My Love With Me (Episode 2)

Radhika sit like statue in Neil’s house.
She has no tears from her eyes.. Prerana try her level best to feed something to her.But she fails..
Neil:Maa bring one glass of milk..
Prerana nod her head and went into kitchen.
Teji look at Neil and Neil also look at Teji..
Neil’s POV:Teji has this much effection on Radhika..Till now i didnt see these much of emotions in his face.
Teji:Neil..I know what you think in your mind..Let me clear that..I know..I only know how chashini try to save from Samaira from Arjun..
Neil look at him with dilama or confudion face..
Teji:Neil in Lonavala trip you know only about Radhikaa’s accident.. From starting of our journey he behave very rude with Radhika..He smash her phone..He leave us and took Radhika with him..He leave Radhika alone in one place and he came back for her..He pull her in swimming pool and save her..In that shop also he save her respect from evil eyes.In that shop only i inform Chashini abt you people are back to Mumbai and wait for Chashini outside of shop.After wards Arjun talk in phone and Radhika save Arjun from truck Accident..
I am the witness person how Arjun react for her..and how he worried for her..You know Neil he prayed to god for her..Can you belive that Arjun Mehara fold hands for someone else..

Initially he hates Radhika..Why suddenly he try to protect her.. Analyse one thing he protect her from Saral..that to two times..He cares for her..He help her father..I observe that his eyes always search for Radhika in all marriage rituals..he protect Chashini from saral today also..
Neil is shocked that for last statement..
Neil:What Teji..Today also he save chasini from Saral?
Teji nod his head and explain how Saral try to molest her how Arjun save her?
Neil:Then how you didnt tell this at that time Teji..
Teji:Who belive me Neil..They didnt belive chashini..Those people belive my words..
Neli looked at him without any answer..
Prerana listen this and shocked that Saral try to molest Radhika..She walk towards Neil and Pat him on shoulder and guestered him and give milk glass to him.Neil hold that milk glass and walk towards Radhika..
Neil:Chashini have this..Plz my dear.. plz..
Teji:Chashini…have it..I know you bear lot of know it is not is starting only..plz have it..
Radhika sit like that only..Niel know chashini didnt see anybody in pain.. Neil turn towards his mother and smile..Prerana nod her head..
Neil ran towards her and hold her before she fell down..
Neil:Mom you didnt take your you have this milk..
Prerana:How can i Neil?you people didnt take anything..then how can i?
Neil:Mom…nobody didnt listen me.. neither you nor Chashini..I am concern about you people but you people didnt think abt me..If anything happenes to you means what abt me?

By listening this Radhika blink her eyes after 2hrs and walk towards Neil and have that milk..After that she burst and run into another room and start crying loudly..Neil,Prerana,Teji… They didnt try to console her..Bcoz Teji know what her pain and how she bear?Neil and Prerana know and belive that Radhika didnt do any wrong..The trio listen at her crying.. and stand out of the room..After 15min they didnt hear any sound from that room..Teji look at Neil..

Neil:Dont worry Teji..I mix sleeping pills in her milk..I do same for Sam also..They both didnt wake up till Mrg..
By using spare keys he open room and enter into that room..There Radhika slept on floor..Teji run towards her and lift her in his arms and place her on bed and cares her..Really Neil is shocked for Tejis reactions towards Radhika.But Neil didnt stop Teji..
Teji cover blanket to her and adjust pillow properly and hold her hand tightly and place a gentle kiss on her forehead..and switch off the lights and trio come out from that room. you also take something..otherwise…
Prerana:I am perfectly alright..
Neil:Teji I know about Chashini ..She didnt see anybody in pain..So we just act..
Teji:Thanks aunty..Aunty..can i stay here for this night..
Prerana:Sure Teji..If you want to go now..i didnt permit you..
Neil:Teji..I think and hope you have more information with you..can spell out that..
Teji look at Neil..

