Love-Once Again (Episode 13)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
Parth and Ragini are sitting together. They are having tea.
Ragini: “How are we gonna make them confess their love for each other.”
Parth: “I don’t know! Do you have any idea?”
Ragini signs him no. Parth looks at Ragini’s burnt hand.
Parth: “How is you hand now?”
Ragini: “Ahh… Much better than before.”

They remember their moments. There is an awkward silence between them.
Suddenly, Parth shouts, “I have an idea!”
Ragini: “What is it?”
Parth tells him the plan. (It’s muted, as usual! ?)

Ragini: “No, we can’t do that to Sanaya Di.”
Parth: “Ragini, we are doing it for her.”
Ragini thinks for a while and then agrees.
Scene 2: Outside the court room
Outside the court from the press is their. Laksh gets out of the court room. He is followed by his lawyer. They have lost the case. One of the reporter says, “Now, we would be talking to Laksh Meshwari, who belongs the respectable family of Durgaprasad Meshwari. He has been sentenced to jail for 2 years.”
Reporter asks Laksh: “Mr. Laksh Meshwari, why have you been sent to jail? Can you tell the reason behind it.”
Laksh: “No questions please.”

He doesn’t answer to any question. He atlast, leave with his lawyer, in the police van.
Scene 3: Rahul’s office
Parth enters Rahul’s cabin.
Parth: “Rahul Bhaiya!”
Rahul: “Before you say anything, I did like to mention that I won’t be talking about Sanaya and I won’t be going anywhere with you.”
Parth: “But…”

Rahul: “No… I won’t!”
Parth: “I came here to tell you that today we signed a big contact with a big company, so I want a party.”
Rahul: “A party?”
Parth: “Yeah, a small party! At my house. It would be Me,You, Ragini and…”
Rahul: “And…?”
Parth: “Bhabhi…” (He laughs!)

Rahul: “I am gonna kill you today.”
He runs after him.
Parth: “Relax Bhai! So are you coming tonight?”
Rahul thinks for a while.
Rahul: “Okay! I shall come.”
Parth (mumbles): “I knew he wouldn’t say no, after all Bhabhi is coming to the party too.”
Rahul: “Did you say anything?”
Parth: “No! I was just leaving.”
Parth comes out of Rahul’s cabin and calls Ragini.
Scene 4: Parth’s house
Ragini picks up the call.
Parth: “My work is done. Now it’s your turn.”
Ragini: “Okay, I shall be calling her in a min.”
Parth: “Okay, bye! Take care!”
Ragini: “You too!”

Ragini disconnects the call and calls Sanaya.
Scene 5: Sanaya’s house
Sanaya picks up the call. Sanaya and Ragini are shown in split screen.
Sanaya: “Hi, Ragini!”
Ragini: “Hi, Sanaya Di!”
Sanaya: “Did you have any work?”
Ragini: “Can’t I call you without any reason?”
Sanaya: “No, I didn’t mean that!”
Ragini: “Anyways, I called you to invite you to a small party at our home.”
Sanaya: “Who is coming to that party?”
Ragini: “It’s just a small party. So, it would be Me,You, Parth and Rahul Bhaiya.”
Sanaya: “Ra… Rahul would be there too?”
Ragini: “Yes! So you have to come. Bye!”

Sanaya: “Ra..Ragini!”
Ragini had already disconnected the call.
Scene 6: Police Station
The Inspector takes Laksh to his cell. Laksh looks around and says, “What’s this I can’t live here.”
Inspector: “We are not asking your point of view. You have to live here means you have too. You have no other choice, understood?”
Laksh fumes in anger.

Scene 5: Meshwari Mansion
Sanskaar had been trying his best to find Ragini but it was of no use. Police had lost all their hope. They had gave up but Swara and Sanskaar still had faith in God that they would make them meet Ragini some day.
Scene 6: Parth’s house
Ragini comes down wearing a beautiful gown. Parth gets mesmerized seeing her.
Suddenly the bell rings.
Ragini: “Are you ready?”

Parth: “Yes, are you?”
Ragini: “Yes!”
Parth: “Then, lets do it!”
The both take a deep breathe and open the door. They see Sanaya and Rahul standing. They greet them in.
Parth asks them to sit down. Sanaya is about to sit with Ragini when Parth comes and sits there.
Parth: “Sorry Bha..(Rahul signs him, so he changes his words) Sanaya, this place has already been occupied. You can sit there, next to Rahul Bhaiya.”
Sanaya hesitatingly sits there.

Ragini: “I think I should get something to eat and drink.”
After Ragini goes. Parth says, “I think I should go and check Ragini, whether she is preparing everything properly or not.”
Sanaya and Rahul think how weird Parth is behaving.
Sanaya: “I think I should come too!”
Parth (shouts): “NO!”
Rahul and Sanaya look at him.
Parth: “I mean no, I shall manage. You sit here and enjoy Bhai’s company.”
Sanaya and Rahul look at each other. Parth leaves towards the kitchen.

Promo: Sanaya faints. Rahul gets worried for her. He takes her to hospital. The Doctor says that Sanaya’s life cannot be saved. Rahul looks at him shocked.

Credit to: Alisha

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