My Love With Me (Episode 13)

The sun rays disturbs Arjun’s sleep..
Arjun slowly open his eyes..He look at Radhika..She sleep in sitting pose..and in sleep she is like a kid..He realise that his head is on Radhika’s lap and that he hold Radhika’s hand..and Radhika put her hand on his forehead..He just look at her face..He dont want to disturb her..But he is not able to control his feelings..He slowly kiss on her palm..This time Radhika move slowly in her sleep..In sleep ..
Radhika:Saral..plz dont do like that.. dont spoil my life..plz..leave me saral..
By hearing this Arjun remember that how Saral misbehave with Radhika on their marriage day..
Arjun hold her hand tightly and assure her by his touch that he is with her only…
After 5mins Radhika wake up from her sleep and recollect things and realise that she is on bed and that too beside him..She slowly put his head on pillow and get up from that place.. Arjun act that he is in deep slumber..
Arjun want to sleep like that only.. but now he is not able to hold her..bcoz he is not ready to disturb her..Radhika went into washroom and Arjun receives msgs from unknown number..
Ajun took his phone from table and open the msg box..He saw three msgs.. Two picture msgs and one video msg..
Arjun open the picture msgs..First he saw Radhika’s face and that to crossed with red color..and next one is
Sam photo with red cross.Arjun jerk from sleep mode and again look at those pictures.He open the video msg.. He is in shock..bcoz that video is related him..Hw he was restless on the day when Sam slap Radhika..
He again and again watch those photos..He didnt understand who send those photos..Bcoz it is unknown number..when Arjun try to call that number he receives not available msg..
He immedieately call to Rahul and ask abt details of this number..Rahul msgs him abt details of that number..So Arjun decided to go and meet that person..
In Neil’s house:
Neil and Teji show all photos and vedios to prerana..They tell all things to prerana..
Teji:Maa..Radhika and Sam are in danger..As per my knowledge First Radhika’s life is in threat.
Neil:Maa..Teji is correct..According to footages and photos..Arjun is not aware of all things.. one thing bring Radhika to our house today..First we want to know clearly why Radhika do this marriage?
Both Neil and Teji look at her…
Prerana:Dont look like that..I know we are aware of that reason..But you didnt confirm it until you listen it from Radhika..
Both Neil and Teji nod their heads..
Prerana:I strongly belive Arjun didnt know all motives of Nandhini..
Teji:How can we approach Radhika? She is stuborn naa..
Neil:It is time to reveal things infront of her…
All three decided to talk with Radhika..
On otherside Arjun is restless..He is worried for Radhika and Sam..In case of Sam also..he want to give pain and tears as a gift to Sam..But he didnt think to kill her in his revenge processes..
At that time he receives a msg…The content is…Hello..Mr.Mehara..This is starting only..From now onwards..I send so many photos to you.Be careful..Maybe target is Radhika only..
After reading that msg..Arjun got frustated and reply to that number..
The content from Arjuns msg is..
Dont think to harm her..Bcoz,Now she is Radhika Arjun Mehara..Remember one thing..Arjun Mehara is not only infront of her name..I am always infront of her..You want to touch her means first you touch me..first you try to finish me..Until my last breath i protect her..It’s my promise from my side…
After sending thst msg..Arjun try to call that number..To his shock he agains receives not available msg only..
Radhika:Gudmrg sir..Have your black coeffee..i already prepare breakfast for you..Its your wish to have it or not..
Arjun lift his head and ask her..why you can do all these things..
Radhika:Technically,These works are releated to me only..So,I do it..until..
Arjun look at her and ask her to complete the sentence..
Radhika:Nothing..Have it..By saying this she open her suitcase which was bring by Arjun from the old place where she lived togeather with Sam..
She look at her clothes..
Arjun understand her feelings and ask her to put her stuff in wardrobe..
This room technically belongs to you also..
At same time Radhika’s phone is ringing with Neil’s call..Radhika lift it and answer the call..
Radhika:Ha Neil..gudmrg Neil..
