Love-Once Again (Episode 21)


Scene 1: City Mall
Swara and Kavya:
Swara: “Kavya lets go to that stop. I want to buy some dresses and you can buy some too.”
Kavya: “Okay Swara!”
They go to that shop.
Parth and Ragini:
Ragini is walking and Parth is following her. Parth gets tired.
Parth (to Ragini): “Ragini, can’t we sit and have something to eat for some time?”
Ragini looks at him.
Parth: “Okay fine… We won’t go!”

Ragini smiles at him and takes him to an ice-cream parlor. Swara and Kavya are in the shop that is right in front of that ice-cream parlor. Swara is choosing dresses for her to try. Kavya is just following her. It seems like she is not interested in shopping.
Parth and Ragini:
Parth: “So, which flavor do you want to eat?”
Ragini: “Chocolate!”
Parth: “Okay, 2 chocolate ice creams please.”
Ragini smiles at the fact that Parth is also eating chocolate ice cream. The man gives them the ice creams and they start eating.
Swara and Kavya:
Swara tries some dresses and asks Kavya about her suggestion that which dress should she buy? She also asks Kavya to select 2 to 3 dresses for herself. Kavya nods. She starts selecting the dresses. As she is selecting the dresses she sees a girl. She thinks, “The girl seems familiar! Who is she?” She then recognizes her and shouts, “RAGINI!” Swara hears her and says, “What did you say?”

Kavya: “Ragini! I saw Ragini.”
Swara: “Where?”
Kavya (pointing towards the ice cream parlor.): “There, in the parlor.”
Swara and Kavya look at the ice cream parlor but see no girl.
Swara asks Kavya, “Are you sure Kavya you saw Ragini?”
Kavya: “I am 100% sure Swara, she was none other than, our own Ragini. I saw her. She was right there.”
Swara gets thinking that where did she go? She then at last comes to a decision.
Swara (to Kavya): “Kavya, I think you saw someone else and predicted that it was Ragini.”
Kavya: “No, Swara…”
Swara (cutting her): “Kavya, you know you had been thinking a lot about Laksh and what just happened in the past (she gets sad), I think that is why you saw Ragini.”
Kavya: “Yes, maybe you are right. Lets leave.”
Kavya leaves, while Swara is following her. She turns and looks towards the parlor.
Swara (to herself): “Or maybe she was really here.”
Scene 2: Parth’s house
Ragini and Parth are back home. Rahul calls Parth. Parth goes outside to talk.
Parth is talking on the phone with Rahul.

Parth: “Hi Rahul Bhaiya!”
Rahul: “Hi Parth!”
Parth: “What were you doing?”
Rahul: “Nothing, what about you?”
Parth: “I just went for shopping with Ragini and now we are back.”
Rahul: “Parth, when are you going to confess your love for Ragini infront of her.”
Parth: “Bhaiya I have an important work I shall call you back.”
Rahul: “Parth, don’t you dare cut the phone. I need an answer.”
Parth: “Bhaiya, I don’t want every thing to happen so fast. Just give her some time.”
Rahul: “Parth, you can’t wait for your whole life. Just confess your love for her and then leave it on her. Her decision will be final.”
Parth: “Are you sure Bhai?”
Rahul: “I am perfectly sure. Don’t worry!”
Parth: “Okay, I shall try my best!”
Rahul: “That’s my boy! Okay now I have to go, Bye and best of luck!”
Parth: “Thank you Bhai! Bye!”
He cuts the call and says, “I shall do it!” “What will you do?” A voice comes from the back. Parth turns back and sees Ragini.

Parth (stammers): “Ragini…. actually…”
Ragini: “You just said na that you will do it. What will you do?”
Parth (stammers again): “Ragini… Actually…. Yes.. I have an important meeting tomorrow, so I was just encouraging myself.”
Ragini: “Parth, you attend about 2 to 3 meetings nearly every day. What’s new about it?”
Parth: “Ragini… It’s a very very important meeting. You don’t know about it.”
Ragini looks at him suspiciously while Parth leaves to his room.
Ragini (to herself): “What is he planning?”
Scene 3: Parth’s room
Parth thinks that why is he so afraid to confess his love for Ragini. He thinks to make his confession a special one. He then calls someone and tells him something. (that’s muted.) He cuts the call.
Parth (to himself): “Ragini you are going to get a huge surprise tomorrow.”
He smiles.
Scene 4: Meshwari Mansion
Swara and Kavya are back home. Kavya is taking rest in her room. Swara had told everything to everyone at home. Annapurna, Sujata and Swara are in the kitchen.
Swara: “I wonder where Ragini would be?” (She has tears in her eyes.)
Annapurna consoles her.
Annapurna: “Don’t worry Swara! Where ever she would be, she would be fine and happy.” (They cry.)

Scene 5: Parth’s house
Living room:
Parth and Ragini are in the living room. Ragini is watching tv. Parth comes to her.
Parth (to Ragini): “Ragini, get ready until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.”
Ragini: “Parth, this is not fair. Every time your just order me to get ready until a time limit and you never tell me where are we going?”
Parth: “Ragini that’s a surprise. Didn’t you liked my surprise of last time?”
Ragini: “Yes I did… But..”
Parth: “No if or buts! Surprises are never revealed before time.”
He leaves. While going he turns and sees Ragini and smiles to himself.
Promo: Parth takes Ragini somewhere, so that he can confess his love for her.

Credit to: Alisha

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