Love-Once Again (Episode 22)


Scene 1: Parth’s car (2:57 p.m.)
Parth is waiting in his car for Ragini. Atlast she comes and sits with him in the front seat. They both smile at each other and Parth starts the car. They leave for their destination.
Parth keeps on driving the car. When they get out of the city, Ragini asks him, “Parth where are we going?”
Parth smiles and says, “Have patience Ragini! It’s a huge surprise.”
Ragini: “I can’t wait for it!”
Parth smiles looking at her excitement.
Scene 2: A beach

Their car stops near a beach. Parth opens the door for Ragini and makes her come out of the car. He takes her near to sea shore. Ragini gets excited seeing the waves. She starts playing with the water and the sand. She enjoys. Parth looks at her lovingly and smiles. He goes near her. Ragini is still playing with water. Ragini sprinkles water on Parth. Parth shows his fake anger. Ragini starts running while Parth runs after her. This is shown in slow motion. At last Parth gets hold of Ragini, but Ragini slips and they both fall on each other. Ragini falls on Parth. They both are on the ground. Ragini’s hair are open. Parth moves her bangs at the back of her ears. They have an eye lock. After some time they get up.
As they get up, rose petals start falling on them. Ragini enjoys it. She has totally forgotten that Parth is there too. After some time she realizes it. She looks for Parth, but is unable to find him. She shouts, “Parth!”

Suddenly she hears a voice, “I am here Ragini!” She turns back. She sees Parth with a rose in his hand. She smiles. He bends down on his knees.
Parth: “Ragini, every relation in this world has love in it. Without love a relation is incomplete, similarly without you I am incomplete. Forever is a long time but I won’t mind spending it with you. Would you like to be the part of my life forever?”
Ragini: “What do you mean? Say it clearly.”
Parth: “I LOVE YOU RAGINI! Yes, I love you! I love from the bottom of my heart, from my soul. Will you marry me?”
As Ragini hears his words a flashback starts in her mind. She remembers Laksh. He proposing her when Swara and Sanskaar marriage as being planned. His words, “Will you marry me Ragini?” Their intimacy and the last but not the least his betrayal. She has tears in her eyes. She starts moving backwards. She says, “No! No….”
Parth stands up. He sees the tears in Ragini’s eyes and says, “Ragini…” (He tried moving towards her.) She shouts, “STAY AWAY!”

Parth stands shocked.
Ragini: “Don’t you dare come close to me. Stay away! I shouldn’t have accepted your proposal of staying in your house in the first place.”
Parth: “Ragini…”
Ragini: “Don’t say a single word. You can’t play with my emotions every time. I hate you Parth! I hate you!”
Parth tries to speak but before he could say anything Ragini had left in a taxi.
Parth keeps on calling her, “Ragini! Stop! Listen to me!” but she leaves.
Scene 3: The taxi
Ragini is in the taxi. She is crying continuously. The taxi driver is looking at her through the mirror. Ragini notices that. She wipes her tears and sits attentively. The driver is constantly looking at her.

After sometime Ragini realizes that she hasn’t told the driver where to go and the driver is constantly driving the car. She looks outside and sees there are traveling on an isolated road with trees (a jungle type area) on the roadside. Ragini shouts, “Where are you taking me? Stop the car right now!”
Driver grins evilly and keeps on driving the car whereas Ragini keeps on shouting at him to stop the car. She tries opening the doors, but of no use. After sometime the car stops in between the road. Some goons come there drag Ragini with them. Ragini struggles to get rid of their hold but of no use. She shouts for help, but no one is there to help her.
They take her to an old house, in the jungle. They lock her inside a room. She cries vigorously.
Scene 4: Parth’s car
Parth is driving the car angrily in a fast speed. It’s raining. He remembers Ragini’s words, “I hate you!” He stops the car. He gets out of the car and shouts looking at the sky, “Why? What did I do? I never did anything bad to anyone, then why I am bearing this pain? He is now totally drenched in rain. She bents down on his knees and cries vigorously. He and Ragini are shown crying, while the song “Bolna from Kapoor and Sons plays…..”
Scene 5: Parth’s house
Parth enter his house. He has his coat on his shoulder, as he enters he throws his coat on the couch and sits down, with his eyes closed. Kaka comes to him with tea.
Kaka: “Parth Beta, tea.”

Parth: “Hmmm… (He opens his eyes and looks at the tea cup.), Thank you!”
Kaka: “Are you okay Beta?”
Parth: “Aaa..Yes, I am fine. Is Ragini back home?”
Kaka: “No Beta! She hasn’t returned since she went with you.”
Parth (shouts): “What?”
Kaka: “Yes Beta!”
The events of Ragini saying to Parth that I hate you and then sitting in taxi and leaving start flashing infront of Parth’s eyes.
Parth (to himself): “That taxi! Kaka I have to go and find Ragini.”
Kaka: “Beta but…”
Parth: “I shall leave Kaka. Take care!”
Kaka tries to speak but Parth leaves towards his car.
Scene 6: Parth’s car
Parth is driving the car in a high speed. He is super worried about Ragini.
Scene 7: The house in the jungle type area
Ragini is still locked in the room. She had fainted, because of weakness. Someone from the goons side enters the room and gives her a plate. She looks at him.
Goon: “Here, eat this!”

Ragini: “Please leave me! Please!”
Goons laughs evilly.
Goon: “You think we have kidnapped you to leave you?”
He puts the plate near Ragini and leaves. After he leaves Ragini starts eating the food. At last she drinks water. She feels better than before. She closes and eyes and tears roll down from her eyes.

Promo: The goons talk about selling Ragini to someone. Parth tries finding Ragini on the road and finds Ragini’s phone.

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Credit to: Alisha

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