Love-Once Again (Episode 27)

Scene 1: The City Hospital (outside Parth’s room)
Doctor: “I am sorry, the patient is no more.”
The trio stand shocked. Ragini runs towards the room. She opens the door and sees Parth lying there. She goes to him and starts shouting at him.
Ragini: “What do you think of yourself? How can you leave us alone like this?.. How can you leave me alone?”
Parth doesn’t move.
Ragini (after wiping her tears): “I don’t know anything, you are getting up right now and coming with me. We are going back home.”
She takes his hand but Parth was lifeless his hand falls out of Ragini’s. At this Ragini cries even more.
Ragini: “Parth I know you got hurt by my words on that. I know I did wrong. But, i did it because I still have that fear in my heart of that betrayal. I don’t want to be betrayed again because if I do I won’t be able to live anymore. Parth, the day we met a chapter of my life started. The moments I spent with you were absolutely memorable and loving you was one of the best feelings ever. Yes Parth, I love you! I love you from the bottom of my heart.” ?❤️ (Baatein ye kabhi na plays…)
She cries and lays her head on this hand, by clutching it tightly.
Ragini: “I love you! Please come back!”
She closes her eyes. A few seconds pass by that Parth starts breathing heavily. Ragini opens her eyes, gets up and calls the doctor. The doctor asks Ragini to go out of the theater. Ragini looks at Parth and goes out of the theater.
Scene 2: The City Hospital (corridor)
Swara and Sanskaar were walking slowly.
Sanskaar: “Swara, I think I should take a leave from the hospital for a few months.”
Swara: “A few months? Sanskaar, there is no need for you to take a leave. I am fine.”
Sanskaar: “Fine, I think you don’t know how much your husband cares for you.”
Swara (smiles): “Sanskaar… Fine, you can take a leave?.
Sanskaar: “Great!”
Swara: “But only for a week.”
Sanskaar: “Okay!”
They smile at eachother.
Scene 3: The City Hospital (outside the theater)
Sanaya and Ragini were sitting while Rahul was standing. There was a silence between them. After sometime Rahul speaks up.
Rahul: “I am going to get some tea. Would you guys like something?”
Sanaya and Ragini nod in no. Rahul sits beside them.
Rahul: “I know that Parth’s condition is not that good but that doesn’t mean that you guys would neglect your health. You know if Parth gets to know that you guys didn’t eat something because of him that he wouldn’t like it. I am going to get some tea for us.”
After saying this he leaves.
Ragini and Sanaya were still sitting there outside the theater.
Scene 4: The City Hospital (corridor)
Swara and Sanskaar were walking and Rahul was coming from the other direction. Rahul didn’t see Sanskaar as he was looking at his watch and was in a hurry. After a few seconds, Sanskaar and Rahul bump into eachother.
Rahul: “I am extremely sorry, actually I am in a hurry.” (He still wasn’t looking at them as he was collecting the reports Sanskaar was carrying to give them back to him.)
Sanskaar sees him and says, “Rahul?”
Rahul looks at him and says, “Sanskaar?”
They both get up and Rahul hands over the papers to Sanskaar, after putting them back in the file, Sanskaar asks Rahul, “Rahul, what are you doing here? And, why were you in such a hurry?”
Rahul tells him about Parth’s condition whereas Swara listens to this to.
After this Rahul asks them about they being here. Sanskaar tells him about Swara’s pregnancy. Rahul congratulates them.
Rahul: “I shall leave now, Sanaya must be waiting for me.”
Sanskaar: “Wait!”
Rahul stops and looks at him with a questioning expression.
Sanskaar: “We are coming with you too.”
Rahul: “But, Sanskaar you know that it won’t be good for Swara to sit here for hours like this.”
Sanskaar: “Don’t worry!”
He looks at Swara.
Swara: “I have no problem. At last Parth is like your brother and mine too.”
Rahul smiles and nods. The trio start walking towards the room.
Scene 5: The City Hospital (outside the room)
Sanaya and Ragini were sitting there (still). Rahul, Swara and Sanskaar were coming from the other direction towards them. Ragini had her head down, so Swara and Sanskaar were unable to see her at first. At last the reach the place where they were sitting. Ragini still had her head down.
Rahul (pointing towards Sanaya): “This is Sanaya. My wife.”
Sanaya greets them. They greet her back.
Rahul: “And this is ….”
Before Rahul could say anything the doctor comes out of the operation theater. Rahul asks him about Parth’s condition.
Rahul: “Doctor, how is Parth now? Is he okay?”
Doctor: “You should thank God. He is out of danger now.”
Everyone thanks God.
Rahul (bends towards Ragini): “Ragini, did you hear? Parth is out of danger now and it’s all because of you.”
Swara and Sanskaar get shocked hearing Ragini’s name. They both look at eachother.
Swara tries to move forward to touch Ragini but Sanskaar clutches her hand tightly signing her not to. Swara stops. She has tears in he eyes. Even Sanskaar had tears in her eyes. They wait for Ragini to respond but Ragini doesn’t say anything.
Sanaya: “Ragini? Are you okay?” (She touches her.)
Ragini falls on the floor (unconscious). All of them get shocked, especially Swara and Sanskaar after seeing that she is none other than their Ragini and her condition.
Rahul calls the doctor and they take her to a room. Rahul and Sanskaar carry Ragini. The doctor takes Ragini inside room.
After sometime, when the doctor comes out, before Sanaya and Rahul could say anything Sanskaar asks about Ragini.
Sanskaar: “Doctor, how is she? Is she fine? Why did she faint?”
Doctor: “Don’t worry! She is completely fine. She fainted because of stress and weakness. I have given her an injection. She would be back to normal in about 30 mins. Try not to mention about anything that makes her tensed.”

