Love-Once Again (Episode 37)

The next morning:
Scene 1: Parth’s house (Kitchen)
Ragini was in the kitchen. She was still thinking about that nightmare and that glass that she accidentally broke. She was standing in front of the stove. The stove had the milk placed on it, in a pot, that was boiling. Suddenly, Kaka enters the kitchen. He sees Ragini standing in front of the stove, lost in her thoughts. The milk was about to spill out when Kaka turns it off. Ragini comes back to her senses. She sees Kaka standing next to her.
Ragini: “Oh, Kaka when did you come?”
Kaka: “When you were lost in your thoughts.”
Ragini looks downwards. Kaka continues, “Ragini Beta, if something is bothering you than you can..”
Ragini (interrupting him): “NO.. No, nothing is bothering me. I am fine.”
Kaka smiles and says, “Okay Beta, as you wish.” Ragini gives him a fake smile while he leaves. She continues thinking about it.
Scene 2: Rahul’s and Parth’s office (Parth’s cabin)
Parth was in his cabin, kinda busy on his mobile. He was scrolling through his mobile, looking at his and Ragini’s pictures and was constantly smiling. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. He gets attentive and puts the mobile at a side. “Come in!”, he says as Rahul enters his cabin.
Rahul: “Hey Bro, what’s up?”
Parth (acting as he is fully concentrated): “Nothing! Well, what happened?”
Rahul: “Oh yes, I almost forgot! I came here to tell you that tomorrow we are gonna have an important meeting. In that meeting we are going to finalize a deal with a new company. A company, with whom we never made a deal before.” (He walks around his cabin while talking to him.)
Parth: “And what’s the name of the company?”
Rahul: “It’s called “The Empire Builders”.
Parth: “So, what new in this deal? Don’t we finalize the deal every month?”
Rahul: “We do, but this one is kinda special. The first reason is that we have never made a deal with this company before, plus the owner of this company, with whom we would be having a meeting by tomorrow, is considered as one of the biggest business men in our city.”
Parth: “Ahan! Just like us.”
Rahul: “Yes! Most importantly, this deal is kinda risky one too, because if anything goes wrong, (he takes a deep breathe) we would loose all what we have achieved during all these years.”
Parth (stands up and shouts): “What? If it is that much risky then, why we are even making this deal?”
Rahul puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “In business sometimes you have to take risky decisions.” He smiles and bit and leaves his cabin, while Parth stands there thinking.
Scene 3: Parth’s house (Living room)
Ragini was sitting on the couch. She still couldn’t stop thinking about what happened a day before. That nightmare and that glass breaking, she just couldn’t stop thinking about it. “Argh! Why can’t I just get rid of these thoughts? Why? Get out of here”, she yells. “It would be better if I go out for sometime. That would help, maybe”, she says as she goes to her room, gets her bag and leaves the house.
Scene 4: A park
Ragini had arrived at a park. She takes a deep breathe in the fresh air. “Ahh, peace”, she says while examining the nature. “Nothing can better than this”, she adds in as she moves forward.
On the other hand, Swara with the kids arrives at the same park. “Happy?”, Swara says, looking both the kids (Sourav and Priya). The kids nod at the same time. They enter the park, as Swara feels something strange but she ignores it and they move forward.
Ragini was sitting, relaxing under a tree. She was reading a book. When suddenly, her stomach growls. “Oho! Not now, I am reading the most interesting part of the book”, she complains but her stomach growls again. “Okay, you don’t want me to read the book! Fine. Come on, let’s get something to eat.” She gets up and starts walking.
Swara and the kids were roaming here and there in the park when suddenly Priya shouts, “Ice cream?!” Swara and Sourav look in that direction and sees a man selling the ice cream. Sourav licks his lips. “Mama, please can we get one”, Priya insists while Swara refuses. “You both just had lunch, how are..” Sourav interrupts her and they both keep on insisting, “Please please please…” At last Swara shouts, “Okay! We will get one for each. But remember no more than that. I don’t want you both to have a sore throat.” They both nod their heads in yes while Swara smiles and they head towards the ice cream man.
