Love-Once Again (Episode 25)


Scene 1: The road
Ragini stands shocked seeing the blood. She shouts, “Parth!”

Scene 2: Rahul’s house (house temple)
The diya blows off. Sanaya stands shocked. She starts crying vigorously.

Scene 3: The road
Parth gives Ragini a fake smile and falls down. Ragini has starts crying. She sits beside Parth and keeps on saying, “Parth, please don’t close your eyes. I won’t let anything happen to you.”
The dealer laughs and says, “Now, no one can save you from us.” Ragini looks at him. Her eyes are totally red. She sees a rod beside the dealer. The dealer signs the other 2 goons with his hand and says, “Go! Get her!” The 2 goons start moving towards Ragini slowly. Ragini gets up and looks at the rod and the dealer. She sees the dealer smirking at her. She runs as fast as she could and grabs the rod. She hits the dealer with the rod. The dealer screams and falls down. He screams in pain. Ragini takes the gun from his hand. She aims the gun at them. She shouts, “You people want to sell me to him na? You think it’s that easy? Leave this place right now or …. (She looks at the dealer, who was by now lying unconsciously beside her.) or you want to be in his place?”
The goons look at eachother.
Ragini: “Leave or..” (She starts pressing the gun’s trigger.)
The goons get scared seeing a new avatar of Ragini. They even forget that they had guns and could fight with Ragini. But seeing that even the dealer couldn’t fight with her, they start running. At last the vanish. Ragini could no longer see them. She drops the gun right there and rushes to Parth. He still had his eyes a little open. She wipes her tears and sits beside him. She grabs his hand and says, “Don’t worry Parth! I am here. Ragini is here. I ..I would tak..e you to the hospital.” Parth just nods a little. He is not showing what he is going through so that that Ragini doesn’t panic but actually Ragini was super worried too but she isn’t showing it too. Ragini gets up and looks at the Parth’s car. She rushes to the car and searches for the keys, at last she finds them. She opens the front door and by providing Parth with a little support so that she can take him to the car. She makes him sit at the front seat. She, herself, sits in the driver’s seat and starts driving. Parth was unconscious by now. While she is driving she keeps on saying to Parth that she won’t let anything happen to him… She cries.(Darmiyan plays..) Atlast they reach the hospital.

Scene 4: The City hospital
Ragini gets out of the car and calls for a stretcher. A stretcher is brought and Parth taken on it to the ICU. The song keeps on playing until Parth is taken in the room.

Scene 5: Meshwari Mansion
All the ladies had prepared the lunch and were now putting it on the dinning table. After sometime everything was ready and everyone was there for lunch. Swara feels a little headache so she holds her head.
Annapurna (to Swara): “Swara Beta, are you okay?”
Everyone look at Swara with concern especially Sanskaar.
Swara: “No, it’s just a minor headache Mom. It would go away soon.”
As Swara serves Sanskaar with the food, he asks her, “Swara, if you had an headache, then why didn’t you take the medicine? You should have told me atleast!”
Swara: “Sanskaar.. I told you that it’s just a minor headache..”
Sanskaar: “No way! You are supposed to take the medicines right now.”
Everyone smiles at them, seeing Sanskaar’s concern for Swara.
He gets up and goes to their room and gets a tablet back with him.
Sanskaar (giving the tablet to Swara): “Have it, it would make the headache go away soon and be careful next time, okay?”
Swara nods. The have a small eye lock.. Kavya coughs to get them back to reality and they do..

Scene 6: The City hospital
Ragini was sitting outside the room waiting for the doctor to come out. It had been hours. Suddenly she remembers something. She searches for her phone but is unable to find it. She then rushes to the reception. She asks the receptionist whether she can make a call. The receptionist allows her.

Scene 7: Rahul’s house
Sanaya was constantly trying to call Ragini and Parth but was unable to. She was super worried. Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s from an unknown number. She picks it up.
Sanaya: “Hello!”
Girl: “ Di!”
Sanaya: “Ragini? Ra..Ragini.. Are you alright? Where are you? Do you know where is Parth? Is he with you?”
Ragini: “Di.. Parth..” (She cries.)
Sanaya: “Yes Ragini, tell me.. What happened to Parth?”
Ragini: “Di.. I am in city hospital right now and Parth.. Pa…rth got shot.” (She cries even more.)
Sanaya drops the phone in shock. Tears roll down from her eyes.
Ragini: “Hello? Di? Are you listening?”
But the call drops. Ragini cries vigorously.

Scene 8: Meshwari Mansion
It’s night by now. Everybody is in their respective rooms. Sanskaar is in washroom. Swara is still having a headache and it’s getting worse and worse. She gets up to take medicine once again but she starts feeling dizzy. She holds her head and her vision gets blur. By this time Sanskaar gets out of the washroom.
Sanskaar (to Swara): “Swara, I was thinking…..” (He sees Swara holding her head.)
Sanskaar (shouts): “Swara!”
Swara unconscious. Sanskaar keeps on calling her but she doesn’t wake up. He then sprinkles some water on his face, she gets up atlast.
Sanskaar (to Swara): “Swara, are you okay? How are you feeling now?”
Swara doesn’t say anything as she is feeling woozy still. Sanskaar decides to call the doctor for help.

After sometime:
Everyone was in Swara’s room by now. The doctor has arrived. The doctor checks Swara.
Sanskaar: “What happened to her doctor? Why did she faint?”
Sujata (moves towards Kavya): “Tell me, are you behind all this?”
Annapurna: “Sujata, why would Kavya do this? Are you in your senses?”
Sujata: “No Jiji! Let her answer.”
She continues.
Sujata: “So.. Tell me, are you behind all this?”
Before Kavya could answer, Sanskaar interrupts her.
Sanskaar (to Sujata): “Maa, would you let the doctor tell us?”
Sujata: “I knew, no one would listen to me!”
She stands at a side, angrily.
Sanskaar (to doctor): “Doctor, would you please tell us what happened to her?”
Doctor: “Congrats! She is pregnant.”
Everyone gets happy.
Sujata: “Really? That means I going to become a Dadi!”
Annapurna: “Yes Sujata!”
Doctor: “You should get a regular check up and these are some medcines, she fainted because of weakness. If she takes these medicines regularly she won’t feel any weakness.”
Swara smiles. Everyone bless Swara, while Sanskaar looks at Swara lovingly.

Promo: Rahul and Sanaya reach the hospital. The doctor tells them that Parth condition is critical. Ragini blames herself for Parth’s condition. Swara and Sanskaar leave for the hospital.
Hey guys! I am back to annoy you and yes now we have an official cover for our story. Now our story would finally be recognized separately. It took hours finding these picture and editing them. Anyways, I hope all of you are fit and fine and enjoying your life. I also hope that you enjoyed reading the episode. I know most of the Swara and Sanskaar fans might be upset because in my fanfiction I haven’t given that much importance to Swara and Sanskaar, even from the past 15 episodes Sanaya and Rahul had been like the parallel lead. I tell you when I added them as another couple of my fanfiction I seriously loved them together. I was so surprised when I came to know that the cast would for this couple would look perfect together. Isn’t that surprising? Anyways, coming back to the point, in my fanfiction I am now trying to bring back Swara and Sanskaar as the parallel lead where are the fans of Karan Tacker and Sanaya Irani (I don’t know if there are any reading my fanfiction) don’t you guys worry Sanaya and Rahul would remain a parallel lead too. So.. Keep reading guys and please do comment.
Please comment on the fact that do you think someone should make a serial casting Karan or Pearl with Sanaya? ?
If no, then it’s okay. ? Chill! ?

Credit to: Alisha

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