Love-Once Again (Episode 38)

Scene 1: Parth’s and Ragini’s room
The scene starts when the camera covers Parth standing in front of the mirror adjusting his tie. The camera then focuses on Ragini, who was still sleeping. Parth looks at Ragini through the mirror. He then turns, goes near her and sits beside her, admiring her beauty. He moves her hair to the back of her ear, kisses her on her forehead and whispers “Bye! See you at night.” He leaves while Ragini continues to sleep.
Scene 2: R&P Builder’s (Parth’s and Rahul’s office)
1:55 p.m.

Conference room:
Parth and Rahul were waiting for the owner of the company they had to make a deal with. Rahul was continuously looking his wrist watch while Parth was playing with a pen. “How long is he gonna take?”, Parth says while yawning. “Five minutes are still there. We can wait.” Rahul says. The scene then shifts to the entrance of the building.
The camera covers a man, as he steps out of his car and buttons his coat. He is wearing sunglasses. He removes his sunglasses and takes a look at the big building in front of him. The camera covers his eyes as he says, “Hmm.. Not bad!” His secretary joins him, “Sir! This is their main branch. They have many other branches all..” The man signs him to stop with his hand. He does and they head inside.
Conference room:

Parth looks at the clock, “It’s 1:58 p.m. Bhai! How long are we supposed to wait for him?”, he asks. “Still 2 mins are there”, he says as he smiles.
Outside the conference room:
The man along with his secretary are heading towards the conference room. The camera cover his shoes.
Conference room:
As the clock struck 2:00 p.m. someone enters the conference room. Everybody stand up and seeing them stand, Parth also stands as he understand that he is the man they have been waiting for. The camera cover the man from top to bottom. It’s none other than Laksh, the owner of “The Empire Builders”. He has that evil smile on his face.
Scene 3: Parth’s house
Ragini is finally awake. She wonders why did she sleep for so long. As she walks through the living room, she meet Kaka.

Kaka: “Are Beta, you got up?” Ragini nods and says, “Kaka, has Parth left for office already?” Kaka nods in yes and says, “He left quite early today as he was having an important meeting.” Ragini thanks him for informing while he leaves. She then wonders what to do when suddenly she sees a tiffin box, placed on the dinning table. “He left the tiffin box at home?”, she exclaims. “I need to go to his office and give this to him otherwise he would get an excuse to eat the junk food”, she says as leaves to her room to get ready.
Scene 4: R&P Builders

Conference room:
The meeting had ended. Laksh, Parth and Rahul were still in the conference room, chatting. “So Mr Laksh..”, Parth says when Laksh corrects him, “Only Laksh!” Parth smiles at him and continues, “So Laksh, tell us something about your family. Why do you live alone?” Rahul glares at Parth while Parth looks on for the answer. “Actually.. That’s a long story. I would definitely tell you about it some day”, he says ending the awkwardness right there. Parth realizes, what he just said and apologizes.
Parth: “I am really very sorry Laksh. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Laksh: “Actually you know what, you did hurt me. Once someone asked me the same question and I nearly killed him.” Parth stares at Laksh, shocked while Laksh adds in, “I was just kidding. It’s nothing like that.” Rahul laughs while Parth gives him a fake smile.

Ragini reaches Parth’s office with the tiffin box. She asks the receptionist about Parth
and the meeting. “Mam, it just got over. Sir might be still in the conference room.” Ragini thanks her and heads towards the conference room.
Conference room:
“Why don’t you tell me about your family?” Laksh asks, “Aaa.. My family isn’t that big. I have a brother (he looks at Rahul), a Bhabhi who is more like a best friend to me, Kaka whom I consider as my father as he brought me up and a beautiful and loving wife”, Parth replies while Laksh nods. “So, you are married. Hmmm… What’s the name of your wife?” Laksh asks. “Her name is Raa..”, before Parth could complete his sentence there is knock on the door. A girl comes in and says, “Sir, someone has come to meet you.” Parth nods and the girl leaves. “You guys continue talking. I shall be back”, he says while heading towards the door. The girls standing outside tells him that the person is waiting for him in his cabin. He thanks her and leaves towards his cabin.

