My Love With Me (Episode 3)


The Sun Raise so 5:30AM.. Bcoz,he is eagerly waiting to watch and play with emotions of innocent people…
The rays disturbed Arjun..Arjun slowly open his eyes and saw Radhika infront of him.She is in orange color saree ..with wet hair..A cute smile on her lips..A cup of coeffee in her hand..He saw her and tell GoodMorning Wifey..
Radhika:Gudmrg Arjun sir..
Arjun:I only drink black coeffee..
Radhika:This is black coeffee only sir..
Arjun:Dont call me sir..Just call me Arjun..
Arjun sip coeffee from cup and said something miss in it.Radhika:I prepare it according to your taste only sir..
Arjun:No Radhika..Once you taste it..
Radhika took the cup from his hand and take one sip..and look at him..
Radhika:It is good only naa sir..
Arjun took the cup from her hand and pull her close to him..and sip coeffee from the cup..
Arjun:Now it is too good..
Radhika:Stop it sir..
By saying this she ran from that room and Arjun getup from his bed and try to catch her but fell down on floor..
Then he realised that it is a dream..
He simply smiled for his dream and think about Radhika..He remembered Nandhini bring Radhika to your home..He hurridly getup and went to washroom.
The scene in Samrats house..
Piyali open the door and saw Sam sleep on her bed..Samrat put hand on her shoulder and said dont worry.. Neil mix sleeping pills in her milk..Bcoz of that effect she sleep like that..Piyali nod her head and close the door..They both had tears in their eyes.. but Manya feel happy for her sister state.
The scene in Neils house:
Bcoz of sun rays Neil wake up and saw Radhika is in sleep.But she sounds something in her sleep.His eyes search for Teji..He is not in room.Prerana slept beside Radhika..
Teji enter into that room with three cups of coeffee..Prerana also wakeup and look at Teji.
Teji:Gudmrg Aunty..Gudmrg Neil..
Prerana:Teji..why you can do theze works..
Teji:No problem aunty..if Neil prepares means you accept it na.. I am also like Neil to you..
Prerana happily nod her head and give a kiss on forehead..
Again Radhika sound something in her sleep.The trio listen it carefully..
Radhika(in sleep):Dadhaji told to me dont do harm to anybody..But i have no chance and no way to protect you Sam..So..i give pain to you.The pain given by me is temporary pain..But you do that marriage means..No.. Untill i am alive nobody didnt do any harm to you.
Radhika:Atleast you belive me Neil..
My own brother left me..My parents leave me..My frnds didnt belive me..
Teji:Radhika look at me naa..
Radhika:Arjun Sir..bcoz of me..nobody are not with me..I consider you are good from heart..Still my heart belives that only..But you want to give pain to Sam..
Teji:Chashini…look at me.. are always with me only na..tell them to belive me..Atleast you belive me Teji..
By saying this Radhika turn to another side and hug the pillow..and sleep like littel girl..
Teji look at Neil..Neil:Dont worry Teji..
But Teji couldnt control himself and throw the cup from his hand in angry.
Radhika suddenly open her eyes for that sound..and look confusioly..She slowly recollected the things happened yesterday..Then she realise that she is in Neils house..she look at them..and slowly tears flow from her eyes..
Radhika:I am sorry..
Teji:Sorry for what Radhika?
You need help from Teji to prove that Bonnie was wrong..You need help from me to stole keys of Bonnie’s need help from me to travel Lonaval with that need help from me to cheerup cheerup Neil..But you have no time to discuss with me about Saral..or things what you noticed about Arjun..You individually try to manage naa..Every time when i do supportive things for you means..i think i do it for my little sister..for my little princeses..But you consider me..and treat me as a co-employee only..
Radhika:Teji..Dont talk like that..
Neil:Then you tell him to talk?
Neil:Ha Chashini..You forget to inform us..when you are trying to enter into marriage..If Saral success in his motive means..then..
