Love-Once Again (Episode 33)


Scene 1: Shopping Mall
Sanaya and Ragini enter the shopping mall. Sanaya is super excited while Ragini is constantly busy with her phone. They then move towards a bridal dress shop. Sanaya chooses a few dresses for Ragini and shows them to her. Ragini smiles and says, “Di, I think I should click a few pictures of these dresses, just to keep a track of them, so that if we did like to exchange the dress we would buy, we can.” Sanaya nods and hands over those dresses to Ragini. Ragini goes and takes a few pictures of her in front of the mirror with the dresses, comes back to Sanaya and gives her the dresses back. “So, which one did you like?”, she asks. “Just a min Di!”, she says and looks at her phone. Suddenly she receives a message, “The 2nd one ??” She smiles and says, “Bhaiya, please pack the second one.” The message was sent by Parth.
Ragini clicks the pictures of the dresses with herself in front of the mirror and sends them to Parth. She messages him to tell her that which dress would he like her to wear on their marriage. She then goes and hands over the dresses back to Sanaya. Flash back ends.
Scene 2: Meshwari Mansion (Swara’s and Sanskaar’s room)
Sanskaar is in the room all alone. He has an envelope in his hand. He has her head down. Suddenly Swara enters the room with a glass of juice. She comes and stands in front of Sanskaar. “Sanskaar, look I have made fresh juice for you. This would definitely make you feel better.” Sanskaar gets up. He has his back towards Swara. Swara place the glass of juice on the side table and puts her hand on his shoulder. Sanskaar turns. “What happened Sanskaar? Why it seems to me that something is bothering you?” Sanskaar hands her the envelope. Swara asks, “What’s this?” Sanskaar replies, “You better see yourself.” She opens the envelope and sees that’s its an invitation card. “Invitation card?”, she says in a confused voice. She then opens the card and reads while Sanskaar waits for her to react. After she has read the whole of it Sanskaar asks, “So what to do now? Should we go..” “No!”, she says at once. “We won’t go!”, she says. Sanskaar asks, “Are you sure Swara?” Swara turns and nods. She has tears in her eyes. As Sanskaar was about to touch her Swara leaves towards the kitchen. After a few mins, she comes back with a matchbox in her hand. She picks up the invitation card which she had placed on the side table before leaving. She then takes out a match stick, lights it and then burns that invitation card while Sanskaar stands there watching her doing all this. “Now no one would ever know that we met Ragini and she would lead a happy life.. Without us!”, she says. Tears roll down from her eyes, which she had been trying to control. Sanskaar hugs her, consoling her a bit.
At night:
Scene 3: Rahul’s house (Kitchen)
Rahul is in the kitchen and is trying to cook dinner when suddenly, Parth enters. He is shocked to see Rahul trying to cook.
Parth: “Bhaiya? What are you doing in the kitchen? Where is Kaka?”
Rahul (while cutting the vegetables): “He is on a leave, that’s the reason today I am here, cooking food for you and me.”
Parth: “That means dinner isn’t ready yet?” (shockingly)
Rahul: “Parth, you can clearly see that I am trying my best. I wonder how women do these things.”
This reminds Parth of Ragini and he gets lost in her thoughts. He remembers his and Ragini moments when they were in the kitchen, cooking breakfast together. His though is disturbed, when he smells something odd.
Parth: “Bhaiya, don’t you smell something odd.”
Rahul stops cutting the vegetables and after a pause turns and looks at Parth. He says, “Yes! You are right. It seems like something is burning.” Parth nods. The look here and there but find nothing burning. Suddenly there eyes get stuck on the frying pan, in which Rahul was cooking dinner for them. They both look at each other and shout, “Dinner..” They both hurry and take off the frying pan from the stove, turn it off and then, at last dispose their dinner. After they are done with this they head towards the living room.
Scene 4: Rahul’s house (Living room)
Parth and Rahul were fully exhausted after all what happened in the kitchen. “I shouldn’t have tried to cook in the first place”, Rahul says while Parth nods. “Why don’t we order something?”, Parth suggests. “Nice idea! Sometimes even your brain starts working”, Rahul says and dials the number of some pizza delivery company but in vain. Even Parth tries dialing some numbers of some other pizza delivery companies , but it’s of no use because it’s already 12:00 a.m. and all of the shops are closed by now.
