Is this a love? ( episode 2 )

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Coffee n avoiding eye contact
@ Abhishka house

Abhi comes with 2 coffee mugs n sit beside tani. Taani start drinking Coffee n avoiding eye contact with abhi bt soon abhi get that move his hand from her face n just cupped her face n kissed her on forehead n tani start feeling good. Then she looks at abhi lovingly n both share intense bt full of love eye contact. Then abhi kiss her on her both cheek n then passionately kiss on her neck then shoulder n look at tani, her eyes was close, abhi come closer n say
Abhi: Jaan look at me, u r driving me crazy, if u did like this then I can’t control my self just open Ur eyes….. Slowly she opens her eyes n look at abhi who was staring her so intensely she just can’t handle that intense gaze of him n looks down….
Abhi: jaan u know when u look at me its just that I can’t stop myself bt when u look at me n then looks down that makes me more crazy about u….. N he touches her lips with his n brush it n then softly kiss on it ….. tani clutch bed sheet … abhi moves his right hand from her hand n left hand is on waist n hold it more tightly…. Then tani start reciprocate n then r just going to deepen the kiss bt door bell ring n it just someone is hammering on it… abhi leaves her n lie on bed with fake anger n tani burst into laughing
Abhi: pyaar ke dushman….(not in audible voice) one day I will kill them….
Tani opens the door…. Mrs. Singh is neighbor of tani, as tani is Indian n mars Singh is also Indian so as a typical neighbor she always knock on wrong time, n want sugar, milk, etc. from tani…. N as usual she asked for milk n tani gave her n start talking raghter than gossiping n tani cant refused it, unwillingly listening her n in room abhi is cursing mars Singh for being ‘kabab me haddi.’

After half an hour some how tani manage n send her n come in room n saw abhi sleeping. She went to out for doing another household work

@at evening
Abhi get up n freshen up n come out of room n saw tani watching TV. Some romantic scene is going on little bit intimate. Tani is sitting on sofa n abhi comes from behind n whisper in her ears
Abhi: I don’t know that used to like this type of movie too…. N kiss on her ear shell
Tani: shut up ok ( remove his hand which is on her shoulder, give him angry look n change the channel)

Abhi: so some one is angry on me? ( No reply) so what should I do to convince my jaan? ( No reply) so shall we go for dinner date? …. Jaaaaannnnn… he sit near tani on right side n put his hand on her left shoulder … abhi makes crying n innocent face n tani burst into laughing.
Abhi: so u r not angry on me?
Tani: no cherry, how can u think that I will get angry on u for this stupid matter. It’s my prank n u trapped in it.
Abhi: prank? Trap? What u mean?
Tani: I know u wont get time n I want to go out with u bt u won’t agree that I know that’s y I played this n see, now u r taking me out that for dinner date.
Abhi: u r becoming so smart ha..
Tani: I’m so smart n that I know, koi Shaq?
Abhi: no madam, as I’m ur husband so u has to be smart
Tani: ohh plzz ha, I born with brain that no one can defeat, got it… tani start to leave bt abhi hold her hand n pull her closer
Abhi: n beauty too,… give her wet kiss on her right cheek…. Now go get ready.
Tani: ( low voice) before u change ur mind.
Abhi: what did u say? Tani nod nothing n leaves

Half an hour letter tani gets ready in green n yellow lehenga sari , small earing , some bangles with loosely tie hairs, she was looking so pretty. She is staring herself in mirror n about to leave bt turn again her face became sad as she was wearing manga sutra, usually she hide it in kurta or with dupatta.
One day when abhishka was newly married they r going out. Both reach the destination. Abhi come out of car n open door for tani , asked for hand n both come in hotel. They ordered food , talking to each other. Just then one man n his wife come their
Man: hello, Mr. rathod, ( he is one of the board member of Australian board where abhi is working)
Abhi: ( surprised) ohh hello Mr. Thomas, how r u? (towards his wife) how r u Mrs. Thomas?
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas : good
Mrs. Thomas: is she is ur wife? She is so pretty, nice to meet you mars……
Abhi is full confused as he don’t know what t say now but tani handle it n interrupt Mrs. Thomas
Tani: no ma’am, I… I’m…. Haaaaaaa (excitly, coz she got n idea) I’m his client, it’s just a formal meeting nothing else ….. Covering all situation n abhi also join her
Mr. Thomas: so I think now we should leave coz it’s not good to interfere in ur meeting, so bye have a good time (to abhi) good bye n best of luck
Mrs. Thomas: but…. Mr. Thomas interrupt n hold her hand n leaves
Mr. Thomas: (to Mrs. Thomas) what r u talking rubbish, all knows that he is unmarried, it’s embracing.
Mrs. Thomas: BT she was wearing manga sutra that’s y I think so, in Indian wife r used to wear it
Mr. Thomas: ohh plzzz stop it…
Abhishka listen this convo n abhi is little angry n more tensed, BT tani, she not even looking at abhi. They finish their dinner as fast as can coz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas r also their. They leaves from there n reach at home.

