My Love With Me (Episode 11)


The scene starts with Radhika in Arjun car..Teji and Neil followed them..bcoz Teji has doubt that def Arjun leaves Radhika in middle of the journey..
In Arjun Car:
Arjun hold Radhika’s hand and ask her tell me Radhika..Anybody hurts you..
Radhika didnt answer him but look at him with tearfull eyes..
Arjun:What happened Radhika..till now you are in good mood and enjoy the presence of Neil and Teji why are you like this?
Radhika took her hand back from Arjuns hand..

Radhika:we both know why i do this marriage?To prove your mistake i put my life in risk and i loose all in my life..They(so called Sam,piyali,mala..) didnt know why this marriage happenes..They know and they belive that we are in love and in relationship with each other..Bocz of me only Sam is in pain..Sam think i cheat her and kill her trust and married you..They are in anger they talk abt my character..But how can you sir?You clearly know that I want to protect Sam from i told them that we are in relation and i told them that I love you and you loves me..I think and hope you took your step back and agree your mistake..But..I didnt expect that you are this much stubborn and married me..You know all,bcoz these things happened between us only..Even though you said now that i enjoying Neil and Teji presrnce..How can you said like that Sir?Really i am not like that type girl.
Arjun realise that how he hurt Radhika by his words..He is in anger by Andrew’s words..and he reflect that on Radhika..
Arjun drive the car without utter a single word..
Radhika:I am not like that type sir? Atleast you can belive me…
Arjun:Radhikaa…(in pained voice).
Now Radhika is not able to control her tears and cried like a little girl..
Arjun give hanky to her and ask her to wipe her tears.Radhika took it and wipe her tears..but again and again the tears getdown from her eyes..
Radhika:This is last time i ask you sir.. plz can you answer me correctly..
Arjun look at her and nod his head..
Radhika:If you kill Sam for your revenge.. your dhi feel happy for that..And her pain earaised from her..Did you know cost of human life.
Arjun:Stop it Radhika..How many times i told to you..We dont want to kill Sam..We just try to give pain to her by marrying her and ther i want to betray her..
Radhika:Arjun sir..You dont belive my words..I know that..But Your Nandhini dhi only told to me that you two want to kill Sam after marriage..

Arjun:What is the proof for that Radhika..You only blame my sister..She is so good from heart..She only upbring me and give good education and life for me..Even though i am Nandhu only took care of me..Samrat betray her and give pain to her..after that she took me and left India..Every day i saw tears in her eyes..But she smile infront of me and be normal for me..She only ask to do one favour for her..bcoz of her happiness only i want play with Sam emotions..I didnt love her..I only love …
Belive me and trust my Nandhu.
Radhika:Arjun the car to Ranaji’s ghar..
Arjun look at her and ask…
Arjun:Why Radhika?
Radhika:I want to prove myself infront of you..You dont belive my words na..Nadhini dhi only told to me that…
Arjun:Is that necessary..Why you enter into the mess day by day..This drama is not for you..just leave it Radhika..

Radhika didnt respond for that and didnt talk anything..She wipe her tears and sit like a statue..
Arjun drive the car towards Rana’s house..Teji:Why Arjun sir drive his car to that direction..Neil:How can i know yaar?
Teji and Neil look at each other faces and shrug their shoulders..
Arjun stop car infront of Rana’s house and look at Radhika..
Arjun:Rana is out of station with dhi..
Radhika get down from car and walk towards main gate..
Arjun hold Radhika’s hand and ask her..
Arjun:Without lock how can you enter into the house?
Radhika look at Arjun and give a simple smile as a answer and walk towards the house..Arjun followed her.
Neil and Teji also get down from car and look at them..
Neil:Arey yaar..whoose house is this?
Teji:How can i know?
Arjun follows Radhika..His phone rings..
He saw Nandhu’s name on screen.
Nandhini:Hello Arjun..i hope things are fine there..
Arjun:Ha Nandhu.. You said to me that today you will be back na?
NandhiΓ±i:No took another two days for me..

