Love-Once Again (Episode 34) KAVACH SPECIAL

EPISODE 34: (Kavach special)
After a few days:
Scene 1: Parth’s house
The house is being decorated. Everyone is busy and Sanaya is instructing eveyone. “I wonder why isn’t Ragini up yet. Normally she wakes up too early and today.. I think I should go and check”, she says and leaves towards Ragini’s room.

Scene 2: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini was already awake. She was busy with her phone. Actually she was messaging Parth because during this whole week they could meet only once, the rest of the talks were helped by text messages. She was smiling constantly. Sanaya enters her room but Ragini doesn’t notice this. She sees her smiling and wonder who she is messaging to. She goes up to her but still Ragini doesn’t see her. She tries to see who she is messaging to and sees Parth’s name. “Oh! So the love birds can’t wait for even 8 hours?”, she says while Ragini stares at her. “Di.. W..when did you come?”, she asks. “When you were busy in messaging your husband to be”, she replies and takes the phone. While Ragini gives her a helpless look. “I shall keep this with me until 7:30 p.m by today. You can take this afterwards”, she says smilingly and leaves with her mobile phone. While Ragini makes a puppy face.

6:30 p.m.
Scene 3: Parth’s house (Living room)
The preparations are done. Nearly all the guests have arrived. Sanaya and Rahul were handling the guests, talking and chatting with them, while Parth was roaming here and there, looking at stairs and the clock again and again. The camera then shifts to the door. A beautiful couple is shown standing at the door smiling. They are none other than Rajveer and Pari. Rahul who was talking to one of the guests turns and sees them. He walks to towards them smilingly. As Rajveer sees Rahul a wide smile appears on his face. Both hug eachother.
Rahul: “Thanks for coming.”
Rajveer: “How could I not come, after all our Chotu is getting married.”
They both laugh. Sanaya sees them talking and joins them. Pari and Sanaya hug eachother.
Sanaya: “How are you? We are meeting after so many years, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you.”
Pari smiles and says, “Mujhai choro! Where is our groom to be?”
Rahul: “Oh, he was right here.”
He turns and tries to spot Parth. Rajveer, Pari and Sanaya also try to find him. Suddenly, Rajveer spots him and shouts, “Arey Chotu!” Parth turns and and gets surprised seeing Rajveer and Pari. He turns once again and bites his tongue. “Oh no! Did Bhai invite them? Pari Bhabhi is till okay but Rajveer Bhaiya. Rahul And Rajveer Bhaiya are not gonna leave me today.” He turns and walks towards them. He walks as slow as he could. “Arey! Why are you walking in the speed of a tortoise.” Pari laughs.
Parth: “Actually Bhabhi, I was..wo mein..”
Rajveer: “Come on! Answer her. Your Bhabhi is asking something.”
Parth: “Bhabhi, actually I don’t know why but I am having severe pain in my right leg. I can’t stand properly.. So I shall just go and sit there..” (pointing towards a sofa.)
Sanaya giggles at his behavior. He was about to leave, he turns when Rahul holds him.
Rahul: “Jab jhoot bolna hi naheen ata to bolte kiyun ho?”
(When you don’t know how to lie, then you better not try to do it.)
Parth turns and looks at him and then at Rajveer. Both were smiling constantly. Rahul and Rajveer look at each other and nod, then at Parth who was already looking at them with his curious eyes. Rajveer puts his hand on Parth’s shoulder and says, “Mere khayal se aaj is ka dard theek ker hi dete hain, kiyun Rahul?” “I agree!”, Rahul replies while putting his hand too on Parth’s shoulder. They both look at Pari and Sanaya, who smile at Parth. Rahul and Rajveer look at eachother and grin evilly. After a few secs Parth is found on the floor, while the other four were laughing hard.
Parth: “Shuru ho gaya in ka siyapa! Bhagwan ji bas bacha lena, mein aaj Ragini ke paas sahi salamat puhanch jaon.” (Atlast they have started their siyapa. God please help me so that I can get married to Ragini in the best of my health.) ?