As soon a thy enter abhi hold tani’s hand tightly n pull her closer, he is in anger n tani can sense that, that’s y she is not looking at him. Abhi hold her for few minutes n then jerk her n goes in room. After some time tani also come their n abhi was in washroom, he come out n then tani leaves in with her nighty almost she run in washroom. Abhi put his clothes on side chair n then what he look that shocked him, tani removed his mangalsutra n put that in drawer bt forgot to close it completely. Abhi was shock n feeling guilty.
Abhi; (in mind) ohh god, for me she is doing this n how rude I’m, how can I do this with her, it’s not her fault, I’m the person who is responsible bt always she did sacrifice for me. Now how I face her yaar. I’m so sorry jaan, plzz forgive ur cherry
Abhi lie down on bed closing her eyes waiting for tani. Tani comes out n saw abhi sleeping she close all windows n off the lights n lie down beside abhi bt not facing him as she was thinking he is still angry. Bt soon she feels hand on her waist n then grip become tight. She turn to abhi n abhi was in tears. Tani immediately wipes his tears with her lips n look at him with wide smile that assuring him that she is fine n doesn’t think so much about it.

Abhi: sorry jerry, I’m so sorry, I don’t have to do that I know bt…. Sorry, I spoiled r date sorry…..
Abhi continuously saying sorry n suddenly tani kiss him on lips, a small kiss. Abhi look her shocking n then wrinkle naughtily n then abhi kiss her passionately n then harder, tani is also responding him then they get intimated.
Fb end.
From that day tani wears manga sutra bt hide it. She don’t want to do that but she has to.
She hide it n comes out n see abhi is talking on phone.
Abhi: is that really important?…. ok I will be their in half n hour.
As abhi’s back is facing tani, she become sad. Abhi turn n look at tani n memorized by her beauty. He slowly comes towards tani n hold her from waist while staring her unblinkingly. He hugs her n move his hand on her bare back coz of backless blouse, n kiss on it n says
Abhi: tani actually na.. I want to say that na… means don’t be angry.. but… I know I promise u but … it’s important… its Ur time but…
Tani: u can go… abhi broke the hug n look at tani confusingly.
Tani: I said u can go as u have n important job right now, right? (Abhi nod yes) then go na, I told u that works come first n ur r mine so we can go on other time, now go….
She push him lil n wave her hand with wide smile that make abhi feel good, he took his bag n leaves
Abhi: I will come soon babe, byeeee love you n give flying kiss n goes
As soon as he leaves, tani breaks down on floor…” why god why? Why only me, don’t I have right to go out with my husband. What is my fault that Ur punishing me like this. I don’t want money, lavish life, business, nothing, I just want my cherry back whose time is all mines, whom with I used to hangout, I don’t even remembering when we go put n enjoyed, I leave my whole world n still I’m not getting his time, what I’m asking so big thing, no na?, then y?” she is crying badly n suddenly she start feeling uneasy, she start sweating , breathing heavily. Some how she manages to get up n goes towards drawer n remove bottle of tablets. She took 2 of it, wait their for some minutes n goes back to bed lie on it
Tani: (in mind) I can’t stress my self, if cheery get o know about it… no it can’t be happened .. I have to take care about it, you have to be strong tani, you cant loose, you have to win, one day all will be according to your dream, everything will be perfect, n cherry will be urs, his time, his life, every thing will be as 4 yrs before…. All good so sadness…. You have to be strong for cherry, he will be weak if get to know about Ur condition, no I have to be, n now it is used to me…..
Thinking like this she doze off…
Next day afternoon

Abhi msg tani that he will come for lunch bt he didn’t come n tani as usual waiting for him n its almost a day, abhi is in office …( I thnk u all guyzz confuse with abhi’s work so I explain it, in austrailia there is a small firm which is related to kapoor’s company, in reality arjun insist them to buy it n assure them that he will take care of it, but main reason behind it is that he can come to meet tani on company’s name n all sply kapoor think that how hardworking he is that he is handling every thing , a small firm which is negligible in front of KAPOOR …. So he has to visit it also n take care of it….. n tani think that he is expanding this firm india coz she totally unaware about what abhi do in india n always took advantage of his blind love.)
Abhi comes n its almost 4:00, tani reading magzine. He enter n saw food on dining table n saw tani in full dull face as she was so bored. Tani who is reading news paper suddenly news paper is thrown by some one.. none other than abhi….. n in fraction of sec he kiss her hard n harder, tani is in shock, he leave her coz of lack of oxygen then he buried is head in her nake n start kissing, tani lose herself, bt after some time she apart herself with abhi forcefully.
Abhi: jaan im not done yet..
Tani: bt I don’t care leave me I have some work
Abhi: what work? That is imp than me?
Tani : I have … she get up n start walking bt abhi hold her n pull her behind n now her back is touching his chest n his hand r wrap around her waist so tightly that she can not move
Abhi: get ready, we r going out… tani gets happy but suddenly she think of last evening n get sad, abhi notice that
Abhi: u know I don’t leave my work in half
Tani: hmmm…. As she was thinking that he is talking about company work but next line make her happy or can say surprised