As the doctor was about to go, Swara stops him and asks, “Can we meet her?”
The doctor nods. Swara gets happy. Sanaya and Rahul look on. They feel a little strange as they are the one who know Ragini closely (according to them) not Swara and Sanskaar but they ignore it. Swara opens the door of the room.
Scene 6: The City Hospital (inside Ragini’s room)
Swara enters the room. Sanskaar follows her. They both see Ragini, unconscious. Swara has tears in her eyes. She starts moving slowly towards Ragini. She stops near her bed. Sanskaar comes to her and hold her from her shoulders from the back and says, “I told you na, one day we would meet our Ragini.” Swara couldn’t control the tears in her eyes. She hugs Sanskaar and starts crying vigorously. Sanskaar pats on her head and consoles her. After sometime, Swara feels a little better. She lets go of Sanskaar. She goes near Ragini and sits beside her. She takes her hand in her hand and kisses it. She starts crying again. (Swaragini plays in the background…)
Sanskaar: “Swara, I am going outside to tell Sanaya and Rahul that what relation we have with Ragini.”
Sanskaar was about to go when Swara comes and blocks his way.
Swara (after wiping her tears): “No Sanskaar!”
Sanskaar looks at her, shocked.
Sanskaar: “What? What do you mean by no? Ragini is your sister and..”
Swara: “I know Sanskaar, this is our Ragini but…”
Sanskaar: “But what? Do you want her to stay here? With them? Even though we know that she belongs to us. I know what Sanaya and Rahul did for her can never be forgotten but that doesn’t mean that you would just let go of Ragini.”
Swara: “I would!”
Sanskaar: “Swara, try to understand!”
Swara: “Sanskaar, you should try to understand.”
Sanskaar looks on. Swara continues. She goes near Ragini once again and looks at her lovingly.
Swara: “Yes, I want her to stay here, with Sanaya and Rahul and most importantly Parth.”
Sanskaar looks on cluelessly. Swara pats Ragini’s head with her hand and continues.
Swara: “I don’t want her to go back. I don’t want her to remember anything that happened in the past. I want her to forget everything and live her life as she wants.”
Sanskaar: “But Swara, Laksh is in jail right now that means, we can take Ragini back..”
Swara (turns to him): “No Sanskaar! Ragini’s past is not only related to Laksh, it’s related to all of us. It’s related to every single person. It’s related to that house. I know her very well, she won’t be able to forget what happened if she goes back. Her past would haunt her. And Laksh, he isn’t in jail for ever! He would be out in 2 years.”
Sanskaar: “Fine, I agree that if she goes back it won’t be right for her but how can you say that she would be happy living with Parth,Sanaya and Rahul? What if in the future something goes wrong? Where would Ragini go then?”

Swara (she turns back to Ragini and smiles at her): “LOVE!”
Sanskaar looks on. Swara turns back to him and continues.
Swara: “Yes Sanskaar, LOVE! I have seen the concern for Ragini in Sanaya’s and Rahul’s eyes. I have seen the concern in Sanaya’s eyes that a sister has and in Rahul’s eyes the I have seen the concern and love that a brother has for his sister. I know they would be able to give Ragini the love she deserves and would never ever leave her. And Parth, remember the day Sanskaar.. The day we went to attend Sanaya’s and Rahul’s wedding and Parth wanted us to meet someone.”
Sanskaar recalls that day while Swara continues.
Swara: “He wanted us to meet none other than Ragini. He was so curious to make Ragini meet us. On that day, I had seen the love in Parth’s eyes for Ragini. And coming to Ragini…. (She turns to Ragini) She loves Parth too. I bet Ragini would live a happy life with them.”
Swara smiles while looking at Ragini lovingly. She had tears in her eyes. Sanskaar standing at the back smiles and says, “I didn’t know that my wife is so intelligent. She even left me behind.” Swara turns and smiles at him. They both hug eachother. Sanskaar pats Swara’s head and kisses her on her forehead.
Sanskaar: “Don’t worry! I would do as you said. We won’t reveal anything to Sanaya and Rahul.”

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Love you guys! Stay blessed! ?

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