Neil: you show so much concern on Chashini..I know she is good..She didnt hurt anybody..It is my trust on her..
But your trust percentage is more than me..You have many reasons with you to trust her..I think…plz spell out..
Teji:Ha Neil.. Arjun has feelings on Radhika..
Neil:What…But he has feelings on Sam na..
Teji:No not at all.He has feelings on Radhika only..You recollect all moments..Our dance practice at BS.. he dance freely with Chashini than Sam..Why he react when chashini want to resign her job..Why he console her and why he react fast than us when saral raise hand on Chashini..Why he his eyes are teary when Sam slap her.. Why he went to their flat at that night and watch her from distance.. What’s his problem when Saral want to marry her?Why he help Chashinis father at the time of fire accident. Why he didnt tell anything to Sam or to us?We are buddies to Chashini than him na..?
But i am sorry to ask this.. Why he feel restless when she is with Saral..Why he didnt react like that when Sam is with you..Bcoz he has real feelings on Chashini..You know Neil.. Today if Chashini didnt stop him def today is Sarals last day..One more thing Neil..Recollect that..Why Sarat sir didnt attend engagement function..Why Samrat sir try to contact Radhika after Sam slap Radhika and point out Radhika. There is something fishy between Samarat sir and Nandhini..Today i hear their conversation..Smrat sir told to Nandhini that he didnt belive Nandhini.Without hearing anything from Radhika i didnt trust you. So many things are hidden which we didnt see..But one thing Neil..I seriously trust and belive that Chashini saves Sam’s life from so many hurddles..

Samrat sir didnt react wild even though Radhika dusturb his daughters marriage..Why Arjun left Radhika with teary eyes..If he has feelings on Sam why he didnt try to prove him infront of her..
Why he was in that room with Chashini when we are all in down..If we have answers for all these questions then we have solution?
Neil:Why you are in upstair when we are all down..
Teji:I saw Rahika sceretly enter into that room.I hear Nandhini talk with gaurds..she show Chasinis pic to them and ask them to stop her..I hear she talk with some one in phone..why you are so negligable on your work..Hiw can Radhika escape?
That means Radhika escape from someone..Most unbelivable thing today at parking place i saw the truck driver who hit Chashini in lonaval..Why he was here?He show his thumb to Nandhini..
One thing is there which we didnt know..only Chashini can know..But there is no proofs with me..At the time Arjun beats Saral i try to call you..but he ran from there..when again i came back to that place he burn one dairy..and Arjun questioned her how sam belives you?He spoil one there is no proof with Chashini to prove her innosence..So she put her character is a last weapon and tell that she is in relation with Arjun..Who can do this much sacrifice to frnds..That too three months frndship..
After listeninng these many questions from Teji..Neil is in shock and very clear that Radhika bear lot..He feel guilt..Bcoz he didnt be alert due his pain.. belive me or not..
Neil:I belive you..I think that why i am not observe this much keenly lime you.. are in pain..Neil..I know you love Sam..
Neil hide his tears and try to smile.. but he fail..
At that sec they decidee they stand beside Radhika in any situation..They hug each other and console each other..
Now,They are clear that Arjun is in BS basing on some reason..And that is between Samrat and Nandhini. lonaval accident is not an accident.. it is a murder plan..All facts and reasons and answers are with Radhika..But she has no proofs.
After that Teji enter into room where Radhika slept and sit beside the bed..Neli try to took prerana to her room..But she also sat beside Radhika and look at her.
Prerana:Dilipji and Malaji are blessed by god with Radhika.

She is so beautiful becoz of her good nature and kind heart..Why god give this much of pain to this innocent girl..
Prerana:Neil..I give some information to you..I dont know this is useful to you or not..
Neil:What is that mom?
Prerana:Piyali and me are childhood frnds..Samrat,Deepak and your father also childhood frnds..
We five togeather frnds when we are in graduation.Your father and me are in love..Piyali,Deepak and Samrat help us to confess our feelings..Days are going happily..when we are in final year Nindhini join in our college.. Some of our classmate try to tease Nandhini in campus on her first day..
Deepak and Samarat save her from that gang.Piyali accept her as a frnd..
But i am not happy with that..But it to accept her..bcoz piyali is my frnd..
Nandhini moves very close with Samrat..So many of our classmates gossip behind us that there was something coocking between Nandhini and Samrat.One day i directly ask about it..He said nothing like that.. she is just a frnd..I show concern on her bcoz she is an orphan..I ask her how can you know she is an orphan.. Samrat replied me i saw her in Sivsadan orphanage..I too felt bad fir her and develop some soft corner on her..One day deepak express her feelings to Nandhini..But Nandhini reject his praposal..After completion of our studies he left India..
Piyalis father was on bed and he ask piyali to take responsibilities and request Samrat to guide her..

