Love-Once Again (Episode 20)


Scene 1: Sanaya’s and Rahul’s house
Sanaya and Rahul are having tea. They wonder how to make Ragini realize her feelings for Parth as they have made Parth confess his feelings infront of them but they haven’t done that with Ragini. While drinking tea Sanaya says, “How are we gonna do that?”
Rahul: “Hmmm…. It’s a tough job! It needs a lot of planing.”
Sanaya: “Yup, it’s does!”
There is a silence between them. After sometime Rahul says, “I have an idea, let’s send them to shopping together.”
Sanaya: “Yup, that would help them to get a bit close together and we would get time to think about what to do next.”

Scene 2: Parth’s house
The phone rings. Ragini picks up the phone. It’s Sanaya on the other side. Rahul is standing beside her. The phone is on speaker.
Sanaya: “Hello Ragini!”
Ragini (excitedly): “Hi Sanaya Di! How are you? How is Rahul Bhaiya? We are missing you both a lot!”
Sanaya: “I am fine and Rahul is fine too.”
Ragini: “The day you left this house I am getting so bored.” (Sanaya looks at Rahul. Rahul asks her to speak.) Sanaya: “If you are getting bored then go for shopping.”
Ragini: “Shopping? With whole?”
Sanaya: “With Parth, Of course!”
Ragini: “Parth? Parth will go on shopping with me? Are you serious Sanaya Di?”
Sanaya: “Ragini don’t underestimate him. He really has a good shopping sense.”
Ragini: “Ahan… Okay! If you say so.”
Sanaya: “Okay Ragini, now I have to go and cook lunch for Rahul. Bye!”
Ragini: “Bye Sanaya Di!”
Ragini puts down the phone and think about Sanaya’s words. On the other hand Sanaya and Rahul give each other a hi-fi.
Ragini (to herself): “I think I should go on shopping with Parth. There is nothing bad in just trying atleast.”
Scene 3: Meshwari Mansion
Kavya is sleeping. She is seeing a dream. She sees Laksh in her dream.
Laksh: “I shall not leave you. You are the main reason why I am in jail today.”
He has a knife in his hand.
Kavya: “Stay away!”
Laksh: “I am not gonna leave you today. You are gonna DIE!”
He stabs Kavya. Kavya wakes up and screams, “Help!”
Annapurna and Swara comes to her room running by hearing her voice.
Swara: “Kavya what happened? Are you okay?”
Annapurna: “Did you see a bad dream?”
Kavya nods and says, “I saw Laksh!”

Annapurna and Swara understand the reason behind Kavya being sacred. They ask her to forget about it and take rest. They leave her room.
Outside the room:
Annapurna and Swara are talking.
Annapurna: “Swara, Kavya needs to get out of this stress and tension as soon as possible.”
Swara: “But what can we do Badi Maa?”
Annapurna: “She needs to get out of this house to get rid of the bad memories.”
Swara nods.

Annapurna: “Swara beta, why don’t you take her on shopping with you?”
Swara: “That’s a good idea Badi Maa, I shall take her in shopping with me. In this way she will be able to get rid of the stress and tension she is going through.”
Scene 4: Parth’s house
Parth is back home early today. Ragini and Parth are going for shopping today to the City Mall. Ragini gets ready and then they sit in the car and leave for the mall.
Scene 5: The City Mall
Ragini and Parth enter the mall. It’s a huge mall with a number of shops. Parth is tired because he had been working in the office since morning and now he had to take a half day leave to take Ragini on shopping.

Parth (to Ragini): “Couldn’t we go shopping any other day?”
Ragini looks at him angrily.
Ragini: “No! If you want to go home you can go. I shall take a taxi instead.”
Parth: “Ragini…”
Ragini: “I think Sanaya Di was wrong about you. I shouldn’t have decided to go on shopping with you.”
She leaves angrily. Parth follows her.
A shop in the mall.
Ragini enters a clothes shop. Parth comes following her. She closes the door angrily and signing that Parth should stay outside. Parth understands and stands outside the shop. Ragini selects 2 to 3 dresses and stands infront of the mirror. She tries the 1st dress and Parth signs her that the dress is okay. She tries the 2nd one and Parth signs her that she is looking gorgeous. She tries the 3rd and Parth signs her that she is looking just fine. Ragini buys the 2nd dress and leaves the shop. Parth smiles seeing that she can’t even ignore him when she is angry.
Scene 6: Entrance of the mall

Swara and Kavya enter the mall. Swara had been able to persuade Kavya to go on shopping with her, so now they are here o cheer up their mood.

Promo: Parth and Ragini are having ice-cream. Kavya and Swara enter a shop right infront of the ice-cream parlor. Kavya sees Ragini and gets shocked.

Credit to: Alisha

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