Love (Episode 2)


The girl imagined her love.

while during the school days the girl Priya and his friends usually go in the regular way in that way her lover logu will work in the workshop and he was the labor.
And once upon a time in the signal the boy has fallen down and she saw him and laugh at him. And in another time when he was going in the way of that girl house he feel down their also she laugh at him. So the boy was very angry on the girl he waited for correct time to tease that girl and the time came soon in that time the boy scold and teased the girl very hardly. Because of that the girl was too upset and sad after she reached the home and she denied to ate her snacks in some time she have attended her age.

And after this moment the girl has some attraction on that boy and the boy also. After some time she started to go for the school in her way she saw that boy and this made the girl and boy to love. Then the boy usually go and visit her in the school and then they started to go for the picnic and they visited the more places. And after some days in the girls house they decided to engage her because their love matter have came to know by her Father.

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