Love-Once Again (Episode 28)



Scene 1: The City Hospital (inside Ragini’s room)
Swara and Sanskaar separate from the hug. They were still in the room.
Sanskaar: “I think we should leave now. It’s time for us to go.”
Swara nods. She wipes her tears and moves towards Ragini (who was still unconscious.) She kisses her on her forehead.

Swara (to Ragini): “I am sorry Ragini but I have to leave. I am doing this for your betterment.” (She cries.) She then takes off one of her bangle and makes Ragini wear it.
Swara: “I am leaving this for you. This is a gift for you from me and Sanskaar. This would remind you of us. ” (A flashback shows Sanskaar gifting those bangles to Swara infront of Ragini and Ragini complimenting those bangles and teasing Swara.)
Sanskaar has tears in his eyes too. Swara turns to him and the love towards the room’s door.
Scene 2: The City Hospital (outside Ragini’s room)

Sanaya and Rahul were standing outside the room. They were waiting for Swara and Sanskaar.
Sanaya: “I wonder what’s taking them too long?”
Suddenly Swara and Sanskaar come out of the room. Sanaya and Rahul get attentive seeing them.
Sanskaar: “I think we should leave now.”
Rahul nods.

Swara hugs Sanaya and says, “Don’t worry Ragini and Parth would get well soon.”
Sanaya smile with tears in her eyes. Even Sanskaar says the same thing to Rahul and then Swara and Sanskaar start walking towards the door of the hospital.
While walking Sanskaar clutches Swara’s hand tightly as he knows the condition Swara is suffering from. Swara looks at him (with teary eyes) while Sanskaar nods asking her to be strong. After sometime they were out of the hospital.

Sanskaar makes Swara sit in the car by opening the door. Swara sits in. Sanskaar, himself sits on the driver’s seat. As he sits he closes his eyes. He remembers the moments he spent with Ragini. A tear rolls down from his eyes unknowingly. His thought is disturbed by a voice, “Here have this!” He opens his eyes and sees Swara, with her eyes down, offering him a handkerchief. Sanskaar looks at her with teary eyes. Swara looks at him back, she has tears in her eyes too. She puts her head on his shoulder. Before Sanskaar could say anything Swara says, “I know Sanskaar, I need to be strong but I can’t just control my tears. I can’t just get the thought out of my mind that maybe this is the last time I am seeing Ragini..” Swara cries whereas Sanskaar consoles her.
Scene 3: The City Hospital (inside Ragini’s room)

Ragini is still lying unconscious. There is no one in the room. After a few seconds she opens her eyes slowly. She sees that she is hospital. She tries to remember what happened. She closes her eyes. She remembers Parth proposing her, she rejecting him, she getting trapped with the goons and dealer, Parth saving her, Parth getting shot… She shouts, “Parth!” Sanaya and Rahul (who were standing outside the room) come in hearing Ragini.

Sanaya: “Calm down Ragini, nothing happened. Parth is completely fine. The doctor said that he is out of danger.”
Rahul gives her a glass of water to drink. He makes her drink it. She finally calms down.
Rahul: “Are you fine now?”

Ragini nods.
Suddenly some one comes in. “Mr Rahul?”, a voice says.
Rahul: “Yes!”
Sister: “Are you they one with Mr. Parth?”
Rahul: “Yes, I am! Is there any problem Sister?”
Sister: “Sir, we need some medicines. Here is the list (She hands him a list.) Get all these medicines as soon as possible.”
Rahul (takes the list): “Okay!”

The sister leaves.
Rahul (to Sanaya and Ragini): “I shall go and get these medicines.”
Sanaya nods while Rahul leaves. As he leaves, Sanaya looks at Ragini who was lost. She takes her hand in her hand. “Don’t worry about Parth. He shall get fine soon.”
Ragini doesn’t say anything. She has tears in her eyes.
Sanaya: “I shall go and check Parth.”
Ragini insists on going with her but she asks her to take rest and when she feels that she is completely fine, she can come and see Parth. Atlast, Sanaya leaves. As she leaves Ragini looks down. She feels something strange.
Ragini (to herself): “Why am I feeling wierd?”

She sees the bangle that Swara had made her wear. She takes it in her hand.
Ragini: “I never owned this type of bangle and it’s even different from all the other bangles I am wearing. I didn’t wear this on my own, maybe someone made me wear this.”
She look at the bangle curiously. “Who?”, she says. She remembers the same flashback.
Ragini (in surprise): “Swara?”
Scene 4: Meshwari Mansion
Swara and Sanskaar reach back home. They enter the house. Everyone was excitedly waiting for them. They enter the house.
Sujata: “Oh Sanskaar and Swara, you are back.”
They don’t say anything.
Annapurna: “Sanskaar, what did the doctor say?”

Sanskaar looks at Swara who was lost in her thoughts.
Annapurna: “Sanskaar, why are you looking at her? Tell us, what happened? You are making me feel scared.”
Sanskaar: “Maa, Actually we met..” (As Sanskaar was about to complete the sentence Swara holds his hand.)
Swara: “We met Sanskaar’s friend in the hospital.”
Sujata: “So what’s wrong with that? Why are you dragging the sentence?”
Sanskaar and Swara do not say anything.
Parineeta: “Anyways, what did the doctor say?”
Sanskaar: “They said that everything is completely fine.”
Everybody takes a deep breathe after listening to Sanskaar’s final words.
Annapurna: “Okay Beta, take Swara to your room. She needs rest.”
Sanskaar nods and takes Swara to their room.

Scene 5: The City Hospital (Ragini’s room)
Ragini sits in shock. She looks at the bangle once again and turns them around.
Ragini (to herself): “How could Swara make me wear this? She.. How could she be here?”
She takes the bangle off her hands and observes it keenly. After a few mins:
Ragini (to herself): “I think I am thinking too much. Maybe Sanaya Di made me wear this.”
As Ragini was thinking about it that she hears a knock at the door. Rahul comes in.
Rahul: “Come lets go!”
Ragini nods. Rahul makes her get up and takes her out of the room.

Scene 6: Swara’s and Sanskaar’s room (Meshwari Mansion)
Swara was sitting on the bed while Sanskaar was roaming in front of her. He was looking quite angry. Swara had tears in her eyes. Sanskaar makes his fingers run through his hair. He mumbles, “How could you…How could you?” At once he sits on his knees beside Swara.
Sanskaar (to Swara): “Swara, how could you do this? How could you.. This is insane! Why didn’t you let me tell Maa that we met Ragini?”
Swara couldn’t control her tears. She doesn’t answer him.
Sanskaar: “Swara? I am talking to you?”

Swara (shouts): “What could I say other than that Sanskaar?” (She gets up.)
Sanskaar looks on. She turns towards him.
Swara: “If you would have told them that we had met Ragini in the hospital they must have insisted on meeting her and what would we do further than? I didn’t wanted them to know about Ragini for her benefit and for us too.”
Sanskaar nods and hugs Swara. Swara cries in his arms.

Promo: Parth gets consciousness and Ragini meets him. Some happy moments.

Hey guys! I am extremely sorry. Really really sorry! I was really busy in my studies and after a week I am having my exams so..?
Anyways, atleast we can be happy that I was able to write this episode. ??
Stay blessed and happy guys!

Credit to: Alisha

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