My Love With Me (Episode 12)

The scene starts with Neil and Teji are in the scerect store room..
Teji:I still remember that day..First i went into the cloth shop and inform to Radhika..That Sam and You are on the way to Mumbai..and i said to Chashini that and i wait outside..
There i stand a side and bussy in talking in phone with Zubin..
Then only i saw a truck and that driver face clearly..He drive the truck in wrong direction and that too in improper state..Bcoz of his improper direction only i look at the truck and his face.But i turn back,the scene was Arjun is bussy in talking phone and Radhika run towards him and protect Arjun from that accident and truck hit Radhika..Actually that Road is empty..and nobody are there on the road expect a few people..
Neil:Then why he is in this photo..That too very close with them. That means it is not an accident..?They want to kill Arjun?No no..How can they..?bcoz Arjun is Nandhini’s brother..She didnt do it with Arjun..That means they want to kill Radhikaa?
Teji:What enimity is there with Chashini?
Neli:Look at this photo Teji..The same person with Saral..
While they both put all the photos back into box..Neil saw a micro data card..Neil took it and insert in his mobile and look at some pictures..
Those pictures are all related to Sam, Neil,Radhika,Teji,Zubin and kartika..
Some contains Samrat and Piyali..
They saw some videos..Most shocking one is fire accident of Radhika’s father shop..and another shocking thing is some videos related to Arjun..How he feel restless..How he want to reach Radhika after engagement night..He sit in car out of Radhika’s place and observe Radhika from far..They look at them.
Teji:Copy those videos into your mobile and drop that card into the box only..
If we stole these things means.. Nandhini become alert and took all things under her control..
They saw a map in that box..In that map some places are mark by red color..
Kamatya devi temple and kajarat hill station..They saw some papers and tickets booking to kajarat on date 27th july ..They collect all proofs in form of images and videos and place the things properly..They didnt pick even a single paper piece from that place.. They arrange all things properly and close the scerect room but they mess things in center hall and kitchen and come out from that window ..They both leave from that place and sit in the car..Teji drive the car..Niel sit restless in the car..
Parallely things happened in Prerana’s office:
Samrat stop car infront of Preranas work place..Piyali look at Samrat and ask him why you stop here Samrat..
Samrat:We want to meet Prerana..
Piyali:For what?Anything serious..
Samrat didnt response for her questions and walk towards prerana’s room..
Samrat:May i come in..

Prerana look at them and getup from her chair with smiling face..
Prerana:After so long gap you come to my office.
Both Samrat and Piyali share a smile with her..
Prerana:What happened..Why you both looked worried?
Samrat:About Sam and her future..
Prerana just listen to him..
Samrat:Prerana..I hope Anil share all matters with you..Similarly,He share about Nandhini’s matter also..
Prerana look at Samrat..Piyali look at Samrat and Prerana..
Prerana:Samrat..Now you want to share that issue with Piyali..Am i right?
Samrat nod his head..and ask her..
Samrat:I need your help..Prerana..
Prerana:What kind of help you need?
And why you need help..?
Piyali listen their conversation and ask Samrat..

Piyali:What is/was the matter that you want to share with me?
Samrat:Piyu..First of all..I am sorry.. bcoz,i hide this issue from you..
Piyu..Before we are getting married we are good frnds..we five are good frnds from childhood..But Nandhini.. even though i accept her as a frnd.. two reasons behind that acceptance..
One thing she was orphan and second thing you only piyu..You are very frndly with her..From our graduation onwards i am in love with u.. but i am not able to propose you..bcoz as per status i am not equal to u..and i am not ready to leave our frndship..So to impress you i always do things which you like..Prerana was in relationship with Anil Malhotra..
And you become close to Nandhini.. and you gave job to Nandhini in BS.. With or Without my knowledge i also develop good rapo with her and start share all things with Nandhini.. Actually my intension was by using Nandhini and took her help i want to prapose you..But she misunderstood my closeness and think that “I love her”.At that time only i gift a ring to her on occassion of her bday.But she consider it as a praposal and engagement ring.At that time only Sid praposes to Nandhini..She reject his praposal and tell to Sid that we commit with each other and show that ring as a proof.Actually that ring was purchased by me and selected by Sid only..So,Sid also belive Nandhini words and think that he wont be problem to
my love..Bcoz as per Nandhini words i am also in love with her..After our jhonson baby project Sid ask me..
Sid:Samrat are you in love?
Samrat:Ha Sid..
Sid:Did you give ring to her as a gift..
Samrat:Ha Sid..I want to give it to Piyu..Still i didnt give it..
Anil:With whom you are talking Samrat..
Samrat turn back and look for Sid.. till now Sid is here only..I talk with him only..
Anil:Now only i saw him..he is going out from your room..
Samrat:Anil..I want to prapose to Piyu today..
Anil:All d best..

