership in BS.. Then only our mission will be sucesses.
Second one..If you express your feelings means she expose us infront of all..We know Sam is in infactuation with you and we trained her it is only Love..once you break infront of Radhika means we didnt sucseed in our mission.After this revenge drama i only send you both far to lead your lives happily..
If you dont want to do these things leave it.I didnt compell it.I know i am not your own dhi..
Arjun:Nandhu..dont talk like that.. Nothing is important than you.. I promise you Nandhu..I give more pain to Sam and her parents..I know i have softcorner on Radhika..but she is not more than you..
Nandhini:I know it Arjun..Dont express your feelings on her infront of her..
Bring her to our house..I prepare red water and for remaing Rasams..
Arjun nod his head and left from there with his car keys..

FB ends..
Bcoz of that reason,he didnt express his feelings on her.But his heart feel the pain what Radhika beared?Even though he control his feelings.And try to behave rude with her.
In Samrats house:
Neil knocked on the door..Piyali open the door and give place to Neil to come in.Neil enter into kitchen and prepare coeffee for them and offer it to Piyali and Samrat.
Piyali:She didnt getup..
Suddenly Sam shout loudly…
Neil,Piyali and Samrat run into that room.
Sam:Where is my coeffee idiot?
Neil give one coeffee mug to Sam..
Sam:Wats our program today idiot?
Neil:Your wish Samandhar..
Sam:Then we go for it ok for you?
Neil nod his head..
Manya:I also join with you people.
Neil:Sam and me only..

Samrat:Manya dont make things complicate now..
At Mehra Mansion:
Arjun stop his car infront of his house and open door to Radhika..Radhika didnt getdown and turn her face..
Arjun smiled for her reactions and control his smile and lift her in his arms and walk towards main door.
Radhika try to get down from his hands..but Arjun hold her tightly but smoothly without hurting her.But his facial expressions shows anger on her.
Arjun bang the door to enter into the house.But Nandhini stop him and bring Arathi thali and give Arathi to new couple..and place Rice bowl and ask her to hit with her right leg and place her foot in plate which filled with red color water..
Radhika didnt respond for those instructions given by nandhini. only told to me that we are love each other..and we are in relationship na..Come on..lets start our relationship with following rituals..By saying this he push Rradhika..She hit the Rice bowl with her right leg..Again Radhika stand like that..Arjun lift her in his arms and drop her in plate which consists red color water..

Radhika look at Arjun with bearing so much of pain..Arjun also looked at her.. But he didnt understand what happened to her..Radhika thinks that Arjun and Nadhini intensionally hurt her.But Arjun didnt know Nandhini put glass pieces in plate.Radhika turn her head with haterd from Arjun to another side.That immense pained look give so much pain to Arjuns heart.But he control his emotions infront of Nandhini..Radhika stepout from that plate and walk from there..
Nandhini:Arjun took Radhika to your room.
Arjun:Ha Nandhu…
Arjun hold Radhika wrist and take her with him towards his room..and open the room door..The room is dark without no lights..He enter into the room and switch on the lights..

He didnt leave Radhikas hand..
When he switch on the lights…The room is filled with balloons and color papers..The kids run towards Arjun and hug him to his legs….kids:Arjun Bhayya..
Arjun sit on his knees and hug them..
Kids look at Radhika and ask her to sit..Radhika sit on her knees and look at them with smily face..Arjun look at her and feel happy for her smile.
This is first time Radhika smile..after Sam slap Radhika infront of all..
Kids:You are so cute than Arjun Bhai..
Radhika look at Arjun and her smile disappears..Arjun control his emotions and turn his head..
Radhika:You all are also so cute..

Kids:Bhabhi..Bhabhi..Nandhini dhi told us that u prepare food for us with your hands..We are in hungry state.. We want something to eat..
Radhika look at Arjun and then kids..
Nandhini:Today is your first day in this house..No your house..Today you cook with your hands..and it is Rasam after marriage..Malaji msgd me what to do according to our culture..So,first you light diya infront of god and then you cook for us..
Arjun phone receive a msg..He open it and read..and look towards Nandhini..