Neil:Hai darling..very gudmrg dear..
Radhika:Why so happy today?
Neil:Nothing special..Mom ask you to come to my place..
Radhika:For what?
Neil:How can i know yaar?
Radhika:At what time..?
Neil:Teji or Me come and pick you..
Radhika:I ready within 30mins..
By saying this she disconnect the call..
Arjun listen one side conversation and guess that Neil or Teji come to his place to pick her..
Arjun:Radhika..what is the need that Neil or Teji come here and pick u..You can join with me..
Radhika:What can i do..if you drop me in middle of the journey?
Arjun didnt answer her and rush into washroom to control his feelings and go for shower..
Radhika put her things properly in that time she found one box..She try to open it..But she failed..
She fonud a white shirt with iron folding..Actually Arjun shirts are hanged in the wardrobe..She try to open it..but Arjun grabed it from her hand..She look confusinly at him..
Again she is busy in arranging her clothes..She search for some pairs.. Arjun observe that and act that he didnt notice her..After few mins Arjun asked her..
Arjun:What are you searching?
Radhika:Nothing sir..
But Arjun know that she search for her dress which he brought for her in lonavala trip..
Radhika hesitates to ask abt it..
Arjun stand infront of dressing table and look at her from mirror..Then Arjun receives a msg in his mobile.. Arjun immedietely open it and look that image..The picture consists Nandhini,Bonnie,Saral and truck driver..
Arjun POV:Why Nandhu was with these people in the picture..Who is the another person in this picture..
Is Nandhu also in danger..?
Arjun came out to his senses that he hear some calling..
Teji:Chashini…Chashini…Where are you?
Arjun look at him..Teji stop at the door of Arjun’s room..Arjun cover his feelings and walk towards him..
Arjun:Gudmrg Teji..
Teji:Gudmrg sir…Radhikaa?
Arjun:Ha..She is in bathroom..
They both sit in hall for 10mins..
Radhika come out from room and wish Teji..
Teji:Shall we move..Maa is waiting for you..
Radhika:Wait..How can i come like this?Just give 1omins time yaar..
Teji:Why you are perfectly ok dear..
Radhika:Wait 10mins…
She went into kitchen and put breakfast in two plates and give it to them..
Teji:Wow..pancakes..I like it.
He taste them and said..
Teji:These cakes are too sweet like you chashini..
Radhika serve cheese sandwich to Arjun..Bcoz,she knows that he didnt like sweet.m
Teji walks behind her wherever she goes..And chit chat with her..Arjun control his anger..
Arjun:Teji..come and sit here and have your sweet pancakes..Dont walk like that..
Both Radhika and Teji look at their faces…Teji move from her and sit in sofa..Radhika put diya infront of god and went into their room..
Arjun look at Teji..Teji is bussy in eating his cakes..Arjun also move into his room..
Radhika stand infront of mirror and try to put her mangalsutr..But the hook and her hair lock there..she try to put chain and set her hair properly..
Arjun walk towards her and stand behind him..She saw Arjun and look at him from mirror..
Arjun look at him..and said..i help you.. By hearing this Radhika nod her head..He adjust her hair and put mangalsutr properly..Radhika feels his hot breath and she close her eyes by holding her dress tight..she feel his finger touch on her neck..Something happen to her..but she is not clear abt it..They both recollect the moment how he handover the dress to her..How Radhika said sorry to her..How he can help her to tie the blouse threads.. A small smile appear on their lips..But both try to hide their feelings.. Radhika turn tiwards him and tell thanks to him..He put his finger on his lips and look into her eyes..He took sindhoor box from table and fill sindhoor in her maang..She just touch that place and remember their marriage..
She control her tears and ask him that
shall i move..Teji is waiting for me..
By saying this she try to move from there..Arjun hold her hand and ask her..
Arjun:Radhika can’t you move with me?
Arjun:I ask you can’t you come with me?
Radhika:Our ways are different..I am going to Neil’s house to mee prerana aunty..and you are going to office na..