At that time both Anil and Me receive msg from Sid..The content was..that he was leaving India and move to London for his further Studies..
We both look at each other and went to his home..Sid father told to us he leave to airport and didnt allow them to give sendoff..From there we ran to airport..but we are late..His flight left..After that you know Piyu..Your father ask me to take your hand..I agree for it..bcoz i love you and i want to be with you..Eventhough my father is 5% share holder in company..basing on frndship only your father choose me..Actually he want Anil or Me as his Son-in-laws..But he knew Anil and Prerana are in Relation..So,He choose me..After announcing our marriage i receive a msg frm Nandhini..I went to met her..She accused me that i cheat her..I was shocked for that..I told him that i didnt love her..But she didnt listen me..She feel my closeness as a love..I clear things to her.but she didnt listen to me..I ask Anil help..He try to convence her..but she didnt listen to him..Afterwards she left us.. After so many years we saw her..Idont tell i didnt do any mistakes,may be my closeness creates shuch type of feelings in her..But trust me Piyu..i didnt love her..Anil suggest me dont tell these issues to you..I also agree for that bcoz i dont want to leave you.. I know you give priority to frndship..If you know abt Nandhini feelings on me.. def you ask me to marry her..From your side our marriage is arranged.. but from my side it was love marriage..I am sorry for not telling these things to you..I never expect Nandhini in our lives again..
Prerana:Ha..piyali..Anil told these things to me..I try to warn you abt Nandhini..At that time you hurt me by taking my words in wrong side..From that day onwards i am in my limits with you..Bcoz,i really hurt with those words..Next i warn Anil not involve too much in BS activities..And we both develop our business regarding event management..After return back from delivery i hear that Nandhini quit the job and left Mumbai also..I am happy for that..
Piyali was in shock…
Samrat:I am sorry Piyu..Really i didnt love her..But now i have no proofs regarding that..It depends only on our trust,our bonding and pure relation..
Piyu:That means..Nandhini is back to take revenge on you..
Samrat:May be..or May not be..But i didnt trust her..
Prerana:S..piyu..Only bcoz of Radhika Sam was out of danger..We didnt have exact proofs..but i am sure she is on revenge processes..
Piyu:That means Arjun..Arjun also join hands with her.
Prerana:Piyu..bcoz of Nandhini’s up bringing he is following her words.. but he is good from heart..
One more thing piyali..Bcoz of Radhika your Sam was safe…your BS was safe..
Dont hurt her intensionally..Already she was hurt by Nandhini physically..
I saw marks burn on her hand and I saw true love and concern in Arjun eyes on her..
Samrat:Sam is in anger on Radhika.. but you dont hurt her by your words.. already she is in pain…
Piyali:I belive you Samrat..and i am sorry for my behaviour prerana..
Prerana:Dont talk like that piyu.. you are always my frnd..Dont worry we clear all the things and set things on right path..
At same time both Neil and Teji enter into preran’s room..
Teji:Prerana maa..
They both look at Piyali and Samrat and stop at the door of preran’s room.
Prerana:Dont worry my sons..They are aware of Nandhini and Arjun..
Neil:Maa..I have a doubt that Arjun didnt know other side of or other angle of Nandhini..
Teji:I think that khadoos is a not full khadoos..He is good from heart..bcoz of that devil only he do all this mess..
That devil hurt my Chashini maa..
But they didnt tell anything abt Store room and photos..
The scene shift to Arjun house:
Arjun still thinking about sceret room..Radhika is in kitchen and bussy in preparing food..
Arjun went towards kitchen to talk with her..but he didnt..he come back and sit on sofa in center hall..His is disturbed..He is not clear with the things..He dont know how much time he sit like that..He get up from that place and search for Radhika..He saw Radhika infront of god by holding her hands..Infront of his favourite god krishna bhagvan..
Radhika:Bhagvanji..from my childhood onwards you are with me only..and every time you support me.nThis time you didnt show any path to me to prove that i am not wrong..Plz..give Sam’s happiness back on her face..plz give my frndship back to me..Once i clear all this mess means..Sam is happy..I went out from Arjun sir life and give Sam’s love and happiness back to Sam..Now,nobody are with me expect you..I didnt see Arjun sir like this..He literally bare me.When i am infront if his is pain to him.. plz clear all things and show the way for me to move out..
Arjun listen this and feel sad that Radhika want to leave him..
Arjun POV:Really he didnt have any feelings on me..I love her from bottom of my heart..She didnt receive those vibrations from me..First time bcoz of her..i go against to Nandhu words..I hide things from Nandhu..
He went into his zym room and hit the sack bag to control his control his emotions and feelings..
Radhika look for him in all rooms and finally enter into zym room.He hit that bag very fast and hard..and blood comes from his hand..She walk towards him and ask him to stop.He didnt listen her words..Finally she hold his hand and ask him to stop..It is bleeding..and tears flow from Radhika’s eyes..She hold his hand and took him to his room and ask him abt first aid box.He didnt respond for it.. She only search it in his cupboard and do first aid to his hand..While doing it Radhika cried like a small girl..She tie bandage to his room and left from that room.Arjun look at his hand and a little smile appear on his lips..
After 5mins Radhika bring food to him..She try to feed him..but her palm is already hurt by burn marks.She place the plate on table and feed him with spoon..He enjoy her presence and care towards him..

