Love-Once Again (Episode 2)


Scene 1: Meshwari Mansion
Kavya is holding Shekher’s hand as he was about to slap Laksh.
She says, “Don’t you dare to slap him. He is my husband and I am his wife Kavya Meshwari. Shekher jerks her hand in anger. Kavya looks and Laksh and then moves towards him. She takes him to his room.
Dadi: “Did you see how he insulted my son? After all this you expect us to forgive you?”
Annapurna: “We..”
Dadi: “Nothing is left to say. Let’s leave Shekher.”
Dadi moves towards towards the door and Shekher follows her. Sumi is still standing there when Dadi says (without turning back), “Sumi are you coming or not?”
Sumi starts walking towards the door and soon they 3 leave the house.
Scene 2: Hospital

Doctor comes out of the room and says, “Are you the relatives of the girl inside.”
Swara doesn’t say anything. Sanskaar says, “Yes, she is my her sister Ragini. What happened Doctor? Is she alright?”
Doctor: “I came to tell you the same thing. She….”
Sanskaar: “Yes Doctor please say something? How is Ragini?”
Doctor: “Actually, she got an injury on her head and we are trying our best but…”
Sanskaar (shouts): “But what Doctor?”
Doctor: “She is in a critical situation. She needs your prayers. We can’t say anything.”
After saying this the Doctor leaves while Sanskaar looks at Swara. Swara is crying vigorously. Her eyes have become red. Sanskaar says, “Swara calm down! How will you handle Maa and Baba if you will lose hope.” She doesn’t reply. Sanskaar sits near him and consoles her. While he is consoling her, he gets a call. He tells Swara that it’s Sumi’s call. Swara wipes her tears and attends the call.
Swara: “Hello Maa!”

Sumi: “Shona, how is Ragini? Is she alright? What did the Doctor say?”
Swara remembers the Doctor saying that only God can save Ragini now.
Swara: “Maa”
Before Swara could tell her anything Dadi takes the phone from Sumi and starts asking Swara the same questions.
Dadi: “Swara! Is Lado alright? What’s the name of the hospital where you have taken Lado. I want to meet her now.”
Swara doesn’t say anything.
Dadi: “Swara? Are you there? Hello?”
Swara starts crying. Dadi asks her, “What happened? Is everything okay? Swara please say something you are making me feel scared.”

Swara: “Dadi.. Doctor said that Ragini can only be saved by God now. She needs you prayers.”
Dadi: “What? My Lado! God please save my Lado.”
Dadi starts crying. Shekher asks,”What happened?” Sumi takes the phone back and asks Swara about the reason why Dadi started crying. Swara starts crying again and gives the phone to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: “Maa, Doctor said that now only God can save Ragini.”
Sumi: “My Ragini!”
Sanskaar: “Maa, don’t worry nothing will happen to her. Hello? Maa? Are you there? Maa!” The call disconnected as Sumi dropped the phone and was crying too. Shekher asked Sumi again.
Shekher: “What isn’t anyone telling me what happened?”
Dadi: “My Lado!”
Shekher understood what she is trying to say.
Shekher: “I am not gonna leave Laksh now.”
Scene 3: Hospital
After the call got disconnected Sanskaar looks at Swara. After consoling her, he says , “Swara lets go to the temple and pray for Ragini’s health.”
Swara nods and follows Sanskaar. They reach their car and Swara sits in the front seat. Sanskaar drives the car. No one speaks a single word until they reach the temple.
When the reach the temple Sanskaar open the car’s door for Swara. Swara is looking like a lifeless body. She isn’t saying anything nor making any move.
They enter the temple and pray for Ragini.

