Love-Once Again (Episode 14)


Scene 1: Laksh’s cell
Laksh is given food to eat. Laksh refuses to eat.
Laksh: “I cannot eat this. This food is not my type.”
Inspector comes there.
Inspector: “This isn’t a restaurant or your house, you will have to eat what you are given otherwise starve!”
Scene 2: Parth’s kitchen
Ragini and Parth are in the kitchen.

Parth: “Ragini, are you done.”
Ragini: “Almost!”
Ragini comes with some juice and cake.
Parth: “Well done!”
Ragini: “Parth, are you sure you want to do this?”
Parth: “Don’t worry, I am perfectly sure my plan is gonna work. My plan never fails.”
Scene 3: Parth’s living room
Sanaya and Rahul are siting all alone. There is an awkward silence between them. Finally Sanaya speaks up!
Sanaya: “So, how is your business going?”
Rahul: “It’s going good.”
Sanaya: “Okay!”

There is a silence again. After sometime Ragini and Parth enter with the juice and cake.
Sanaya and Rahul (to themselves): “Thank God they are back! Otherwise I would have died because of this awkward silence.”
Ragini places the tray on the table and serves the juice to them separately. First she serves Rahul, then Sanaya and then Parth.

While serving Parth, Parth asks Ragini: “Have you done as I said!”
Ragini (whispers): “Yes!”
The both smile at each other. Sanaya and Rahul wonder why are they behaving so weirdly? Ragini takes a juice glass for herself too. Everybody drinks juice and eats the cake. After they are done with eating and drinking, the talk a little. Suddenly, Sanaya holds her head. Rahul gets worried for her. He rushes to her. Parth and Ragini stand there on a side. After sometime Sanaya faints. Rahul tries waking her up. He asks Ragini to bring some water. Ragini does. He sprinkles some water on Sanaya’s face but of no use. Rahul gets even more worried. He picks up Sanaya in his arms and run towards his car. He is followed by Ragini and Parth. They take her to the hospital. On the way, Rahul keeps on saying, “I won’t let anything happen to you Sanaya.”
Scene 4: Hospital

They reach the hospital. They put Sanaya on a stretcher and she is taken the room. Rahul stands outside worried. Parth comes to him. Parth goes somewhere. Ragini comes to Rahul and tries calming him down.
Ragini: “Don’t worry Rahul Bhaiya nothing will happen to Sanaya Di.”
They wait outside for about 1 and a half hour. After that the Doctor comes out and says, “Sorry, we couldn’t save the patient.”
Rahul looks at him shocked.
Rahul: “What are you saying doctor, she just fainted. She wasn’t suffering from any disease. This isn’t possible.”

He rushes inside the room. He sees Sanaya laying on the bed. He sits besides her on the chair.
Rahul: “Sanaya, please come back. Look this isn’t fair, you can’t leave me with Parth alone. You know him very well na. So, please come back to me.”
Sanaya doesn’t wake up.
Sanaya doesn’t wake up still.
Rahul starts crying vigorously.
Rahul: “Sanaya, please come back. I can’t live without you. Please come back… Please.”
He keeps on crying.
Rahul: “Sanaya please wake up.. You mean my life to me. I LOVE YOU!”
He lays his head on Sanaya’s hand and keeps on crying. Sanaya moves her finger. Rahul sees this and he calls the Doctor at once.

Doctor: “Great, looks like your words brought her back.”
Rahul looks at Sanaya and smiles.
Scene 3: Out side the room
Parth and Ragini are sitting together. They are super worried.
Ragini: “Why isn’t your Bhaiya back till now?”
Parth: “I don’t know! He must have been. I hope our plan works.”
Ragini: “Hey, you said your plan always work.” (She looks at him angrily.)
Parth: “I don’t know! I just said it.”
Rahul comes out of the room.
Ragini rushes to him and asks him about Sanaya.
Rahul: “She survived!”
Parth (mumbles): “Of course she had to!”
Rahul: “Did you say something.”
Ragini signs him to stay quite.

