Love-Once Again (Episode 19)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
It was morning time. Parth had got up early today. Ragini was already awake and was preparing breakfast with Kaka in the kitchen. Parth comes to them. He is still in his night suit. Ragini asks him, “Parth, aren’t you going to office today?”
Parth: “No, actually….I am on a leave.”
Ragini: “Leave?”
Parth: “Yes, for one day. Actually I wanted to take you somewhere.”
Ragini: “Where?”
Parth: “Just get ready until 4:00 p.m.”
Ragini: “But where are we going?”
Parth: “You will get to know about it soon.”
Parth leaves. Ragini wonders where does Parth want to take her?

Scene 2: Rahul’s house
Sanaya is in the kitchen. She is preparing breakfast while thinking something. Rahul comes to her and hugs her from the back.
Rahul: “Good Morning!”
Sanaya: “Good Morning Pati Dev!”
Rahul: “What was my wife thinking about?”
Sanaya: “I was thinking about Ragini and Parth.”
Rahul: “Oh, I totally forgot about them. They completed our love story but who is gonna complete theirs?”
Sanaya: “We are gonna do that!”
Rahul looks at her. He could see that determination in her eyes.
Rahul: “Fine! We will do it!”
They both smile at each other and shake hands.
Scene 3: Parth’s house (3:55 p.m.)
Ragini is in her room. She is getting ready. Parth is waiting for her downstairs.
Parth (to himself): “How much is she gonna take?”
He then sees Ragini coming downstairs. She is wearing a simple shalwar kameez, but is looking gorgeous. Parth is staring at her. She comes to him and says, “I am ready! Lets go.” Parth is still looking at her. She makes shakes him and he comes back to his senses. They leave.
Scene 5: Parth’s car
Ragini and Parth are in the car.
Ragini: “Where are we going?”

Parth: “Just wait! I know you will love that place.”
Ragini: “But where are we going?”
Parth: “Have patience Ragini!”
Ragini shows him her fake anger while Parth smiles.
At last they reach the place. It’s an orphanage. Parth opens the car’s door for Ragini. Ragini smiles seeing the place. She sees children running after each other and playing.
Ragini (to Parth): “You know me very well.”
Parth smiles. He takes her inside.
Scene 6: Inside the orphanage
Parth and Ragini enter the orphanage. A lady comes to them.
Lady: “Hello Sir! It’s nice to see you after such a long time.”
Parth: “Hi! Yeah actually I had some work. By the way, Ankita meet Ragini.”
He introduces Ankita to Ragini, as the manager of the orphanage. Ragini greets her. Suddenly a girl comes to Parth.
Girl: “Parth Bhaiya, you are back!”
She shouts to all the other children, “Hey, Parth Bhaiya is here!”
All the children come there and they drag Parth with them. Parth smiles and goes with them. Ankita and Ragini are still there. They smile looking at Parth.
Ankita: “You know Ragini, Parth Sir donates money every month for this orphanage.”
Ragini looks at Parth and sees him playing with children. They are running after each other. She smiles. Ankita continues.

Ankita: “Children here love him a lot! They wait every month for him. The girl who will marry him, shall be really very lucky.”
Ragini is still looking at Parth lovingly. A girl comes to her too and asks her, “Didi are you Parth Bhaiya’s friend?”
Ragini nods and kisses her on the cheek. The girl kisses her back.
Girl: “Will you play with us?”
Ragini looks at Parth who is already looking at her. She says, “Yes, I will!” The girl smiles and all of them start playing. While playing Parth and Ragini keep looking at each other.
Atlast they get tried and now it’s time for Parth and Ragini to leave. They bid bye to the children and Ankita and leave the orphanage.
Scene 7: Parth’s car
Ragini and Parth are returning form the orphanage. They see the clouds covering the sky and then there is a heavy rain. They decide to wait until the rain stops. They are sitting in the car. Ragini is happy that it’s raining while Parth is upset, as he hates rain (as I told you in the first episode.) Ragini opens the car’s door.
Parth: “Ragini what are you doing? Are you in your senses? It’s raining outside can’t you see?”
Ragini: “Calm down Parth! It’s just rain.”

She gets out of the car and starts enjoying the rain. Parth is still inside the car.
Parth (to himself): “Argh… This girl!”
He gets out of the car and to save himself from the rain he stands under a roof like, that is made of star. Ragini is fully drenched in rain.
Parth (shouts): “Ragini, get back into the car right now!”
Ragini (shouts): “No! I shall not!”
She is dancing in the rain and playing with the water. Parth is mesmerized seeing her childishness. (Kabhi Jo Badal Barse plays…..).He is smiling. Ragini looks at him. She signs him to come and enjoy the rain. Parth refuses but Ragini drags him with her. Parth is now drenched in rain. He looks at Ragini and sees her standing with her eyes closed. He used to hate rain but now he is loving it. Ragini opens her eyes and looks at Parth. They have an eye lock while the music continues playing.

Promo: Sanaya and Rahul wonder how to make Ragini realize her feelings her Parth. Sanaya and Rahul send them to shopping mall. Swara and Kavya are seen entering the same shopping mall.

Credit to: Alisha

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