Love-Once Again (Episode 35)


Scene 1: Ragini’s and Parth’s room
Ragini looks in the mirror and smiles at herself. Suddenly someone knocks at the door of the room. Parth enters and smiles and at her. He comes close, holds her hand. He looks at the ring which he made her wear. He moves his hand over it and looks at it smilingly while Ragini looks on. He then looks at Ragini and says, “Ragini (he takes a deep breathe), I really have no idea what to say….The day you entered my life, it changed completely. (A flashback is shown of Parth finding Ragini in an unconscious state on the road..) I knew something new was gonna happen. (The flashback continues showing them taking shelter in a lady’s house due to rain and their nok-jhok.) You know what, I always thought of asking you about your past life. (Ragini was about to say something when Parth puts his finger on her lips.)” He continues, “But I won’t ask about it anymore because I know if I do, you would get hurt.. (He cups her face.) I can never see tears in your eyes.” Ragini gets emotional but she controls her tears. (Hua Hai Aaj Ye Pehli Baar plays…) They keep on looking into eachother’s eyes while the song continues to play. After a few mins, the song ends (as only half of the song is played.) Their eyelock breaks.

Ragini: “I shall go and change.”
Ragini turns and was about to leave when Parth holds her hand. He pulls her back. Now, Ragini was standing close to Parth and both of them were in front of the mirror. They both look at themselves in the mirror. He puts his chin on her shoulder, hugs her from the back and whispers in her ears, “You know what, you are looking perfect today, but..” He turns her towards himself and opens the hair bun while Ragini closes her eyes. He continues, “You should have left your hairs open.” He turns her back, towards the mirror, “Because you look more pretty with them.” Ragini smiles looking at herself in the mirror. He then removes her jewelry one by one. Ragini breathes heavily. As he was about to kiss her neck, she runs towards the window and stands there. He comes after her, turns her and pins her to the wall. He leans in for kiss while Ragini closes her eyes. Soon his lips meet hers and kiss passionately. They get intimate and the lights go off..

The next morning:
Scene 2: Parth’s house (Living room)
Ragini is shown placing some plates on the table. Her hairs are wet. She shouts, “Parth! It’s 8:30 a.m. already. Come downstairs, the breakfast is ready.” Suddenly, a man is shown wearing pajamas and a T-shirt coming downstairs. Ragini hears the sound of footsteps and turns to see Parth, in pajamas. He comes near her and wishes her good morning with a wide smile and sits to have his breakfast while Ragini stands there surprised. He starts eating his breakfast while Ragini is staring at him. After a few mins, she finally speaks up, “Aren’t you going to office today?” Parth, who was drinking the juice spits it out and looks at her with a surprised expression. “Office? Today?” Ragini nods and says, “Yes! Of course..” “How unromantic!?”, he replies.
Ragini gives him a confused look. “Ragini..Ragini..Ragini! Today is our first day after marriage and you are expecting me to go to office? No way..”, he says.
Ragini: “Okay, then what are you planning to do Pati Dev?”

He takes the last bite on the sandwich and gets up. He comes close to her,puts his hand on her waist and says, “How about a romantic date? We can go anywhere you like.” He tries to get closer but Ragini sprinkles water on his face with her wet hair. He leaves her while Ragini laughs. Parth makes a puppy face while she continues laughing.
Parth: “Anyways, there is no doubt! We are going out today at any cost so stay prepared till 3:00 p.m.” He smiles at her and leaves towards his room.

2:45 p.m.
Scene 4: Outside the house
Ragini is standing outside the house near the car. She looks at her watch.
Ragini (to herself): “2:45 p.m. already and he isn’t here.”
Suddenly he sees him coming. She smiles. He comes near her and says, “So should we?”, asking for her hand. Ragini gives her hand in his and they leave in the car.

Scene 5: Inside the car (Parth and Ragini)
Parth was driving the car while Ragini was looking outside the window, admiring the nature. “So, where do you want to go?”, he asks. Ragini thinks for a while and then says, “Orphanage, we haven’t visited it since the past 2 months.” Parth smiles at her choice and nods. They head towards the orphanage.

Scene 6: Orphanage
Parth gets out of the car and he opens the door for Ragini. She smiles at his cute gesture. They enter the orphanage. The kids playing there identify them and come running towards them shouting, “Parth Bhaiya and Ragini Didi is here..” All of the kids surround them. They greet them.

Ragini: “Bachon, do you know what me and Parth Bhaiya have brought for you?”
All the kids nod in no. Ragini looks at Parth to answer while he goes to his car and comes back with a bunch of toys and chocolates. The kids shout, “YAY..!!” They take the toys and chocolates and drag Ragini and Parth with them asking them to play.
Parth and Ragini start playing with the kids. The kids insist to play with the skipping rope to which Ragini agrees. The kids ask her to go first. Ragini starts jumping. The kids count, “1…2…3..” On the other side, Parth was busy playing with the other kids. Suddenly he hears a shout, “Aaa..” He turns and sees Ragini on the ground, with the kids around her. He comes running towards her, concerned. Ragini had got a sprain in her foot because she tripped off the skipping rope. “How many times do I have to tell you to be careful? What if something worse than this would have happened?”, he says angrily. Ragini tries to speak but he doesn’t let her. “Now, let me see..”, he says turning her foot a little bit. “I am fine..”, she says and tries to get up but in vain. Parth yells, “Ragini! Stop it, you are not fine. Just look at yourself you are not even able to get up.” “But the kids..”, she says in her sweet voice. One of girl says, “Didi! Don’t worry. We would play some other day. You need to rest now.” Parth and Ragini smile at her. “Now let’s go inside and get this bandaged”, Parth says. Ragini tries to get up when Parth stops her and says, “No need to get up!” Ragini looks on while Parth picks her up in his arms and takes her inside and bandages her foot. Ragini keeps on staring at him while he bandages her foot and applies the cream to it. (Humdard plays in the background..)