Scene 4: Swara’s house
Dadi and Sumi seen doing arti. They pray for Ragini’s health. Shekher is in his room since the arrived back home.
Dadi prays, “God please give my Ragini a new life so that she can live once again. Please God! Please make her life full of joy and happiness.”
After saying this they finish the arti and go to the kitchen to prepare food but still they are thinking about Ragini.
Scene 5: Hospital
Swara and Sanskaar are back at the hospital. Sanskaar is standing outside the room while Swara in sitting. They are waiting for the Doctor to come out. Hours pass by. At last Doctor comes out of the room.
Sanskaar: “Doctor how is she?”
Swara: “Doctor is my sister okay?”
Doctor: “Good news, she is better than before and is out of danger. These are some medicines please do get them.”
Sanskaar (happily): “Okay Doctor! Thank you so much.”

Swara: “Yes, Doctor thank you!”
Doctor: “You should be thanking God. He is the one who listened to your prayers.”
Doctor leaves. Sanskaar asks Swara to inform Sumi. Swara calls Sumi.
Scene 6: Swara’s home
Sumi is in the kitchen. She is cooking something but is thinking about Raginj. Her phone rings. She sees that it’s Swara’s phone. She picks it up hurriedly.
Sumi: “Swara! How is Ragini?”
Swara: “Maa, Ragini is completely fine.”
Sumi: “Oh, Thank goodness! Let me tell this to your Dadi and Baba.”
Swara: “Okay Maa! Bye!”

Sumi rushes to tell this to Dadi and Shekher. They both get happy.
Dadi: “At last my Lado got her life back. I shall make halva today and send some of it to Sanskaar and Swara too. I know they would not have eaten anything and tell them to make Ragini eat it too.”
Sumi and Shekher smile seeing Dadi’s concern for Swara and Sanskaar and Ragini.
Promo: Ragini disappears from her ward. Swara and Sanskaar search for her. Dadi says she would get Ragini married once she comes back. New entry.
Hey guys! I took a break and wrote this episode but I think this one is boring and short too. Anyways, I couldn’t think of anything else right now. I am super tensed, still preparing for my history exam tomorrow.
Thank you all for commenting on my fanfic. I never knew that I would get such a wonderful response. Keep commenting because even if you comment a single alphabet like “w” it means a lot to me. I don’t know what I am typing but the fact that I never thought that I would get such a great response is true.

Please vote for whom do you want to see with Ragini because this is the last chance in the next episode I would be introducing him.
Parth Samthaan (He already has 3 votes. He is winning the poll already)
Pearl V Puri (2 to 1 vote)
Gaurav Khanna (no votes)

Karanvir Bohra (no votes)
Raqesh Vashisth (no votes)
Well, I thought it would be better for suggesting some names by myself. Keep voting guys! Love you! ??

Credit to: Alisha

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  1. Pearl v puri or parth

    1. Thank Shagun! Keep reading!

  2. I choose Parth…. Becoz I love him….

    1. Don’t worry Kriti Parth has already won the poll so definitely I am going to choose him as Ragini’s hero. Stay tuned! ??

  3. obviously it will our 1 and only parth……and how can u even think that any1 will be able to beat parth…… I tell u the result……without thinking anything make it parth

    1. Your wish has been granted! Parth is the hero for our Ragini! ?✨
      Keep reading and commenting.

  4. N d episode was nyc…. Keep it up

    1. Thank you Kriti once again. I am glad you liked it. ?

  5. Non of them plsssss karan taker

    1. Well, Parth won the poll but still there is another character in the story which can be played by Karan Tacker or Pearl V Puri. You can imagine any of them as that character.

  6. Karan Taker or Pearl V puri Plzzzzzz……

    1. You can imagine them as the parallel lead in my story. Keep reading!

    1. Parth won the poll already! Congrats you fav hero is now the hero for our Ragini!
      Keep reading!

    1. Parth won the poll Akhila! Now he is the hero for our Ragini..
      Keep commenting and reading.

  7. Hey guys! I have submitted 2 new episodes. The people who were asking Karan Tacker and Pearl V Puri as a hero for Ragini, don’t worry I have made another character enter my story. You can imagine one of them as him. To know who is he you need to wait till the next episodes are updated!

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