Ragini was wandering here and there, when she spots the same ice cream man. “Nice cream? Yay!”, she says as she also head towards the ice cream man. She could see a girl with 2 kids standing near the stall. She could see the girl’s back only. She was at a quite large distance from the ice cream man. On the other hand, Swara, who was standing near the stall, asks the man to give 2 chocolate ice creams for the kids. The man does and she turns to give the ice creams to Sourav and Priya. As she turns, Ragini who had nearly reached the stall sees her face. She gets shell shocked. She murmurs, “Swara?” She stops walking and continues to look at Swara, who was cleaning the mouth of the kids with tissue paper. Tears roll down from her eyes. She steps backwards and atlast turns before Swara could see her. She starts walking in the opposite direction. A flash back starts in her mind. Her moments with Swara and Sanskaar are shown. She keeps on walking slowly and slowly. “Swara! She…she was here, and I saw her”, she talks to herself as she walks. “I saw with my own eyes. My sister.. Swara!”, she cries. “I wish I could meet you but I can’t”, she cries even more. After a few mins, she wipes her tears and says, “I cannot meet her but atleast I can see her from a distance.” She then turns in a hope to find Swara, still standing near the stall but, alas, she had left. She looks here and there and atlast, spots her, leaving the park. She follows her.
Scene 4: Outside the park
Swara opens the back door of her car for the kids, while Ragini hides behind another car, close to theirs so that she can not only see them but also listen to their voices. “Chalo Bacho! Sit inside. It’s time to go home”, she says. “But Mama, we want to play more”, Priya says. “Yes Chachi!”, Sourav supports her. Ragini gets teary eyed once again hearing the little girl calling Swara “Mama!” and the boy calling her “Chachi!”. She talks to herself, “That means Swara and Sanskaar had a kid? A girl. She is so adorable and that boy, maybe his is Parineeta Bhabhi’s son. I wish I could hug both of them”, she continues to cry silently. “No way! Enough of playing now. We have to go home, it’s getting late.” Swara says as she finally persuades both of them to sit in the car. A man, selling chocolates passes by Ragini and asks does she wants to buy chocolates, while Ragini refuses. He was about to leave, when Ragini stops him and says, “Do you see that girl with the kids in the car?” The man nods while Ragini continues, “Go and give 2 of these chocolates to them.” The man says, “But!” “Don’t worry, I would pay”, Ragini says still looking towards the car.
As Swara was about to sit in the front seat of the car, the man comes and says, “Madam Ji, chocolate?!” Swara refuses while the kids look on. “Are Madam Ji, le lijiye na. In bachon ke liye free hain”, the man adds in. Swara turns and surprisingly asks, “Free?” The man nods and hands over 2 chocolates to the kids form the window (that was open) and leaves while Swara shouts, “Are rukiye!” But the man leaves. Swara wonders that who might have sent the chocolates when Priya shouts, “Chalo na Mama!” Swara comes back to her senses, smiles at the kids seeing them eating the chocolates and drives off while Ragini (with teary eyes) also leaves in her car.
Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini enters the house. She is lost in her thoughts (once again). She heads towards her room. As she reaches her room, she keeps her bag at a side and sits on the bed. She was in a deep shock. She the lays down on the bed, hugs the cushion and cries vigorously. “I am sorry, Swara! I am sorry..”, she says while she cries and after a few mins she falls asleep.
Scene 6: Parth’s house
At night (8:00 p.m.):
Parth returns from office. He enters the house and lays down on the sofa. “Ragini, please bring the food. I am starving.” He closes his eyes of a few mins but opens them when he hears the sound of footsteps. He sits up straight in hope to find Ragini, with a food tray in her hand but unfortunately it was Kaka. Parth gets a little surprised.
Parth: “Kaka, you? Where is Ragini?”
Kaka: “Beta, actually for the start of the day, she was kinda worried. In afternoon, she went for a walk, outside and since she has returned, she is in her room.”
Parth: “She never stays in her room for such a long time. When did she return?”
Kaka: “5:00 p.m.”
Parth: “I should go and check. There must be something wrong.”
Parth gets up to leave towards Ragini’s room, when Kaka stops him.
Kaka: “Wait! A few mins ago, I went to her room to ask to her come downstairs for dinner but she was sleeping peacefully.”
Parth stops and surprisingly says, “What? She slept so early?” Kaka nods while Parth looks on.

Promo: Parth and Rahul at the meeting. A man in a formal dress enters the conference room. His face is not shown.

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