Arjun still hold her hand and look into her eyes..
Teji observe all this conversation between them and record it..
Radhika:Ha comming..
Radhika free her hand fro Arjun’s grip and try go out..
Arjun look at her..but he didnt stop her..Bcoz,Arjun want to move to some other place which was massaged by Rahul..
Teji look at Radhika..and ask her.. wear this mangalsutr and for this sindhoor you ask me to wait..After marriage you behave like a typical indian wife yaar..
Teji is talking with Radhika..But both Arjun and Radhika look at each other..
Radhika and Teji went on his bike..
Arjun also move in his car..and recollect the moments happened with Radhika today morning..
Arjun POV:Yes Radhika..our ways are different…but our destination is one..
I didnt leave you..You stay with me hrook or croock..You are always mine.. there any important issue..why aunty ask me to come?
Teji:wait chashini..
Radhika:My brain is not working properly..
Arjun stop his car infront of a small house..He walk towards the house and knock on the door..
A lady open the door and look at Arjun..
Arjun:R u Santhoshi?
Arjun:966677522 is your number?
Lady:Ha that is my old number..
Arjun:present who use this number..
Lady:I lost that number one month back..and now i use another number..
Arjun look into her eyes..He didnt find any tense in her eyes and he observe confidence in her words..
Lady:Is anything wrong..
Arjun:Nothing..I am sorry for troubling you..
By saying this Arjun left that place..
When Arjun move in his car..the lady close the door and turn back…Neil stand behind her..
Neil:Thank you so much maa..You fid a big favour for me..
Lady:I am working with your Maa from 26 years onwards..How cam i refuse when my Neil ask me to do one help.
Neil:Thanks maa..I can leave now.
Lady:ok beta..take care..
Neil move from that place..
Arjun is restless and think abt the photos..
After 10mins Arjun reached to office..and he move towards his cabin..
He hear the conversation between piyali and Andrew..
Piyali:Actually..Andrew they inform me that the three will take permission for one hour..With in one hour they will back..
Andrew:Then ok..I back here with in one hour..I have another work..
Andrew turn back to go and saw Arjun there and wish him and move from there..
Samrat,Piyali and Sam went into their cabins..Arjun enter into his cabin..
Arjun POV:Why they took one hour permission..What the trio cook in their brains..
He come out from his thinking that he hear someone knocks on his cabin door. He look into file and respond..
Arjun:Come in Radhika..
Sam enter into his cabin and ask him..
Sam:I guess you think about your wifey..still she is not in office..She is bussy with my idiot and Teji..
Arjun control his anger and ask her to take her seat..
Sam sit infront of his seat and fumes in anger..
Arjun:What happened Sam..why are you in this angry mood?
Sam:Where is your biwiji?First she snatch you from me? Now she is moving around Neil and Teji?As a husband why you didnt control her?
Arjun:Bcoz,If i love her..thrn i control her..But here i loves you..When you are rotating behind someone..then i try to stop you and control you..
Sam look at his face and move from that cabin..
In Neils house:
Radhika:No maa..i am not in mood to have food..First you ask me or tell me why you called me here..
Before Prerana answer for that question..calling bell rings..Teji open the door..Both Neil and Andrew enter
into the house.
Radhika stand and wish him..Andrew share a smile and give a brotherly hug to her..
Andrew:Dont think bad Chashini..I have no sisters in my life..You are my i did it..
Radhika nod her head..
Prerana bring juice to them..and ask Radhika to have her breakfast.
Neil took plate from prerana and feed to chashini..Teji feed juice to her inbetween..Andrew look at them and his POV..
There is something special in this girl..
Even Arjun also care this girl..Maybe god creates her for ArjunMehra only..
Neil:Andrew dont look like that yaar.. she didnt eat properly from past days..
All laugh togeather..
Prerana:Radhika..I am sorry to ask these questions..but it is mandatory for us to know the answers..
Radhika look at her..
