Love-Once Again (Episode 11)


Scene 1: Rahul’s office
Parth gets shocked listening to a goon. The call disconnects.
Parth (shouts): “Hello? Ragini!”
Rahul: “What happened Parth, why are you shouting?” (Still looking at the laptop.)
Parth: “Rahul Bhaiaya, Sanaya and Ragini have been caught by some goons.”
Rahul: “What? Sanaya!” (He did hear Ragini’s name but didn’t ask who is she? He was so concerned about Sanaya.)
Parth: “Yes, Bhai!”
Rahul: “Where are she?”
Parth: “In that old, isolated fort, we were talking about.”
Rahul takes the keys of his car and rushes. Parth follows him.

Scene 2: Fort
Sanaya is struggling to get rid of the hold of the goon, but no use.
Ragini keeps on stepping backwards. Atlast the goon pins her to the wall.

Scene 3: Rahul’s car
Rahul is driving so fast. Parth is sitting beside him. They reach the fort.
Scene 3: Fort
The goon is about to touch Ragini when Parth and Rahul both shout, “Stop!”
The goons look at them.
Goon 1: “Looks like we have 2 heroes here!”
All the other goons laugh.
Rahul steps forward and punches him in face.
Rahul keeps on hitting him.
Rahul: “How dare you touch Sanaya! How dare you!”
On the other hand Parth starts beating the goon, who was trying to touch Ragini.
He keeps on hitting him.
Parth: “How.. dare… you.. touch…her?”
At last the goons run away.
Ragini and Sanaya hug each other. Ragini whispers in Sanaya’s ear, “How was the surprise?”
Sanaya separate and looks at her in surprise.
Rahul: “Sanaya, are you okay? Nothing happened to you na?”
Ragini and Parth smile at Rahul’s concern for Sanaya.
Sanaya: “I am totally fine Rahul, nothing happened to me. Thank to you.”
Rahul moves towards Parth. So, this was the reason you were asking me to go to the fort. Parth nods. Rahul starts hitting him. Parth starts running and Rahul runs after him. Ragini and Sanaya laugh at seeing the love between them.
After some time they both get into Rahul’s car.

Scene 4: Rahul’s car
Rahul: “Parth, you didn’t tell me who is she?” (pointing towards Ragini.)
Parth: “Bhaiya, she is Ragini. I helped her. She had nowhere to go, so I asked her to stay with me.”
Rahul: “For the first time, I am feeling proud that you are my brother.”
Parth makes a face whereas Rahul, Ragini and Sanaya laugh.
Rahul drops them to their houses and leaves for his house.

Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini to Parth: “So, finally we came to know that Rahul Bhaiya has feelings for Sanaya Di.”
Parth: “Yes, I am so happy for them. But, still we have to make them realize their feelings for each other.”
Ragini: “Yeah! Don’t worry we will do that too.”
Parth: “Hmmm.. I am going to sleep now. Good night!”
Ragini: “Good night!”

Scene 6: Meshwari Mansion
Police enters the mansion. All the family members gather there.
Police inspector: “Mr Durgaprasad Meshwari?”
Durgaprasad: “Yes, I am!”
Inspector: “Where is your son, Laksh Meshwari.”
Laksh comes downstairs form his room. He is followed by Kavya.
Laksh: “I am Laksh. The owner…”
Inspector: “We know that.. Are you the husband of Miss: Ragini?”
Laksh: “I was!”
Inspector: “Yeah.. Yeah… Were you?”
Laksh (looks at Kavya): “Yes, I was!”
Inspector: “Then we have to arrest you.”
Laksh (cluelessly): “But, why?”
“I will tell you why?”, a voice comes. It’s Shekher.
Swara: “Baba?”
Shekher: “You are being arrested because you are the reason behind Ragini being missing.”
Swara: “But Baba…!”
Shekher stops her from speaking.
Shekher: “Yes, you! Because of you Ragini isn’t with us today. We don’t even know whether she is alive or not.”
Everyone looks on shocked.
Shekher: “Inspector, arrest him!”
Inspector arrests him. He takes him with him. Laksh keeps on saying, “I am the owner of this house and business. You can’t arrest me like this.”
Shekher leave the house behind the Inspector.
Kavya starts crying. After crying a lot she says, “He deserves this actually.”
Everyone looks at her shocked.
Annapurna: “What are you saying Kavya?”
Kavya: “I didn’t tell you, but last night…”

Laksh returns home in a drunk state. Kavya holds him.
Laksh: “Stay away!”
Kavya gets shocked.
Kavya: “Laksh, i am your wife.”
Laksh: “I shall divorce you too.”
Kavya: “What? Laksh you can’t do that. I love you!”
Laksh: “Hahaha…. Love? But, I don’t!”
Kavya gets shocked.
Kavya: “You won’t live happily after you divorce me.”
Laksh: “I am Laksh Meshwari, the owner of this house and business. Anything is possible for me. I can live happily my whole life.”
Kavya leaves the room crying.
Flashback ends.

Annapurna consoles Kavya.

Promo: Laksh says, “He would drag Shekher to court.” Shekher comes with his lawyer and says, “That is what we want to do.” Parth and Ragini make Sanaya and Rahul realize their feelings.

Credit to: Alisha

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