Arjun took another spoon from and try to feed her..
Radhika:I am not feeling hungry..
Arjun:When i told you that i am hungry?Even though i eat it when you feed me..
Radhika look at him and wioe her tears and open her mouth..They both feed for each other..Radhika clean his lips with tissue and give him a glass of water..He didnt hold the glass..but he open his mouth..Radhika fed water to him and ask him to sleep..She clean the things and went into kitchen and clean all the mess and return back back to room..She saw Arjun slept on bed with happy and plain face..She cover him with blanket and switch off the table light and try to move from that place but Arjun hold her palm and look into her eyes..She slowly sit beside him and ask him to close his eyes..She know that he is in she try to console him..She sit beside him and pat his head..Arjun hold her another hand tight and slowly went into sleep..Radhika sit there and sleep in same pose..
The day end with..
Neil and Teji are restless..

Samrat feel light that he share his things to piyali..He free from his guilt…
Piyali is in guilt that he didnt belive Radhika..She is in sad about her two daughters..Sam and Radhika..
Prerana also worried for her three sons..Neil,Arjun and Teji..
The trio individually thinking how to expose Nandhini infront of Arjun..
Radhika think abt Samm…
Sam think how to insult Radhika..
Only Arjun sleep happily….

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    Oh dear.. Poor rads. Stupid it moving towards exposure of nandini soon? I hope so…cute rads. Sweet arjun. Smart neil and teji. Finally piyali bac on track. When will arjun discover things? Why doesnt rads realise arjun has a soft spot for her if not love… Will she come to know? She feels he doesnt want her in his life…

    1. Shubhadha

      Actually Radhika feel his presence.. but she neglect it..She feel that Arjun is not inntrested on staying Radhika in his house..

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