By god sake you saved by your lover..
Radhika:My lover.?
Teji:You told us..that Arjun sir loves you and you are in realationship with him.
Radhika look at him.
Teji:I always belive your said Bonnie is wrong..I belive you and you prove it..
Neil:You said there is love between Piyali and Sam..You prove it..
Now also we belive you and your words that Arjun loves you and you both are in relationship..
Neil:Ha Chashini..tell me..
At that time Neil phone displaying name Mala Aunty..
Prerana lift phone and before saying hello..
Mala:Neil..You know where choti is.?
Just now Arjun came here and ask about her..I said there no relation with her infront of Uncle and Ankush..I am also angry on Choti..But how can i leave her..I am worried about her Neil..
Prerana:Hello..its me..preprana. Radhika is with me only.I bring her to my house..
Mala:Preranaji..Can you do one favour for me..
Prerana:Ask me..
Mala:We are moving from Mumbai today..Plz take care of her..
Prerana:Once you talk with her..
Mala:No no..Her father is in house only..plz bring her to temple..with in two hrs we have flight..
Prerana:We will be there in 30mins..
Neil look at her mom..Prerana tell about Arjun want to take Radhika with him..and she told what prerana tell to her..
Radhika:Neil..Sam needs you..You go there and handle her..
Neil:What abt you..Whom you need?
Teji:Why you ask like that?She needs her love..already she had it naa..
Radhika:Teji..plz..I just hate him..I do this marriage..just bcoz to..
Then Radhika realise she had no proofs with she stop and cut the sentence..
Teji:Tell me Radhika..for what sake you do this marriage..
Radhika:Bcoz..Arjun sir loves me..and i too..
Teji and Neil shocked for her mood swings..and they are disappointed to didnt get any proper answer from her.
Prerana:Radhika your mother want to meet you..we go to temple now..
Prerana give one saree and ask her to wear it..Radhika look at her..Dont worry beta..I buy this one for Sam.. Now i give to my daughter..Radhika huged and cried..
In Arjuns house:
Nandhini open the door and saw Arjun single..
Nandini:Where is Radhika?
Arjun:Dont know Nandu..She is not with her parents..
Nandini:What?Then where she is/was..
Arjun:How can i know Nandhu..I followed you from the mandap na..
Arjun feel restless..bcoz he didnt know about Radhika..He worried about her.
Nandhini feel his concern and love on Radhika and got angry on him.But she know he is the weapon for her..So she control herself and ask Arjun not to worry..
In temple:
Radhika hold her hands infront of god..Mala came there and wish prerana..Mala:Choti..
Radhika turn towards her mother..
Mala:Why are you in Neils place..Why you are not with Arjun?
Radhika:Maa..This marriage is only to save..
Radhika realise prerana stand there only..Radhika look at Prerana and her Mom..
Prerana:You people continue..I come back after some time..
By saying this she left from that place leave Radhika and her Mom alone..
But the Mom and Daughter didnt know Neil and Teji watched them.
Mala:Tell me choti..why you are not with Arjun..
Radhika:Maa.I hate him..and to save Sam from Arjun and Nandhini..i took this step..There is no way to save sam.. and i dont know Arjun sir also take this step.I think he step back to marry me..Once i prove it infront of all i divorce him and return back to you Maa..
Mala slap Radhika..First time in her life Mala beat her child..Mala:What you think abt marriage?Is this a game for you..
Neil try to stop Mala..but prerana hold his hand..And point her finger towards Arjun..Both Neil and Teji are shocked seeing Arjun there..
Mala:Wat abt your sindhoor in your Maang..What about the Mangalsutr.. This is our culture..and this marriage is your wish.
Radhika:Ma mere mang me sindhoor.. but that color is not in my life.. I have mangalsutr but i didnt have good faith in my life.I am married and i have husband..but there is no one to hold my hand and there is no home for me..I lost all in my life..that too in one night..Maa plz belive me..I do it only to save Sam from problems..Nobody are there for me.
