Love-Once Again (Episode 15)


Scene 1: Sanaya’s house
Sanaya is busy on phone whereas Ragini has ordered some dresses for Sanaya and her to select.
Ragini: “Sanaya Di, look at this one, isn’t this beautiful?” (She says this showing her a red dress.)
Sanaya (without looking at the dress): “Yes!”
Ragini: “But I like this one too!” (She shows her a yellow one.)
Sanaya: “Yes, Ragini!” (She is still looking at the phone.)
Ragini: “Sanaya Di, what are you doing? Are you even looking at these dresses.”
Sanaya: “Yes!
Ragini: “Fine!”
Sanaya: “Actually, Ragini I have to go somewhere. You can select the dresses you like.”
Ragini: “But Di!”
Sanaya: “Bye!”
She leaves. Ragini sees Sanaya’s phone on the couch.
Ragini: “Oh, she left her phone at home.”
She rushes out to give her the phone but Sanaya had already left.
Ragini thinks to check her inbox. She sees Rahul’s messages.
Ragini: “Ahh.. These love birds na!”
Their conversation:
Rahul: “I don’t know how we are going to stay away from each other for about a week?”
Sanaya: “Me too, I am already missing you.”
Rahul: “Same here!”
Sanaya: “Ragini is constantly showing me dresses and asking my opinion, I am so bored right now.”
Rahul: “Even Parth is asking me to select a dress fort he wedding, I can’t tolerate this anymore. Lets meet somewhere out.
Sanaya: “Fine! Let’s meet at the “City Mall”.”
Rahul: “Okay, I am leaving. See you there!”
Sanaya: “Okay!”
Ragini (to herself): “This is not fair. I should call Parth and tell him about all this. We will catch them red handed.”

Scene 2: City Mall
Rahul is sitting in the cafeteria waiting for Sanaya. Finally Sanaya comes.
Rahul: “Thank God, you are here!”
Sanaya: “Well, I had to come because you invited me.”
They both smile.
Rahul: “Lets order something.”
Rahul calls the waiter.
Rahul: “What do you want to eat?”
Sanaya: “I would eat what you will be eating.”
Rahul: “I never knew love me so much.” He smiles
Rahul: “Bring 2 sandwiches and 2 cold drinks.”
Waiter: “And what should I bring for them.” (He says this pointing towards another table.)
Sanaya and Rahul look towards that table. They see Parth and Ragini. Parth and Ragini come to them and sit with them.
Parth: “Aren’t you guys going to order for us?”
Ragini: “So bad Bhaiya!”
Sanaya and Rahul look at each other, asking “What to do now?”
Rahul: “I think I should leave now.”
Sanaya: “Yeah, I have to go too.”
Parth and Ragini: “NO WAY!”
The pull them back and they sit again.
Ragini: “We just asked you guys to stay separately for just one week!”
Parth: “Yeah and you guys can’t even do that.”
Sanaya: “When you both get married someday na then you will realize how hard it is.”
Parth and Ragini look at each other.
Rahul: “My wife to be is absolutely right!”
Sanaya smiles.
Ragini: “It’s not fair!”
Parth: “Yes, you are going home with us right now!”
Ragini drags Sanaya with her whereas Parth drags Rahul with him. Sanaya and Rahul give a helpless look to each other.

Scene 3: Laksh’s cell
Laksh is in his cell. He is thinking about Ragini. He remembers Ragini and in anger hurts his hand. He sees the blood flowing from his hand.
Laksh: “Once I get out of the prison, I shall not spare you Ragini. I shall find you and destroy your life completely!”
He laughs evilly.

Scene 4: Parth’s house
Rahul is sitting on the couch. Parth comes to him. He shows him the cards he got printed and designed of his wedding.
Parth: “Have a look at this Bhai.”
Rahul looks at the card. He opens it. He reads it.
“Rahul Mehra weds Sanaya”, he reads and smiles.
Parth takes a note pad and a pen.
Parth: “Now lets make a list of the people we have to send these cards too.”
Rahul: “Okay! Start writing!”
Parth: “Hmm..”
Rahul: “Sanjay Aluwahliya”
Parth: “Ahan!”
Rahul: “Mr and Mrs Sanskaar Meshwari”
Parth: “Oh, so Sanskaar Bhaiya got married. You and Sanskaar Bhaiya used to be best friends.”
Rahul: “Yeah and then he moved his house and we got separated.”
Parth: “That means now I have 2 Bhabhis.”
Parth smiles. Rahul smiles back!
Rahul keeps on saying the names and Parth keeps on writing them.

Scene 5: Meshwari Mansion
Swara, Annapurna, Sujata and Parineeta are sitting and are having tea. Uttra had taken Kavya out with her so that she can keep her mind of the what just happened.
Swara: “Maa.. What have you planned for Kavya?”
Sujata: “Jiji.. Her husband is no longer the part of our house, so she should…”
Annapurna: “What do you want to say Sujata, that she should leave our house. I know her husband is no longer the part of this house but she is still our Bahu.
Swara: “I knew that Mom that you would never do anything wrong.”
Parineeta: “Yes Swara!”
Sujata makes a face.

Scene 6: Sanaya’s house
Sanaya has Rahul’s pic in his hand. Sanaya talk to him.
Sanaya: “I don’t know when this week is gonna get over. It’s the 2nd day today.”
She looks at the pic.
Sanaya: “What are you looking at?”
She smiles at herself. Ragini enters. Sanaya hides the pic. Ragini sees her hiding something.
Ragini: “What are you hiding?”
Sanaya: “Nothing!”
Ragini: “Let me see!”

After a lot of struggle she finally takes the pic from Sanaya. She looks at it.
Ragini: “Oh, so you are missing Rahul Bhaiya. Don’t worry, only 5 days are left now.”
Sanaya: “Hmm… But Ragini I can’t wait to see him.”
Ragini: “Don’t worry your wait will get over soon.”
Sanaya: “I hope that your wait gets over too someday.”
Ragini looks at her. Sanaya places her hand on Ragini’s shoulder.
Sanaya: “I wish that you get married too, to a man, who is suitable for you. Who can understand every single problem of yours… Your ideal husband!”
Ragini has tears in her eyes. She hugs Sanaya. Sanaya consoles her.

Promo: The invitation of Rahul’s and Sanaya’s wedding reaches Meshwari Mansion. Sanskaar and Swara decide not to go.

Credit to: Alisha

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