My Love With Me (Episode 10)


Radhika,Neil,Teji on one side.. Andrew and Arjun in center..Sam,kartika and Zubin on another side..
They walk into BS office..
All stand there in the center space and recollect their moments with each other..
Sam and Radhika look at each other.. Sam eyes filled with anger and Radhika eyes filled with tears..
Arjun look at Radhika..He control his feelings by putting his hands in his pant pockets..Bcoz..he want to wipe Radhika’s tears and want to hug her..
But he didnt want to do those things infront of Sam..
Piyali and Samrat welcome Andrew..
Arjun then realise that Andrew is a CEO of Maybeline Company..

Piyali:Arjun..He is Andrew..and CEO of Maybeline in india..and Andrew..He is Arjun our creative head and Finance head to our BS..
Both shook their hands and look at each other..
Andrew:Nice to meet Mr.ArjunMehara.
Arjun:Same to you Mr.Andrew..
Neil look at them..and disturb them..
Neil:Sir we are the team handling the Maybeline project..
Andrew look at them..Samrat ask him to come to confrence room..and show the way to him..
All enter into the room and take over their chairs..
Piyali occuiped center her left Samrat,Andrew,Zubin and her right Sam,Arjun,Neil Radhika and Teji..

After that piyali introduce whole team to Andrew..
Andrew:ok..good to see the team..Bcoz, I want this team only to continue at the end of project..I am very clear about it..Bcoz of writtings of Radhika Mishra only you bang this project in your account..and with in two days i need another presentation.. Afterwards i decide that how much amount i want to release for you in first term..
Piyali and Sam look at each other.. Sam:Excuse me..what if anybody drop or quit their job in between..
Andrew look at Sam and answer her..
Andrew:It is BS responsibility to maintain the employees until the end of project..What ever situation it is i want this team only..
Samrat look at Sam..and next look at Andrew..

Samrat:It is my responsibility to maintain the same team..and with in two days our writter and our presentator prepare presentation and present it..
Andrew:ok Samrat..And can you arrange a room for me..It is prestageious project for our company.. and our MD order me to handle this..So,i want this work under my supervision..So,Regularly i visit BS..
Piyali:Sure Andrew..We can..
Andrew:Comming to the team.. i know Arjun responsibilities..what abt remaining people..
Piyali look at Arjun..
Arjun introduce every one..

Sam,She is designer and finalise the designs and models..
Neil,He is our photographer and preparing script for the Ad..
Radhika,She is the writter for the script..and preparing presentations also..
Teji,He is preparing presentations with Radhika..and he only do Animation and graphics to final add.
And comming to kartika and Zubin.. they also good in chossing colors and finalise the models and train the models under Neil’s supervision..
Andrew:Good team..carry on..
And Radhika i need best from you..
Bcoz of good writtings only we succeed in market..I think you reached me and satisfied me..
By listening this statement Arjun feel something..and said..
Arjun:At last we reached you and satisfied you..

Andrew and Neil observe Arjun’s possasiveness towards Radhika..
Their plan is expose Arjun’s possasiveness towards Radhika infront of Sam..
Sam hold Arjun’s hand and look at him..He turn his gaze towards Radhika..Neil and Teji hold Radhika’s hands..Arjun fold his fist and look at Radhika..But Radhika didnt notice him..Kartika and zubin look at Teji.. But Teji didnt bother about them..
Andrew:Radhika..I want to talk to you..And remaing carry on your works..
And Sam i want Rough designs from you..Neil identify a place for Ad shouting..
All left the room one by one..Only Radhika and Andrew stay in that Room..
Piyali and Samrat went to their cabin..
Piyali:Why Andrew give that much importance to Radhika..What is there in her..Even Neil and Teji move very close with her..What ever may be she married Arjun..She dont know how to behave with other boys..atleast infront of her husband..Disgusting..
Samrat:Piyali..if sam and Arjun got married..and Sam behave very closely with Neil..Even then also you think like that only na.. She is also equal to our Sam..Dont think and talk like that piyu..
Piyali:Why you take her side..She is more than Sam to you..
Samrat:She is not more than Sam..She is equal to Sam for me..not only for me..for us..
Piyali:You expect that for me..
Samrat:Piyali..I need to talk with you..
I want some private time with you..Can we move from here..
Piyali look at him and nod her head..
They both move from BS..
Sam:Paa..why you are leaving?

By asking this she look at piyali..
Samrat:We want to meet a frnd..We meet you at dinner..bye meri bachu..
Sam nod her head and wave her hand..
In confrence room:
Andrew:Radhika feel comfort..and do better job..i want good result from you.
Radhika:Sir..It is not possible only with me..It is possible for me when i am with my team..
Andrew:I dont think they are that much efficient..
Radhika:With a single shot you dont decide our talent..I am sure you satisfy with our team and our team work..
Andrew:I know abt Arjun..He is arrogant..It is difficult for you to work under him..that means for you people..
Radhika:Not a single word abt him.. pineapple is look hard from outside with some throns…But it is good for health and look beautiful when you peal the outter mask..
He is the person looking hard to outside and good from heart..
Andrew:Very good Radhika..You are very supportive to your team.. You passed in my test..
Radhika look at him in a confusion look..but tell thanks to him and ask him can i leave? can leave ..
Radhika come out from confrence room..Arjun stare her from his cabin..
Sam,Zubin and kartika look at her and turn their faces..
Neil and Teji walk towards her and drag her to Neil’s cabin..
Sam got angry that her idiot show more concern on Radhika and he didnt wish me atleast..
Andrew drop a msg to Neil and move out from BS..He walked towards his car..
Arjun blocked his way and stand infront of him..and says she is mine..