Scene 4: Ragini’s room
Ragini is half ready as there is still an hour left. No body is in her room except her. She is sitting infront of the mirror and is constantly looking at herself. She then opens her drawer and takes out a bangle (the same bangle which Swara made her wear, when she was in hospital.) She looks at the bangle curiously and then wears it. “I don’t know why I feel like wearing this today. This doesn’t even match with my dress. But my hearts says that I have to wear it. Seems like it belongs to someone really close to me. (She looks in the mirror.) Really close..”, she says.

Scene 5: Parth’s house
All the guests have arrived. Rahul comes on the stage, with a mike.
Rahul: “Ladies and gentlemen! Have you attentions here please. As you all know that today my brother is getting married so I want this night to be special and to make it special I did like our beautiful couple Rajveer and Pari to dance together. So give them a big round of applause and enjoy.” Everyone clap.
The screen then goes black, there is only a little blue color light at the corners, you can see the people standing there.
(This time I am gonna give you guys a little description of the song. If you guys wanna enjoy it as much as possible then go get your headphones and listen to the song and read the lyrics along with that.)
The song starts playing:
It’s “Kheench Meri Photo” from “Sanam Teri Kasam”:
All the light focuses on Pari, who dances with the beat of the drum. As she spins, the gown she was wearing spins too, making her look even more attractive.
She makes a camera with her hand, when the click click part comes (I don’t know what to call it. Hope you guys understand. ?✌?️) She keeps on dancing until the boy’s part starts. The whole place lights up, Rajveer enters. He dances while the song continues playing.
Mood aashiqana hai 
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya
(Pointing towards Pari)
Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya (He goes closer and spins are round.)
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya (x4) (Both of the them dance together, pointing at eachother.)
When the drum starts playing in between, Rajveer and Pari drag Sanaya and Rahul to the floor too. When the drum music goes in the background, the light focuses on Sanaya and Pari, who dance together like Pari was dancing before in the start.
Befikar dil hai aaj (Sanaya dances while making a heart with her hands) 
Hai tera mujhpe raaz (Pari dancing while pointing towards the camera)
The camera then covers both of them:
Jo kahe kehne de 
Baawra ye samaaj
Bhaage yahan wahan ye zindagi ferrari hai (Rahul enters and stands beside Sanaya)
Waisi hi zindagi hai jis tarah guzari hai (Rajveer enters who stands beside Pari)
Mood aashiqana hai 
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya (Four of them dance, while pointing at eachother)
Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya (They hold the hands of their respective wives and dance)
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya (x4) (They keep on swapping places, while dancing during this part)
During the part, that is without living. The camera covers all of the poeple dancing, while they four are dancing too. But Parth is still looking at the clock, it’s 7: 15 p.m.
The music continues playing:
Khwabon kaa town hai (Pari dances, while making a house with the help of her hands indicating the word “town”.)
Raat bhi brown hai
Kya huaa kuch nahi (Sanaya enters and dances with the feel of the lyrics)
Do hi drink down hai
The camera shifts to Rahul and Rajveer who are sitting together.
Nashe mein hum nahi hain
Ye sama nasheela hai
Paani bhi peete hain
Toh lagta hai tequila hai (Rahul gives a glass of water of Rajveer, which he drinks in one sip)
Mood aashiqana hai 
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya
Lamha ye suhana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya (x4) (The four of them dance together and drank Parth to the stage too.)
The music ends as the camera covers Sanaya and Pari with their hands on the shoulders of their respective husbands and Parth standing in the middle with an annoyed look.

Scene 6: Parth’s house (living room)
After the performance, Pari, Rajveer, Sanaya and Rahul were chatting while Parth was standing beside them. He could wait no more and the time was 7:30 p.m. by now. Parth thinks what to do, as he could not wait to see Ragini. Suddenly, Pandit Ji comes to them and says, “It’s time for marriage to be held. Beta, call the bride as soon as possible.” Sanaya nods while Pandit Ji leaves.
Sanaya: “I shall go and get Ragini..”
Pari: “No, wait! I shall go. Let me see our Chotu’s bride first.” (She smiles)
Parth (with an annoyed look): “Bhabhi, please! I am no more a kid. Stop calling me Chotu. I am getting married today..”
Pari (pulls his cheeks): “But you would always remain our Chotu no matter what happens.”
Everyone smile while Pari leaves towards Ragini’s room.

