Love-Once Again (Episode 30)


Scene 1: Parth’s house (Parth’s room)
Parth enters his room and lies on the bed. He closes his eyes so that he could sleep, but as he closes his eyes he sees Ragini. He opens his eyes at once and sits on the bed. He runs his fingers through his hairs.
Parth (to himself): “I have to forget about her.. I have to. Bu.. But I can’t! Argh!”
Suddenly he hears a knock on the door. It’s none other than Sanaya, with a glass of juice in her hand. She enters his room. She puts the glass of juice on the side table. Parth is staring at the glass of juice and remembering what just happened in the living room. His thought is disturbed by Sanaya’s voice.

Sanaya: “You need to drink that. The whole of it, okay? Come on, drink that infront of me. I know you don’t know how to take care of yourself.”
She picks up the glass and hands it over to Parth. Parth looks at her while Sanaya indicates him through her eyes that he needs to drink it. Atlast he drink it and gives the glass back to Sanaya.
Sanaya: “That’s like a good boy!”
She leaves while Parth sits there wondering.
Scene 2: Parth’s house (Kitchen)
Ragini is in the kitchen. It seemed like she is waiting for someone because she is wandering here and there, in confusion and stress. Suddenly Sanaya enters the kitchen with that empty glass of juice. As soon as she enters Ragini starts questioning her.
Ragini: “Did he drink the juice? Did he? Did he? Come on, tell me Di.”
Sanaya shows her the empty glass and says, “Happy?”

Ragini smiles and nods.
Ragini: “He didn’t take that glass from me but I knew that he won’t say no to you.”
Sanaya smiles and says, “Ragini, he really needs someone like you in his life, to take care of him.”
Ragini: “But how am I supposed to do that? He doesn’t even want to talk to me. Talking to me far away, he doesn’t even looks at me.”
She makes a sad face. Sanaya makes her look at her. “Aadami ke dil tak ka rasta us ke pait se ho ke guzarta hai”, she says.
Ragini smiles and says, “That’s a great idea Di! I can make something for him, maybe that would help.”
Sanaya: “Ummm….. Something, something like.. Cake!”
Ragini: “Chocolate cake! He would love that.”
Sanaya nods.
Ragini: “Di, I am going to the market to get the needed ingredients for the cake. I shall be back soon.”
Ragini leaves while Sanaya smiles.
After a 1 hour
Scene 3: Parth’s house (Kitchen)
Ragini is fully prepared to make cake. She has all the ingredients with her. She starts making the cake. After mixing up the batter, she puts it in the cake tin and then into the oven.
Ragini (to herself): “Phew! Now this would be done in a few mins..”
After a few mins:
Ragini takes out the cake from the oven and places it on the counter. She takes the piping bag in her hand and starts writing.

She writes “I AM SORRY!”
As she finishes, she smiles looking at the cake. She picks it up in her hands and says, “You won’t be able to say no to me this time.”
She then places the cake in the fridge, so that it remains cool and leaves to get a bath and freshen up.
At night:
Scene 4: Parth’s house (Ragini’s room)
Ragini comes out wearing a beautiful dress. It’s a yellow colored anarkali dress (search for it, the 3rd one). She comes and stands infront of the mirror and smiles looking at herself. She then wears the accessories and jewelry. After wearing all of them she says, “Finally! I am done. Now, I just have to wait for night.”
At night:
Scene 5: Parth’s house (Parth’s room)
Parth is sitting on his bed. He is wondering. “Why didn’t someone come up with food until now”, he says. He looks at the clock. It’s 8:30 p.m. by now. His stomach growls.
Parth (to himself): “I think I would have to go and check myself.” He gets up from the bed and starts going downstairs, still stumbling a bit. Atlast he reaches downstairs. It’s totally dark. He shouts, “Is anyone there? Bhabhi? Rahul Bhaiya?” No one replies.

“Why is it so dark in here?”, he wonders. “Where have you all gone? Bhabhi, I am hungry.. I can’t stay like this anymore.” Still no one replies. “Looks like I have to do something myself.” He searches for the switch board and turns on the light. As he turns after turning on the light he sees that the whole place is decorated with balloons and flowers. There are banners everywhere. He turns round and stands still seeing all the decorations. Then he turns again and sees a few candles lighting. He moves towards that place and sees a chocolate cake with “I AM SORRY!” written on it. He gets angry. He shouts, “Ragini! Ragini! Come out right now. I know you are right here, hiding somewhere.” Suddenly, he hears the sound a footsteps. He turns and sees Ragini, in that yellow anarkali dress. She comes and stands in front of him. For a moment Parth gets mesmerized seeing her but the next moment he strats questioning her. Ragini was smiling. “What is this Ragini? (pointing towards the cake)”, he questions. “This is a chocolate cake Parth. Your favorite!” “Even I know that Ragini but what is written on it? What is this for?”, he asks in a louder tone. Ragini was still smiling and she says, “Let me read it to you. It says, “I AM SORRY!”” “Why?”, he questions again but in a lower gone this time. She makes a sad face and says, “Because someone is really sorry and wants to apologize but..”

Ragini didn’t even complete her sentence yet when Parth threw that chocolate cake on the floor. Ragini stands shocked as she was not expecting this from him. She looks at him in shock whole Parth who is already looking at her shouts, “Sorry? Do you even know the meaning of this word Ragini?” He moves forward while saying this, while Ragini keeps on stepping backwards. “Do you think it’s so easy to hurt someone in the first place and then say sorry, like everything would get fine?” Ragini doesn’t answer him. Parth takes a decoration piece (a vase) from the side table and breaks it by making it fall on the floor. “Parth..”, Ragini says but he gestures her to stop. “Can you fix this? Can you? Can you make these pieces join once again?” Tears roll down from Ragini’s eyes. He continues, “No na? Can sorry fix this?” Ragini looks at the broken pieces. “No!” He says. “Similarly, my heart has broken into pieces. It cannot be fixed by only a word “sorry”, but you know what? It can never be fixed.” After saying this he leaves to his room. While Ragini shatters. He bends down and sits beside those broken pieces and takes a few of them in her hand. She looks at them with teary eyes. After crying a bit she says, “Yes I can fix these pieces. It would take sometime but.. I can fix them and I will prove it to you and if I can fix them, I can even fix your heart.” She then picks up those pieces and leaves.

The next morning:
Scene 6:Parth’s house (Parth’s room)
Parth wasn’t able to sleep well last night. He gets up from the bed and goes to change his clothes. After sometime when he comes out with towel in his hand drying his hair, he stand in front of the mirror. While looking at himself in the mirror is observes something strange behind him. He turns and sees the same vase which he broke last night placed in a table. He goes near the table and sees a piece of paper placed under the vase. He picks that vase up and takes that paper and begins reading it. “You asked me to fix it and I did! The day is not far when I would be able to fix your heart too.”He crumbles the paper in anger and throws it in the dustbin. He then gets ready and goes downstairs.

Scene 7: Laksh’s cell (Jail)

Laksh wakes up in the morning and washes his face. He then looks at the all of his cell and crosses another day. “2 years and 2 months gone already. Soon I would be our of the jail”, he says. He then smiles evilly.

Promo: Ragini plans another surprise.
Hey guys! Here is another episode. Hope you guys like it and thanks to all for responsing. ?❤️

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