Love-Once Again (Episode 16)


Scene 1: Meshwari Mansion
The invitation for Rahul’s and Sanaya’s wedding reaches the mansion. Annapurna takes it. She calls Sanskaar. Sanskaar comes downstairs. She gives it to him. He opens it and reads it.
Annapurna: “What is it Beta?”
Sanskaar: “Mom, actually my college friend is getting married. So he has sent an invitation for his marriage.”
Annapurna: “Oh, so what are you thinking.”
Sanskaar: “I won’t go!”
By this time Swara had also come down.
Swara: “Yes Mom, Sanskaar is right. We won’t go!”
Annapurna: “I know Beta that all the things that happened a few days back, you are still now able to forget them, but this wedding is an opportunity for you two to get out the stress and tension you both are going through right now.”
Swara and Sanskaar: “But Mom!”
Annapurna: “No excuses, you both are going to the wedding and that’s final.”
Swara gives Sanskaar a helpless look.

Scene 2: Sanaya’s house
Sanaya is sitting on the couch in the living room, with her eyes closed. Ragini comes there. She looks at Sanaya.
Ragini: “What are you up to Sanaya Di?”
Sanaya opens her eyes.
Sanaya: “Do you know Ragini it’s said that whenever you close your eyes, you see the face of the person you love?”
Ragini (smiles): “So, did you see Rahul Bhaiya’s face.”
Sanaya: “Yes, I did! Why don’t you try it Ragini?”
Ragini’s smile vanishes. She doesn’t want to remember Laksh.
Sanaya: “Come on Ragini! It’s just a little thing to do.”
She forces her to do as she said. Finally Ragini agrees. She closes her eyes. She sees Parth’s face, he smiles. Ragini opens her eyes at once.
Sanaya: “Who did you see?”
Ragini looks at her. She then rushes to her. She closes the door. She then goes and stands in front of the mirror.
Ragini (to herself): “Why did I see his face? What Sanaya Di said, is that right? Do I love him?” She stops.
Ragini (again to herself): “No, I can’t love him. He is just of friend to me, or ….(she looks at herself in the mirror) maybe not?”

Scene 3: Outside Ragini’s room
Sanaya is standing outside. She is worried.
Sanaya (to herself): “Oh God, did I do something wrong? I hurt Ragini’s feelings. Why did I do that.. Sanaya you are so stupid!”
Ragini comes out of her room. She sees Sanaya.
Sanaya: “Ragini, I am sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Ragini: “It’s okay Sanaya Di!” (She gives her a fake smile.)
Ragini leaves towards the kitchen.
Sanaya (to herself): “I wonder whose face she saw?”

Scene 5: Parth’s cabin
Parth is looking at Ragini’s photo in his phone. He is missing her dreadfully. Rahul enters his cabin.
Rahul: “Hey Parth! What are you looking at?”
Parth gets attentive at once.
Parth: “Nothing, it’s just an important file.”
Rahul: “Oh, I see!”
Parth’s secretary enters his cabin.
Secretary: “Sir, your sign are needed on this file.”
Parth takes the file (without looking at her) and goes through it. He then signs it. When he is about to give her the file back, he sees Ragini’s face in her face.
Parth: “Ragini?”
Rahul: “Ragini? Where?”
Parth: “Can’t you see Bhai, she is standing here, in front of me.”
Rahul: “Parth, she is you secretary.”
Parth: “No Bhai… (He looks at her back and doesn’t see Ragini’s face.)”
Rahul signs the secretary to leave.
Rahul: “So, now even I can tease you.”
Parth: “What?”
Rahul: “Yes, why were you calling her Ragini?”
Parth: “Actually…”
Rahul: “Actually, you have started loving Ragini.”
Parth: “I…? Love? Her?” (He acts.)
Rahul: “Don’t act in front of me. I know each and every bit of you.”
Parth doesn’t answer him.
Rahul: “I know you were looking at Ragini’s picture when I entered your cabin.”
Parth: “Bhai..!”
Rahul: “There is noting to explain. I know everything. Well, finally I can tease you.”
Parth: “Bhai…? Please!”
Rahul (smiles): “Okay.. Okay! I shall not say anything. You want to meet her?”
Parth gets up at once and says, “Yes, I want to meet her badly.”
Rahul (smiles again): “You can meet her, but you will have to pay me back.”
Parth: “What do you mean?”
Rahul: “I shall make you meet Ragini and you will let me meet Sanaya. Deal?”
Parth thinks for a while and then says, “Deal!”
Rahul smiles.

Scene 6: Meshwari Mansion (Sanskaar’s room)
Swara is in her room. Sanskaar comes there with a tray.
Sanskaar: “Swara?”
Swara looks at him. She sees the tray.
Swara: “I don’t want to eat.”
Sanskaar: “Swara, please!”
Swara starts crying.
Swara: “I can’t! Sanskaar I need Ragini.”
Sanskaar comes and sits besides her. Swara puts her head in his shoulder.
Swara: “I want my Ragini!”
Sanskaar: “Even I want her back. You know na Swara that we searched her every where but we weren’t able to find her.”
Swara nods.
Sanskaar: “I wish we find her soon.”

Promo: Parth and Rahul take Sanaya and Ragini out for dinner. Sanaya and Rahul and Ragini and Parth dance together.

Credit to: Alisha

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