Love-Once Again (Episode 39)


The next morning (Sunday):
Scene 1: Parth’s house (Ragini’s and Parth’s room)
The scene starts as the sun rays fall on Ragini and she gets up annoyed. She looks up, at the clock. “Its only 9:30 a.m. by now”, she mumbles while looking at the clock with her half closed eyes. She then, tries to go back to sleep once again, when suddenly she opens her eyes. She gets up at once and gives her self a face palm. “It’s 9:30 a.m. Ragini, you should have been ready by now. You usually wake up at 8:30 a.m.”, she curses herself and rushes towards the bathroom.

Scene 2: Laksh’s house
Laksh comes from the kitchen, with a cup of coffee in his hand. He sits on his couch and takes a sigh of relief. He takes a sip from his cup of coffee, closes his eyes whene suddenly, his phone beeps. He picks it up and sees a message from an unknown number. He opens the message and begins reading it. “Once in a while you get a chance, to know what true love actually is. Please join us in honor of Mr and Mrs. Parth 5th marriage anniversary. Address and time….With love”, the message says. He rolls his eyes reading the message and murmurs, “Ugh! True love.. Can’t these people even let me take rest on Sundays?” He saves the number and leaves towards his room.

Scene 3: Parth’s house
Ragini comes downstairs after changing her clothes. She looks here and there for Parth but can’t find him. Suddenly a voice comes, “Ragini Beta!” Ragini turns and sees Kaka standing there. She smiles at him and takes his blessings. She asks him about Parth on which he replies, “Beta, he left early in the morning. I don’t know to where he left, but he gave me this bag and asked me to give it to you whenever you wake up.” Ragini takes the bag from him and thanks him for informing. Kaka leaves towards the kitchen while Ragini opens the bag. She finds a long, sleeveless, gold color sequin dress along with a note. “Do wear this dress and be ready until 7:30 p.m. From your love ❤️”, the note says. She smiles after reading the note and leaves towards her room, hugging the dress.

Scene 4: The Hall
The scene starts as the camera covers 2 men adjusting a board with “HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!” written on it outside the hall, while another man is instructing them. “A little to the left”, he says as he finalizes the position. The 2 men do as he says. “Perfect!”, he adds in, as they finish adjusting the board. He is none other than Rahul. He moves inside the hall. As he enters, Parth comes running towards him. He stumbles a bit as he couldn’t apply a sudden brake, but Rahul holds him on time.
Parth: “Bhaiya.. Wo..(gasps).”
Rahul: “Araam se! Clam down.”
Parth: “Bhaiya! There is no time for that.”
Rahul: “But what happened?”
Parth (in a faster pace): “Bhaiya, I had ordered red roses for decoration, but sent yellow roses instead. On the other hand, there is no arrangement for music and we have less time left. You know na, I want everything to be perfect. No flaws.”
Rahul: “Okay okay! I got it. I will do something. You don’t worry.” (putting his hand on his shoulder..)
Then he leaves to do the rest of the preparations. From the other side, Sanaya comes walking, looking at the notepad when Parth blocks her way.
Parth: “Bhabhi… Did you send the dress to Ragini?”
Sanaya: “Yes, of course I did! By the way, you should get ready now, after all it’s your anniversary too.”
He nods, while she leaves.
7:25 p.m.
Scene 5: Outside Parth’s house
Ragini was ready according to the time. She was wearing the same dress, with light makeup and some gold colored accessories. “I wonder who is going to pick me up”, she mumbles to herself when suddenly a car arrives. The driver asks her to sit in the car and says that Parth has sent him to pick her up. Ragini sits in the car and leave towards their destination.
7:40 p.m.

Scene 6: Hall
The car reaches its destination. Ragini gets down from the car and smiles while examining the hall. Her eyes fall on the board with “HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!” written on it. She gives herself a face palm and says, “Ragini! How could you forget this. Now a days you have started forgetting things a lot.” She moves forward and reaches the entrance of the Hall. The door is open. She moves inside. It’s totally dark. “Hello?! Anyone in here?”, she shouts but no one replies. “Parth! Bhaiya? Di?”, still no one replies. The lights turn on. She looks here and there, in a hope that she would find someone but in vain. The hall is empty. Suddenly, flower petals start falling on her and some bubbles emerge from the corner. She enjoys it. She was dancing with the flower petals and bubbles when someone holds her hand from the back and spins her round. Now, she was finally facing the person. It was none other than Parth. Music starts playing… (Kuch to hai from Do Lafzon Ki Kahani plays…) She smiles at him and they start dancing. After the song ends..
You can hear people clapping. Suddenly, a number of people emerge, clapping and smiling at them. Sanaya and Rahul also come from the back, clapping and stand on either side. Parth and Ragini look at eachother and smile. Sanaya and Rahul wish them.
Sanaya: “Happy Anniversary to you both.”