Abhi: I will do both work today itself, r date n …. N the work that I left just now,
Tani : just now?…. she turn to abhi, abhi smile noughtly n she get to know what he mean n lower her eyes, she start leaving, but abhi hold her from waist n look her ‘for what’
Tani: to get ready… n give him a quick kiss on his right cheek n run into room…. Abhi shout “ wear that one which u wear testerday” … tani blush …
After some timeboth come in a hotel, it is so big n expensive. Tani hold him at get n wisper
Tani: its to expensive, y u took me here, lets go in some other o I can make something special .. ( tani doesn’t know how reach he is)
Abhi: stop it jerry, when im here whats the fear..
Tani: fear of washing utensiles here… lets go na….
Abhi: shut up n lets go…. He is litrally dragging her inside
They sits, abhi open menu card but tani drag it from him n start reading it with wide eyes suddenly she shout” lowest item is off 1000$ “ abhi hold her hand n sighn her to calm down n oder food of his choice n on abhi’s every order she start seaching that item in menu card n his price. After waiter go n tani come out from menu cad , hold his hand n pull him closer
Abhi: what r y doing jaan, u want all this in public.. n smile noughtly
Tani: shut up ok, I know ur cracked , ur nut bolts r loose but now I think that it lost some where, u now how big bill will come, its more thatn ur 2 months salary,
Abhi: ( in mind) it will be my 1 day payment jaan, I want to give u surprise when u get to know who m I, I want to give u every thing that u want, that other have, just few months more jaan every thing will be mine, u too

Tani: cherryyyyy, r u listing me what im saying to u, .. (abhi nods in yes),…. Then???… waiter came placing all dishes on table n tani is taring all that in open mouth
Tani: it’s a open robbery
Abhi: shut up n eat…. They start eating, tani start but her reaction is so cute that she is in tension n abhi enjoying her cute act n thanking god in mind for her… as abhi already pay the bill so after finishing it he start to leave but when he look at tani, she was busy in string something outside that is ice cream stall so he seat again n order ice cream. Tani looks at abhi n about to say something but abhi interupt her
Abhi: before you start ur lecture, listen, ur with me n when im with u, u don’t need to think about anything, ( smile) n if u want to think then think about me, what u have to do tonight, I mean….
Tani: ( innocently) what I have do? Now what u want
Abhi: I… I want… she realize what abhi mean n what she replied n just then she saw waiter with their ice cream… n shout “ ice cream”
Abhi: what???
Tani: ice cream is here, lets cocentrate on it…
Abhi: in every case boys r un romantic but in my case u r unromanic…. What hell yaar…. I want some one hot, s*xy, romantic girl god, plzz listen to me.
Tani: if u dare to do that then I will kill u .. n then….
Abhi: then???
Tani: ( in mind: I will kill myself) I will kill that girl…n make angry face…
Abhi: here my sherni is back…. My jerry is back….
Tani: concentrate on what u have.
Abhi: im doing that only concertrating on what I have… u
Tani: n im talking about ic cream….. abhi makes the cute puppy face….but suddenly his phone ring n he excuse himself n go out… n here tani start laughing remembaring his cute face…..

Precap: tani shanaya face off

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  1. uslyn

    I don’t know this ff…..anyway who is Tani….i don’t understand this ff….and what happened to my gangsters pragya,strangers,destiny and its games or game of destiny
    ….y do you guys keep leaving your ffs have done…i mean you don’t finish with it all because your fans stop commenting…if they are not doing that it doesn’t mean they don’t like your ff…or that they have lost interest……so please guys continue the you have left before introducing another…please….please…please

    • Jannat

      Hiii I’m jannat n its my ff… i already posted its intro n episode 1… i posted my own cover pic… but i don’t know how KKB pic is there…. I’m also shock few sec ago when don’t found my ff…. n with same name abhigya ff … but when i open it…. its mine…..

      dear i don’t know what happens to abhigya ff that u used to read…. I’m not that writer .. its my first attempt ….
      hope u wil get ur ff….
      but if u like then plzz read previous n further episodes of it…
      thnk u

  2. Rose

    I also don’t know this ff….I somehow have doubt’s in it….who s tani and WHR s our pragya…y he s soooo luvly to that tani…..will pragya come in this story or not…..but really nice at d same time little bit confused…..y tani hide her mangalsutra… she really a good girl or a cunning girl like our tanu(in real kkb)…….sry if I hurt u……plzzzz if u have time means clear my doubt’s……end once again sry yaar……

  3. durga

    Oh my god lot of confusion yaar tz ff s abt abhigya r not I mean here abhi s some ur oen character r 4m kkb serial whether tz ff s based on kkb a serial ah yaar…. Bt tz episode s nice n interesting yaar

  4. Varsha

    I hav lots of doubts….who is tani….wrs Prags??n laksh married kavya??….I lov d wat u write dis ff…but Im confused abt abhis wife

  5. this is abhigya ff or what????
    who is this tani???
    where is our pragya???
    and who is shanaya???
    plz explain ur ff dr…i searched for the intro bt i cont find it…
    bt this ff also really awesome dr…..

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