Scene 7: Ragini’s room
Ragini was ready. She is looking beautiful as always. She is wearing a red colored bridal dress. Pari knocks on the door of her room. Ragini, “The door is open.” Pari enters the room. She compliments her. “Wow, you are looking so beautiful, Ragini. I bet Chotu would get mesmerized when he sees you.” Ragini smiles. Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot to gave you my introduction. I am Pari. Sanaya’s college friend and indirectly Rahul’s and Parth’s friend too as my husband to be is their childhood friend.” Ragini smiles and replies by a simple “Hi!”. Pari smiles. Ragini is constantly looking at her hands, implying that she is nervous. Pari notices this.
Pari: “I have always heard from people that girls are always excited about their marriage day but it seems like you..”
Ragini (interrupting her): “Unless it’s the first time they are getting married.”
Pari gets surprised for a sec by her answer but atlast speaks up, “So.. This isn’t the first time you are getting married?” Ragini nods in no, still looking at her hands. Tears roll down from her eyes. Pari notices this. She sits beside her, holds her hand, makes her look at her and wipes her tears. “Ragini, I don’t know what happened in your past and I don’t even want to ask what happened. Your past is your past and your present is Parth. I know you must be thinking that what would you do if some day in future you have to face your past…”, she says when Ragini looks at her curiously. “Is it so?”, she questions while Ragini nods in a yes. She continues, “Look Ragini, if some day in your future you have to face your past, remember it won’t be you, all alone! It would you and Parth who would face it together. After today, you both won’t remain 2 different people, you would become one. One body one soul!” Ragini smiles at her encouraging words. “Oh! I almost forgot. I had come to take you downstairs. Now get up and get ready to start your new life.”, she says and takes Ragini with her.

Scene 8: Parth’s house (Living room)
Parth is anxiously waiting for Ragini. Rahul could see this so he whispers in his ears, “Couldn’t wait to get married, Huh?” while Parth smiles. Suddenly there is complete silence. Parth who was looking at Rahul (as he was talking to him) turns to see. He sees Ragini, with Pari, coming downstairs. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He puts his hand on his heart, moves back a little bit and is about to fall when Rahul holds him. He makes him stand properly again. At last Ragini reaches the mandap and they both perform the rituals. While taking pheras Ragini says her herself, “This is where my new life begins. After these pheras are completed I shall be related to him for the rest of life but what if someday in the future I have to face my past..”
Parth (to himself): “We shall do it together. We shall face every difficulty together. I shall never leave her alone. Never ever..”
After the pheras and all other rituals are done, it’s time for everyone to leave. All of them bid bye to them and start leaving. Pari and Rajveer come to them. It’s time for them to leave too. Rajveer hugs Parth and Rahul while Pari hugs Sanaya. She then moves forward to hug Ragini. While hugging her she says, “Remember together!” Ragini nods.
After all of them have left, Sanaya and Rahul turn to Parth and Ragini.
Sanaya: “Now it’s time for us to leave too.” She hugs Ragini. They share a sisterly hug. This reminds Ragini of Swara. Tears roll down from Ragini’s eyes while Sanaya says, wiping her tears, “Oho Ragini! Don’t worry, we would visit you both nearly every month and by the way, today is your wedding night so don’t spoil it.” She teases her.
On the other hand, Rahul bids bye to Parth and they share a brotherly hug. Then they both leave. As they leave, Parth looks at Ragini. He then spins her around twice and says, “Ragini! We are finally married. Now we can have our private time.” Ragini shys. “Now, you go to our room and I shall come after a few mins”, he adds. Ragini nods and leaves towards their room.
Scene 6: Parth’s and Ragini’s room
Ragini enters the room. It’s decorated with flowers. There are flower petals all over the place. She comes and stands in front of the mirror and looks at her herself for a few mins. She examine herself from top to bottom and says, “So Miss Ragini, you are finally Mrs. Parth.” She smiles, while the screen freezes on her smiling face.

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