Rahul (placing Ragini’s hand in Parth’s): “May you both stay together forever and lead a happy life.”
They, then leave to manage the guests. Ragini and Parth look at their hands, entwined. Ragini stares at him, puts her other hand too on his hand and says, “Parth! I am extremely sorry. I don’t know..” Parth interrupts her, removes her hand from his and says, “It’s okay Ragini! Never mind.” He leaves while Ragini looks on.
Parth talks to himself, while he is walking. “I cannot believe that Ragini only said sorry to me. I this surprise party for her, for us. Argh! I am such an idiot. I expected too much from her.” Suddenly music starts playing. Parth turns and sees a girl dancing in spotlight. The girl turns and Parth’s expressions change into surprised ones. The camera focuses on the girl. It’s none other than Ragini. (Prem Ratan Dhaan Payo plays…) Ragini dances. After the song ends… Everyone clap. Ragini smiles and looks at Parth. He tries to ignore her. Ragini sees him acting weird and says, “Huh! I did this for him and he, he didn’t even bother to look at me or appreciate. But don’t worry Mr. I am your wife and I know very well how to persuade you. Just wait and watch!” She walks up to him and taps on his shoulder. He turns, stares at her and turns back. “O hello Mr. Pati Dev! I am your wife..”, Ragini says when Parth interrupts her once again and says, “Han! A wife, who forgot about her wedding anniversary so easily?” Before Ragini could answer him, he leaves from there. Ragini follows him and at last, gets successful in stopping him. She hold his hand and drags him along with her while Parth keeps on asking her about what is she doing.

Scene 7: The Hall’s top floor
Ragini bring him to the top floor. Before she could take him any further, Parth jerks her hand. “Ragini what’s wrong with you? Why have you brought me here?”, he questions her.
Ragini: “What’s wrong with me? That is what I should be asking you. I know I forgot about our wedding anniversary and I apologized too, what else?”
Parth: “I don’t want to talk about it, that’s the only answer. Now enough of this, let’s go back.” He tries holding her hand but this time she jerks it off while Parth looks on shocked.
Ragini (she starts moving backwards): “No, We are not leaving until you forgive me.”
Parth: “Ragini..”
Ragini (she keeps on moving backwards): “I said no na! Just say you forgave me.”
Parth: “Ragini, stop this nonsense of yours…”
Ragini (she is still moving backwards): “Just say it!”
Parth: “Fine… But stop moving backwards first.” Ragini stops and looks on.
Parth (with his head down): “I do forgive you.”
Ragini: “Paka na?”
Parth (looks at her and smiles): “Paka!”
Ragini runs to him,hugs him tightly and cries hard. He complies. “Promise me, you would never do this again”, he asks for her promise while Ragini nods and says, “Promise!” He kissed her forehead, wipes her tears and hugs her again. The episode ends on their happy faces.

Promo: Laksh enters the party. Parth introduces Ragini to Laksh and Laksh to Ragini. Ragini gets shocked seeing him while he smirks.

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  1. Sindhura

    Oh my god finally face off

    1. Alisha

      Yes Sindhura! Finally, there is gonna be a face off between Ragini and Laksh. I hope that you would like the next episode. I am super excited for the next episode, cuz in my view the next episode is gonna be “dhamakedaar face off”. So keep commenting and following! ?❤️

      1. Sindhura

        I hope parth will take a stand for her

      2. Alisha

        I hope so too! ??

  2. I am just eagerly waiting for your update you are an amazing writer update is just super mindblowing out of the world keep going waiting for the confrontation of ragini and laksh love you loads

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      OMG! Thank you so much Piya! That means a lot to me. You made me blush! Me? An amazing writer? Rulao gi kiya? ?
      Anyways.. Thank for commenting and I hope you would like the “Dhamakedar Face off” too.

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Don’t know now how Laksh will react
    Waiting for the next one eagerly……….

