Love-Once Again (Episode 23)



Scene 1: The house in the jungle (The room)
Ragini is shown in the room. She cries for help. A goon (who was standing outside) shouts, “Stop pleading for help! No one is gonna come here and help you. It’s useless, so shut up!”
Ragini cries. She remembers her moments with Parth. The first time they met, he saving her from the goons, their eye locks and then she remembers she saying to him that she hates him. She cries even more and says, “I am sorry Parth. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I said that because I don’t want to bear the pain that I had to bear before. I am sorry Parth, I am sorry!”
(Both Ragini and Parth are shown in split screen while the song Janam Janam plays…..)

Scene 2: Rahul’s office (his cabin)
Rahul is in his cabin. Sanaya comes to his cabin with tiffin box.
Sanaya: “Hello Pati Dev!”
Rahul: “Oh Sanaya!”
Sanaya: “Look what I brought you, some home made food.”
Rahul: “Oh great!” (He says opening the tiffin.)
He tastes the food and says, “Mmm… Delicious!” Sanaya smiles.
Sanaya: “Did you think of something else to make Ragini realize her feelings for Parth?”
Rahul was busy in eating. He isn’t paying attention to what Sanayan is saying. Sanaya gives Rahul a look.
Rahul: “What?”
Sanaya: “I am asking you something Rahul, did you think anything for making Ragini realize her feelings for Parth?”
Rahul: “Oh, I talked to Parth. He said that he would confess his feelings for her today.”
Sanaya: “Really?” (happily)
Rahul: “He said so!”
Sanaya: “Why don’t you call him?”
Rahul: “Good idea! I shall call him.”
He stops eating (atlast) and picks up his phone. He dials his number.

Scene 3: Parth’s car
Parth was driving the car. His phone rings. He stops the car and picks it up.
Rahul: “Hello Parth!”
Parth: “Yes Bhaiya, do you have any work?”
Rahul: “Parth, is everything alright? You never asked me like that.”
Parth tells him everything while Rahul puts the phone on speaker so that Sanaya can hear too. Sanaya has tears in her eyes after listening about Ragini. Rahul insists that he would help him in finding Ragini but Parth refuses. Atlast he cuts the call.
Sanaya starts crying. Rahul consoles her.
Rahul (he has tears in her eyes too): “Don’t worry nothing will happen to Ragini. Parth’s love will save her.” She lays her head on his shoulder, while he continues consoling her.

Scene 4: The house in the jungle
Ragini is still in the room. She had her head down. Suddenly she hears some voices. She runs towards the door of the room in a hope of finding someone who could help her but, unfortunately it’s none other than the goons. Ragini looks through the key hole and sees 3 goons. She then lays her ear on the door so that she can hear them talking.
She listens to their conversation.
Goon 1: “We have kidnapped that girl, but what to do next?”
Goon 2: “Yes Boss, what are we going to do with her? She has noting with her. No jewelry, no mobile phone…”
Goon 3 (their Boss): “So what if she doesn’t has anything valuable with her, we can still use her.”
Goon 1 and 2: “How Boss?”
Goon 3 (gets up from his place): “We are gonna sell her to a famous dealer and get money.”
Goon 1 and 2 look at each other and smile.
Goon 1 and 2: “What a plan boss!”
Their Boss smiles evilly while Ragini (who had been listening to their conversation) stands inside the room stands shocked.
Boss: “We will be leaving this place soon, so get everything ready as soon as possible.”
Goon 1 and 2: “Yes Boss!”

Scene 5: Parth’s car
Parth is in his car. He decides to go to the place where he had planned the surprise for Ragini. When he reaches that place (beach), he gets out of the car. He recapitulates what happened and to where Ragini left? He remembers the car leaving towards the isolated road. He then sits back in his car and starts driving once again.

Scene 6: The house in the jungle (The room)
Ragini is the room. She thinks about the goon’s words, “We will sell her to a dealer!” Her thought is disturbed by the creak of the door hinges, as the door of the room opens. Ragini looks in that direction. He sees the 2 goons. They have guns too. They hold Ragini and drag her outside the house near the road. Their Boss (who was standing there on the road) sees Ragini and smirks. A man comes from behind. He is none other than the same famous dealer the Boss was talking about. He was wearing sunglasses. He removes them and looks at Ragini. Ragini was held by the 2 other goons.
Dealer: “Wow, I must say, this time you won!” (He says this to the Boss.)
The Boss smiles and says, “So, how much money are you going to give me in the place of her?”
The dealer hands over him a bag.
Dealer: “Take this! This bag has 50 lakhs.”
The boss takes the bag and looks at him suspiciously.
Boss: “Can you guarantee me that this bag has 50 lakhs?”
Dealer smiles and looks at Ragini. He moves towards her and tries touching her while Ragini turns her face in disgust. He then turns towards the Boss and says, “I never lie, while talking about money. I guarantee you this bag has 50 lakhs.”
The dealer smiles evilly, while the boss smiles back.
Boss (to Goon 1 and 2): “Put her in the car.”
The 2 Goons were about to put Ragini in the car when Ragini bites on of the goon’s hand and starts running. The Boss points a gun at her but the dealer says, “I want her alive, not dead. The Boss orders his 2 goons to go after Ragini.
Ragini keeps on running. A car is coming from the opposite direction. Ragini was looking backwards to see whether the goons are still following her or not? She doesn’t see the car. When she turns back to see what’s in front of her, she sees a car coming towards her (not in a high speed.) She just bumps into the car a little and falls down. She has her foot injured only.
A voice comes, “Ragini…. ? Ra…ra….gini are your alright?” Ragini looks in that direction. She sees Parth. The car she had bumped in just about a min ago was none other than of Parth. She is dumbstruck. She doesn’t know what to say. Parth bents down to her and asks again, “Ragini are you okay? You don’t know how much I was worried about you.” Ragini has nothing to say so she just nods a little. He offers her his hand and she complies.
From the other side the 2 goons come running. They see Ragini and Parth.
Goon 1 (shouts): “Look there she is!”
They start running towards them. The both get shocked seeing them.

Promo: Parth gets shot. Ragini hits the dealer with a rod and gets the gun from him.


Hey guys! So, finally your wish has been granted and here is the 23rd episode of “Love-Once Again”. I tell you I am so mad about this fanfiction that whenever I listen to some soft or romantic song, I always imagine Parth and Ragini dancing on it. ??
Anyways, I know as now-a-days in the original serial Laksh and Ragini have got married so I was thinking that many of you might be thinking that now it’s useless to write a fanfiction on Parth and Ragini. So.. I just wanted to make sure that do you wanna me to continue this story or not? Please do comment about that! ?
See ya guys. Have a nice day.

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