Love-Once Again (Episode 29)


Scene 1: The City Hospital (Parth’s room)
Parth is lying unconscious on the bed. A few secs pass and he opens his eyes.
He sees that he is in hospital. He tries to remember what happened in the past few days. A flashback starts. He remembers he proposing Ragini, she rejecting him, Ragini not returning back, he deciding to go and find her, he meeting Ragini again and getting in a fight with the goons when he got shot. His thought is disturbed when someone opens the door of the room. It’s none other than Ragini. She has tears in her eyes but she smiles, but her smile was not able to hide her tears from Parth.
Ragini: “So you finally woke up.” (She says with a fake smile.)
Parth doesn’t say anything, he just keeps on staring at her. Ragini comes and sits beside him. She has something in her hand. Those are medicines. She takes them out and pours some water in a glass. She still has the fake smile on her face. She gives the glass of water to Parth. Parth doesn’t take it, he just keeps on staring at her. Ragini shakes the glass a little to get Parth’s attention. He at last takes the glass. She puts the medicines on a plate on the side table and says, “Do take them as soon as possible.” She then turns towards the door to leave, when someone holds her hand. It’s none other than Parth. Ragini does not turn.
Parth: “And that’s all you had to say?”
Ragini still doesn’t turn. They tears she had in her eyes,that she had been trying to control start flowing. Without turning back she removes her hand from Parth’s and rushes out of the room. (Darmiyan plays….)
Scene 2: The City Hospital (The corridor)
Rahul and Sanaya were sitting there. Suddenly the doctor comes to them. Rahul and Sanaya stand up seeing the doctor.
Doctor: “Mr Rahul?”
Rahul: “Yes!”
Doctor: “We would be discharging Mr Parth soon, as he is better than before now. You have to come with me to fulfill some formalities.”
Rahul: “Okay!”
Doctor leaves with Rahul leaving Sanaya there. A few secs pass by that Ragini comes there lost in her thoughts. She passes by Sanaya but doesn’t see her. Sanaya sees her and gets up. She sees her lost in her thoughts. Ragini keeps on moving forward still lost in her thoughts. Sanaya calls her, “Ragini?!” Ragini doesn’t turn. She calls her again but still she doesn’t turn. She just keeps on moving. Sanaya comes and stands infront of her. Ragini looks at her. Sanaya places her hand on her shoulder and says, “Ragini, are you okay?” That was all she said when Ragini hugged her tightly. Sanaya hugs her back.
Ragini: “Di! Why I am not able to say anything when he comes in front of me. It’s like I am out of words. Even today, I wasn’t able to say anything. I want to tell him how much I love him but…something stops me from doing so.”
Sanaya consoles her.
Sanaya: “Don’t worry, everything would be fine.”
The next morning:
Scene 3: The City Hospital (The corridor)
Rahul is shown giving support to Parth so that he can walk properly. Ragini brings a wheelchair for him. She stops the wheelchair right infront of him, indicating from her eyes that he should sit on it. He looks at her for a while and then moves on himself (without Rahul’s support, stumbling.) Rahul puts his hand on Ragini’s shoulder consoling her for a second and then leaves to help Parth in walking properly. Ragini was still standing there in the corridor with the wheelchair in front of her. She was lost in her thoughts when Sanaya held her by her shoulder. She then made her walk by holding her hand while Ragini was still lost.
Scene 4: The jail (Laksh’s cell)
The jailer opens the door of Laksh cell and lets someone inside. Laksh was sitting with his head down but as he hears the voice of the door opening he gets up. The person who just entered the prison is none other than Sanskaar.
Laksh: “Bhai?”
Sanskaar stand still.
Laksh: “What are you here for?”
Sanskaar: “Do I need any reason to meet you? After all I am your..”
Laksh: “Brother? What kind of brother. I swear once I get out of the prison I am gonna find Ragini and ruin her life.”
And this was only Laksh said when Sanskaar slapped him hard and he fell on the floor.
The jailer comes there hearing the noise.
Sanskaar (to Laksh): “I thought you would have changed, but you can never change.
The jailer takes Sanskaar out while Laksh sits on the floor holding his cheek.
Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini, Parth, Sanaya and Rahul enter Parth’s house. Rahul makes Parth sit on the couch. Ragini goes to the kitchen and brings a glass of juice for Parth. She then offers it to Parth. Parth stares at her for a sec and then gets up.
Parth: “Bhaiya, I am going to my room. I am having a headache.”
He leaves after giving Ragini an angry gaze. After he leaves Sanaya puts her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini does not turn.
Sanaya: “Everything would get fine, Ragini. Just don’t loose hope.”
She leaves after saying that to Ragini.
Ragini (to herself): “Yes Di! I would never loose hope. I would try my best to persuade him.”
The screen freezes of Ragini’s determined face.

Promo: Sanaya advises Ragini to make cake to persuade Parth. Ragini prepares a chocolate cake.
Sorry guys for such a late update. Actually I wasn’t able to come up with some idea. Anyways.. Here is the episode. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for your support and love.
Regards Alisha ❤️?

Credit to: Alisha

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