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      Hey Spp! I am glad that you liked it and hope that you would like the next episodes too.
      Keep commenting and supporting me! Love ya! Stay tuned for the “Dhamakedar Face off”.

      1. SPP

        Yeah I am Waiting

  4. nice ff
    but itne time baad upload kia wo bi that tooo short

    1. Alisha

      I am so sorry Lisa! Even I, myself was disappointed when I reread the episode and saw that there was nothing much interesting and it was short too. I had even planned to describe the songs in detail but was caught up in some work. I hope you would like the next one that is “Dhamakedar face off”. Keep commenting and following! ❤️?

  5. Anandi

    No Manan?….I didn’t like the ranik combination…anyways….I was imagining nanadini instead of ragini…I’m a die hard fan of kyy…so I jst like that the manan pair…?

    1. Alisha

      Sorry for that Anandi! I am exteremely sorry… Well! I held a poll when I had to make the hero enter and most of the people voted for Parth, so.. Here I am with the Ranik combination. Anyways.. I apologise.. I am glad that atleast you liked the storyline, didn’t you? I hope so.
      Love ya! ❤️?

  6. It’s there 5th anniversary and still they dont have a child. Please I want her to have a child soon

    1. Alisha

      Dona, even I wanted the same but when I began writing the episodes after the leap, I felt that if I added Ragini’s daughter or son thing in it, it would kinda spoil tha Laksh-Ragini thing. But still if you want her to be pregnant, I would take care of that cus this is almost the 3rd time someone is requesting. I adore you guys and I can’t neglect your suggestions. I promise, I would try my best not to disappoint you.
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      1. Thanks…I just love ur writing skills, it’s amazing. I’m really happy that u replay to my comment and consider it . So, a special thanks for that

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        Would try my best! ??

  7. Tash

    Hey.. Superb.. It was jst so perfect n romantic…
    Must say party is way too romantic…

    But precap.. Seems like danger is entering party n ragini’s life…
    Interesting.. Update soon..

    1. Alisha

      Awww… Thank you so much Tash! Yeah, he is kinda way too much romantic. Stay tuned for the “Dhamakedar Face off”. Hope you would like it, cuz in my point of view the next episode is gonna be something full of danger for Ragini and interesting.
      Btw, thanks for wishing me on my birthday! ?❤️Stay blessed!

  8. Akshata

    loved the update…Ragini and Parth’s relationship is so blissful. u have beautifully written their emotions, and the end was amazing. but promo scared will raglak react after coming face to face? especially laksh. now i am ready to see dark side of laksh. but this time update soon 🙂

    1. Alisha

      Hey Akshata! I am glad you loved it! Yeah their relationship is blissful. I am glad you liked the way I described the scenes and emotions, btw I am not that good! ? You guys na!
      Stay tuned for the next episode cuz it’s gonna be a “Dhamakedar Face off”. Keep commenting and reading! ❤️?

  9. Kriya.kri

    Wlcm back….. Missed u…. Awsm epi…… Finally raglak tlr going to see each other ……. cant wait for the reaction of laksh when he is going to see ragini as mrs parth….. Update one more part today cant wait yr….. Oh i forgot to tell u i m kriya n frm now i m commenting with this name only….. take care???

    1. Alisha

      Hey Kriya! Even I missed you guys but couldn’t update cuz was caught up in some work. Well, even I am excited for Raglak face off, or may I say kinda over excited. The next part is half ready but some of the details are still left. Iwould update as soon as possible. Stay blessed and you too take care! ?❤️

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  10. Nice……

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      Hey Richa! I am glad you liked my fanfiction. Stay tuned for the next episode. Would update it as soon as it gets completed.
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  11. Hey ur ff is really nice….. Today only I read the all the episodes… Can u pls give me the link of ‘ ragini a story ‘ which inspired u n wrote abt that in ur first episode pls!????

    1. Alisha

      Hey Myra! First all, thank you for appreciating cuz it means a lot of me when you guys comment. You read all of the episodes in one go, that’s so sweet! ??
      Here is the link to the fanfiction that inspired me to write, it’s written by ck1234. She has written many fanfictions. I loved this one because she had added Karan Wahi as a hero opposite Ragini. That was the time when Kavya was there in the serial. Anyways, here is the link:
      Hope you like it! I think she has stopped writing it, cuz I haven’t seen another episode of her fanfiction after the 9th one.
      Anyways, keep commenting and reading!
      Love ya! ??

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