Arjun nod his head and change his face feelings and move from that place..
Nandhini ask kids to go and play in garden..Kids ran from that place..One small boy look at Nandhini with dislike looks and move from that place with remaining kids..
Nindhini walk towards Radhhika….
Nandhini:You feel that you won your challange to save Sam from me..But you dont know that in another angle you give pain and tears to Sam.But i didnt leave you two girls..Even i leave you people without giving any brother didnt leave you..
Already he start to execute his plan.. In the prat of plan only you will be here..How is your foot..I appricate you Radhika..For your frnd you bear lot of things..I like your frndship and i learn meaning of frndship from you..
But dont worry Radhika..I Ruin Sam…
Radhika:Stop it..I didnt sit calm when you are trying to hurt Sam.
By showing his identity finger Radhika warn Nandhini..

Radhika:Stay away from Sam..and be in your limits..
Arjun saw that Radhika show finger to Nandhini and hear the in your limits..Arjun looks angry at Radhika and walk towards her..
Arjun:How dare you show your finger to her..
Nandhini:Arjun leave it na..She is in pain..ans she is young..She took some time to adjust here and follow our culture..Give her some time..
Nandhini turns towards Radhika..
Nandhini:Dont be angry on me..I didnt interfere in your personal matters.. if you are not intrested to light diya infront of god and Cooking food means leave it.Dont worry..You take rest..i will do it..
Arjun:No Nandhu..You didnt do anything..Only she can do all things.. she loves me..we married infront of all..She agreed that we are in relationship..So..she followed the culture and rules..And those guidelines are instructed by her mother only..
By saying this he hold Nandhini by placing his hands around her shoulder and move towards Nandhinis room..He stop and order Radhika to light lamp infront of God and start cooking..I give only one hour time to you..

Radhika look with shocking expression..
Arjun took Nandhini towards her room and ask her to take rest..and give medicines to her..
Radhika walk towards kitchen and put biscuts in plate and pour milk in glasses and mix chocalate powder in milk..and put biscits and milk in tray and walk towwards garden..And give biscuits and milk to kids..
Radhika:Bachaa..first drink milk and eat these biscuits and play..with in 30mins i call you for lunch ok..
Kids nods their heads and drink milk..
Arjun look this scene from window from Nandhinis room..He turn back and see Nsndhini is sleeping..He cover blanket to her and went into his room..
Radhika light lamp infront of god and went into kitchen..She search for some items and put all things on kitchen compartment..she mix flour to prepare poori..and went out from kitchen..
She hold a dish with handles to put it on stove for poori..But Radhika hold the handles of dish and shouted with big voice..Radhika:Maa…

By shouting like that she leave the dish from hands and it fell on her feet..
Radhika look at her palms and tears flow from her eyes..By listening Radhikas voice Arjun come out from his room and run towards kitchen.. Rana kaka along with children run towards kitchen..Nanshini also come out from her room and come towards kitchen with drowsy eyes..
Before Arjun enter into run towards her and ask her…
Kids:What happened to you Bhabhi..

One kid hold Radhikas hand and see burn marks on her palm..Arjun saw those marks and walk towards her..
At that time Nandhini walk towards kitchen and fell down infront of Arjun..Arjun look at Radhika with teary eyes and lift Nandhini in her arms and went to Nanddhinis room and placed her on bed..In half sleep anf Drowzyness also Nsndhini ask about Radhika..
Nandhini:What happened to Radhika? Why she shout like that?
Arjun:Leave it Nandhu..She can handle her things..First you take rest.
By listening those words from Arjun..Radhika feel bad..
Arjun sit beside Nandhini..He is not able to leave her..and his heart beats for Radhika..Radhika rub icecubes on the burn marks and prepare lunch for them..Radhika adjust all items on dining table..RaΓ±a go and call Nandhini and Arjun for lunch..
When they both enter into the dinning area..Radhika serve food to kids..and kids are talking and joking with her..
One kid sit calmly without eating..
Radhika:Why you didnt eat anything beta..come i feed to you..
Both Arjun and Nandhini occupied their seats..Rana stand there..

