Love-Once Again (Episode 18)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
Sanaya and Rahul are getting ready in their respective rooms. Parth and Rahul are helping them. Kaka is busy in the preparations of wedding. He is done nearly everything.
Rahul and Sanaya are shown in split screen. Ragini makes Sanaya wear the jewelry whereas Parth makes Rahul wear his dress. Ragini and Parth are already ready.
They are shown smiling at them, they smile back.

Scene 2: Meshwari Mansion
Swara and Sanskaar are getting ready. Swara is looking extremely beautiful and Sanskaar is looking handsome too. They come downstairs. Annapurna is standing there. She praises them. They give a fake smile. Annapurna blesses them and then they leave for the wedding.

Scene 3: Parth’s house
Parth and Rahul are ready. All of the guests have arrived, except Swara and Sanskaar. Parth is welcoming all of them. Sanaya and Ragini are still in the room. Parth at last gets tried and goes to Rahul.
Parth: “Ahh… These girls take too much time to get ready, don’t you think so?”
Rahul: “I think I should go and check.”
Parth holds him and makes him sit.
Parth: “Don’t worry Bhaiya, I shall go and check!” (He whispers.)
Rahul stops him.
Rahul: “Ahan! You will go?”
He gives him a smile. Parth understands what he want to say.
Parth: “Okay, fine! We will send Kaka.”
They call Kaka and send him to check whether the girls are ready or not?
As Kaka is about to go, he sees Ragini and Sanaya coming downstairs. He smiles.
Parth and Rahul are mesmerized seeing Ragini and Sanaya. They come downstairs. Ragini and Parth make Sanaya and Rahul sit together. Their wedding takes place. (I am not describing it in detail because I don’t know about Indian culture. Apologies! ??)
On the other hand, Swara and Sanskaar are seen entering the house. As they step inside they feel something strange. They ignore it and go to Sanaya and Rahul.
Sanskaar: “Rahul!”
Rahul: “Sanskaar!”
They both hug each other. Sanskaar introduces Rahul to Swara whereas Rahul introduces Sanaya to them. He praises her. Suddenly Parth enter.
Parth: “Sanskaar Bhaiya!”
Sanskaar: “Oh, Parth! How are you?”
Parth: “I am fine. What about you?”
Sanskaar: “I am fine too.”
Parth: “How are you Bhabhi?”
Swara: “I am fine!”
Sanskaar: “Swara, he is Parth. He is Rahul’s brother.”
Swara nods.
Parth: “Wait Sanskaar Bhaiya and Bhabhi, I want you both to meet someone.”
Sanskaar: “Who do you want us to meet?”
Parth: “Wait Bhaiya! She must be here somewhere. I shall go and find her. Don’t go anywhere until I come.”
He leaves to search for Ragini.

Scene 4: Ragini’s room
Ragini is in her room. She is thinking something. Parth enters her room. Parth sees her thinking something. He goes towards her.
Parth: “Ragini?”
Ragini looks at him. Parth sees her eyes that were wet, because she was crying.
Parth: “Ragini, you were crying?”
Ragini: “No, not at all! Why would I cry? Today is such a wonderful day, Sanaya Di and Rahul Bhaiya are getting married.”
Parth: “Ragini, don’t lie. I can see the pain in your eyes. Tell me what’s bothering you?”
Ragini bursts out crying.
Ragini: “I am missing my sister and Jiju a lot!”
Parth sits beside her.
Ragini: “My sister was everything to me and my Jiju, he was my best friend.”
She cries. Parth consoles her.
Parth: “Ragini please don’t cry. I know one day you will meet them.”
Ragini stops crying and asks him, “Are you sure?” Parth nods. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder.
Parth: “Ragini, I want you to meet someone.”
Ragini: “Who?”
Parth: “It’s Rahul Bhaiya’s college friend. He is also like my brother. Would you like to meet him? If you want to stay in your room, then it doesn’t matter…”
Ragini: “I shall meet them.”
Parth: “Okay, come with me.” (He forwards his hand.) Ragini gives him her hand. They both move out of the room.
Scene 5: The wedding
Parth is now searching for Swara and Sanskaar. Ragini is with him.
Ragini: “Parth, we are searching for them from the past half an hour.”
Parth: “I know that!”
Ragini: “Can’t we sit and take rest for sometime. I am tired!”
Parth: “You stay here! I shall fine them. Don’t go anywhere, okay?”
Ragini nods and says, “Fine!”
She sits there on the sofa. Swara and Sanskaar are shown. They are quite close to Ragini but can only see her back. They are about to go, when Kaka calls Ragini.
Kaka: “Ragini Beta!”
Ragini hears him calling her and walks to him. Swara doesn’t see her she just sees here and there. Sanskaar looks at her.
Sanskaar: “What happened Swara?”
Swara: “Sanskaar didn’t you hear? Someone called a girl named Ragini.”
Sanskaar: “And you thought that it’s out Ragini.”
Swara: “Yes you are right, every girl named Ragini can’t be our Ragini.”
They go to Sanaya and Rahul and bid bye to them and leave the house. After sometime Parth comes to Sanaya and Rahul and asks them, “Bhabhi … Bhaiya… Where is Sanskaar Bhaiya?
Sanaya: “He just left 5 min before.”
Parth: “Oh no, I wanted them to meet Ragini.”
Rahul: “Don’t worry, she would meet them some other day.”
Parth nods.

Scene 6: Laksh’s cell
Laksh is seen marking on the wall of his cell with chalk. He is counting the days actually.
Laksh (to himself): “One more day gone! That day is not that far, when I will be out of the jail and Ragini’s life will be destroyed!”
He grins evilly.

Promo: Parth takes Ragini somewhere. They spend some time together.

Credit to: Alisha

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