Love-Once Again (Episode 26)



Scene 1: Hospital
Ragini was sitting outside the room. She was crying still. Suddenly, 2 people comes running towards her. After seeing them Ragini gets up and hugs them. It’s none other than Sanaya and Rahul. She hugs Sanaya and starts crying vigorously where as Sanaya cries and consoles her. Rahul consoles her too
After sometime, the doctor comes out of the operation theater. The trio ask him about Parth.
Doctor: “His condition is critical. By the time he was brought to me, his body had lost a lot blood.”
Rahul: “You.. You can take our blood doctor if he is lacking blood. We are ready to donate our blood.”
Sanaya and Ragini nod.
Doctor: “Even if we take your blood, it’s not possible for us to save him so stay prepared for any bad news.”
The doctor leaves. Ragini cries even more. Sanaya makes Ragini sit and sits beside her. She continues consoling her.
Ragini: “This is happening all because of me.”
Sanaya and Rahul look at her with a questioning expression.
Ragini: “If I hadn’t insulted Parth that day, he wouldn’t have been here and…”
Rahul sits beside her.
Rahul: “Ragini, it’s not because of you. You had full right to refuse or accept his love.”
Ragini: “But..” (Sanaya interrupts her.)
Sanaya: “No Ragini! Rahul is absolutely right. You had that right and it’s not because of you. It’s the destiny. Destiny brought you both together because you both are made for eachother.”
Rahul: “Of course! I know there must have been a reason behind why you refused to accept his love.”
Ragini remembers Laksh. She is disturbed by Rahul voice, who continues.
Rahul: “And I know it’s your past. Your past is making you feel afraid in taking such a huge step.”
Ragini doesn’t say anything.
Sanaya: “Ragini past is past. It’s not necessary for the history to repeat it self every time. You just need to move on in life.”
Rahul: “Just like I did! If you love him then there is no need for you to be afraid. Just go and tell him that you love him.”
Ragini looks at Rahul, whereas Rahul nods. She gets up and starts moving towards Parth’s room.
A flashback starts… Ragini remembers her moments with Swara, how they used to have fun together and solve every single problem, her Mom, Dad, Dida, Dadi and Dada. She remembers the Meshwari family, the time she tried to separate Swara and Laksh, Swara supporting her even after that, her friendship with Sanskaar and at last she remembers Laksh…
Ragini cries. While taking steps towards Parth’s room she talks to herself.
Ragini (after wiping her tears): “From today, this day, this moment.. I am going to forget everything from my past life. Every single thing, the good and the bad memories. I am gonna spend the rest of my life with the person I love. From this moment a new Ragini would be born and if someday, in my future life I meet my past again, I would neglect it because it means nothing to me..simply nothing.”

Scene 2: Meshwari Mansion
Everyone is busy in their normal routine. Swara and Sanskaar are ready to go to the hospital. The come downstairs and take everyone’s blessings. Everyone bless them. Sanskaar: “We are leaving for the hospital. We shall be back soon.”
Annapurna: “Okay Beta! Drive carefully.”
They leave.

Scene 3: The City Hospital (inside Parth’s room)
Ragini opens the door of Parth’s room. She steps inside. She cries seeing Parth. She closes her eyes and remembers him getting shot. She cries even more. Then she wipes her tears and sits beside Parth.
Ragini: “Parth, I know you are angry with me because I insulted you that day that is why you don’t want to talk to me, right?”
Parth is unconscious, so he doesn’t reply.
Ragini: “I know you don’t want to talk to me but you should talk to Sanaya Di or Rahul Bhaiya. What have they done to you? You don’t know how much they are worried for you.”
Parth still doesn’t move.
Ragini: “Parth, are you listening to me?”
Parth still doesn’t say anything. She cries vigorously and leaves the room in a rush.
She comes out of the room and stands there crying. (Baatein ye kabhi na plays…)

Scene 4: The City Hospital (reception)
Swara and Sanskaar enter the hospital together. They ask the receptionist about their appointment. The receptionist asks tells them where to go and they leave towards the doctor’s room.

Scene 5: The doctor’s room
Swara and Sanskaar in the doctors room. The doctor had just checked Swara.
Doctor: “Hmm…. You should take good care of her.”
Sanskaar looks at Swara and smiles.
Sanskaar: “Yeah sure doctor!”
Doctor: “Everything else seems perfectly fine (looking at the reports) but still you should take good care of your self. Try to eat as much as fruits and stuff like that that would turn out to beneficial for you.”
Swara nods.
Doctor: “And do remember to get yourself a medical checkup at least once a week. Now you may leave.”
Swara and Sanskaar take the reports with them and leave from there.

Scene 6: The City Hospital (outside Parth’s room)
Sanaya and Ragini were sitting while Rahul was standing. They were waiting for the doctor (once again).

Scene 7: Inside the theater
The doctor was busy with the operation. Parth’s condition was getting worse. His heart rate was decreasing. After some time, Parth’s starts breathing heavily.
Doctor: “His condition is getting worse. We need to hurry.”
Parth stops breathing after a few minutes. His heart rate gets 0. The doctor gets shocked. He looks at the nurse. They decide to give him shocks.
The doctor gives him electric shocks to revive his heart beat but of no use. At last the doctor gives up.
Doctor: “He is no more. I have to inform his relatives.”

Scene 8: The City Hospital (outside Parth’s room)
The doctor comes out of the theater. The trio get concerned for Parth.
Rahul: “How.. How is my brother doctor? Is he alright?”
The doctor feels it hard to say anything.
Sanaya: “Why aren’t you saying anything? Is Parth alright?”
Ragini looks on.
Doctor: “I am sorry..”
Rahul: “What do you mean by I am sorry.”
Doctor: “I know how you are feeling but I am sorry the patient is no more. We couldn’t save him.”
The trio get shocked.

Promo: Rahul meets Swara and Sanskaar in the hospital by chance and tells them about Parth’s condition. Swara and Sanskaar decide to stay. The trio move towards the operation theater, where Ragini and Sanaya were sitting.
Hey guys! I am back. It’s sad how I wasn’t able to upload the cover of our fanfiction yesterday, it’s because of those “LENGTH x WIDTH” problems with the cover. I was really disheartened at that fact. ??
Coming back to our story, congrats..Your fanfiction writer has planned a sister reunion. Yup! This time the sisters are gonna meet but in my style. My style means that they would meet, but it would be like they didn’t. I want you guys to guess that what I mean by those words. Please do comment because I want to know what do you guys think about it, but as you know I won’t be revealing who was right. Suspense.. ???
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Credit to: Alisha

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

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  3. Make parth alive plzzz dont make him dead….this epi was emotional

    1. Thanks for the comment Kriya. Don’t worry, Parth won’t die! I am glad you liked the episode.
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  4. Please I want parth and ragini together forever.. Laksh should be jealous after seeing their closeness and their love. Ragini love should bring parth back to life

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  6. very sad episode….

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  8. mridula krishnan

    hai dear sad update …but don’t separate ragini and parth….

    1. Mridula, thanks for the comment! Indeed it was a sad episode but don’t worry, they won’t separate.
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