Love-Once Again (Episode 24)


Scene 1: The isolated road, in between the jungle Ragini and Parth get shocked seeing the 2 goons. Parth (to Ragini): “Hurry up Ragini! We have to leave as fast as possible.” Parth helps Ragini get up and they start running (as Ragini had her foot injured she couldn’t run so fast and Parth was supporting her so that she could walk.) Seeing Parth and Ragini trying to escape once again, the goons had already started running. On the other hand, Parth was constantly encouraging Ragini to walk as fast as possible. Parth: “You can do it Ragini! Walk as fast as possible.” As Parth was encouraging her and Ragini was trying her best to run, someone points a gun at Parth. Parth looks up. He sees a man (none other than the same dealer with the Boss.) Ragini gets scared seeing him, as she recognizes him.

On the other hand, the other 2 goons, coming behind them, stop seeing their Boss. They grin. Parth (to the dealer): “What do you want?” Dealer (still with the gun in his hand, pointing towards Parth): “There is no need to ask that, you know that very well.” Parth: “Look, leave her! I am ready to do anything you say, but you should leave her.” Ragini looks at Parth emotionally. Dealer: “Anything?” (While raising his eyebrows.) Parth looks at Ragini for a while and nods. Parth: “Yes, anything you say.” Dealer (finally lowering the gun in his hand): “Well, so if you have agreed, then what can I say in that? Your task is super easy. You will have to fight them!” (Pointing towards the 2 goons standing at their back.)

The 2 goons look a each other surprisingly. The dealer continues. Dealer: “If you win, I shall leave her! And if you don’t…” (He moves towards Ragini while Ragini hides behind Parth. Parth stops him with his hand.) Parth: “Don’t worry, that “Don’t” will never come.” The dealer grins. He signs the 2 goons to go and fight with Parth. The goons start moving towards Parth, while Parth starts moving towards them too. Soon, a dreadful fight begins. Parth is beating those 2 goons dreadfully. The Boss comes to the dealer, who was standing at a side and was watching them fighting. Boss (to dealer): “When he said that he is ready to do anything for us, why didn’t you ask him for something else? This fight is totally…” Dealer (interrupting him): “Useless, right? This is the difference between me and you. If you were in my place, you would have asked him to do something that could benefit you, like to do a bomb blast e.t.c, but I asked him to fight with your boys, just for entertainment and fun and for benefit too.” Boss (giving an unusual expression): “What? For fun? But you just promised him that if he wins then you would leave that girl and just look at him. I mean…he is beating up my boys dreadfully.”

(Parth is shown beating up the goons.) Dealer (smirks): “A good dealer never keeps his promise, especially in such matters.” The Boss smiles evilly. At last Parth wins. The dealer starts clapping and moves towards Parth. He keeps his hand on his shoulder and says, “Welldone! You won! You finally won.” Parth removed his hand from his shoulder. Parth: “Now, as you promised, you will have to leave Ragini.” Dealer: “Yup! I remember that very well. Go take her with you.” Parth looks at him suspiciously. Dealer: “Why are you looking at me like that? Go take her!” Parth takes Ragini with her hand and starts moving towards his car. The 2 injured goons come to their boss stumbling. Goon 1: “Why did he let them go Boss?” Goon 2: “Yes Boss, I thought he had a plan in his mind. He already knew before the fight that we are gonna lose but…” Boss (signing them to stop with his hand): “You both don’t know anything! Just wait and watch!” Parth and Ragini are shown walking towards the car. The dealer is looking at them. A gun is shown in his hand.

Scene 2: Rahul’s house
Sanaya is in the house temple. She is praying for Ragini and Parth. Sanaya: “God! Please save Ragini and Parth. Please! I want my sis and my best friend back.” (She cries.)

Scene 3: The road
The isolated road Parth and Ragini have their back towards the dealer and the Boss. They are walking towards Parth’s car. The dealer points the gun at them.

Scene 4: Rahul’s house
Sanaya is still in the house temple. Heavy winds start blowing. The diya, which Sanaya had lighted for Ragini and Parth was about to go off. She puts her hand around it. She continues praying, “God! Please save them, please.” (She cries.)

Scene 5: The road
The dealer puts his hand on the trigger of the gun. He pushes it backwards slowly. Parth and Ragini are shown. Ragini is constantly looking at Parth, with teary eyes while Parth has clutched Ragini’s hand tightly. Suddenly there is a sound of a gun shot. Parth stops at once. Ragini looks at him. She then looks at his hand, which he had placed on his stomach. She sees the blood. She gets shocked.

Precap: Parth falls down whereas Ragini keeps on shouting and screaming at him to get up. The dealer laughs, Ragini in anger hits him on the back of his head with a rod and gets his gun. The dealer falls down unconcious.

Credit to: Alisha

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