Radhika looked at him and ask him to sit..He didnt and look at Namdhini.. Radhika saw this with one eye..and walk towards Rana and hold his hand and place him in chair and serve food to him also..The items ate too taste.. while serving food Arjun saw Red color burn marks..Tears appear..from his eyes..All complete their lunch and left from there..Radhika hold napkin and give them..Kids use Napkin and went into hall..Nandhini wenr to her bedroom..Its turn to Arjun..He pull her saree pallu and dry his hands with sare edge and place it back and move from that place..Radhika shocked first and confused by his actions.She dont know how to react..but he feels his light touch on her waist when he place her saree edge back..
Arjun:Take your lunch Radhika..?frm yesterday onwards you didnt eat anything na..Radhika:I know how to manage my dont worry abt me..
Arjun leave from that place and sit with kids..They are watching TV.. Arjun saw Radhika with one eye..She clean table and kitchen and make things properly and try to move from there..One kid hold her hand and drag her with him..Arjun and kids playing play from our side na..he always won the match and we always lost the match..Radhika:No bachaa you go and play with your bhai..

Kids:Bhabhi plz..
Arjun:Your bhabhi has no guts to play with me..
Radhika got angry for that statement and ready to play against him..Radhika:Arjun sir..i already play game with you..They both look at each other..Arjun and Radhika starts the game…Bcoz of kids Radhika forget abt her pain..She do so much of naughtyness and smile like a cute kid wihich reflects her beauty..Arjun look at her and foget to kid who sit with Arjun ask him to strike..Arjun come to his senses and strike coin.. atlast finally Radhika won the match..
Kids give kiss to Radhika one by one..
She close her eyez and ask next ,next..

Atlast it is turn to Arjun..She didnt realise and inflow ahe ask next..Arjun bend and ask her in slow voice..Is my kiss is ok for you..By listening this shd open her eyes and look at him and share an eyelock..

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  1. Shravanrishi

    Awesome episode shubadha.

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks dear…

  2. Love arjun’s care πŸ™‚ hate nadhu always…… Rads she s really a cute one πŸ™‚ loved rads n children part πŸ™‚ loved it πŸ™‚

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks suga..Arjun is always gud..i also hate nandhu..

  3. Kavina

    I loved it

  4. good one Shubhadha πŸ™‚

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  5. Rg2015

    Hi I loved d way u presented this one. I do hate Nandini . How Long is arjun going to control his feelings.

    1. Shubhadha

      Hi..Arjun..burst out his feelings soon.. wait for that

      1. Rg2015

        Thks shubhadha . I will keep my fingers crossed and wait eagerly.

  6. Awesome episode, waiting for the next episode. πŸ™‚

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  7. Sweetie

    Awesome episode dear especially that final scene kiss wala..Superb.. πŸ™‚ Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ˜€

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      Thanks sweetie..If arjun kiss radhika then wat abt ur reaction..

      1. Sweetie

        I would’ve definitely fell off my bed while reading the scene..Hehe..But Arjun is not a person to take advantage of a girl especially his lady love.. πŸ˜€ So can’t think in my wildest dreams that Arjun would kiss her without her permission.. πŸ˜‰

  8. nyc episode dear

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  9. So awesome loved it very much especially the last part. Amazing Subhadha just amazing

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  10. Wow superb

  11. I really don’t like mmz second half when Arjun became a puppet of nandini…plz expose nandini asap

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks Rosie..Arjun..puppet…no not at all..wait for next episode

  12. loved it dr..eally hate nandu….when will rads fall for Arjun…waiting for u

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks yaar..wait for some time for Rads feelings..

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  14. Love it….pls xpose nandini soon..

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  16. Nivika

    hi was awesome…btw u r the same who writes journey of love….if yes thn when u will post next epi

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      ooops soorrryy subhadha…u r the same…n i didn’t read ur last epi…sorry dear

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      Thanks snehal…I am the same writter..
      You like my new ff or not..

      1. Nivika

        its really nice shubha…hope you dont mind..i will call u shubha…btw i have also started new ff…will love damage our friendship

  17. wow amazing.

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  18. Plz check ur grammatical mistakes….they spoil the pleasure of reading

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      Thanka nik..i am not that of good in english..but next time i try my level best…..

  19. Awesome shubhadha. …very interesting n cute plot n lovely narration. …keep it up honeyyy. ..nice job….love you loads. . πŸ™‚

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