Arjun:Another two days..?
Nandhini:S Arjun..Dont be too close to Radhika..Remember our motive regarding my /our revenge on Samrat.. Bird Song is important for us..
Arjun listen it and said Ok for her words and Cut the phone..Radhika observe face feelings of Arjun..She understood that he disturbs by this phone call..
Radhika POV:Its time to raise his voice on me..and taunts me..
Arjun:Radhika..How can we enter intoo the house?
Radhika:If my guess is right..def you have spare key of this house with you..
If not i know another to enter into the house.
Arjun is in shock..bcoz he had spare key of Rana’s house.

Arjun POV:How can she guess that i maintain spare key..
Arjun:There is no spare key with me.. Why can i maintain spare key of Rana’s house?
Radhika:No problem..I show another way to enter into the house..
Neil and Teji observe them and look at each other..
Neil:I think we also follow them..
Radhika went back side of the house and look at the window of guest room.
Arjun also look at that window and ask her..
Arjun:Why are you looking at that window..It is closed..Can we move to home..
Radhika look at him and open her bag and took a hair pin and unlock the window door..
Radhika:Now it is the way to enter into the way .
Arjun:How can you know it?
Radhika:Dont ask too many questions Arjun sir..On our marriage day i escape from this house by using this window only..The upper bolt is not fixing properly..And lower bolt is delicate..By using this window only i escape easily from this place and came to marriage venue..
Arjun look at her face..Radhika this is first point you want to notice that i know each and every step of this house..If you have any doubt go and check the window bolt..The left side bolt is not working properly..
Arjun enter into the house from that window and look at the bolt..To his shock it is true..Radhika also jump and enter into the room..She close the window by putting bolts..
Arjun:Why you are closing that window.. again we go out from that window only..
Radhika:No need of it Arjun sir..At the time of leaving the house you only took the spare key out from your pocket..

Radhika move from that place and move to another another room..Arjun followed her by thinking how she can move freely from room to another room..Radhika stop in one room and switch on the light..and open the wardrobe..
Arjun:Why you open his wardrobe..
Radhika show a door in the wardrobe beside the clothes and open it and show the way to another room.
Arjun look at the way where Radhika show to him..
Radhika:Sir really you dont know about this room..
Arjun answer is ‘no’..he said his answer by his eyes.
They both enter into the roon by that way..
Radhika:Arjun sir..I reached this place by following Rana and his men..And they lock me in this room only..
Arjun look at Radhika..

Radhika:Sir.dont look lime that..On that day this was decorated with flowers…and this wall was sticked by our photographs..i dont know why this room is like this now..but it was not like that on that day..Belive me Arjun Sir..Rana locked me inthis room and both Rana and your dhi went ..
Then i escaped from this seceret way and by using that window..
Arjun didnt know how to react..bcoz Radhika is very confident and she show new thing which he didnt know in this house..and he is not ready to take anything against on Nandhini.
At the same time a lizard fell her.. She screamed loudly and hug Arjun tightly.
By this unexpected hug so many things happenes in his body..His heart feel happy by her hug..But his mind recollects the Nandhi’s words and try to reject and control his feelings..
But his heart wins and he also hug her back.
The original DYM song plays..
Radhika realise their pose and try to move far from him..But Arjun hold her Arm and slowly grab her towards him..
They both look into each other eyes.

