Love-Once Again (Episode 32)


The next morning:
Scene 1: Parth’s house (Kitchen) 
Ragini was in the kitchen. She was preparing breakfast for all. She was busy in cutting the vegetables for making omelette. Suddenly, Parth hugs her from the back. She gets stunned.
Ragini: “Parth, what are you doing? What if someone sees us? What would they think?”
Parth: “They would think that how much I love you, what else?” 
Ragini removes his hand from her waist, turns to him and says, “Anyways, you need to go now because I am preparing breakfast and you have no work here. So you better go and sit on the table and wait for the breakfast.” 

After saying this she pushes him towards the door a bit but he turns and says, “Atleast let me help you..”
Ragini: “Not at all! These things are to be done by women. You do not need to help me out. I can do everything..”
Parth starts stepping forward while Ragini steps back. As he is stepping forward he picks up a knife and a tomato from the counter and keeps on stepping forward, whereas Ragini keeps on stepping back. Atlast he pins her to the wall and takes out that knife and tomato, cuts it infront of Ragini’s eyes (to show her that even he can do these things) while she stares at him. He cuts the whole tomato and then moves away, while Ragini stands still near the wall. He laughs and says, “Look! I told you I can do it. Now, I can help you too in making this breakfast.” He starts cutting the vegetables, while Ragini takes a sigh of relief. She then also starts beating the eggs. Even though Parth is cutting the vegetables but he is constantly looking at Ragini and is admiring her. Accidentally  he cuts his own finger a little bit and shouts, “Aahh.” Ragini holds his hand at once and starts her lecture, “I told you na that these things are to be done by women. Why are you too stubborn to listen to anything? Look, now you have injured yourself. Come with me..” She takes him out and makes him sit on a chair and goes to bring a first aid box. Parth tries to speak, “Ragini, it’s just a small cut..” but Ragini asks him to stay quite. She then applies the antiseptic cream and then the bandage. While she is bandaging his hand, he is constantly looking at her. (Humdard plays in the background..)
After bandaging his hand, she looks at him and sees him lost. They have an eyelock while the song continues playing. Suddenly Sanaya and Rahul come from the other side and see them lost. They smile seeing them. They come and sit on the breakfast table, while Ragini and Parth are still lost. Rahul coughs, “Ehmm Ehmm..” They get attentive. 
Rahul: “Ragini did you cook the breakfast or..” He looks at both of them. Ragini says at once, “Yes! I did.” And she leaves towards the kitchen. 

After a few mins: 
Ragini comes to the table with the breakfast. She serves breakfast to everyone and then sits to eat herself too. While they are eating Rahul says, “So.. When are you both getting married.” Parth spits out the juice which he was drinking while Ragini stops eating and looks at Rahul. They both then look at eachother and shout, “What? Marriage? (together)” Sanaya nods and says, “Yes! When you both love eachother and have confessed it then what’s wrong in getting married?” Rahul says, “Of course!” “But it’s way too early”, Ragini complains. “No, it’s not! We have decided to get you both married in this week.” Parth and Ragini again shout in union, “This week?” Rahul and Sanaya nod. “Don’t worry we would take care of everything”, Sanaya assures them. “Especially about the part where we have to take care that you both don’t meet eachother.” Ragini and Parth look at eachother in shock. “For one week..”, Sanaya adds. “Remember you guys did the same to us?”, Rahul says. Ragini and Parth remember the time when they did the same to Sanaya and Rahul. They both look at eachother with a what to do now look. “Well, I would from the groom’s side and Sanaya would be from the bride’s side”, Rahul adds. While Sanaya says, “And both of you would have to live in different houses. Ragini and I would live here and you and Rahul would have to live in Rahul’s house.” “Absolutely right! So Parth, remember to pack your stuff. We would be leaving today for my house”, Rahul says with a smile and leaves for office. Sanaya picks up the plates and goes to the kitchen while Ragini and Parth wonder what to do. “This is not fair..”, Parth complains. “Anyways, it’s their decision so we have to do as they say. Now go and pack you stuff before it gets late”, Ragini says. Ragini gets up and is about to leave to her room when Parth holds her hand. (Bol do na zara plays in the background…) She doesn’t turn. “Would you be able to live without me for one week?”, he says. Ragini turns and says, “I don’t know… Maybe yes!” Parth gets stunned while Ragini removes her hand from his and leaves from there smiling. As she leaves Parth smiles and also leaves to pack his stuff.

Later at night:
Scene 2: Rahul’s house 
Rahul and Parth enter the house. They have returned from office so they are fully exhausted. They remove their coats and sit on the couch. 
Parth: “Ragini.. Can you please bring two glasses of juice.” Rahul looks at Parth surprisingly. Parth gives him a what look and says, “Bhaiya, why are you looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong?” Rahul says, “Parth (he smiles), you know that we are in my house right now and Ragini is in your house, remember?” Parth tries to remember while Rahul laughs and says, “So you have started missing her already?” Parth smiles back while Rahul leaves towards the kitchen to get them something to drink, smilingly.

Scene 3: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini is in her room. She is about to go to sleep. She lies in the bed, when suddenly she receives a text message. She picks up the phone and sees that it’s none other than Parth’s message. She smiles, opens its and reads it.
Parth: “Hey my love ?”
Ragini: “Didn’t you sleep until now?” 
Parth: “Even you didn’t. Missing me??”
Ragini (smiles): “Ummm.. May be.”
Parth: “But I am missing you like hell.”
Ragini: “You should go to sleep now. It’s too late.”
Parth: “Good night! I love you..❤️”
Ragini (she smiles): “Good night! ?”
They both then sleep, peacefully. 

The next morning: 
Scene 5: Parth’s house (Living room)
Sanaya is in the living room. She is waiting for someone, the fact that she is roaming here and there continuously and looking at the watch implies that. She shouts, “Come on Ragini! We are getting late. We have to go to the shopping mall.” Ragini replies, “Coming Di!” After a few mins she arrives. “What took you so long?”, Sanaya asks. “Nothing!”, Ragini says. She looks at her phone and smiles. Sanaya notices this but ignore as they were getting late. They get into the car and leave for the shopping mall.

Scene 6: Rahul’s house (Living room)
Rahul and Parth were sitting in the living room, having tea and breakfast together. Rahul had a notepad in his hand and was noting down the names of the people who were to be invited in Ragini’s and Parth’s wedding. As he finishes writing down, he asks Parth, “Anyone else you want to call?” “I don’t think so we have missed somebody”, he replies. They think for a while and then shout together, “Sanskaar!”
Parth: “I still remember the last time, I wasn’t able to make them meet Ragini.” Rahul nods. “May be this time..”, he adds.

Promo: Ragini and Sanaya are in the mall, choosing dresses for Ragini’s wedding.

Credit to: Alisha

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