At night:
Scene 7: Orphanage
8:00 p.m.
It’s time for the children to sleep. Ragini is with them. (She was already in the same room, so there was no need for her to get up and walk.) The same girl who asked Ragini to take rest in the morning comes to her and says, “Didi, we couldn’t play in the morning so can you tell us a story before we go to sleep.” Ragini nods while the kids prepare their beds and lay down. Ragini starts telling a story, “Once upon a time, far far away in a kingdom lived a princess. She had a sister too, the 2nd princess and she was very close to her. She used to share every single thing with her but unfortunately circumstances lead the princess to leave her own house because of her won mistakes. (She remembers escaping from the hospital.) She was heartbroken. She needed love. She needed someone who could love her to the infinity…”
“And that is when a prince entered her life”, a voice comes. Ragini turns and sees Parth standing at the door of the room, smiling. He comes and sits beside Ragini. He clutches her hand tightly and continues, “The prince and the princess were like born to meet. Destiny had planned this already and eventually they fell in love. The prince got his princess and the princess got her love.” He looks at Ragini and smiles. “I know! The prince and princess were Parth Bhaiya and Ragini Didi”, the girls says. She looks at Parth and Ragini for an answer at which they nod. “Okay Bacho! It’s time to sleep now and we have to leave too”, Parth says and they bid bye to the children together. They walk towards the car while Parth is helping Ragini to walk. He makes her sit in the front seat and they both leave.

Scene 8: Road
Ragini and Parth are in the car. They are going back home when suddenly Ragini asks Parth to stop the car. He does. She gets out of the car, still stumbling a bit and looks at the starry sky. Parth comes out, after her. He also looks towards the sky, after he sees her looking towards it. “Wow! Isn’t it beautiful?”, Ragini says.
Parth: “Well, that’s a normal thing. You can see that nearly every night.”
Ragini: “Not every night! Sometimes the clouds cover them up.”
Parth: “That’s usual too!”
Ragini: “You know what before I met you, my life was like a night sky with no stars.”
Parth looks on.
Ragini (continues): “But you even pulled down the stars from the heaven to fill my empty sky.”
Parth smiles. He moves a little bit and stands in front of her. He cups her face and says, “Ragini.. Stars may be uncountable but you are my only star.” Ragini gets emotional and hugs her. He hugs her back. “I promise I would never leave you”, he continues. “Me too”, she replies. The episode ends with Ragini and Parth hugging eachother. The screen goes black and you can hear an evil laugh, that gets louder and louder..

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  1. Sindhura

    Dont make it sad ff yar
    Mainly sad ending

    1. Alisha

      Don’t worry. It would be sad and revengeful but it would have a happy ending like all the fairytales.
      Anyways.. Thanks for commenting Sindhura.
      Keep commenting and following. ??

  2. nice, want to see them always happy

    1. Alisha

      Thanks for following my fanfiction from the start and commenting form the first episode. Even I want to see them happy. ??
      Keep commenting and encouraging me.

  3. Awsm epi….i think laksh is back?

    1. Alisha

      I am glad you liked it Kriya. I can’t reveal the surprise.. You guys need to wait. ?
      Keep commenting and appreciating.?❤️

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Hope the twist doesn’t affect Ragini too much
    Show some more understanding scenes between them
    Waiting for the next one……..

    1. Alisha

      Thanks for the comment Spp. Ummm.. Actually the twist is meant to effect both Ragini’s and Parth’s but don’t worry as I said before they would be together at last.???
      Keep commenting! ?❤️

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  5. Sweet and I loved the couple ??

    1. Alisha

      Hey Tinker! Thanks for commenting first. I am glad you liked the couple because at first I was kinda worried about Raglak fans reaction.
      Keep loving and supporting! ?✌?️

  6. Sitaram

    want to see them happy forever no sadness should come to them

  7. Alisha

    Hi Sitaram! Sure, I would keep that in view but happiness and sadness is the part of life so..
    Anyways, keep commenting and supporting me. ???

  8. Akshata

    wow!! parth is a perfect husband, so understanding, caring and loving.
    yes add any twist but pls dont separate them.

    1. Alisha

      Hey Akshata! Thanks for commenting first. I agree, he really is and don’t worry this story is definitely gonna have a happy ending.
      Keep commuting and supporting! ??

  9. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding dear.Love them.Loved your writing skill.Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.

    1. Alisha

      Thank you Abdul, it means a lot to me when you guys appreciate my work. Aww.. I never thought I would receive such comment. I had always commented on people’s fanfics that you have an awesome writing skill but hearing the same words for myself, it really an honor.
      Love you all! Keep commenting and appreciating! ??❤️

  10. Prateeksha

    awesome.waiting eagerly for next episode 🙂

    1. Alisha

      Thank you for appreciating Prateeksha. I would update the next episode as soon as it would get completed.
      Keep following and commenting. ?❤️

  11. RagLakian

    very nyc.if u r on fb then gv me ur id plz

    1. Alisha

      Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Sorry, but I am not on Facebook.
      Keep commenting and reading! ???

  12. sheetal(joya)

    Ohhhh my……….
    U r in 9th std……..

    Very nice ff dear………

    1. Alisha

      Hey Sheetal! Yes, I am in 9th standard. Thank you so much for appreciating.
      Keep commenting.. ❤️?

  13. nice work dr keep going

    1. Alisha

      Thank you Karthika. I am happy that you appreciated.
      Please keep commenting and reading. ??

  14. raglak faceoff

    1. Alisha

      Hey Lisa! Maybe, you guys need to wait for the surprise. Sorry!
      Keep commenting and appreciating! ??

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