Radhika:Arjun sir plz leave me..
Arjun:Why Radhika?Are you afraid by seeing me..
Radhika:Why should i..Sir..?
Arjun:How can i know?
Radhika:Sir..belive me..I didnt tell any lie..I was locked in this room..and i escaped by this secrete i am not able to prove anything..Sorry for troubling you sir..
Arjun:who told to that you troubles me?
Radhika:I try to prove myself..but i failed ..but one day i prove myself..
Arjun POV:I trust you Radhika..You are clear from your side..May be you missunderstand Nandhu..or Rana try to stop you for not attending the marriage..But you sucessfully escape from this place..
Still Arjun hold Radhika and think abt this seceret room..and why Nandhu didnt tell anything abt this room..
Radhika reads Arjun’s feelings…

Radhikas POV:At least i sucesses in one aspect..that you think abt this room and Why your dhi hide it from you..I hope and think this is ok for today..
Radhika:Arjun Sir..Can we move?
Arjun:As your wish?
Radhika:It is time to decide in which way we go out from this house..
Arjun took kegs from pocket and give it Radhika..They both come out and walk towards their car..At same time Neil and Teji enter into the house by breaking the back side window..They both search the house and move from one room to another room..There thry find Rana photo and next Arjun and Nadhini dhi photo..
Neil:First thing we know this house is Rana’s house..
Teji and Neil hi-fi each other..
Again move to all rooms..They didnt find anything…While they return back from one room Teji and Neil hear some sound.. They both look at that side.. The wardrobe doors moving..Teji walk towards wardrobe and try to close the door..Radhika close the secret way door but she didnt arrange the clothes properly to cover the door..Teji look it and open it..and shout Neil….
Neil walk towards him and ask what happened Teji..Teji points towards that way..and Neil also in shock..

They both pass into that secret room.
Teji:It look like a store room. like store room..But why can they arrange a sceret way to store room..I think something is here..
Teji:May be you are right?But how can we find it..
They both search the entire room..Teji found a photo and look at that photo..
It was crossed by Red color..and back side of photo he saw a date written on it..
Teji:Neil..look at this photo…
Neil look that photo..and spell.. Radhika’s photo..and it is crossed by red color sketch..
Teji:turn back side of photo and see..
Neil look back side of photo..he read the date written on it..
Teji:On that day only Rdhika met with an accident by saving Arjun in lonavala..
Neil look at Teji with shocking expression..
Again they search the room..and find another photo..

Neil took that photo and look at that photo..That is his photo only…
Neil:Arey Teji..It is my photo yaar..
Teji:Ha yaar..But it was tored..What about remaining part..
While searching the room Teji hit a box..
He bend down and drag the box..They both togeather open the box and find some ohotographs and some papers and some old pohto frames..In that scrap Teji find another part of tored photo..
Teji:Neil..look at this photo..It is Sam..
Neil:I know it Teji..This photo was taken at hill Araku..Andhra pradesh..6 months back we went to that place to location finding..
But how Rana or Nandhini got this photo..At that time Arjun didnt enter into our lives or didnt enter into BS..
Teji:Neil look at this photo..This is also Sam’s photo..and it is also crossed by red sketch..see this date..Thus was the date fixed for Arjun and sam’s marriage..

Now,Neil and Teji are so tensed..Finally they want to move from that place..Before moving from that place Teji capture those photos one by one in his phone..
Suddenly he stop clicking and look at one photo..That is group photo..The persons in that photo are Nandhini, Saral, Bonnie,Rana and another person..Neil also look at that photo..
Neil:We know those four people..who is that fifth person..till now we didnt see him.
Teji:He is the person who hit Radhika with truck in lonavala..
Neil:What..?Are you serious?

Precap:First shock to Arjun.Truth reaveled to Piyali by prerana..

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    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks jessie..Arjun def didnt belive.. but dituation demands him to belive..

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      Thanks dear..and A journey of Love is on the way..i try to post big one…

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    Awesome episode, it’s very interesting the direction of the story, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

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      Thanks brin…Next one today itself

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      Thanks myra..Truth comes out with different proofs..

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    Nice one yaar..Are you from Andhra dear??Just asking..Coming to the episode,the track moved so fast,thank you for that..Lovely one..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Sweetie..i want to move it fast..and i am frm Andhra only..

      1. Sweetie

        Hifi..Even I’m from Andhra.. πŸ˜€

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      Thanks dear SV..yah.. I already post 12th episode dear..

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