The Doctor comes out and says, “She is awake you can go and meet her.”
Rahul rushes to the room. Ragini and Parth give a hi five to each other.
Ragini: “So finally our plan is working!”
Scene 4: Inside the ward
Rahul enters the room in the rush. He goes to Sanaya and immediately hugs her.
Rahul: “I was so worried about you. If you would have died, I won’t be able to live anymore.”
Sanaya smiles and hugs him back.
Parth and Ragini enter the room clapping.
Parth: “Finally…. our plan succeeded!”
Ragini: “It finally did!”
Rahul and Sanaya look on cluelessly.

Rahul: “What are you guys talking about?”
Parth:”Bhaiya, please don’t act. We know you just confessed your love for Sanaya. Didn’t you?”
Rahul (stammers): “W…when? I … Don’t know.. What your talking about?”
Ragini: “Oh really? Parth I think we should show them the proof.”
Parth shows them a video.
The first video is when Ragini went to Sanaya’s house to make her realize her feelings for Rahul and Sanaya admitted that she does love him.
Parth: “Now see the second one.”
The second video was of Rahul when he said that he loves Sanaya and Sanaya responded by moving her finger.
Sanaya and Rahul look at each other.
Ragini: “So, what do you have to say now?”

Rahul looks at Sanaya and smiles, “Yes, I love Sanaya!”
Sanaya: “I love you too Rahul.” (She smiles back!) (Ragini in excitement was about to hug Parth but stops seeing Sanaya and Rahul.)
Rahul: “Well, now tell us what was your plan?”
Parth and Ragini look at each other.
Ragini: “You need to know everything?”
Sanaya and Rahul: “Everything!”
They start narrating.

The scene starts from Ragini going in the kitchen. Ragini prepares the juice and puts something in one of those glasses. Parth comes and asks her, “Is she done?”
She says,”Yes!”
The scene shifts to Ragini serving juice to everyone separately and after sometime Sanaya faints (She fainted because Ragini had mixed something in her juice.)
Scene shifts to the hospital. Parth is seen talking to the Doctor.
Parth: “Doctor you save people’s lives everyday, today you will have to help me to make someone realize their feelings.”
Parth gives him some money and asks him to say to Rahul that Sanaya cannot survive. The Doctor does as Parth says. He goes to Rahul and tells him that Sanaya cannot survive.
Parth: “And the rest of it you know very well.”
Ragini: “Yeah!”
Sanaya and Rahul look at both of them.

Sanaya: “Rahul, don’t you think that they both are growing up quite fast?”
Rahul: “Hmmmm…. You are right. I think it’s a time to make them realize what they have done.”
Parth and Ragini look at each other worried. Sanaya and Rahul burst out laughing seeing their faces.
Ragini and Parth laugh too.
Parth: “Well Rahul Bhaiya now I can finally call Sanaya, Bhabhi.” (He grins!)
Rahul: “Ahan… Don’t worry Parth someday even you will get married.”
Parth looks at Ragini.
Ragini: “So, when you guys planning to get married?”
Parth: “Let it be next week!”
Rahul and Sanaya (shout): “NEXT WEEK?”
Parth and Ragini: “Yes, next week!”
Rahul: “Isn’t it a bit early?”

Parth: “No it isn’t!”
Ragini: “Yes and don’t worry I and Parth would be managing your marriage.”
Parth: “Yes! No wait!”
Ragini: “What?”
Parth: “Let me decide that whether I am from the groom’s side or the bride’s side.”
Ragini: “Parth, you can stay with Rahul Bhaiya and I would stay with Sanaya Di.”
Parth: “Okay!” (He says this sadly as he doesn’t want to get away from Ragini.)
Ragini: “You both will have to wait to meet until your get married.”
Sanaya and Rahul: “No!”
Parth and Ragini: “Yes and we would take care of that.”
Parth: “Now lets go home.”

They four sit in the car. Rahul drops Ragini and Sanaya at Sanaya’s house whereas Rahul and Parth leave for Parth’s house.

Promo: Sanaya and Rahul marriage preparations start. Laksh decides to take revenge from Ragini whenever he gets out.

Credit to: Alisha

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