Parth: “What to do now?”
Rahul: “I don’t know.”
Parth: “That means we are gonna starve?”
Rahul thinks for a while and nods. Suddenly the bell rings.
Parth and Rahul look at the clock. It’s 12:05 a.m.
Parth: “Who could be here by this time of night?”
Rahul: “I shall go and check.”
Rahul goes and opens the door. He moves out a little bit and sees here and there but finds no one there. As he is about to go back, he founds a box lying near the door. He picks it up, looks here and there once again and goes inside.
As he enters, Parth asks him, “Who was at the door?” Rahul replies, “No one, but I found this box lying.” He puts the box on the dinning table and looks at it suspiciously.
Parth comes to him too. As Rahul is about to open the box, Parth stops him and says, “Stop Bhaiya! It could be a bomb.” “Bomb! What nonsense? Who would try to kill us and I don’t even her a tick tick sound”, he says. He then opens the box and finds 2 plastic boxes that are used to store food. They both look at each other and shout, “Food!” They take those boxes out and find a sticky note on the last box, “From Sanaya and Ragini!” They smile reading it.
Rahul: “They know us quite well.”
Parth: “Very well!”
Rahul brings some plates and other stuff and they began eating their dinner.
The next morning:
Scene 5: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini was already awake. She was deciding which dress to wear when suddenly her phone starts ringing. She picks her phone up and sees Parth’s name flashing. She smiles and receives the call.
Parth: “Hey my wife to be!”
Ragini (shys): “Hi! How are you?”
Parth: “How could I be fine without you? By the way, thanks for last night’s dinner.”
Ragini (smiles): “No problem!”
Parth: “Anyways, I called you to tell you that we would be meeting today.”
Ragini: “But..”
Parth: “No ifs no buts! I shall text you the address and you have reach there at nearly 4:30 p.m. Now, see ya because I have to leave for office.”
Ragini: “Okay, see ya! Take care and drive carefully.”
Parth (smiles): “Okay!”
Ragini then disconnects the call and gets busy in the work again.
4:25 p.m:
Scene 6: Somewhere outside
Ragini has already reached the place where Parth asked her to reach. It’s an outdoor restaurant. She was wearing a pink colored shalwar kameez and was looking extremes pretty. They whole place was decorated with lanterns and roses. Her eyes were searching for Parth. She looks here and there, but in vain. She notices that the whole place is empty even though it’s a restaurant and it should be full of people. Suddenly she hears the some music playing. (Bol do na zara plays…) Ragini smiles. Suddenly someone holds her hand from the back. It’s none other then Parth. He turns her and pulls her closer. They dance together romantically.
They song ends and Parth bends on his knees. Ragini looks at him smilingly. He takes out a ring from his pocket, opens it and says, “Miss Ragini, you are the reason why I am breathing, you are the one who made me realize what love actually is. Would you like to wake me up every morning? Would you like to support me in making breakfast every morning? Would you like to prepare tiffin for me every morning? Would you like to company me in going out every Sunday? Would you like to be mine forever? Miss Ragini, WOULD YOU MARRY ME?”
Ragini laughs and nods. Parth asks for her hand, so that he can make her wear the ring. She gives him her hand and he makes her wear the ring. Suddenly flower petals start falling on them. Ragini enjoys this while Parth gets mesmerized seeing her. He gets up takes her hand and pulls her closer. They have an eyelock. After a few mins, when their eye lock breaks, Parth says, “Now you had your gift. What about mine?”
They are still close to eachother.
Ragini: “Your gift?”
Parth: “Yes, even I deserve a gift for all these decorations and for those filmy lines I said..?”
Ragini: “Fine, what do you want?”
He smiles naughtily and asks for a kiss while Ragini says no.
Ragini: “No way!”
Parth: “Please..”
Ragini: “I said no..”
Parth: “Please please please..”
Ragini: “Okay, fine, close your eyes then.”
Parth closes his eyes while Ragini puts her arms around his neck. She then kisses her on his cheeks and runs. She laughs while Parth says, “You would see, I would get my gift soon.” Ragini continues laughing. Then they have dinner together and talk a lot.
Promo: After 3 to 4 days, Ragini’s and Parth’s wedding.

Credit to: Alisha

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