Love-Once Again (Episode 31)

A few days after (Morning):
Scene 1: Parth’s house (Dining Table)
Parth comes downstairs. He calls Sanaya.
Parth: “Bhabhi! Bhabhi..”
Sanaya comes out of the kitchen with a few plates in her hand. “Yes, I am right here and the breakfast is ready too” , she says while placing the plates on the breakfast table. “Great!”, he says while sitting on the chair. Suddenly, Ragini comes from the other side. She stops seeing Parth and was about to turn and go back when Sanaya calls her name. “Ragini! Why are you standing there?”, she says. Ragini wonders what to say, “Wo..” Sanaya smiles and says, “Come, the breakfast is ready.” Ragini then comes and sits on the chair. Neither she looks at Parth nor he looks at him. They just keep on eating their breakfast and as soon as Parth finishes it he leaves for office. As he leaves, Ragini angrily hits the fork on the plate. Sanaya notices this and says, “So… He didn’t agree, am I right?” Ragini nods no while taking the last bite. Sanaya sits beside her on a chair.
Sanaya: “Hmmm…. So what are you planning to do now?”
Ragini: “You told me not to give up and I shall not. I am planning something big.”
Sanaya (in confusion): “Something big? Something big, like what?”
Ragini: “Something really really big. A huge surprise that would persuade him for sure.”
Sanaya smiles and says, “Anyways, I wish you all the best!” After saying this she picks up the plates and the remnants and leaves while Ragini sits there. After a few mins she gets up and says loudly, “Di! I am going outside for sometime. Shall be back soon.” She leaves.
Scene 2: Somewhere outside on a beach
Ragini is shown. She is instructing someone about the placement of something.
Ragini: “Yeah! Place those right there and start decorating.”
“Didi? Where do we have to place the flowers and candles?”, someone asks. Put them right here, I shall arrange them by myself. They do as she says and she starts arranging them. How she is arranging them is not shown.
After a few hours of working:
Ragini gets up and says, “Finally! It’s done, now I have to hurry and go home because it’s getting late.” She pays all of them their pay and leaves towards home.
Scene 3: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini enters her room and sits in her bed under the fan and takes a sigh of relief. She then looks at the clock and sees that it’s 6:00 p.m. “6:00 p.m.”, she shouts. “I have to get ready as soon as possible.” She takes out a dress and goes to take a bath. After a few mins Ragini comes out wearing a red colored sleeveless arnarkali dress. She tied her hair in a bun and wears just a few bangles. She then looks at the clock again and sees that it’s 6:45 p.m. “I need to leave before he comes back home”, she says and leaves.
7:10 p.m.
Scene 4: Parth’s house (Parth’s room)
Parth enters his room, as he is back from office. He removed his watch and places it on the dressing table and looks in the mirror. He sees a sticky note on the mirror. “Hi Parth! It’s Ragini..”, this was what he only read and took it off the mirror, tore it and threw it away. He was about to sit on his bed when he sees another paper placed on his bed. He picks it up and reads, “I knew you would have torn that paper without reading it fully, so here is another one. I want you to come to the following address.” He wonders what to do, but atlast decides to go. He takes the paper with him and leaves.
7:30 p.m.
Scene 5: The beach
Parth reaches the place where Ragini had asked him to. He looks here and there and wonders, “Why did she call me here.” Suddenly someone holds his hand. It’s a little boy. Parth bends down and asks him, “Hey, what are you doing here?” He asks him with a smile on his face. The boy hands him a rose and leaves.
Parth (shouts): “Hey wait! Wait a sec..!”
But the boy runs away. Parth smiles and looks at the rose, he sees a paper wrapped around it. He takes it off and reads, “Come forward, near the shore.” He does as the paper says. As he reaches near the shore he sees a number of candles lighted in a heart shape with rose petals around it. He moves forward to have a closer look and sees another note. “Follow the trail!”, it says. He follows the trail made out of a numerous small candles and rose petals. He keeps on following the trail and reaches a place with some pillars, that are decorated with flowers and balloons. There are 2 chairs placed near those pillars and a table too. The trail doesn’t end here, it ends near the chair so he goes near the chair and sees another note. He picks it up and reads. “Turn around!”, it says. As he turns around he sees Ragini standing there. He gets mesmerized seeing her. She is looking extremely beautiful in that red anarkali dress. She comes and stands right infront of him. Parth is continuously staring at her.