Prerana:Why you married Arjun?You really love him?You know how bad he is?
Radhika:Aunty..dont tell and fix that Arjun sir is bad..He is too good from heart..Bcoz of Nandhini dhi only he behave like this..
Prerana:That means you love him..?
Radhika:No aunty..I respect him.bcoz he save my father business and he save my respect and he save me from accident and give me life..
Prerana:Then why you marry him?
Radhika:To save Sam from him.
Neil:You only said that the Arjun Is good..and now you tell that you do this marriage to save Sam from Arjun.. What is this Radhika?
Teji:Why Arjun harm Sam?
Radhika:Bcoz,He is here to destroy Sam life and destory BS or took BS from Samrat sir..Bcoz,Samrat sir betrayed Nandhini..Arjun didnt saw her pain or tears..In her upbringing he grew like that only.He can do anything for her sister..
In that process and according to plan on Nandhini he move..
Andrew:How can you know all these things?
Radhika took a deep breath and explain all things to them..How Arjun and Radhika meet..what happened between she and Teji expose him with Bonnie..and how he threaten Radhika not comming in between his path..How their lonaval trip happens and hoe react when she met an accident..and the discussion happens in photo studio..and how she hear Nandhini name whe she was in hospital and how he warns her and how Bonnine and Saral trap me on that evening.. how she enter into Rana’s house and she explain how Nandhini plan to kill Sam on the way of Kamathyadevi Nandhini warns her in Rana’s she escspe from Ranas house with she enter into the house to talk with Samrat sir..
How Saral try to molest Arjun save her and how he fire the dairy and how she try to stop this marriage.. hiw she took drastic decission to married Arjun..but she didnt tell how Nandhini give pain to her..She hide things happen between Arjun and Radhika..How Arjun lift her in lonavala Arjun handover dress and help her to wear..she hide the sweet moments happen between them.
By listening all this prerana hug her and said..
Prerana:Nobody didnt put their life in danger for their frnd and that to two months frndship..
Neil,Teji and Andrew look at her..
Andrew:Even though you know all you said Arjun is good..?
Radhika:I think and hope he is not aware of all things done by Nandhini di..
Teji:Why you can conclude like that?
Radhika:Teji..Actually when i hide in Ranas house she didnt talk anything infront of Arjun Sir..She ask Arjun Sir to leave and take rest..After Arjun Sir left from that place she discuss to move Kamathaya devi temple in hill station..Then Rana asked her when did the three return back..But Nandhini answer him..Only Arjun sir and She will return back..Sam’s chapter close in that trip only..
Neil:Why you hide things fro us Chashini?
Radhika:I didnt hide anything Neil..
Teji:Then why you didnt tell about that sceret room in Ranas house..Why you hide that yesterday only you and Arjun enter into that place..
Radhika in shock ask can you people know abt this?
Teji:First you tell why you hide this matter from us?
Radhika:Actually,Yesterday i try to prove something to Arjun sir..But i fail..She explain what she find in that room on marriage day and how Nandhini locked her in that room..But yesterday it is just like store room. And more over Arjun sir didnt know abt that room..
Andrew:Radhika,Yesterday only Arjun saw that room?
Radhika:S..i only show that room to him..
Andrew:May be Arjun lies to you..May be he already know abt that room..
Radhika:No..Not at all.He didnt lie.. he just cover the truth..but he never lie..
Neil and Teji look at Andrew..
Neil:Andrew is my frnd..He is with us to help us only..
And more over when Arjun was in London..both Arjun and Andrew work togeather work there in London..
Radhika look at him and share a better smile on her face.
Teji:Chashini we also belive you..We think Arjun sir didnt aware of the facts..
Neil:Is there any plan to expose Nandhini..
Radhika:No plan with me..All ways are closed for me..
Neil:Ok..we togeather solve it..One last question Chashini..
Teji:You want to live with that khadoos or you want to leave that house..
Radhika:Once i prove the things.. i leave him Teji..I am not correct person to Arjun Sir..