Arjun:She is Radhika Arjun Mehra..
Andrew:Really..?I didnt know it.. but i hear her name as Radhika Mishra..
Arjun:Andrew..i know we both didnt have good terms with each other.. Remember one thing..She is mine.. I dont want anybody’s evil eye on her..
It is better for you to maintain some distance with her..
Andrew:You dont want anybody’s eye on her give a protective sheild to her..The society didnt know that she is ‘Radhika Arjun Mehara’..
You know very well that our eyes(male gender) search for such type of ladies only..bcoz they are soft and impressive..and really i didnt know she is your property Mr.Mehra..But it is too late..
By saying this he excuse from Arjun and drove off in his car..
Arjun fold his fist and try to control his anger..
In BS office..
Sam enter into Niel’s cabin with lot of force..
Neil:Hey Sammy come and join us..
Sam:You told me that you are bussy when i ask you to pick me and you said to me that you want to drop Aunty in her work place na..Then how can you pick this Reshikesh ki Behenji on your bike..
Teji got anger for this statement but control his feelings and anger only for Neil..Bocz he knows how Neil feel for Sam…
Sam look at Teji and ask him to leave the room for sometime..

Teji nod his head and hold Radhika’s hand and try to move from that room.. a days you are so concerned and possasive towards her..
But for god sake leave her and move out from this room..
By listening that statement from Sam..Teji look at Neil..
Neil gustered him by his eyes..So,Teji leaves Radhika there and left from that Room..
Sam:Radhika Arjun Mehra..Why are you now behind Neil and Teji..
You have your husband na..? Then why again Neil and Teji..?
Neil:Sammy..Control your words?
Sam:Haa..I also tell that only..Control your feelings on her..
Sam turn her gaze towards Radhika and said..
Radhika,You broke my trust, you broke my heart,you broke my marriage..
And now you are ready to took my frnds also.
Neil is my best frnd..he belongs to me.
And Teji..he is innocent..Dont use ur tricks on him.
Neil:Sammy dont loose your word yaar..Atleast try to listen me.
Radhika look at him and said..I come between you people in your lives.. Obviously i drop in between..
By saying this Radhika move out from Neil’s cabin..

Neil guster that Radhika go to her place..And think Teji is there to control her..But Teji went to washroom to control his anger..bcoz he dont want to expose his anger on others..
Neil:It is not good to throw words on otthers character..and moreover Radhika is not like that..
Sam:Stop it Neil..She is like that only.. she took or turn Arjun to her side from me..and now she try to turn you and Teji also to her side..Why Andrew ask her to stay only Radhika in confrence room..We are all team members for that project..then why he ask only Radhika to stay..She like that only…
Neil:Stop it Sam..Dont use so many words..In future you are not suppose to forgive yourself for this type of statements..
Sam:You expect it Neil..That day never comes in my life..And first you decide want to take which side..You stay in my side or that chashini’s side..
Neil:Sammy you are my best buddy and my childhood frnd..and Chashini is my Chashini..What is that question?
Kiska side..meri side or teri side..
Once you ask that question to your heart..Till now i stay with whom or which side?
By saying this he cup her face and ask her to relax..and leave the cabin..
His eyes search for Radhika and Teji..
He didnt find them and stare at zubin.

Zubin:Teji went to washroom and That Radhika left out from office..
In parking place Arjun try to move from BS and start his car..He saw Radhika with her handbag and walk out from office..Arjun stop his car infront of her..
Radhika look at him..but didnt sit in car..Arjun get down from car and open the door..But Radhika didnt..Arjun place his hands around his shoulder and place her in front seat and adjust seat belt to her and he took driving place and drove off from that place..
Neil view that and think..
Neil POV:I know Arjun..You ate first in list to wipe Radhika’s tears..bcoz of you only you only she is in that state.. and you only try to bring her out.
Neil’s thoughts are disturbed by Teji.. by putting his hand on Neil”s shoulder..
Teji:I didnt belive that Khadoos..From starting onwards he always left Radhika in between of journey..It is better to follow them..

Neil said ok for him and bring his car and followed them..Teji recollect the moments how Arjun left Radhika.. first on Ekadasi day while searching for he left them on road at time of lonavala trip..And how he left Radhika in night..
Arjun:What happened Radhika..why you left office at this time?
Radhika didnt answer him..
Arjun look at her and observe her eyes fill with water..She control her tears..
Arjun hold her hand and ask her what happened Radhika?Anybody hurts you?

This time Radhika look at Arjun and tears flow from his eyes..But didnt answer him..

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