Arjun:Who said nobody care for you?
I am there..for you..Mrs.Radhika Arjun Mehara.
Both Mala and Radhika turn towards him.
Arjun:Thanks maa..For informing me about my wife.I know you are angry with me..I know i am wrong..But marriage is marriage..I try to stand on this relation..I respect this relation..
Radhika:But i didnt come with you..I hate you..Bcoz of this mangalstur only you talk like this na..i dont need only take it..
By saying this she try to remove it from her neck..Mala again slap Radhika left and Right..Arjun hold Malas hand and ask her to control..
Arjun:Maa..Your daughter is Choti na..
I can manage her..I need your blessings to start a new life.
Mala:Arjun beta..I am angry on you also..I consider you are equal to my Ankush..But you did good and bad..even though i trust you last time..Bcoz of that reason only i inform you about Choti..Dont leave her..Give some time to her..
Arjun:Def Maa..
Mala turn towards Radhika and ask her..atleast behave like a good wife.. you fail as daughter in your parents failed as a sister in your siblings eyes..You failed as a friend in Sam’s eyes..
Mala stop it Choti..Go with Arjun..and that is only your house..Mala open her palm and look at Arjun..Arjun look at her palm and saw a silver box and coin..He understood her feelings and open that box and took kumkum with coin and put it in Radhikas Maang..
He took blessings from Mala and ask Radhika also to take blessings..
Radhika stand like a statue..Prerana come towards them.Mala give that kumkum box and bless Radhika with teary eyes and ask her to go with Arjun..She didnt move and stand like that..Prerana:Malaji think once..
Arjun:Dont worry Maa and Dont worry aunty..I will take care of her..
After seeing Prerana..Radhika also took blessings from her mother and turn towards Arjun..Arjun hold her hand and took Radhika with him.He took her with all rights and she followed him like a lifeless doll..
Arjun feel happy that Radhika is witth him..He feel sad that her mother also scold and beat her..He has anger on her to spoil his dhi plan and save Sam and Samrat..
He place Radhika in passenger seat and he took driving place and ask her to put seat belt..He only put it and adjust her hair besixe her ear shell and move his car from that place..
Prerana:I am really feel bad for you..that you didnt belive your daughter..
Mala:What can i do..I diddnt go oppose to my husband and family..
Prerana:You have trust on Arjun..but you didnt trust your daughter..
Mala:I love my daughter..and similarly i saw love and concern in Arjun eyes also..Remaing things handled by God.. Nothing in my hands.We leave today.. but just take care and enquire about my choti..
Mala request prerana by holding her hands.Prerana wipe Mala’s tears and promise her to take care of Radhika..
After that Mala also left the temple..
Both Teji and Neil come forward and put their hands on Preran shoulders..
She look at them..and said.. i too observe a soft corner and concern on Radhika in Arjun eyes.
Teji:We are confirm that Radhika didnt have any feelings on Arjun sir..
Neil:She think that we didnt know anything..Bcoz of that reason she tell that she is in relationship with Arjun. But infront of Mala aunty she tell that she marry to save Sam..So,We are clear that Radhika is innocent and she didnt do any wrong..
Teji:We support her and bring truth out and prove her innosence..
Teji:Once we prove it..we didnt leave Radhika with that devil..
Prerana:It is not easy to bring Radhika back from Arjun..wat now i saw in Arjun eyes..if it is true means.. may be she melt in his love..
Prerana:I saw same feelings in your eyes when you feel for Sam..
Neli and Teji look like statues..
Prerana:We can do only one thing.. i.e we support Radhika..We try to prove her innosense..
In Arjuns Car:
Radhika sit like a doll.She is so pretty in the red color saree..Her maang is filled with red sindhoor..Her cheecks have finger marks..Blood comes from her lips..Tears flow from her eyes continously..Arjun control his feelings..

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