Andrew:Why you feel that you are not correct to Arjun?
Radhika:He is handsome and i am like behanji…And is 6+ feet height and i am short..How can i in his life…he need best..
Andrew:You are pure and perfect..But Arjun is not perfect soul like you..
Radhika:It is not his mistake..It is mistake in his upbringing..And you told to me that i am like your sister.. Right..
Andrew:Obviously choti…
Radhika:Choti..My Ankush bhai and my family always called me choti..
How can you…?
Andrew:I just call like that…You dont like it..
Radhika:I dont like..If any wrong or negative statement about my Arjun Sir..And i have no objection if you call me choti..
Prerana:Radhika..promise me.. anything happenes to come to me na..
Radhika:What happens to me Maa? Nothing will happens to me..
You all are with me na..Dont worry..
It’s already late..can we move to office..Already Piyali mam is angry on me..
Neil:Dont worry..Nobody can use a single word against you.. when Andrew is with us..
Teji:Neil and Me want to go out on some other work..You go office with Andrew..
All four took blessings from prerana and leave from there..Teji and Neil leave on Neils bike and Radhika leave with Andrew in his car..
Arjun look at watch and the time is 11:00AM..The trio took permission for one hour.Buy it is already 11:00.. Still they didnt come..on otherside he is worried abt msgs..And Radhika didnt reach office..He know that Neil protect her..But it too late he is waiting for Radhika from two hours onwards..Arjun stand infront of glass window and look out to control his stress..At that time Andrew stop his car in parking place..Both Andrew and Radhika get down from car..They both laugh and Hi-Fi with each other..
Arjun look them and iritate and frustate..The same scene was viewed by Sam from his Cabin..
They both enter into birdsong office..
Arjun come out from his cabin to call Radhika..The scene is completely different there..Andrew is on phone call..Zubin said to Radhika that Sam calls her..
Radhika put her bag on her table and went into Sam’s cabin.
Sam welcome her and ask her to sit..
Radhika sit infront of her..
Sam:Radhika can you help me in one thing?
Radhika nodded her head..
Sam:Gud..Then tell me how you turn all handsome boys towarda you..You ate behanji from Reshikesh and you turn all young man towards you..
First Arjun..Then Neil and Teji and presently Andrew..
Radhika in pained voice:Sam…
Sam:Ha bolo Radhika.What can i do for Neil..I want my frnd back..What can i do to bring Teji back?What can i do to take Arjun back from you?What can you ecpect from Andrew now?
All the staff stand outside of Sam’s cabin and listen her harsh words.. Andrew complete his phone call and enter into the office..He walk slowly by observing sourroundings..All stand infront of Sam’s cabin..Arjun walk towards Sams cabin and stand like a statue..He got angery on Sam’s words towards Radhika..Andrew control his anger and msg the situation to Neil..
Arjun want to bring Radhika from that room..But still his revenge plan and his sister instructions stop him..
Sam open the gift packs and said..
Sam:These are marriage gifts Radhika.They bought gifts for me according to my choice..But no probs.. I think you like these gifts..Your taste is similar to my taste..I like Arjun and i want to marry him..You also live Arjun and you marry him..
Neil is my best frnd and my chuddy buddy..He love me and i love him so much..

He is always behind me..and now he likes you and always behind you..
Teji always care for me..but now he care for you..You snatch all from me.. my love,my like and my you took these gifts also..sam threw one by one on Radhika’s face. Andrew enter into that cabin and hold Radhika’s hand and ask her to come..
At same time Neil and Teji enter into office..Arjun stand in same place and look at Radhika.. who followed behind Andrew..and saw Arjun stand there.. Neil look at Sam with an angry glare.. and move with Andrew..Ä£
All this is observed by Samrat and Piyali..Piyali feel sad towards Radhika and bad for her daughter behaviour..
It is tough time for her to control Sam..Samrat:Its bcoz of me..I want to clear all the mess..
Piyali:S..we can clear it..But we behave normally infront of Nandhini..


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