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What is life? Is life a reality or a story? Well, her life was more like a story than a reality. Like people make mistakes in life, she did too but that was her past. She never wanted her past to effect her future. She was living in her present but her mind, her mind was always stuck there, in her past. She always kept thinking about what would she do if someday she encounters her past. She had no idea. 5 years have passed but still the fear continues…

Scene 1: Parth’s house
A girl is shown doing puja. She is wearing a red colored shalwar kameez. The camera covers her her eyes. They are deep. Her eyes speak. Then, it covers her lips while she sings to the God. She completes the puja and the camera shows her wide smile. She turns and the camera covers her from top to bottom. She is none other than Ragini. She moves a little forward and smiled at the person standing infront of her. Then she forward the prashad plate towards him. The camera shows a hand taking prashad from the plate. She continues smiling at him. The camera shows the person smiling back and at last the man is revealed to be Parth.

Scene 2: Meshwari Mansion
The Meshwari ladies were already done with the puja. It was time for the men of the family to go to office. The had achieved a lot during this year, especially Sanskaar. The reason why their company had achieved so much within 5 years was none other than Sanskaar. He had worked really hard and now he was considered as one of the biggest and richest business men in India.
Sujata (shouts): “Arey Swara! Where are you and where are the kids? Beta, they are getting late for school.”
“Han Maa!”, a voice comes. “Ye chori bhi na”, she was about to leave when 2 kids (a boy and a girl) came running down stairs. She smiles,looking at them. They are followed by Swara, who comes running behind them. “Mama couldn’t catch us”, the girl says. “Yay! We won Chachi”, the boy adds in. Everyone smiles at them. Swara bends down and says, “Yeah yeah, I know you guys won. After all it’s impossible to win from you guys.” The girl and the boy give eachother a hi fi. “Now enough of this masti and dramabazi, it’s time for school. Chalo..other wise you both would get late”, Swara adds. Both, the girl and the boy make a puppy face. Before they could say anything Swara says, “No excuses, okay?” They nod. She gives them their tiffin boxes and both of them leave with Sanskaar while Swara stands there smiling.

Scene 3: Parth’s house
Parth eats the prashad and also makes Ragini eat it with his hands. Ragini smiles at him while he smiles back.
Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell.
Ragini: “I would go and see who is there.”
She goes towards the door, opens it and finds Sanaya and Rahul standing there, with a boquet.
Ragini (shouts): “Di, what a pleasant surprise.” She hugs her.
Rahul: “Ehmm ehmm.. I am here too.”
Ragini: “Of course Bhaiya, how can I forget you. Come inside.”
Sanaya and Rahul enter the house. Parth greets them too. Sanaya gives the bouquet to Ragini while she thanks her for it and places it at a side.
Ragini: “Why don’t you guys sit, wait is shall bring something to eat.” She was about to leave when Sanaya stops her. “No no Ragini, no need for that. We already have had our breakfast”, she says. “Okay, as you wish!”, Ragini replies. “So, we should leave for office, shouldn’t we?”, Rahul says pointing towards Parth. “Yeah! Sure..”, he replies hesitantly.
Rahul (pointing towards the door): “So..”
Parth: “Okay, bye Di and.. bye, Ragini.”
Rahul: “Are you coming or not?”
Parth: “Coming Bhaiya!”
He looks at Ragini, while Sanaya gestures him to go. He nods and starts walking towards the door. While walking he talks to himself, “If only I could say bye to Ragini properly.” He turns and looks at Ragini, who was standing there smiling watching with leave. She waves. He gives her a fake smile and leaves.

Scene 4: Sanskaar’s car
Sanskaar drops the children to their school. He comes out of his car and opens the door for them but the children don’t leave the car. They were sitting inside the car, with an angry expression.
Sanskaar: “Oho, looks like someone is angry.” The children turn their faces away. Sanskaar takes a deep breathe and says, “Okay! Fine, tell me, what do you guys want?” Both of them look at eachother and smile. They shout together, “CHOCOLATES!”
Sanskaar: “Wah! But what if your mommy gets to know?”
Sourav: “We won’t tell her Chachu, don’t worry.”
Sanskaar (murmurs): “Waise bhi dant to mujhai hi pare gi.”
Sanskaar acts as thinking while the both of them look on. “Maybe… Yes!”, he says smilingly. The children come out of the car shouting and hug Sanskaar. “Now you both go to your classes, okay?”, he says while hugging them. Both of them leave towards their classes after waving at him. He waves back. After they leave, he also drives off.

Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini caresses the flowers which Sanaya had brought for her.
Ragini: “Di, these are so beautiful na?”
Sanaya: “Of course they are.”
Ragini: “I shall put them in a vase. That would be much better.”
Sanaya nods while Ragini leaves to get a vase for the flowers. While Ragini was walking she hits the side table and a glass placed on it, falls down and breaks. She looks on shocked. Sanaya, after hearing the sound of the glass breaking, runs towards Ragini. She holds Ragini from the back. “Ragini, are you alright? Did anything happen to you?”, she asks worriedly. “Di, I am completely fine. Bas, wo..(she looks at the broken pieces of glass.)”, she replies. “You don’t worry, I shall pick that up”, she says. She leaves to get the tools needed to pick the pieces of glass while Ragini looks at them and talks to herself, “Sheeshe ka totna to abshagun mana jata hai. I wonder what’s gonna happen.”

Scene 6: A big building
A man is shown standing near the window of his room. He is wearing formal clothes, a blue colored coat with a light blue colored shirt. The camera covers his hand. He is holding a cup of tea. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. He says in his strong voice, “Come in!” A man comes in and greets him. “Good evening Sir!” He doesn’t react. He continues, “Sir, as you said I talked to Mr. Aluwahliya that you are interested in buying his property.” The man takes a sip from the cup of tea and nods his head, implying that he wants him to continue. “He..he refused Sir!”, he says in a lower tone.
The man turns (at last) and shouts, “What did you say?” The other man stand there, still. He doesn’t utter a single word. He moves really close to him and says, “He refused huh? Didn’t you tell him who I am?” (The camera covers his lips only.) The man doesn’t respond. “I am Laksh, the biggest business of India, got it?”, he shouts, moving a little bit backwards. The camera shows Laksh dressed in those clothes, looking handsome as always. The man nods in yes. “And yes, do tell that Mr.. whatever.. That he said no to a golden opportunity”, he says pointing his finger towards him. “Okay.. Sir!”, he replies still in a lower tone. Laksh shouts, “Now leave!” The man leaves his cabin whereas Laksh goes and sits on his chair. He opens a magazine and begins reading it. “Sanskaar Meshwari: The biggest business man of India and an inspiration for the youth”, the front page says. He laughs evilly reading it. “Biggest business man, what a big joke?”, he says to himself. He then looks at Sanskaar’s photo right under the heading. He starts talking to it.
Laksh: “You know what Bhai, who is the biggest one? Me! Not you. You know why? It’s because I, (he gets up from his chair, holding the magazine in his hand) Laksh, has achieved all this success only in 3 years and most importantly on my own. After spending 2 years in jail, I am the one who has gained this success in such a short period of time. I! Not you.. Anyways, I have nothing to do with you.” He looks at the magazine and smiles and throws it angrily in the dust bin, placed near by. The camera shows the magazine with Sanskaar photo on it, in the dustbin while Laksh leaves his cabin too.

Scene 7: Parth’s house
5:00 p.m.
The scene opens with Ragini, she is shown on a cliff’s edge. She is standing there, smiling and enjoying the cool breeze. Suddenly, someone holds her hand and pulls her back. It’s none other than Parth. “Ragini, are you out of your mind? What were you doing? What would have happened if you..”, he exclaims. “Fell off the cliff, right?”, she completes his sentence while Parth stares at her. “Itni asani se peecha naheen chorne wali mein (I am not gonna leave you so easily.)”, she giggles. He smiles seeing her. Suddenly they a voice comes, “RAGINI!” Ragini and Parth look in the direction, the voice came from. Ragini sees Laksh standing there, with a gun in his hand. He points the gun towards them, while Ragini stands shocked seeing him. She murmurs, “Laksh!” He pushes the trigger back and the bullet hits Parth. He falls down the the cliff while Laksh smirks. Ragini gets shell shocked. She shouts his name.
“PARTH!”, she shouts, as she wakes up from her bad dream. Yes, fortunately it was a dream. She was sweating like hell. She looks here and there in order to make her self believe that nothing actually happened. She picks up a glass of water placed on the side table and takes one sip from the glass. She was still thinking about that bad dream. She murmurs, “Laksh? How could he be? No no no.. Ragini, just clam down. It was just a bad dream. Just a nightmare..” The screen freezes on Ragini’s tensed face.

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  3. Awsm epi…… I thought parth is dead n but its ragini dream u scared me…….

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  6. Hi Alisha… I loved it but never seen ur ff… N all of a sudden it’s episode 36 how?? When did I u upload others… Maybe that tym I was not the part of tellyupdates..??

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