You Are My Love Episode 2


Episode 1

A beautiful church is shown. Which is fully decorated with white Lilly’s on the walls of the church. As we entered in it we are able to see so many people sitting there as if waiting for someone. Everyone has smile on there faces.

The whole atmosphere is filled with happiness. Everyone is enjoying laughing talking with each other.

But someone is there who is watching all these. He had a small smile. He is wearing a black coat paint along with a tie. A red rose is attached to his blazer. His silky hairs n dimples on his face making him more dashing.

He was just looking at the surrounding n admiring it. But her gaze stopped at the door of the church. Where everyone was looking. Everyone are impatiently waiting n looking at the door.

Just then the door opens all gets happy even the person had a smile on his face.

A girl in the white gown is walking with holding hand out of her dad. (Imagine in christen wedding seen how a bride come holding hands).

The person smiles seeing her. The girl also smiles seeing if they are talking through their eyes.

Man’s POV

Wow! She is looking extremely gorgeous. Her face is glowing more today as compares to other days. Obviously today she is the bride she is should look good. But the glow is not bcz of make-up. Its bcz of her the feeling to became of someone who loves u n u love.

He goes into her imagination.
He looked at her lovingly.
She comes near him he forward his hands to her she gives her hands in her hands. Both smiles he takes her near the father n stands in front of her. With a smiling face. She looked at her with confusingly it he didn’t understand.

They father asks them something n declares that the marriage is done.

Everyone are happy n congratulate them.

The person is very happy but suddenly his smile vanishes n his face becomes pale he closed his eyes n goes to flashback.

Flash back

At night near the cliff. Two persons is standing in front of each other both had tears in both their eyes. One is man the same person n another one is a girl but different.

Boy: plz don’t leave me I can’t leave without u. If u want u can give me punishment but don’t hate me. Don’t say u don’t love me.

Girl: I’m saying true I never loved u it was just my revenge.

Boy: I know if lying ur tears proves that how much u loved me.

Girl: I don’t. U just leave from here I don’t want to hear anything Sanskar.

Sanskar: fine I will never come in front of u. I’ll go away from u. But remember my love for u will never change ur my love n always will be

Girl: I don’t care. Just respect the feeling of the girl who us going to marry u.

Sanskar: when u can’t understand my feeling how can u understand her feelings.

Girl: I don’t want to answer it stupid question. Just get lost.

Sanskar: I’m going.

Saying this he turns n starts to go from there had tears n his eyes n he leaves.

As soon as he leaves the girl breakdown into tears she bends on her knees n cries.

Girl: I’m sorry Sanskar I’m really sorry. I don’t want u to go away from me. But I can’t do this. Tomorrow is it marriage with someone else she loves u I can’t do this to her. I can’t snatch her love. I don’t want anyone to hate u. Kash mein tumse keh pati

” Hey! Stay I need u”

Here Sanskar heard all this things but he left from there silently

Flash back Ends.

A silent tears escape from his eyes. Buy suddenly someone puts hands on his shoulder.

Sanskar: Ragini what happened.

Ragini: hmmm….we recently got married n ur crying here.

Sanskrit: no I’m not crying.

Ragini: Shut up. U know at this time I need u more. U have to be with me. U know na I’m bride so I can’t move here n there like u.

Sansakr: OK.. I’ll be with u. N now smile.

Both RagSan smile seeing each other n left near the guest.

Epiaode End

How is this guyz do u like it. If yes then plz tell I badly need it support. I want u all to encourage me. Waiting for ur response hope u all like it. ?

Credit to: Unknown

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