Your father invest some amount in BS..but he start his own bussiness as event manager..we both married and lead our lives happily..Piyali and Samrat work in BS..Piyali and Samrat job to Nandhini..I am not satisfied for that..I express same infront of them. They said no probs..we will take care..
I indivvidually suggest to Piyali..But she give reply to me you have only 10percent share in BS..So my decission is final..I hurt for that answer..But i didnt express it..But from that minute i will be in my limits..Afterwards she tell sorry to me..Even though i am in my limits only..Nandhini is very close to Samrat..Samrat also show cobcern on Nandhini..At that time you are in my stomach..Due to some weekness doctor suggest me bedrest..So i went to my moms place..After 3moths piyalis father decide todo marriage fir piyali and Samrat.When i return back in 6th month..I didnt saw Nandhini..I feel happy for two things.. Nandhini was not here and Piyalis and Samrats marriage..Things are going good.Your father buy another 10percent shares in BS..One day in general talk i ask your father abt Nandhini..your father replied me that she left this city without informing anybody..I keenly observe that when we talk abt Nandhini Smarat cut that topic..But i dint take it serious.. after that samrat and piyalis marriage..piyalis fsther born two me..Next jai born to piyali..and with in 9months gap Sam born to her..You always concern on Sam..and quaralled with Jai..Day going happily..You father left us bcoz of brain tumor..Next i handle his business..I just leave that 20percent share like that..Still i remember piyslis words..So i didnt cross my limits from that day..But we are frnds.We show equal love on our kids.After your father she took more care on you..Days passed and we forget Nandhini..One day we saw deepak in shopping mall and he tell that he was in London handling his fathers business..Next you know all..Now i think why Nnandhini suddenly left BS and her frnds…I dont know Nandini has a brother..She is Nandhini pandey..and he is Arjun Mehara..Moreover she is orphan..In our days of frndship she didnt tell about her brother..

After listening this..Niel recollect Tejis questions and his mothers FB..
Neil:That means there is something happened between Samrat Uncle and Nandhini..Nandhini use Arjun as a Weapon.Why Nandhini focous on Sam?
Prerana:Neil try to solve Radhika problem..Teji and You togeather do it..
If Arjun had really feelings on Radhika..try do things better.Dont break that thread..Marriage is thing happened ones in life..Give respect to that relation..
Teji and Neil nod their heads and sit in different places..
and went into sleep..

At tha same time the scene in Arjuns house..
Nandhini:Arjun dont leave Radhika.. First we slove this Radhikas chapter and next we think about Sam..
Arjun:Be calm Nandhu..Be happy what happened today..We want to give pain and tears to Sam..Bcoz of Radhika.. unexpectedly Sam have so much pain and tears..our plan fails..but our mission success na..Then why we include Radhika in this.This pain is enough to Sam..Sam is in pain..then automatically Smrat is in pain..
Nandhini observe possasiveness on Radhika from Arjun words..
Nandhini:It is not enough for Sam.. ok.. do one thing..bring Radhika to our house..If Radhika is with you Sam is in more pain..And more over our aim is to gain that BirdSong.Bcozof that only Samrat cheat me and marriiage piyali..And i want to see you as a BS partner..After that i think what to do..Butt dont show your concern on Radhika.But bring her to your house.. She is your wife..
Arjun feel happy for that..bcoz Nadhini ask to bring Radhika.. He has his paΓ±oti back..But he didnt express it.But he didnt know Nandhinis original intension.She took promise from Arjun dont express any positive feeings and Concern on Radhika..If you can do like that means our plan fails..Until We BS on our name control yourself.Arjun promise for that and in his inner mind he feel happy that his love is with for life long..
Sam and Radhika in pain..Sam lose only Arjun..But Radhika lost all in her life..Neli and Teji has some clarity abt depth of problem..Nandhini with evil intensions..Arjun is happy but no chance to express..

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    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks Rosie..I want to write something new..No devdas and no trajadey..only love

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    Loved it dear love u πŸ™‚

    1. Shubhadha name is shubhadha..Teji and Neil played imporyant role…

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