Scene 5: Parth’s cabin
Parth enters his cabin and gets surprised seeing Ragini there. “Ragini!”, he exclaims with joy while Ragini smiles and says, “You had left your tiffin box at home so I thought..” “Hmmm.. Nice thought by the way”, he says as he moves closer to her. Ragini instantly hits him with the tiffin box. “Ouch!”, he shouts as he rubs that part. Ragini giggles. “Ab araam se yahan beth jaiye, aur khana khaiye”, she says while putting a spoonful in his mouth. She laughs while Parth tires hard not to smile, with the food in his mouth.
Outisde the conference room:
Laksh comes out of the conference room and heads outside.
Parth’s cabin:
Here Ragini and Parth were making eachother eat with their hands.
Outside Laksh’s cabin:
Laksh was walking, when suddenly he gets a call. He was standing just opposite to Ragini and Laksh. He continues talking on phone, with his back side towards Ragini. The camera focuses on Ragini and Parth, while Ragini is making Parth eat the food with her hands, then on Laksh, who is talking on the phone (muted). He ends the call and was about to turn to look towards the cabin, (suspense wala music plays.. ?) when someone calls him. “Sir! We are getting late”, the voice says. It’s his secretary. He continues walking and leaves the building.
At night:

Scene 6: Parth’s house (Dinning table)
Ragini was organizing the table for dinner. It’s 8:00 p.m. by now. Parth comes downstairs, after changing his clothes and sits to have dinner. As Ragini was about to leave back to the kitchen, Parth holds her hand. She turns and smilingly asks, “What?” He makes her sit and serves her food. Ragini shouts, “Itna ziyada? I can’t watch this much.” “You have to..”, he says while making her eat with his hands. “Why aren’t you eating?”, she asks looking at his empty plate. “Because.. I am gonna eat in your plate, along with you”, he says putting another spoonful in her mouth. “By the way, do you know what day it is tomorrow?”, Parth asks her eagerly waiting for her reply. Ragini tries hard to remember. She then makes a puppy face and says, “Is tomorrow my birthday?” Parth nods in no. “Your birthday?”, she tries to guess. Parth nods in no, once again. “Di’s birthday? Rahul Bhaiya’s birthday?”, she tries once again. Parth makes a sad face and nods in no, for the third time. “Then, what is tomorrow?”, she exclaims. “I won’t tell you. You should guess it on your own”, he leaves showing his fake anger while Ragini sits there thinking that what is special tomorrow.

Scene 7: Laksh’s house
The place is totally dark. As the camera tries to focus we can see a yellow light. A man comes and stands below it. He laughs evilly and then stops laughing at once. The camera, then focuses on his eyes that are red and kinda swollen. “What did you think han, that 5 years passed and I would have forgotten everything. I haven’t forgotten anything and I would never. I had to suffer in jail for 2 years because of you (he says pointing in front). Then I struggled for 3 years to achieve the position, at which I am today and do you know why I did so? I did it so that I can trouble you. Now, you would suffer. You would have to suffer, everyday! For your whole life. You would suffer Ragini! Ahahaha.. (He laughs evilly)”, the person/thing he was talking to is revealed to be Ragini’s picture and the person is revealed to be Laksh. He, then takes out a lighter from his pocket, moves forward and lights the picture on fire. He laughs evilly while the picture burns and turns into ashes.

Promo: A party is organized in Parth’s house on the occasion of Ragini’s and Parth’s wedding anniversary. Laksh enters the party.

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    1. Alisha

      That’s is so sweet of you Uma. No, not at all! Every person has his own point of view. Even I am a fan of both Ragsan and Raglak or Swasan and Swalak. I am glad you liked them as a pair and I hope you would also like the upcoming episodes.
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    2. Alisha

      That’s so sweet of you Uma. No, not at all! Every person has his own point of view. Even I am a fan of both Ragsan and Raglak or Swasan and Swalak. I am glad you liked them as a pair and I hope you would also like the upcoming episodes.
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