Love-Once Again (Episode 12)


Scene 1: Police Station
Inspector brings Laksh to the police station.
Laksh: “You don’t know me. I shall sue you!”
Inspector: “You better not speak, otherwise it would be worse for you.”
Laksh: “Let me call my lawyer.”
Shekher enters and offers him his phone.
Shekher: “Go ahead call your lawyer.”
Laksh takes the phone and calls his lawyer. He asks him to get to the police station soon.
Laksh: “You would see what I can do. I shall drag this matter to the court.”
Shekher: “Exactly! That is what we want you to do.”
Laksh looks on cluelessly. Shekher’s lawyer enters.
Shekher’s lawyer: “Yes, he is absolutely right! We will see you in the court.”
He leaves with Shekher.
Laksh fumes in anger.
Scene 2: Sanaya’s house

Sanaya is super happy. She dances while cleaning. (Itni si hansi plays…)
She thinks about Rahul and his words. “How dare you touch Sanaya!” She smiles.
She chooses the best of her dresses. She takes a bath and wears that dress. She then stands in front of the mirror. She looks down at all the makeup that is placed on the dressing table.
Sanaya (to her self): “I wonder how girls put this stuff on. God please help me!”
She starts putting on the mascara. She puts it on a several times and removes it again and again.
Sanaya (to herself): “Argh! I can’t do this!”
She closes her eyes and imagines Rahul. When she opens her eyes, she sees Rahul in the mirror. He comes towards her and places his hands on her shoulders. He whispers in her eyes.
Rahul: “I like you the way you are.”
Sanaya shies and closes her eyes. When she opens her eyes again, she sees that Rahul isn’t there. It was her imagination. She smiles at herself.
“Stop thinking about him too much Sanaya!”, she says to herself.
Scene 3: Rahul’s office
Rahul is thinking about Sanaya. Parth enters.
Parth: “Bhaiya, are you done with the presentation?”

Rahul: “Yes, I have completed it and given it to Sanaya.”
Parth looks at him. Rahul sees him staring him.
Rahul: “What?”
Parth: “Oh, Sanaya!”
Rahul: “Sanaya?”
Parth: “Yes, you just took her name.”
Rahul (surprisingly): “I took her name?”
Parth: “Yes, you did!”
Parth smiles thinking that Rahul has started loving Sanaya.
Parth: So, you like her. Don’t you?”
Rahul: “What? Me? Nonsense!”
Parth: “Yes, you do! I know that very well.”
Rahul: “Parth, I think you are having an important meeting.”
Parth: “Yes, you are right. I should leave.”
While leaving he smiles at Rahul.

Rahul: “Now what?”
Parth: “Nothing, I just wanted to ask you something.”
Rahul: “What?”
Parth: “Should I call her Sanaya or Bhabhi from now onwards.” (He grins.)
Rahul: “Parth..! I am not gonna leave you.”
Parth: “Okay, fine I am leaving, but remember do take care of my Bhabhi.” (He laughs.)
Rahul throws a pillow at him. Parth leaves.
Rahul sits in his chair. He thinks about Parth’s words “You like her!” He smiles to himself and says, “Yes, I love her! I love you Sanaya!”
Scene 4: Sanaya’s house
The bell rings. Sanaya opens the door. It’s Ragini. Ragini greets her. She greets her back.
Ragini: “You are looking so pretty Sanaya Di!”

Sanaya: “Thank you Ragini!”
Ragini: “You got ready for Rahul Bhaiya, right?”
Sanaya looks at her.
Ragini: “Don’t look at me like that. I know you like him.”
Sanaya: “I think I should get something to eat for us.”
As Sanaya is about to leave, Ragini holds her hand.
Ragini: “Sanaya Di, you consider me your sister, right?”
Sanaya: “Of course Ragini!”
Ragini: “Then I need an answer. You love him, right?”
Sanaya: “Mmmm…I do…”
Ragini: “You love him from the bottom of your heart?”
Sanaya: “Yes, I do!”
Ragini: “He loves you too.”
Sanaya: “How can you say that?”
Ragini: “I have seen that love in his eyes for you. That concern, it can only be for someone who he loves.”

Sanaya doesn’t say anything.
Ragini: “You both just need to confess that you loves each other and we would make you do that.”

Promo: Ragini and Parth wonder how to make Sanra confess their love for each other.
Laksh is taken to court.

Credit to: Alisha

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