Ragini: “Why are you standing. Sit!”
Parth isn’t able to hear what she said, he is just lost in her. Ragini smiles and waves her hand infront of him. Parth comes back to world. He looks here and there once again and then looks again at Ragini. Ragini is constantly smiling.
Parth: “Ragini, what are all these decorations for?”
Ragini: “You know that very well, Parth. It’s for you.”
She puts her hand on his shoulder. Parth looks at her for a second and then removes her hand from his shoulder.
Parth: “Ragini.. (After a pause) You just wasted your time.”
Ragini looks at him with teary eyes, while he turns to leave. He starts stepping forward. Ragini shouts, “Parth! Please listen to me once.” He doesn’t turn. “Please, don’t leave! Please..”, she says while crying vigorously. She falls down, still crying. Parth keeps on moving forward. Tears roll down from his eyes, he wipes them and keeps on moving. “I LOVE YOU PARTH!”, Ragini shouts while Parth stops at once. “I LOVE YOU!”, she says once again. Ragini sees that he has stopped, she gets up at once, runs towards him and hugs him from the back. “I love you!”, she repeats. Parth closes his eyes to feel her touch. “I am sorry for hurting you in the first place. I didn’t accept your proposal because I was afraid of my past. Those moments haunted me. I am not strong, I am weak… You make me strong. You are my strength. I love you to the moon and back.” After a few mins, Parth removes her hand and turns towards her. He holds her hands, looks into her eyes and says, “I love you too Ragini and I promise I would never leave you.” They then hug eachother tightly. A few mins later, they break the hug. Ragini wipes her tears and says, “Now let’s complete the surprise.” Parth nods and takes Ragini to the table. He moves the chair backwards and makes Ragini sit too. Ragini smiles on his sweet gesture. He sits himself too. “So, what are we supposed to eat?”, he asks. Ragini who was lost in him gets attentive when she hears him. Parth smiles at her whereas she smiles back. A man comes there with some plates and food. They have dinner together, but throughout the dinner they keep on looking at eachother. Suddenly music starts playing. (Salamat from Sarbjit plays…)
Ragini: “Oh! That’s my favorite song. Let’s dance!”
Parth: “But I am hungry and..”
Before he could say anything else Ragini drags him. They dance while the song plays..
Scene 6: Parth’s house (Living Room)
Sanaya is wandering here and there. Rahul is already back from office so he was upstairs, as he comes down he sees her worried. She is constantly roaming and looking towards the door. Rahul moves towards her. She didn’t notice him and bumps into him. As she was about to fall Rahul holds her. They share an eyelock. After a few mins, he makes her stand up.
Rahul: “Why were you constantly roaming here and there and looking at the door?”
Sanaya: “Ragini hasn’t returned since 6:45 p.m and Parth, even he is out since he returned. I don’t know what these 2 are upto? The most important thing is that Parth was not talking to Ragini and Ragini had planned something big to persuade him. I hope everything goes right..” (She says this in one breathe)
Rahul: “Look! Do you trust Parth?”
Sanaya: “Of course, I do!”
Rahul: “Then calm down! They would return soon.”
Suddenly the bell rings.
Rahul: “Look I told you, they are here.”
He goes and opens the door. It’s none other than Ragini and Parth. They smile, Rahul smiles back.
Rahul (to Ragini and Parth): “You know what, your Bhabhi was so worried about you guys.”
Parth (while entering the house): “Oh really! And I thought that you both must be happy because we both, the “Kebab mein Haddi” between your romance, went out.”
Ragini giggles. “And what about your dinner date, Huh?”, Rahul asks smilingly. Parth scratches his head. While both of the girls laugh. “Beta! I am your brother and I have seen more of the world then you”, Rahul says while hitting Parth on his back. Four of them then share a family hug.

Promo: Rahul and Sanaya plan to get Ragini and Parth married. Their marriage preparations start.

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