Love-Once Again (Episode 17)


Scene 1: Sanaya’s house
The phone rings. Ragini picks it up.
Ragini: “Hello!”
It’s Parth on the other side. He isn’t able to speak when he hears Ragini’s voice.
Ragini: “Hello? Is anyone there?”
Parth: “Yes, Ragini… It’s me, Parth!”
Ragini: “Oh Parth! How are you?”
Parth: “I am fine, what about you?”
Ragini: “I am fine too.”
There is a silence for sometime. Finally Parth speaks.
Parth: “Ragini…actually…”
Ragini: “What Parth?”
Parth: “Actually, can we go outside today?”
Ragini: “Today? Let me think!”
Parth: “Okay!”
Ragini thinks for a while and then decides what to do.
Parth: “Hello?”
Ragini: “Yeah, I am still here.”
Parth: “So, have you decided?”
Ragini: “Yeah, I can come with you.”
Parth puts his hand on the mouthpiece and shouts, “YES!”
Ragini: “Parth?”
Parth: “Yes Ragini, I was thinking that if Bhabhi could come too….”
Ragini: “Hmmm…. So it’s Rahul Bhaiya’s plan, isn’t it?”
Parth: “Well, you guessed it right! You are getting intelligent day by day.”
Ragini: “Mmmm….Okay, we would reach the cafe at 4:00 p.m.
Parth smiles and says, “Okay bye!”
Ragini: “Bye!”
Ragini puts down the phone and takes a deep breathe. She goes to Sanaya and informs her about the plan and asks her to get ready till 3:30 p.m. Sanaya smiles.
Ragini then goes to her room.
Both Sanaya and Ragini are shown in their room (in split screen). They stand in front of the mirror and are trying different dresses. At last they select a perfect dress for themselves and get ready. At nearly 3:30 p.m. they leave the house.

Scene 2: A sea-side cafe
Parth and Rahul are already there. They are looking so handsome. They look around.
Parth: “Well Bhai, everything looks perfect!”
Rahul: “Yeah, it’s perfect!”
Parth: “And somewhere is here to make it even more perfect.”
Rahul looks in the direction Parth is looking. He sees Sanaya and Ragini. They are looking so gorgeous. It was a sea-side cafe.
Ragini: “Why is the whole cafe empty? Why isn’t anyone here?”
Parth: “Because, I and Rahul Bhaiya booked it for you and Bhabhi.”
Sanaya and Rahul smile at each other. They take their respective girls to their tables.
Parth and Ragini sit together, whereas Sanaya and Rahul sit on another table.
Suddenly music starts playing. Rahul forwards his hand towards Sanaya. Sanaya smiles and gives him his hand. Ragini smiles looking at them dancing.
Parth is constantly looking at Ragini but Ragini doesn’t notice that. Sanaya and Rahul dance on the song “Zehnaseeb”. Rahul signs Parth to ask Ragini for a dance.
Parth takes a deep breathe. He stands up and forwards his hand to Ragini.
Parth: “Ragini, would you like to dance with me?”
Ragini looks at him. She then smiles.
Ragini: “Sure!”
She gives her hand in his hand. Parth smiles back. Both the couples dance on the same song. Parth and Ragini are lost in each other. Sanaya and Rahul are looking at them. They smile.
Sanaya (to Rahul): “They look so cute together. Don’t they?”
Rahul: “Yes, they do!”
Sanaya: “Rahul, I don’t know why, but I always feel like Ragini likes Parth.”
Rahul: “You have a doubt but I am totally sure that Parth loves Ragini.”
Sanaya: “Really?”
Rahul: “Yes, he even confessed it in front of me.”
Sanaya: “Then why doesn’t he confess his feelings in front of Ragini.”
Rahul: “Sanaya, they still need some time. We don’t know that Ragini loves him or not.”
Sanaya: “Yes, you are right!”
They look at them back. Due to wind, Ragini’s hair start irritating her, Parth helps her and puts her hairs behind her ear. Ragini looks at him. They have an eye lock.
Sanaya and Rahul see this and they smile.
After dancing they eat something and then leave for home together. Now, they decide to stay in one house, of Parth’s.
Ragini and Sanaya are in one room and Rahul and Parth are in another room. There are now only 2 days left for the wedding.

Scene 3: Parth’s house (Sanaya’s and Ragini’s room)
Sanaya are trying out her jewelry. Ragini is thinking about Laksh.
Ragini (to herself): “I think I never loved Laksh. I wonder how it feels like when you love someone?”
She thinks for a while. She then decides to ask Sanaya.
Ragini: “Sanaya Di?”
Sanaya: “Yes Ragini?”
Ragini: “How it feels like to be in love.”
Sanaya puts the jewelry at a side and sits beside Ragini.
Sanaya: “Well, I have heard from people that whenever you fall in love and see the person you love, music starts playing and flowers start falling. It feels like only you two exist in this world.”
Ragini: “Hmmm…”
Sanaya: “But why are you asking that?”
Ragini: “It was just a general question.”
Sanaya: “Oh, Okay!”
Ragini leaves the room.
Sanaya (to herself): “So finally she is started feeling for him.” (She smiles.)

Scene 4: Living room
Ragini got out of her room and came to the living room. The decorator were decorating the house. Ragini was walking inattentively. She was thinking about her moments with Parth. From the other side Parth was coming, he was talking on phone. They both collide. Ragini was about to fall when Parth holds her. Above them a decorator was decorating the pillars with flowers. Some one makes him hold a flower basket but he drops it. The flowers fall on Ragini and Parth. They both are looking at each other. Ragini remembers Sanaya’s words, “Flowers start falling!” They both separate.
Parth: “Are you fine Ragini?”
Ragini: “Aaa… Yes!”
They both leave in opposite directions. While the are walking, they both turn and look at each other. They both smile and then move on. Rahul sees this and smiles.

Scene 5:
Sanskaar takes Swara for shopping to cheer up her mood and so that she can select some clothes for the wedding. They go to many shops and Swara selects some dress. She sees a yellow dress and remembers Ragini.
Swara (to Sanskaar): “Sanskaar, do you know Ragini used to have a yellow dress like this too and always looked so gorgeous when she wore it. I wonder where she would be now?” (She has tears in her eyes.)
Sanskaar consoles her.

Promo: Sanaya’s and Rahul’s wedding is held. Swara and Sanskaar come to attend their wedding. Swara feels Ragini’s presence.

Credit to: Alisha

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